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    The new beginning has started now. 2021, an another year with 365 days to cherish and keep in mind. The previous year has been bad to everyone, but I found happiness and joy in few places and events. I hope everyone would have found the same. Thinking about those will not make us to walk forward to the next chapter. So let us move forward to write the next story of life.

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    Let us make it

    Let us walk towards the
    Incomplete story of our life
    To begin the next chapter
    Of strength, Joy and power
    To override the sorrow or sadness
    Which is around the corner to hit us hard

    Let us bleed,
    Let the blood pop out
    What else is there to face
    In the free world

    Let us make it.

  • vakilankita 55w

    The year itself is so affirmative. This date 01.01.2021 gives us the hope that the fight we are battling inside and outside is soon a victory! We are hopeful and we are winners! 2021 you won the game✨��
    #2021 #January1 #WeWon #202Won #January #NewYear #HappyNewYear #Victory #Winners #Happiness #Life #Writer #Ankita #VakilAnkita #Smile #Happy #Hope #English #Bye2020 #Winter #Party #Health #Home #Family #Friends #Love #Passion #Feelings #Thoughts #Quote #Status #Unique #HappyNewYear2021

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    01.01.2021- We Won!

    Won Won 202Won.

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    May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements, and a lot of new inspirations on your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness. Wishing every day of the new year to be filled with success, happiness, and prosperity for you. Happy New Year

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    ધન્યવાદ 2020!

    પ્રેમ ની પરીક્ષા માં હું પાસ થઈ ગઇ
    દુર રહીને પણ ફક્ત એની થઇ ગઇ...

    ખબર નહતી કે રહી શકીશ એના વગર
    એની યાદોમાં એના માટે જીવતી થઇ ગઇ

    અંતર વધ્યું-પ્રેમ વધ્યો, ધીરજ ખુટી
    પૂર્ણ રુપે ફક્ત એની જ થઈ ગઇ..

    મુશ્કેલ હતું મળવું એને
    વિતેલ પળો વાગોળતી થઇ ગઇ..

    પ્રેમ ની પરીક્ષા માં હું પાસ થઈ ગઇ
    દુર રહીને પણ ફક્ત એની થઇ ગઇ...

    ©શીતલ પરમાર

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    Cheers to all unhappiness, happiness... to pains, hurts, wrong decisions, to all the patience, to all the fights... to those who left, to those who are still their, to all the backstabbers, to all who adored, to all who helped to all who didn't... Last year was the best and the worst at the same time!! Cheers to all the lessons!

  • rashiyadav 55w


    This year taught us many things
    We learnt stay away from toxic friends,
    Noone is more important than your family,
    Self care and self awareness are importan,
    Depression is not normal we should take it seriously,
    Stop believing in fake news!

    With hanging out with friends to seeing them on video calls
    From studying in class room to online classes from home
    From busy! no time to all the time in the world

    I wish this new year we all will give priority to ourselves, will make ourselves strong, good health, stay positive! I hope with 2020 corona will also leave us
    HAPPY NEW YEAR every one

  • geetikavya 55w

    अलविदा 2020

    जिसने हर तोहमत को सहा
    हर इल्ज़ाम अपने सर लिया
    वो साल जा रहा है।।

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    This year's been a mess! Nobody ever thought that this year could bring such a drastic graph to our life.
    This year was more like a coin. Either positive or negative but without any moderation. So if we wanna conclude what exactly did 2020 teach us then here it is :
    This year taught us LIFE. Life won't be just about Routine, Comfort Zones, Happiness, Love, Dreams, Achievements and Family.
    It will also be able Failures, coming Out of our Comfort Zones, Hate, and most importantly it taught us CHANGE is the only constant in this world. Every single human in this world fought a tough battle every single day this year. Everyone understood how difficult it is just to survive a day. Those who failed, went away. After all "Only the Fittest can Survive".
    And this new year everyone of us who survived should just thank god that we're alive and are able to turn a leaf over and welcome a NEW Year.
    No new year was as special as this one for everyone of us in this world. Let's welcome it without high expectations but a little HOPE. Hope, to just bring some positivity!
    I know being alive means fighting battles everyday no matter whether they're big or small, but atleast we get to fight and learn and Live with our loved ones. And that's all that matters. LIVING LIFE not just Surviving!

    #Life #Survival #Fight #corona #covid19 #hope #positivity #newyear2021 #bye2020 #happynewyear #2021betterbegoodenough
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    @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Bye bye!


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    नया साल आनेवाला है,
    क्या तैयारी हुई अब तक?
    या ऐसेही फिरसे साल बर्बाद करने का इरादा है?


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    Thank you 2020 for all the lessons you taught us. You have been so tough to each of us. Even though if you have been so cruel, you helped us realize, our real self. Throughout all the ups and downs, highs and lows, positive and negative, you still made us withstand ourself. Thank you for giving a pause to our busy life, or a break to our active cells. Lockdown made us realize that "There's something beyond that what we are living for." You made ourselves question our existence, Did we just forget the reason we are living for? Or is Life, all about running behind time? Wanting time to pause a little, maybe to know about ourselves, and all those lament came to end. It's Okay, if you weren't able to explore, It's Okay, if you were only inside your home, shutting the doors, scrolling mobile and passed your time. It's completely fine. Because 2020 has surely made us understand better, way much better. All these years we were running faster behind time. But, this year, it wouldn't have been the situation. Where school became home, Where office was inside home, Even going to restaurants was inside home. And H O M E , was the only place we stayed. And who knew, it would be so terrible. Until 2019, our expectations about 2020, would have been way much higher, but it's fine if you acted totally opposite to our expectations. Sometimes, expectation doesn't come true and its okay, we had accepted the new change and this doesn't mean we hate you. I now realize "Everything comes for a reason." is true, Amidst the pandemic situation, we chose to stay at home, we studied, worked, cooked and did everything as usual, and also got excess time to spend with our family and luckily we also had time to know ourselves better. Who knew the while world would be connected only through the 8 letter word I N T E R N E T? To be honest, 2020 is one of the best years, which gave a full stop to all the running cells and made us sit at a place, and do things. 2020 is a much needed break to each and everyone of us. Eventhough we had so many expressions going through this year, We finally made it through and be grateful for it. 2020 was an amazing roller coaster ride of our life. Thank you for everything you did. :)

    A person who loves 2020.
    This will be the last post of 2020, Bye bye 2020, Had a good time. We miss you! ����
    #mirakee #bye2020 #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork #farewell

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    Hey 2020,

    ~ letter in caption ~