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  • _curse__ 8h

    I can call you more than 100 times if you didn't receive my call at once . I know this sounds annoying but I love being annoying when it comes to you my dear

  • naqsaif 3d


    "The voice was filled with thousand midnights, darkness and starlight wrapped so tightly they were bound for all eternity. "

    To night ��, for being there

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    I am that
    helpless cry
    you hear
    when you
    wake up
    swallowing fear
    at 3 am.
    and pain
    engulfs your
    hammering heart
    and you cry
    inside your covers
    unable to answer
    my soul numbing call.


  • a_ami__ 7w

    Now we have only one connection:
    I ring the phone,
    He will cut the call on first ring.

  • mazingmee 8w

    No promises

    No promises were made nor kept..
    No commitments were made nor left..
    No offense to the heart nor to self respect.
    That's the way a heart was broken and other shattered.

  • anjuzzzz 12w

    Saalom bhad uski call ayi mere pass…
    Yahi raat ke kareeb 1:30 baj rahe the.
    Main jaga hua tha
    Instagram pe reels scrool kar raha tha….
    Acchanak ek unknown number se call aayi
    Mujhe samajh mein nahi aaya ki itni raath ko kon ho sakthi hai, maine soaca ignore kar detha hu,
    agar koi important call hogi, tho dobara aa jayegi.
    Ignored it, lekin wo phir aayi,
    maine is baar call utha li..
    Maine hello bola
    Samne se aavaz aayi, “HELLO” achanak se pura mood badal gaya mera,
    kyunki ye awaaz kuch jaani pechnacni si lag rahi thi
    Yeh awwaz sunte hi achanak ke saamne adhera ho gaya, bahut si yaadein taaza ho gayi,
    Meri tuti hui awwaz mein ek bhar phir hello nikla, aur waha se awwaz aayi, disturb tho nahi kiya?
    Mujhe reply karte hue bhi ghabrahat si ho rahi thi,
    han boli ya na bolu kuch samaj nahi aa raha tha, mere mann mein sawaalon ka bhawandar ghumne laga.
    Ki aakhir kyu,
    aaj aise achanak uthe saalo bhad meri yaad aagayi? Kyum aye ho ab.
    Maine himmat kar ke bola, "Nahi,bolo?" Usne pucha "kaise ho?" Maine kaha, "Thik hoon,tum?"
    Mere ye sawaal ke bhad uske rona chhut gaya,
    aur kaha, "thik nahi hoo".
    Ab mein aur bhi confuse ho gayi ki ye ho kya raha hai? Out of nowhere ithene saal bhad det raat ko call athi hai aur rona nikal gaya.
    Meine chupaya, baat karo tho pata chala ki wo jiske saat thi, usne usko kisi aur ke liye chod diya.
    Woh jaise jaise bata rahi thi, ki jis tarah wo gidgidathi uske liye, usey rokne ke liye, uske dosthi ke liye, uski tarah main bhi gidgidaya tha ek din.
    Usi ke liye, usi ke dosthi ke liye, aur jis tarah us ladke ne mud ke nahi dekha isey, usi tarah isne bhi nahi mudke dekha tha mujhe.
    Meri ankhon mein aansu the, aur chehre pe muskurahat, ki kisi ke karmo ki saza usey bakhubi mili hai, kisi ke dosthi ko thodne ki saza badi shidhat se mili hai.
    Wo rote rote mujse mafiya mangne lagi, bahut mafiya mangi, bahut minnatein ki, ki main usey maaf kar ke usey apna lu, usey apni zindagi me wapas bhula lu,
    purani tharak uski bestie.
    Maine usey kayi saal dosthi nibhayie tha,
    kayi saal lag gaye mujhe usse nikalne keliye,
    Tho lauti to aisa laga jaise meri zindagi,
    meri khushiya laut ayi,
    Maine use maaf kar diya, phir usne mujse pucha,
    kya tum mujhe apnaoge?
    Is sawaal ko sunte hi mujhe wo saare din, sari yaadein, sari kissey yaad aagayi.
    Aur maine aankhon mein aansu liye, jawwab diya...
    "Kabhi nahi...."
    Main tumhe tumhare kiye pe maaf zaroor kar sakte hu, par tumhe apnane ki bhul kabhi zindagi mein nahi kar sakta.
    Wo zakhm jo tumne diye, wo aansu jo tumhare yaad mein har raat, din, mahine, saalo tak hogaya, wo kaise bhul jau, wo dard ko tumne diye hai, usey kaise bhul jau?
    Ye jo hua hai na tumhare saath,
    Ye tumhare karmo ki saza hai,
    or isey tumhari bhogna padega,
    na chah kar bhi.
    Agar tumhari koi majboori hoti to main shayad ek baar ko tumhein apna dosth samaj leta,
    magar tumhe mujhe kisi aur ke liye chhoda. YOU REPLACED ME...
    I'm sorry... Lekin main tumhare sath ab aur nahi chal sakta, ho sake to dhobara call mat karna.
    Uthne kehte ki maine phone rakh diya,
    ye pehli baar tha jo maine usko "Na" kaha tha.
    Mujhe rona to bahut aaya,
    Aur main roya bhi,
    par maine galtiya dohrane ki bhul nahi ki.

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    Most fav one��

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  • mrspectacular 12w


    Stephen Everton is a chartered accountant. He nags his wife, Stella for the whole day lamenting about the state of things in the country. She wishes there is a way she could get him to stop but unfortunately there seems to be none available as he goes on everyday wearing her out with his complaint about the country and how he would do better with the country alone than all the politicians have done together since assumption of office. He queries that the politicians do not know the first thing about rulership and for that singular reason have no business being in leadership. 'They are only there to enrich themselves and fill their pockets with people's hard earned money and when asked, they give us the story of that is how it has been since the day of our father's father's fathers. Why can't they be the ones to change it? Why must they continue in such untoward legacy?', Stephen queries Stella almost in a manner that would suggest she has a hand in the country's predicament but she is just as concerned about the country as her husband but there is nothing more she can do but hope and pray that things change for the better.

    'Calm down darling', Stella says pacifyingly. 'At some point in time, they will realize what they are doing is absolutely balderdash and turn a new leaf. I do not want you killing yourself over this because there is really little or nothing you can do about it. So please just calm down okay?'

    Stephen takes a look at his wife and with a smile, he plants a kiss on her forehead. He wonders how he did get so lucky to be paired up with someone as amazing as Stella in his life's trip on Earth. The Evertons decide to keep calm while praying and hoping that someday, somehow, the narrative would change for the better.

    One wonderful night after a little funtime with the kids and some alone matrimonial with his beautiful wife, Stephen retires to bed for the night. He would not expect what would happen the next morning but would be really glad that it happens. Resting in his bed for the night, he gets into a dream,
    'Good morning, Your Excellency. How are you today? You have a meeting with the minister of Finance in an hour from now. Another with the minister of Budget & Economic Planning and one in the evening with the general cabinet, Your Excellency'.
    Stephen nods his head with a smile, 'Thank you my good man. Where is the first lady?'
    'Oh, I was told she has gone for a drive around the city. She should be back before you are done getting ready sir'
    'Okay, you may leave so I can get ready', Stephen asks the Presidential Butler very courteously. The butler thanks President Stephen and with a bow, takes his leave.

    In an hour's time, he is done with his bath and just as he is coming out of the bathroom, his wife returns from her drive around the city.
    As she enters the bedroom, he flashes a smile and she waltz over for a hug.

    A few minutes later, the first family walks out into the open hall all dressed and ready for the day, the children are sent off to school while the president and first lady prepare for the retinue of meetings scheduled for the day.
    When the first meeting begins with the Minister Of Finance, he is surprised that the President has called such a meeting with him alone instead of in-cabinet but it is only to prepare him for the cabinet session which would hold later.

    'I have called you here today because I am about to call for a cabinet meeting and the topic to be discussed is within your purview'.
    'It is an honour Your Excellency'
    'Yes, we are cutting expenses. All those unnecessary allowances from this day stops and anyone caught embezzling money would be beheaded because we cannot have such unruly characters living on the lives of a thousand people. One man alone eating the money meant for five hundred people? No'
    'That is a great idea sir and it is sure to ensure even distribution of resources.'
    An orderly informs the president of the arrival of the rest of the cabinet for the scheduled meeting.
    'That is great. Please have them come in'
    The entire cabinet is caught off guard with the news of the cutting down but President Stephen cares less about their greivances positing that if they are comfortable with it, they can leave office for people ready for the task.

    A few of the cabinet members relinquish their offices feeling distraught over the decision while many uphold President Stephen's standpoint cheering him on with statements such as,
    'This is our president'
    'We believe in your government, Mr. President'
    'He is the president of our dreams' and lots more.

    Acknowledging the cheers, he stretches out in his bed and wakes up in the process. Surprisingly, something feels different. He checks his watch to discover it is the first day of his country as an independent. Could it be what he thinks it is? Of course it is, he has gone back sixty four years in time with his entire family. They are now the First Family. Taking the chance, he decides to change the history of the country for the better.

  • raman_writes 14w


    अभी देगा वो पीछे से आवाज़ और मैं ठहर जाऊँगा ।

    अक़्सर यही सोच कर मैं सफ़र में बीच में नहीं रुकता ।।


  • angelarriellakhan 15w

    #call me a day dreamer...

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    Eye open dream..

    Me I dream a eye open dream...

    With clouds as they shape shift, while they passing by.
    Forming pictures from "0nce upon a time...." to "happy ever after..."

    I listen to the wind,
    As it speaks in forgotten tongues, telling the stories of untold secrets ,
    That are yet to unfold....

  • vikashpandey_ 15w

    सुबह से उनकों कई रींग कर गयें।
    कॉल की हिस्ट्री फिलहाल भर गयें।।
    इश्क़ का बुखार मेरा , शाम सा ढल गया।
    शादी क्या हुयीं उनकी , संसद में सरकार बदल गया।।
    फोन के घंटी से पहले , हाथ उनकी चलतीं हैं।
    कहतीं थीं जान एकदिन , अब रोज नम्बर बदलतीं हैं।।
    भुलकर उनकी बेवफाई , फिर से मैंने विडियोकॉल लगाया।
    जानूँ ,सोना कहने वाली ने , उस दिन मुझे बहुत सुनाया।।
    प्यार के कबीर हम , आज के कबीरा बन गयें।
    साफ सुथरे चेहरों पर ,मोटी इंच की ढाढ़ी बन गयें।।
    दिल बेवजह अब भी , उन्हें छुपकर स्केन करता था।
    पागल कहों या आवारा,
    यें आशिक तो , सिर्फ उस पर मरता था।।
    सपनों का इंतजार, अब वह हर रात करता था।
    लेकर बाहों में उस अजनबी को ,
    छोड़कर जाना नहीं , यहीं फिलहाल कहता था।।

    #love #call #unreachable #retry #life #Diary #hindi #hindiwriters #mirakee

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    सुबह से उनकों कई रींग कर गयें।
    कॉल की हिस्ट्री फिलहाल भर गयें।।

  • soumen_sonu 17w


    यूं कल ही फोन पर हमारा हाल पूछा था उन्होंने।
    उनके पूछते ही सब ठीक हो जाता था,
    ये बात बरसों पुरानी है।

  • seized_by_stardust 17w

    I am on the other end of this story...
    The one making the phone calls...
    I miss you...
    I will probably always miss you...

    #missing #night #ringing #call #apart

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    2 AM Call

    I'm not going back

    I am in light sleep late at night
    When the ringing sound wakes me up
    I know it's your call
    But I hesitate to pick up
    Thinking for the hundredth time
    That this will be the last time
    I pick up your call

    I'm not going back to you

    Your sobbing voice breaks me down
    You say you want me in your world
    But things can't be turned around
    You're too much for me to bear
    There's no room for you anymore
    Don't break me down by looking for me
    Don't make me break my promise to me

    I'm not going back
    I'm not going back to you
    When the ringing sound wakes me up tonight
    I just turn around and close my eyes....

  • thebhavnasaxena 17w

    Her gaze piercing the clouds,
    The moon lends me her fire,
    His warmth making flowers bloom,
    The sun kisses me and I swallow his
    Celestial blaze, its golden magic making
    My blood hum with power, I hear them
    Whisper to me, as I lay unravelled,
    Darling, like Venus, you shall rise.

    I have been an ocean, confined within a
    Drop, churning herself day and night,
    My unbecoming that the stars have
    Witnessed, but tonight, at the call of
    Midnight, I shall fall asleep, for in the
    Flutter of moments passing me by,
    I hear my awakening beckon to me;
    Baptised in the mystery of nature,
    And blessed with the secrets of the cosmos,
    I know, like Venus, I shall rise.

    My roots make love to this new soil,
    My blood mingling with the waters of time,
    My bones have turned to ice, to stone, to steel,
    Wearing my shattered hopes like diamonds
    Around my neck and my burnt dreams like kohl
    In my eyes, I know, like Venus, I shall rise.

    Carrying in my essence a wealth of magic
    And a dash of spice, I know, like Venus,
    I shall rise, I have got an apetite, what
    Shall I claim, is your heart a worthy prize?

    #venus #goddess #woman #birthday #midnight #magic #sun #moon #power #nature #baptised #rebirth #awakening #girlpower #yougogirl #past #sketch #penportrait #heart #people #life #feeling #change #imagination #self #shewrites #followme #poet #creative #readwriteunite #mirakee #positivevibes #positivity #inspiration #motivation #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #poetsofmirakee #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #freeverse #pod #wds #writinglife #quotes #poem #mood #thoughts #diary #writersbay #mirakeeworld #character #journal #words #stories #soul #call #tale #wild @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    The city sleeps
    As the clock strikes midnight,
    The night and her wild are witness,
    As it was promised,
    Like Venus I have risen,
    From a tempest of a past,
    From a woman in tatters,
    Like a goddess awakened, I am reborn,
    Like a Venus on a voyage, I have risen,
    And as I take my first steps, the wind
    Howls from the skies, here she comes.

  • dark_sunshine_01 18w

    #if #call #you #me #follow me if you like ✌️

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    You told me to tell you all
    Not to just yell and fall

    You said you could fix them all
    Only if I had picked your call


  • raman_writes 20w


    ना जाने कौन - कौन सुनेगा जब हम तेरा नाम पुकारेंगे ।

    ना जाने क्या - क्या सोचेंगे जब तू मिलने ना आएगा ।।


  • sharls_glad 23w

    When you're Special to them

    If Someone is Sacrificing their Sleep just to talk to you and spend some time with you for they did not get time to talk to you on the whole day, it clearly explains how Special you are in their Life.


  • manjunath_s_murthy 23w

    The battle

    The phone rang, it was HER, "what are you doing?" She asked.

    "Just sitting around."

    "You're sitting around and writing and listening to Eminem and sad!"


    "Are you gonna meet me?"


    "You're sad and depressing, you're SAD and DEPRESSING!"


    "Why do you even live, KILL YOURSELF!"

    She hung up and so did I.


  • _the_introvert_boy__ 27w

    तेरे इंकार से ही नहीं
    तेरे इकरार से भी डरते हैं
    इस लिए थोड़ी देर ही बात करके
    PHONE काट दिया करते हैं

  • pallavimaruji 27w

    "Okay, Goodbye."

    "No, wait!"

    "What happened?"

    "Just wait, no!"

    "But why, it is already 3."

    "OK, wait for 2 more minutes. We will sleep then."

    "OK, say. But only for 2 minutes okay."

    "Shh, now don't talk, else time chala jayega."

    "Then, what to do?"

    "Just be there!"

    "I am here, no!"

    "Shh, chup na."

    And it continues till they fall asleep!


  • monali03 28w

    Called your name,
    The day you left
    Your tinted stage.
    Your balcony leans
    A little more on me.
    And the air
    Reeks of pain.
    Sapphire windows,
    On a white painted house,
    A dove on her head,
    And an apple
    Posed on her belly button.
    The call is utopic,
    The call is for
    You to pick.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words



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  • heyoka_warrior 159w

    You have to know how to fight back.
    When circumstances call for it,
    You have to stand your ground.
    Do you remain mute at injustice?
    Take your power back.
    You can't be a sheep all your life.