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    Burnt wounds don't bleed. That doesn't mean the injury isn't there. Just because you don't cry, does not imply that you do not feel pain.

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    What's the colour of love?

    Sometimes red or sometimes black
    Red for the lovers
    And black for the broken ones
    Glowing for the few
    And dark for some
    Full of lights for many
    But shadowy for the one


  • muskaanbhatt_ 6w

    She was burnt alive

    She was burnt alive,
    She didn't know she was not going to survive,
    She was screaming in desperate,
    Her end time was so accurate,
    She was begging for her life,
    She thought she was not a good wife,
    She was kept in a locked room,
    She remembered,to her parents she was once a bloom,
    Then in no time the kerosene was brought,
    While she saying you will be caught,
    Showered with the kerosene,
    She said you will be seen,
    She felt the fire,
    And with painful smile she said you were a lier,
    Her body was melting down
    In her last breathes she said lord never again send me down,
    Her husband faking the tears,
    Calling the crowd come up stairs,
    meanwhile she knew she was not going to survive,
    And finally she burnt alive.


  • muskaanbhatt 14w

    Based on a true incident of kashmir ��
    #burnt #dowry #love #poetry #poem #miraquill

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    She was burnt alive.

    She was burnt alive,
    She didn't know she was not going to survive,
    She was screaming in desperate,
    Her end time was so accurate,
    She was begging for her life,
    She thought she was not a good wife,
    She was kept in a looked room,
    She remembered,to her parents she was once a bloom,
    Then in no time the kerosene was brought,
    While she saying you will be caught,
    Showered with the kerosene,
    She said you will be seen,
    She felt the fire,
    And with painful smile she said you were a lier,
    Her body was melting down
    In her last breathes she said lord never again send me down,
    Her husband faking the tears,
    Calling the crowd come up stairs,
    meanwhile she knew she was not going to survive,
    And finally she was burnt alive.

  • oceansavedme 30w


    Been on full effort from dime to dime
    Just to find a reason
    For a second time
    But seconds turn into minutes
    Or so the hours claim
    What's a number to a letter
    Or a symbol to a sound
    Thunder crashes
    Lightning burns
    Full of ashes
    The ashtray lays.

  • kindness_is_true_evolution 33w

    Wafaon se zyada Maine bewafon ko khush dekha hai
    Iss Matlabi duniya main Maine ek tarfa pyaar ko toot the hue dekha hai
    Kehte the jo chehre main kya khaas rakha hai janab
    Maine unko kisi aur ke chehre pe marte dekha hai

  • slaughtered_heart 33w

    May be they were worth forgiving but what about me?
    Was I that unworthy? You left me without saying anything..!

    #wings #angels #broken #burnt #worth @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @mirakee

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    I gave you my wings
    when they damaged
    yours, you flew away
    with them when they


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    This piece...   
    I know I haven't done justice to it.. 

    It's for all those little innocent children who become the objects of lust in the hands of their own so called protectors - be it a father, uncle, aunt, teacher, or a priest... and so on.

    The innocent child/teenager becomes the victim of sexual abuse without a hint of realising that s/he is being abused. Even when the act comes to light, it is hushed to save family honour, or of the Institute...  My near and dear ones too have been the victims of such heinous act, pushed the matter under the carpet, for honour, self preservation (which is an irony in itself) and what not.  It becomes an open secret which everyone knows yet no one wants to speak up.  The numbers among my close circle (across generations) itself is shocking. Awareness, reporting is definitely on the rise, but there are still tens of thousands still suffering.. and it's heart wrenching..

    Here I've used Fire as a symbol, first as a source of warmth/protection, then the destruction, and the Pheonix in the 3rd para a symbol of resurrection, renewal, a new beginning.. 

    #wod, #symbol, #burnt, #fire, #pheonix

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    (*Please do read the caption for details on the background, setting, and the symbols used) 

    The little girl
    was mesmerised by
    the flickering amber
    The warmth was welcoming, 
    false reassurances
    enveloping her. 
    Closer she inched 
    for the dancing orange
    was so inviting. 
    Her eyes reflected
    its promise of

    Where was the saviour
    to warn her
    of the destruction? 
    Protecting embrace 
    was now 
    the grip of suffocation. 
    Choking the life
    out of living
    leaving her half dead.
    Charring her soul, 
    dark flakes falling off
    her writhing core. 


    Did I not pretend 
    I was deaf to your screams? 
    Didn't I turn a blind eye
    when you were burning? 
    Did I not turn my back
    without any shame? 
    Oh! How I wish
    you rise, rise like a Phoenix,
    from your grey ashes.
    Soar high in the vast blue skies,
    never to be burnt again
    by the devouring flares. 


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    They question us but they just want an answer coz the answer is known to nobody.


    It took an hour for me to put my thoughts and emotions in this peice. I don't know what kind of style is this but I tried to write something different and heartfelt for today's pod #contemporary
    #wod #ceesreposts #mirakee #writersbay #pod #society

    @mirakee thank you soo much for these amazing topics that open my mind a lot...
    @writersnetwork thank you for all the likes

    @tamanna3 @the_frozenn_heart @fromwitchpen

    #forests #burnt #betray #pod #wod #ceesreposts #mirakee

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    Bleeding relations- Exsanguine minds

    Whispers behind
    Making her traumatized.
    Walking being care free,
    Few provocations that make her dreams to flee.

    Those beseeching eyes,
    With the dream to fly,
    Gets hatred everywhere
    The dreamy tears get dry.

    Still she needs to use a concealer,
    To cover her blemishes.
    Still she needs to put some blush,
    To look cheerful though
    She is getting killed from the inside everyday.

    Hides his tears amidst his napkin,
    Can't reveal it to the society
    Coz people would snatch his
    Indentity and would question
    His purity.

    Stopped by those maculate hands,
    She finds herself incapacitated.
    Tears of losing her purity
    Blurs her eyes.

    Scribbles few rough thoughts
    On his aimless palm
    Not with a pen
    But with his eonian pain.

    She still tries to get out
    From those debased hands.
    People hear her cries
    Filled with the feeling of her soul that dies.

    He drops his palm and moves ahead.
    He still hides his tears
    In the absence of
    Those so called 'perfects'.

    Runs away without any tears,
    Her ears bleed
    With the questions
    Of being nondescript.

    His ears bleed
    With the questions
    Of being capable to fight,
    To stand in the storm without any fright.

    Smashes the doors,
    And lets her soul to bleed
    Leading to an exsanguine body
    Null and void.

    Stands on the barrier,
    Sees the world ending ahead.
    Gives a crooked smile
    With the feelings that cannot be said.

    Ties her neck full of hue and cry
    With a rope of insecurities.
    Finds a proper edge to hang
    Her insecurities and questions.

    She and he:
    All of a sudden silence intrudes the place. One dives down in the unceasing river of questions while the other hangs herself from the clift of questions.

    (Today, people say that destiny did so wrong with them but they don't realise that their destiny was written in red by those 'perfects' who make their place in hell.
    Destiny took away their life but preserved their gloomy souls who are still on a voyage to discover some answers to the questions of life and purity.
    They may not be together but their bodies lie beneath the warm, cosy soil that is yet to be alloyed.)

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    Soft blankets nurture my trembling
    Body as the sight, smell, and warmth
    Of the burnt forests race towards my
    Hidden place within natures imagery,
    Will flames find me, will smell stain me,
    Will I be recognized rested within my
    Box grave, beneath those white flowers

  • full_auto 45w


    1. Distant stays crookedly straight it's all the same when
    2. Wicked ways cuz wicked pays just enough to make the wicked stay
    3. the addicts are stayin slaves cuz that's  addictions way
    4. Im Addicted in the addic gettin manic when i cant have it lettin in frantic so i panic causn havick
    5.livin tragic due to manic tendencies causin static instantly between me and the plastic fake fanatics
    6. And I'm back at it night and day At night they come out to play but the good should run away
    7. Cuz I must say
    8. danger goes higher
    9. And it never gets tired
    10. it wont ever retire
    11.  the only light out tonight in sight
    12. is gonna be fire
    13.  from bic lighters
    14. In the hands of abusers and liars
    15. Beasts and freaks, thieves and tweeks, monsters prey on the weak
    16. As they sleep counting sheep they should be safe
    17. But locked doors dont keep the evil away
    18. Even when it's late with all that lurks around this place.
            Good ones become lost without a trace
    1. Making so many lose faith
    2. In the human race
    3. Myself included cuz I've stood black hooded at night
    4.  with the outcasted in sight
    5. Watched nd learned I watched them burn
    6. I Witnessed them turn on one another with no concern
    7. The innocents get ditches the snitches gain riches
    8. The thugs just run while the real ones end up in prison
    No it's not the only way it goes it's just more often than most know
    1. Sell outs get  sold out like the damned sell their soul

    I've lived with wicked surrounding  myself  in my own hell as I battled addiction
    Within and gettin internally twisted
    Watching people cooking dope in their kitchen
    We never heard about this struggle in schools lessons I must of missed that section
    Never did we think this was the future we wished for  cuz that went missin for shore and we were wishin for riches and picket fences and all we got were dreams that eventually managed to vanished
    And feelings of being useless, helpless, and damaged
    I cant stand it
    We never planned for it yet they're lookin at me like ya we told you so
    Hell no not one single person helped me be ready for this shit and so fast it got too heavy
    What happened to the classics and being professional
    1. If these nightcrawlers were catholic the priest would never leave the confessional
    2. Its becoming pathetic on how they've become so predictable
    3. Let me vent in my lyrics on this instrumental
    4. Or I might go psycho lose control and bo might go have a psychotic break on my mental
    5. I dont know but why question the inevitable
    6. A verbal fight with beau is damaging like a fist fight with kimbo
    7. Its keepin me from becoming a tragic story like so many others known as abnormal
    8. I gotta get this out before my brain has a blow out
    9. I'm feelin crazy baby why cant I keep my feet to the ground in front of me
    10. I think it's just me maybe but it feels like it surrounds my brain like rabies
    11. The beat vibrates the ground I'm feeling more calm now but I'm being looked at like I'm lazy
    12. I just hope this isnt calm before the storm as I fly in like a kamikaze
    13. Why is my mental so torn bring me back to my human form but lately I cant stand me I might even hate me

    Words with purpose/ can be of service/ when some wanna hurt us/ its torturous on how they tortured us behind closed doors with curtains down the blinds up  to hide the bruises and cuts/ and scrapes/ some beat some burn some rape/ and I know all three so I'm known to hate/ they took from me a chunk of humanity/ and gave back some insanity/ but I wont let it be the end of me/I know my enemy/ because I know those who take /are bound to their fate/ where mine is the path I make

    1. What do I got to do to get it
    2. through to you that I'm through with who I used to be and who used to use me so its kudos if you know you got away with it before but no more as I move on wit my life I slam that door
    3. And nail it shut with boards across it so it never opens back up
    4. I just wanna make this day right
    5. wanna get this stage time
    Wanna make this stage mine
    1.  wanna take a stage dive
    2. I just wanna make this beat fly
    And get paid on time for writing lines to say some rhymes
    1. I hope you know I'm Writing lines for the working minds
    I wake up
    to an instrumental just to beat it up/let's shake things up cuz I'm lyrically in combat/got ahold of your brain by its testacles so now im fuckin shit up with a verbal massacre/ im a word murderer alphabet cereal killer deadly as you can be from A to Z hit you lyrically but its gonna be felt physically a wide spread attack like I had twin uzis I handle my shit like a Porsche or a Ferrari fuck around and get burnt my words bringing heat like a torch you must be feelin chilly?
    Why else challenge an O.G.

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    past -2

    She suffered all of it silently.
    She didn't tell one.
    'Cause,if she does it may cost her a great deal.
    Inside, she was screaming.

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    I remember tagging the chapter of our union as the best in my entire book. Each of it's words were written with lots of love and they were really close to my heart. I used to re read every time I missed your presence near me, recite the words again and again to fill the void within me. But then I know I was doing more harm to myself than I ever imagined and it wasn't justified totally. You choose to put that closure and I kept mentioning you again and again. Well I am done today, I burn to ashes all our moments, burnt the pages that had your name, guess what I didn't cry. I was done with you, I let you go free from my novel, give you the freedom you always wanted. And as I see the pages are flamed, the story of ours is never gonna be the same again.

    Pic credit: Pinterest
    #wavesofwait #fire #mirakee #burnt #memories #writersnetwork #writersvilla #writerstolli
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    The pages are set ablaze
    and our story is never going to be same again.


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    If I loved love the way love loves me,
    I would be a different story,
    For the snow that falls in my cold heart,
    Sings of love as it melt on the grass.

    But love prove to be a mystery,
    Dipped in sorrow , pain and misery,
    Butchered by passion, lust and desire,
    Burned by the system In loves own fire.

    Spare my heart from love's venal flame,
    With agony let my soul be pained,
    For the love I want no worthless part,
    Let pain and darkness govern my heart.

    If love is the light that lights the dark,
    Let love go out like burnt out star

  • aachiram 75w

    There's stardust in mind
    But sun in soul,
    It Brings sunshine
    from distance,
    Billions of cosmic
    explosions from the core.


  • nitika_patra 80w

    Blaze of flame

    The fire blazed the inner me
    To ashes that I anew cumulate
    To daub myself with.
    But it burnt me to deep
    And there I was left
    With a flame of despair again.

  • pallavsoni 81w


    The book of life can be a best seller,
    Or it can be the worst failure,
    The quill is in your hands,
    And paper in the front,
    Make the book worth a read,
    And chapter's not brunt.

  • pallavsoni 82w


    Some pages burnt,
    Some turned,
    Some to be proud of,
    And some lessons learnt,
    Some pages were dark,
    Some bright as sun
    This is book of life,
    Everyone writes one.

  • yellowroses 93w

    5 months....

    5 months...
    5 months was all it took,
    To have a lifetime of bitter sweet stories to tell of a time I will never ever seek to know again....

    The car chases,
    The threats,
    The violence,
    The people,
    The memories...
    Enveloped in an alcoholic smoke,
    Her addictions running rampant,
    And our times without a home,
    The times of endured starvation,
    And the times we came so close...
    But together, fell so far...
    As we fell far to living out of a small car,
    But smaller the food on little to last,
    Yet as slowly as each day the time did pass,
    These memories will forever burn,
    Like a cigarette burnt in skin,
    Scarred the flesh of my brain,
    Unable to let go,
    Of a past I'll forever know,
    As if it were yesterday....
    Forever.... the damage remains,
    Smouldering in smoke....