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    This tale speaks of a person named Ramesh whose wife Suhani had delivered twins twenty years ago. But before she came back to consciousness he sold the baby girl to a barren woman named Rashi and told his wife that baby girl couldn't make it.
    All of a sudden, after twenty years, winds of disaster blew. His son fainted and fell off his chair while studying. Ramesh rushed him to the hospital and after diagnosing they found that Sohan suffered from bone cancer and needed bone marrow as soon as possible. Ramesh and his wife got screened out as donors due to their unfavourable medical conditions.
    Sitting alongside the bed of his son witnessing him dying every moment, he could only recall his newborn girl whom he had never seen after selling her within an hour of birth.
    He tried his best to find his daughter and suceeded. Rashi was hesitant to meet him initially but later agreed.
    He asked her to give his daughter back as he had committed the biggest sin of seperating baby from her mother and was repenting. He offered Rashi, a handsome amount to buy back the same daughter whom he had sold two decades ago.
    Rashi replied that her daughter is not an object to be bought and sold every now and then. Since Ramesh wasn't ready to go back without his daughter, Rashi asked him to enter an agreement that'd give half of his property to his daughter. He agreed and Rashi unwillingly send the girl with him as she was herself suffering from a deadly disease and there would be none to care of her daughter after her death.
    The sister finally donated the bone marrow and rescued her twin brother. Ramesh appologized to his family and they lived happily ever after.


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    Please " THEY CAN HAVE YOU "

    Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Taurus, Virgo

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    Cancer, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Scorpio

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    চুল নাকি নারীদের সৌন্দর্য্যের প্রতীক ,
    নাহ্ কথাটা অতটাও সত্যি নয় !!
    সমাজ এই নিয়ম তৈরী করেছে ,
    আর নারীরা তা নিঃশব্দে মেনে এসেছে এযাবত ।
    কিন্তু এখন তো তাদের নিয়ম ভাঙার সময় ,
    সময় নতুন নিয়ম তৈরী করার !!
    সৌন্দর্য বাহ্যিকতা মানে না , মানে না রূপচর্চার প্রয়োজনীয়তা ,
    চুল, চোখ , ঠোঁট বা নাকের নিপুণতা
    কালের নিয়মে হারিয়ে যায় কিন্তু হারায় না
    অভ্যন্তরীন সৌন্দর্য , মনের গভীরতা !!
    চিন্তাধারা বদলাচ্ছে , নারীদের পাশে এসে দাঁড়িয়েছে
    পুরুষেরা , পুরুষতান্ত্রিক সমাজের বিরুদ্ধে
    কঠোর হয়েছে এ যুগের মানুষরা !!
    মানুষ, কারণ পুরুষত্বের থেকে তারা মনুষ্যত্বকে
    সম্মান দিয়েছে , আর ভেঙে ফেলছে মেকি
    পুরুষত্বের ফাঁপা মেরুদন্ড ।
    তাদের কুর্নিশ ।।


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    Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder in which people have recurring, unwanted thoughts, ideas or sensations (obsessions) that make them feel driven to do something repetitively (compulsions).

    Its not only related to washing hands, rechecking etc.

    It was 7 years back...
    A girl who was in high school, was not happy with her skin colour.
    Better to say she feel little when watching other with fair skin tone.

    Her brothers used to make fun of her.
    How "KAALI" she's and how different she is.

    Hence these "so called opinions" make her feel "OBESSIVE" about her colour.
    These unwanted, continous and unavoidable thoughts make her feeling worst about herself.

    To overcome these obessions, she find a way.
    She started using a "STEROID CREAM"
    (These types of cream are used for lightening skin colour)

    Within just few days of usage her skin colour changed exceptionally.

    Getting compliments was a like Goal Achievement. No more heartbreaking comments.

    This become a "COMPULSION" for her.
    She couldnt stop herself using that cream, as when she stop using it small acne bumped in her face.

    This continous for around 5-6 years...

    Now she's in category of fair coloured people.

    It was in 2021 she realized her skin was getting thin each day.

    Now it's so sensitive that even lotion reacts on her skin making her face red entirely. There were rashes, uneven skintone , dryness , hyperpgimentation and what's not.

    Her face was more dull than earlier in her teenage.

    She went to the " dermatologist ".

    You wont believe what doctor said :

    "USING SUCH CREAMS JUST FOR 10 DAYS IS EXTREMELY HARMFUL, and you're using it from such a long time. You can understand how much you need to pay for it now. Your skin will take alot of time to get back to normal. As these creams break the barricades of skin and allowing all skin problems comming althoughter "

    *These creams also causes Cancer*

    This girl was me.
    And sharing this experience was for only one reason.

    BODY SHAMING can be of any type

    As teens we are filled with n no of harmonal changes which resulted in different bodily problems.

    For this the takeaway is :

    ♒ Stop using these creams as early as possible.
    ♒ Consult the doctor at the earliest.
    ♒Make sure not to reuse these creams again no matter what.
    ♒ Love yourself as you are.
    ♒ As a parent and as a society make sure you don't comment on children's colour or body changes.
    ♒ As an adult you first need to accept harmonal changes is not a taboo.
    ♒ Please, dont make fun of your children.


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    Immense anger raged through my veins. Silent tears rolled down my cheeks. My heart ached, my mind was crowded.
    I wish I could scream, cry and punch everything. Suddenly my aura changed, sparkly like death shined around me

  • sonysehgal 6w

    "Hey! Who is hiding in the closet?"

    "Cancer", the voice blurted.

    "But why?" , whispered the soul.

    "FEAR OF ACCEPTANCE", Cancer mumbled.


  • ankur_dangi 6w

    Aditi @ warrior

    She was a warrior to beat the cancer
    She was a strong person
    She was positive enough to deal with such adverse situations
    She was always having a smile to heal the wounds of her as well as family
    She hold that strength to deal
    I aways wondered how can she manage all this.

    She is not in this world anymore but her smile & positive vibes always be here.
    Yes she was a true warrior.


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    Ankit this is for you. #starsign #cancer #mirakee @a_nkit_

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    I am intuitive and over sensitive, my intensity of love may scare you but it's real, my level of ignorance may terrify you but that's real too. I either love you or I don't know you there's no in between, I can't afford to hate you because you are too much drama and I'm too sassy. I already know what you are because I have over thought it while you were busy pretending to like me.

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    #wod #starsign #personalitytrait
    #sunsign #cancer #leo
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    Wow....this the first time I got so many likes and reposts. Thank you all..you made my day.

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    Life is too simple to complicate

    Confusion has always been my trait,
    Cusp of two zodiacs make both the star signs abate.

    Complexity hence marks my character,
    Cancer and Leo both display conflicting picture.

    How can one have both sensitivity and arrogance?
    Leo's pride eats up Cancer's artistic prominence.

    Leo's self complacency hinders Cancer's dedication,
    Why God Why I always face indecision?


  • miss_silentlyweird 9w

    Retreat into the shell
    In sleeves the heart wear
    Loyalty is what they do to people they care
    Shy at first but crazy I must tell
    Overly sensitive but protective
    Often intuitive but also vindictive
    Such a moody attune
    Wax and wane as do the phases of the moon


    Source ��: Pinterest
    #starsign #cancer @mirakee

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    Dates: June 21 to July 22
    Symbol: Crab
    Planet: Moon
    Element: Water
    Color: White

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    Cancer Baby Mama

    The nurturer,
    Hard shell,
    Teddy bear in the middle.
    Crybaby mama.

  • mar9iech 9w

    For what it's worth,
    let me examine
    the ironies
    and the paradoxes
    life's signed me in:
    Two opposing stars
    at constant wars
    June was the month
    July is the name
    Two-faced twins upfront
    Crabby crab all the same
    My soul aches
    for being either too late or too fast
    to simply be here on Earth.

  • ivanmaximusedwin 9w


    When I was a small boy,
    Life was filled with joy,
    There was fun without sadness,
    And a mind filled with madness...

    Destiny grew and I was young,
    Life's next chapter just begun,
    I covered my life with cigarette smoke,
    As bad company was there to provoke...

    Now I cough up like an old,
    And does not glitter like gold,
    In life there is just one thing to regret,
    I shouldn't have smoked that first cigarette.

  • samanthaharper 11w

    How do you explain the pain you feel inside when you lose your mom?
    When you feel like nothing's left?
    No words could ever explain it. The waves of emotions that crash together till you feel nothing at all. And every day you feel less and less till you feel hollow inside.
    My mom was my light and at the end of the darkness, she helped me more than I can even express. I watched her, took care of her every day as she battled cancer. Got to see the beginning than the end. Sat with her while she withered away. Never expressing the fear and pain I felt watching her. I loved my mom more than words could say. We shared a bond like no other she helped me when I needed her and put her pain aside to help calm my demons but never asked for it back The only she ever wanted from me was my time..time to cuddle and time for me to rub her head.
    As I write t this now I begin to feel that tightness in my chest the whimper that escapes when you feel pain so deep that you feel the very earth can feel it, yet you know you are the only one that feels your pain. Through all the condolences and sympathy you feel nothing but anger for the words slipping out of everyone's mouth and you so desire nothing more than to tell them where to go but you can't because your brain is running on autopilot as you feel yourself slipping away. You go to the darkest corner of your mind so you don't have to feel all this pain.
    With words that tell you, it'll be okay yet you know that it won't be the case because your life can never be the same after losing such a big part of yourself.
    Not when you know you'll never hear her voice again, or feel her arms wrap you in a protective hug. How you'll miss hearing the phone ring and seeing her name. So many words unspoken wishing there was more time. Wishing this was all a nightmare that you'll wake up from and she'll be there drinking her coffee with a smile on her face as she says your name and life becomes complete.

    I miss you so much and I love you.

  • jan_balan 11w

    Read the picture. Say me your opinion.

    Don't you think the life is beautiful now??

    The four letter word kicks everything out of human body to return back to its normal life.

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay @love_whispererr #life #wod #cancer #humanbody #humanmind #humanbeing #love #hope

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    Life is beautiful

    Life is beautiful, the world is crazy out there. When the craziness gets into the body. The body detains and fights back. When they fail, they make sure the human comes to know through the symptoms. The human is not that smart, you know? Their brain hints the position faced by the body. But human fails to acknowledge them. That's because the superstitious belief and the lethargic behaviour of the human being. Once the uncontrollable craziness grows more and more in the human body. Human senses the pain. The pain reflects the physical and mental health. Once the cause and the cure is found. The hope raises in mind. The hope to return back normal victoriously is stamped in the human mind.


  • yours_fortune 12w

    I'm ok is there favourite weapon to get out of everything, or to face anything.
    They want someone to listen but still they are ok with everything.
    Drop down I'm ok if you fall under this zodiac sign
    #imok #zodiac #sign #geminidaily #virgo #capricorn #cancer #friends #hopeful #knowyourself

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    My heart is breaking but I swear " I'm ok"

    Gemini, Virgo, cancer, Capricorn


  • black_bells_01 12w

    Tried to untangle the thoughts she must have had on her death bed.

    Prayers for all those who are fighting these kind of  malignant diseases, and those who have sadly lost their precious lives to them.
    You will be missed!

    #Cancer #Life #Death #Dying #Pain #Loss #Disease

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    Struggle For Breath

    It took pieces of my heart
    Crushed them, tore them apart

    In every piece, there was a desire
    But it set them all on fire!

    When I lay there lifeless, I remember
    Those laughs as we walked together in cold December

    I can see and I can hear
    But this pain, I can not bear!

    I can blink but that's all I can do
    The helplessness! I can feel it too

    I know I am passing away
    Time is coming with every flying night and day

    I want to live my life once again
    To dance in dark when it rains

    I want to walk on my two feet
    Shower love on those I meet

    I want to see love in your eyes
    I want to have a fruit of our tries

    But now that I have lost hope
    It's getting real hard to cope

    Take it away, take my dear life away!
    But I hope you remember me with every new ray


  • jan_balan 14w

    "it's definitely worth a try"

    Going through a medical phase in life is always a worth a try. They always show how we are strong mentally and physically. The joy of waiting to get clean and reach the honeycomb is a success. That coming back or back to form life will be worth trying. That's what I love in the whole dramatic concept of being sick.

    Strength is something everyone looking forward. The "positivity" and "I'm there", are the words we are waiting to hear from the closed one during those days. Those words are memory, joy and happiness.

    "Self- care" is the term everyone has to look through in this year 2021. Taking care of ourselves. Keeping ourselves fit and happy is our own problem... No, our own solution will be the correct term. Our happiness and self care resides on us not on others.

    In that case, keeping track on Self - Care is definitely worth a try.

    #deserving # pod #mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakeeunite @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writestravel @mirakee_words #metabolism #joy #pain #journey #worthatry #pain #cancer #chemo #pain

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    It's definitely worth trying

    Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn
    Twist and swrils sets the shore
    Either horror or joy expresses itself.
    Human metabolism changes
    Adopts, Adapts and Acquires - incomings.
    The pain of new enemy
    Slides through soliders eyes
    Exhibits it's power to overpower.
    Tiny cells of human body grow;
    "Eating", is the master plan,
    Killing the good, eating -
    A wonderful twist.

    I look back and see
    Things I have lost,
    The pain, I'm going through.
    The days are in count
    To win the "War of Metabolism."
    I fight, to taste essence of honey
    Running down the roads of joy.
    Wounds are began to heal
    Often knock the pain hard,
    Harder and hardest manner.
    To resolve, reconnect and revolve
    Around the world.
    Yes, It's definitely worth a try.

  • sonysehgal 16w


    There was
    the whooping cough,
    along the sore throat
    nose-blocked breathe.

    There was
    left, little
    hunger and thirst
    paining limbs
    and get to
    sleepless nights.

    he lay,
    eighty six year old;
    cancer patient.

    There is
    a thought,
    to live more...