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  • akshay_vasu 1w

    Many birds in that place never flew even though they could. They believed that they were inside the cage too, as the shadows of the cages of other birds fell on them.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • 90s_beardbunny 2w

    Home and Cage.

    Make a home for your loved ones staying in a cage is punishment for even birds.

  • itsssiya 2w

    Heyy I'm back im sorry freshman year is getting to me I just wrote this lemme know what you think
    I hope everyone is safe and sound stay happy stay positive ������ #love #thinking #euphoria #friendship #heart #cage #racing #hide #tiktok

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    Thinking about you

    This morning I woke up
    First thing I thought of
    Was you
    How you make me feel
    You make my life seem so real
    But I know im living in a fairy tale
    Cause things don't usually go my way
    That's okay

    But I sense this is my fairytale
    Cause how can this be real
    How can I feel butterflies
    When you come near
    Since I saw you
    I can't stop my self from
    Thinking about you
    From the first thing in the morning to the last at night
    You make my life so bright
    That's why I think about you

    This afternoon I saw you face
    My heart started racing
    I can't control the pace
    I got all nervous an tried to hide
    But what I feel for you is something I can't ignore
    Should I let my heart out of it's cage and soar

    As long as the clock still goes tiktok
    I'll never stop
    thinking about you

  • sreerams 5w

    You have been locked in a cage.
    Your hands have been handcuffed.
    Your legs have been chained.
    And then there is that flogging stick ,
    Ready to flog you if you try to free yourself...
    You are just a puppet...
    A mere puppet...

    Can you imagine yourself in this situation? No , right ?
    What if I tell you, you have been like this for most part of your life...

    Cage = Societal expectations
    Hand cuffs = Emotional taunts
    Chains = Demotivators
    Flogging stick = Toxic people

    Feeling relatable ? Ehh??

    Now , it's your turn to decide.
    Make a worthy decision...

  • kittuhopeful 5w

    Gussa or nafrat

    Dil gusse ki janzeer se bndha h
    Isko khbar bhi ni
    Jana kaha h
    sukoon ki talash m ye bhatak rha h
    Kbhi to ye hr cheez chahta h
    Pr kbhi khud se bhi ruth jata h
    Pta nahi ye pyr chahta h
    Ya nafrat ka sahara chahta h
    Pr jo bhi chata h wo behisab chahta h...

  • the_finger_quill 5w

    Midnight mumblings..
    01:17AM ; July 7, 2021

    #memories #rain #metaphors #kaleidoscope #cage

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    Forgotten memories come back as clouds
    Rains of regrets drench me and go
    Will I ever see a sun or rainbow?
    Or my vision is too lost in the brain fog?
    I try to reach you somewhere in the air
    You keep changing forms like
    a broken piece of glass
    caged in my kaleidoscope!

    Will we ever relaize
    it's us
    if we meet again?

  • raman_writes 6w


    पिंजरे में क़ैद है वो तू ये मत समझ ।

    बस वो तुझे थोड़ा ज्यादा चाहता है ।।


  • memealamora 6w


    A cage within a cage
    They say "smile and don't rage"
    Lost the key, turn the page
    Pretend it's not a cage
    Or maybe wait till the metal bars age


  • crazy_cuckoo 7w

    //Empty Cage//

    She is caged with the memories
    Which are sweet and sour
    She is caged inside her own heart
    She can't swin and can't talk
    She is caged in a room
    Inside four walls
    No rescue, no light in the dark
    She is dying to tell everyone
    To make her free
    With their rules and bylaws
    No chums? Not even a dear one!
    Who can give a hi-fi
    She is caged for years and years
    With the loneliness
    Within herself
    She once was a girl with a cute smile
    She is caged inside her own self
    Though she can't fight back
    She is caged in a room with a fluffy bed
    Where she can cry out loud
    Wrapping her hands to the pillow so tight
    She is caged and caged again
    With her anxiety for 12 months long
    She is caged and caged again
    Within the walls where no one cares
    If she died
    She caged herself loving the ones
    Who never loved her back
    She caged within herself
    Where she also cared
    The one who stabbed her back
    She hate herself and her life
    She is living like a dead man
    She can't find a beam of light
    She is caged with her tears
    Ahh! A broken soul's deadly life.

    #cage #emptycage

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    Empty Cage


  • sounakpatra 7w


    Fallen into the trap!
    Your name flowing inside my veins..
    Trying to free myself from the iron cage!
    Breaking away from the shackles and chains.
    Starting life on a brand new page.
    Running away from the past!
    Bursting out into golden flames.

  • masoom_bachchi 8w


    एक पंछी खरीदा मैंने
    और फिर पिंजरे को खोल दिया
    चन्द रुपयो के बदले
    मैने ढेर सारी खुशीयों को तोल लिया

  • _sneha__19 9w


    I kept wondering what makes it so hard me to let it go. Then I realised my heart is in a rib cage, always clinging to stay even when you go

  • raman_writes 9w


    वो उसे क़ैद कर के बैठे है जिसकी किस्मत में उड़ना लिखा है ।

    लोग कितनी फ़िज़ूल कोशिशें करते है और फिर हार जाते है ।।


  • jelly_hub 9w

    इन पाबन्दियों को,
    अपने प्यार का नाम मत दो,
    प्यार खुला आसमान देता है
    उड़ने के लिए,
    यूँ पाबन्दियों के पिंजरे में
    क़ैद नहीं करता..
    @Shadow of Luv

  • poetrycity 9w

    Storms in me settled deep down the core of my hungry stomach
    when I sat near dry(inked)page of a poet, lying over his grave,
    and my quill met his bruises still waiting for someone.
    I heard, his words had a dream to see the one for whom he was writing even during bleeding of his thirsty throat.
    They want(ed)to dance with proper rhymes gainst the law of separation.
    But the voids between his true verses made them to shed grief for his mortality buried under the depth of his adored yet silhouetted emotions.
    Was he soiled or he's caged?

    wrinkles from my face started disappearing, slow moving wind felt like taking my tragic chest within
    when my lips uttered a few of his unfelt hidden metaphors.
    Why his heart was left to bleed till the end?


  • kritu_22 10w

    Confinement did feed the stomach,
    but in it, mindfulness was buried.
    My heart is full of life now,
    cage has been emptied.


  • poetrycity 18w

    Portrait or phantoms

    Some step ahead his house.
    There's a home of a writer far from the spark of peace and comforts .
    A man went there,just to ponder over a silly grouse
    And review those pious syllables of a philosopher.

    He went to a room ,locked for centuries
    found a shadow of an incredible but hidden art

    He saw, bulky walls of sands giving birth to a mason
    And dead flower refraining from the ultimate lesson
    Unaided ivory from dripping ink getting blushed
    A little klutz art remembering it's renowned philosopher.
    And his memories scented the bounded world of brilliance
    Also,frantic vibes get riched for his craziness
    And the fragile piece of hands gave a
    slow high five.
    But unfortunately, gravity died
    Artist's face xenialed his own art
    Also, a sweet echo collide with the opposite wall
    A feeling of euphoria prompted made it to lie
    Also,the toed hide behind the door
    And,livid colors hesitanted down the core
    Madness felt to be jocular.
    And silent lips yelling for his died popularity
    And,anarchy around his life aroused for majesty
    Garrulous momentum slipping upon his sincerity.
    And darkness haunting it's historical royalty
    Living spirit tinctured with the decays
    And zealous philosophy evaded.

    And his creations are perished off.
    Memories also going to be fermented off.
    He locked the door,and return back
    as usual he broke into a strange regret.

  • poetrycity 19w

    I walked over a pavement of people
    Fulfilling wishes of everyone.
    Involved in the minings of joy
    Embedded in the customs on illogics.
    Climbing on the rope made of azars,
    Lost in the faddism of ecstasies.
    Inomplete to be crashed,
    Mute but whispering aweful voices.
    While returning back of the world of assumes.

    I found someone,
    At the outskirts of reality
    Around the sharp flows of winds
    On the sandy desert of adelaide rides
    Perhaps,it was a girl
    In a poor outfit
    Wearing a dirty mourning
    Over a thin and lean skin.

    She was trembled of losing something
    Trying for the circulation of blood clots
    Crying for the upshots
    Searching for the lost larks
    Senty for the missing spots
    Her soul was quiverd too
    Lash down of contritions
    desisted of acceptance
    Burnt in the hearths of sunshine

    That girl seems to be a known one
    An acquaintance of someone.

    I went near to her
    Closer to her unheard sound
    But, I collide with influences of her
    I couldn't stop myself to broke for,
    yelled murmerings with the unknown
    Wailed flints..

    I went deeper to her
    Nearer to her houl
    Want to talk to her,
    I asked her,"Why're you crying my dear"?
    In the midst of her hearing
    Before the nudge of my words.
    She opened her fists
    She flee flew off

    I ran,
    To meet her.
    I found her nowhere.
    But when I look at myself
    The crying girl was me ,herself.

  • poetrycity 21w

    Gathered corpses

    She passed by my tomb and by
    my ashen therapies,
    Lost memories.
    He ignored my weeping slumps.
    And his ignorance
    left me in the horrifying house of ghosts,
    Killed my breath.
    Proved me dead
    For a while.

    And the poor gathered corpses
    Snucked at mine
    Later on,they
    Laughed on me,
    Talked to each other
    Ruined my cursing heart .
    Bestow me haunted.
    Tried me to be tired.
    My hailed body
    eaten by the worms
    I was the bulkier one,
    Now turned into the light
    Sand that's too light
    My lips had rushed into his bedside
    And world has grilled me deep inside
    Covered me into a white
    Ohh!My dark

    My dead ribs caught in a sludge
    On a rainy day.
    They want to be dry enough
    To prioritize the world
    running on tough
    Lead me steeper down the earth
    I was washed with the warm water
    Coming from my mother's ocean of love
    Her rumpled skin.

    But you know,
    Since I grow up,
    I left her lap of shelter
    I come to explore the world of neuro
    All my feelings were on a rent
    On a glance of scents
    Drafting the heart shakes
    Swirled into the bleeding lakes

    Coming to the reality,
    Corpses are still busy,
    Talking to their soils
    History of their spoils,
    And now demons arrived carrying
    Their hairs of plastics
    Wide smile ,seemed to be sarcastic

    Only the moonlight knows,
    How I felt this night
    When drunken wind reminds
    That bottle of wine
    I used to drink in the room of deep silence

    Ironically,I too leave the universe
    Gone to the brisk of adventures
    But my love was immortal
    my corpse will tell him one day.
    .......✍Shivani Chhonkar

  • poetrycity 28w

    Coming out of severe aches
    Coming out of that dark after years
    she had an attitude
    She would step out very soon
    She was killed by the people,not by herself.
    she can't walk but can run in her imaginatives
    She love writing
    She is writing sitting beside moon
    Stars are falling their light
    To outshine her pen
    All sorts of pains got filter
    Now,she can see storm,the thunder
    She write and write
    Not going to sleep ,
    Sky is getting more bright
    Seems appreciating her.
    Writing,why she used to weep?
    How everything touched her so abnormal and deep?
    She didn't need anyone
    Just her miserable days
    Burst into soft tears
    Thinking,how killer silence surrounds her
    Where there weren't sunlight,no rays.
    Her thoughts are like waves,
    She is sitting on the shore .

    Remembering how,
    In those four walls of a room
    Chirping of sparrows and,
    Sound of children's playing could be heard
    All this increased the warmness of tears
    Door to see them
    Was very very far,
    Every word coming from her heart
    Expressing her extreme suffering
    Surely,this paper gonna cry
    With her, remembering that dark
    Whole night passed off
    Writing of her own,
    It's morning now,
    She can see,
    Air is colorful
    Nature is more green
    Birds are flying too far
    Fog has lifted
    Love has shifted
    Papers, those torn apart
    Having a shiny beam

    She felt like,
    Everything was waiting for her.
    World become beautiful
    Coz she was beautiful.