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  • anshika_winks 56w

    #AnTemp #cagedc

    Am I caged Betwixt
    What I was and what I am??

    I need a POSITIVE wala prompt...
    Comment section aapka h
    Bhar de ideas se��

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    Am I caged Betwixt
    What was mine and what is mine?

  • zeee_zephyrs 56w



    With the misconception
    of being
    the most superior
    I concealed
    your sentiments.
    I was
    Behind the closet
    Betwixt torn pages.
    Just to further hide the agonies.


    Carrying black ink
    Thought you'll create
    dark nights
    To flicker like moon,
    But you entangled yourself in the dark.
    I was
    In center page
    of the diary,
    To hide your tears, which fell on me.


    You kept on
    collecting us.
    We were merrily mounting
    On the roads of joy.
    We were to get new existence,
    In your folios.
    We were
    In the crying paragraphs
    Killing our happy existence,
    To emancipate you, from the prison of heartbreaks.


  • sproutedseeds 56w


    All these years
    my inferiority complex
    made me feel insecured
    believing that my ideas,
    thoughts were OBSCURE,
    but it was MIRAKEE
    who gave me the platform
    to open up without any

    When I came here
    I could feel belongingness,
    I could feel the similarity of thoughts
    from the many posts I read.
    Gradually, I started penning.

    Every one is an inspiration here.
    I found encouraging words to
    my pen with wonderful comments
    and compliments.

    INVISIBLE strength of my pen
    started gaining recognition
    and now when it's time to say
    BYE BYE 2020, I wish to thank
    this platform for changing the
    perspective of myself.

    My CAGED thoughts got freedom to express.
    Thank you MIRAKEE for providing us this
    platform to express our views/thoughts
    I found many more like me,
    "Birds of same feather flock together".

  • waitaminute 56w

    Once a caged bird
    Felt that bars were his world,
    Few grains to eat,
    Lady feeding him was sweet,
    A tiny door mostly locked,
    Wings were useless and mind was blocked,
    Restless and flapping his wings,
    He wanted to feel what free air sings,
    When he escaped his cage,
    For the first time being savage,
    He used his wings for their thing,
    Flying with feeling,
    Thrilling and risky though,
    He would live or die of starvation, he didn't know,
    Freedom opened his door to true universe,
    Cage was worst, nothing could be more worse,
    He believed in himself,
    For his trueself,
    Spoon feeding and sitting whole day,
    Not a single friend to play,
    He listened what heart said,
    Trapped in bars made him brain dead,
    Flying high and high,
    One day everyone gonna die,
    Open doors of your brain,
    Where you are trapped in thoughts,
    Same thinking makes its tissue rots,
    Listen to your heart and escape,
    Their are many fruits to taste dear bird, not just grapes.

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  • bonitasarahbabu 57w

    Despite being in a cage,
    The bird keeps singing.
    She doesn't know that there's more to life,
    Outside the cage.
    Freedom for her is being in the cage,
    For she knows not what may be outside.
    Caged she is,
    And caged she will forever be unless she escapes.

  • wilmaneels 57w

    This is not what I am meant to be doing
    Here behind these steel bars
    I need to spread my wings
    Please uncage me
    Birds are meant to be free
    I am meant to fly free
    * image credit to rightful owner*

  • bclark2681 57w

    Bird In A Cage

    Caged within my life
    Can't taste my freedom
    Bars are my impedance
    Feel I'm barely alive
    My mind is changing
    Mental state rearranging
    Love for my hominid
    So sing beautifulist tune
    From my locked cocoon

  • sproutedseeds 57w


    She was a simpleton. Yearning to travel
    by local buses and train.
    But till date she travels only her elegant
    chaffeur driven car.
    She was the only child to the rich parents.
    They gave her all the luxuries and comforts.
    Her friends had siblings, lived in joint family
    in a small house, food cooked by their
    mother. They seemed to be happier than her.
    She wanted to live like them.
    She felt like a caged bird who wanted to
    experience her wings and see the world
    © sproutedseeds....21.12.20

    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️

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    Caged bird was she
    cozy with her parents
    whose every beck and call
    was answered whether big or small.

    Born to affluent parents
    who lived with all luxuries
    inspite, she wanted to fly
    out of the luxury.

    She wanted to go on a solo trip
    to know the outside world
    the struggle and the freedom
    learn to balance on her own.

    But her parents never wanted
    her to know the other side of
    life which existed without luxuries,
    caged bird was she.

  • 300roses 57w

    @writersbay Thanks for the repost (3rd).
    You made my day! ����

    #cagedc #obscure

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    I'm a caged bird,
    a "prisoner" of my home.
    All my life,
    I gazed at the world
    through my barred confines,
    The world I saw,
    was limited to the
    circumference of my cage,
    my frame of vision obscured
    by the tightly spaced bars
    enclosing me.
    But it was fine by me,
    I accepted the way things were,
    for this was my life,
    though at times,
    I did wonder how an
    unobscured "barless" view
    of the world would look like,
    This, I could only imagine
    during my waking moments.

    I'm a caged bird,
    a "prisoner" of my mind.
    All my life,
    as I lived in my cage,
    freedom was foreign to me,
    But I had seen birds flying
    in the air with outstretched wings,
    I guessed this was what
    freedom meant.
    While I envied the birds flying freely,
    the thought of living
    outside my cage terrified me,
    for I lacked the skills to
    survive in the big world.
    The cage had been my "safe haven",
    where food & water were
    in abundance,
    I never needed to worry
    about shelter, hunger or thirst.
    Between my cage & freedom,
    I would still choose the former,
    though at times,
    I did wonder how flying
    freely in the sky would feel like,
    This, I could only imagine
    during my waking moments.

    I'm a caged bird,
    a "prisoner"
    "imprisoned" for life.


  • soulfulstirrings 57w

    Perhaps the biggest set back is when we let our dreams wither away .

    #cagedc @writersbay @odysseus
    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    O' moon
    Do sing me a berceuse tonight
    For I long for sleep to rest on my lashes
    And silence the voices inside my caged mind
    /No longer am I that bird that once dreamt of soaring the welkins
    I am just a sepulchre of broken dreams/

  • tardigrade 57w

    All caged are equal

    twenty twenty, pain aplenty
    don't want to sound too senti-
    or come across as harsh
    and take away from personal wars
    that everybody fought and is fighting
    my intentions not that, when I'm writing
    it's just to bring a frame of reference
    a scale to measure my own indifference
    & develop a sense of gratitude and deference

    futures lost,child brides sold and bought
    domestic violence with the vulnerable lot
    digging through trenches,dignity was robbed
    labour that brought dreams to metro spots
    slept on rocks, or worse died on railway tracks
    studies sacrificed,across the digital divide
    dressed up as development ride, inequality hides

    on the frontlines,many of my friends in white
    paid the price of being a medico with their life
    tragedies still obscure, never have I been so sure
    this year brought lessons,but my classmates are fewer.

    I am not discounting mental health aspect
    everyone deserves dignity,every pain respect
    all caged were equal,
    but some cages had more legroom
    my privelege demands
    that I develop some gratitude.

  • jaya___ 57w


    My caged bird was caressed,
    Once loved
    By closeness
    Which melted into
    Sombre distant plight...
    Its heart crashed
    Like the waves of an angry sea
    Against a lonely dark night.
    Tears have evaporated
    But the bird is not healed
    And sings in pain
    To itself
    And to the heart
    Which has turned stone
    As those outside...
    The songs melt into the night
    As the past flashes by
    As a searchlight
    Into the eyes
    Of a jew waiting outside
    Hoping for release from the concentration camp...
    She sings and stops
    To listen to songs
    Of similar caged voices
    Will anyone listen to her too
    As the wind blows sweet
    Carrying pain across the fields
    Its mind free
    and body caged
    Only sad songs releasing in abyss...

    © Harfkaar 21-12-2020 #cagedc

    मेरी अनकही, दायरे कई
    तेरी अनसुनी, बोलों में कहीं
    दास्तां ये दिल की
    दिल से कम निकलती हैं
    वास्ता बातों का, रंग और बतलाते हैं
    वक़्त से फासलें, बुझे कुछ हौसले
    जाने क्यों
    मेरी करवटें, मुझसे जो कहें
    तेरी मिलवरटें, छुपके जो सहें
    कैसे हो तुम, पूछेंगे हम
    कैसे हैं हम, पूछोगे तुम....

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  • santor_674 57w

    Born as the 5th hatchling, I could perceive light in the blinded darkness , as I stayed beneath her warmth, her feathers is where I found solace!

    Once, my gracious mother, had asked me to fly, besides the number of times I settle back, I rendered my sight towards those fluttering birds, admiring them, I leapt forward, flapped my wings, reaching as high as above I could!

    //For I could perceive , how obscure was I , for this sky was vast and deep, bounding itself with no frontiers, countless and endless was my destiny, for I was born to flutter not rest//

    At a sudden, caught between the strands of a net, I perceived darkness in the scorching dawn, locked up in a cage with rusty bars, my ears bleed hearing those giggles of the nasty devils, soar became my throat with cries and screeches of "FREEDOM "!

    With everything I could afford, I still neglected those assets, 'cause my voice never resonates itself in a caged dorm, nor does my heart pounds in a caged dorm, for they had to replenish with the light of "FREEDOM "!

    //Reading the poetry crafted by a bird, his whispers jingle in my ears, I reckon about how my soul is caged behind the bars of grief, it lay still abducting my voice within itself unable to rupture myself//

    For the day , the bird was released, it whirls over the blanket of freedom, melody that tunes its voice, for the trees to gesturing with their rustle, river that tinkers, the wind that whistles past the ears of mother earth for she fills the void of ecstasy of the resonating melodies!

    //Freedom had galloped this whole terrain , and when it is denied, the leaves wither as hazel, sun conceals itself with gloom , while the mother earth procure death vanishing in the galaxy as an obscure piece of dust//


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    Chirping behind the iron bars, oblivious about the abode residing around, encoring and screeching to gallop the essence of liberty, I was left as an obscure creature, nowhere to flutter!

    Oh dear mother, you nurtured me beside you making me feel secured and warm, whilst now, I am left cold and numb behind those golden bars of death!

    //Little did I know , for the mother earth promised me as her own child, surrounded with rusty bars, my feathers withering themselves, having lost the prospect of cuddling with the zephyr along with the clouds drifting me to flutter high above//

  • justword_art 57w


    Another beautiful morning
    The breeze gently blew and shook my cage
    As I sing in a melodious tone
    The song would have been better
    Only If I was allowed to fly
    And sing on every tree
    As I watch humans going to work early in the morning

    We all have our roles to play
    I have to go and find the tastiest of nectars
    And tell nighttime tales to my children
    Of the feats done by their ancestors
    Telling them tales in songs and choreography
    Teaching them how to fly

    But all these are dreams
    They are still in my bucket list
    Yet to be struck out
    I sing everyday facing the outside
    Hoping my owner will understand
    But all my songs and wings flapping
    All in vain

  • brahmleen_ 57w


    ```c α g e d β i r d s`````

    My eyes are murky to see this misery of smart addiction
    Not to see the blossom
    to witness the young mortals with a hurricane

    My eyes waited, strived and thrived too
    To let the tiny tots away from the spellbound of their lid getting this blue

    At my verse anyway
    The stars of my obscure heart frown
    Want to let my caged wings come out of this jargon

    The noesis is extreme
    Peradventure, a poignant realm
    My eyes are murky to see this smart use of friction

    Worthy usage hath a hut in trammel
    Else can turn into a void shovel

    Reading the meaning of a muse shall catch your way
    Along an ambitions to sway

    My eyes are murky to see this misery of gloomy relaxation
    You pop a hope for you
    Read a reading an audacious dreamcatcher bestowed upon you.


  • art_is_dead 57w



  • wandering_ 57w


    Whiff of air and rustling of leaves
    I carry the pain of my banishment
    Inside my cage thee
    My wings flutter now and then to adorn the sky
    I wave at all my friends and foe who pass by
    Bleeding and hurt to soul I cry myself to sleep
    Why do I have plenty to die
    Yes I am banished for life
    May be a curse from my earlier wife
    I am jailed without any crime
    With no partner kith and kins
    I am what you call Guantanamo bay life
    One day I believe though
    When I shall die
    My soul isn’t imprisoned
    And I shall fly
    Far and wide into the sand and glory
    For that shall be my final lullaby
    As I finally sleep in all my glory !!


  • wandering_waves 57w


    Yet again we talk about the same,
    The same set of tables and the same set of crossfire,
    'Femi-nazi' was claimed.
    Painstakingly the 'purdah' had to tire.

    Have had your character been compared to a vase?
    Was the thoughts of hem of the skirt you faced?
    The night's catching fear was never your case.

    She was never here to blame the alpha,
    Infact the obscured air had now started to ease,
    But what about the air instilled in her mind?
    She spelled feminist,
    But femi nazi caught the grind.

    Condescending on her part?
    Maybe yes. Maybe no.

  • wilted_flower 71w

    Not all possession is a present ��


    PC goes to the rightful owner ��


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  • thelunareclipse 102w

    How could you ever feel
    The beauty of the freedom
    On your skin
    When your eyes are
    Blinded by
    The radiant glow
    Of your little golden world