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  • silentobserver14 2w


    When your currency for the work and care you give is affirmations and care
    But only get spotlights and loneliness because of how high up you end up going

  • lolablackthorn 10w


    I haven't played my guitar
    In two months
    The instrument I swore to
    Practice every day
    Until my fingers bled
    Lies unused in my living room
    I begged for it
    I was going to write haunting
    Melodies that stick to your brain
    Like ants in honey
    Now all I write are lyrics
    Not one g chord
    Not one half step
    Not one measure
    The dust slowly gathers
    And so does my potential
    What if I plucked the strings?
    Taught myself a new chord
    Run my hands along the wood and
    Metal and plastic that scar my hands with
    Sound and prove I didn't waste everything
    Too late now

  • crudemotions 11w

    An Endless Struggle

    In search of fulfilment, I traded a slavish life for enterprising one with the best of everything

    Chose ambitions as a way of living

    A living with peace less meals, sleepless nights and thankless living

    It feels like end of a life time

    Every version helped me reach a goal but none has given me fulfilment

    Conflicted I wonder if this was the right way out of this endless struggle?


  • loisdevries_ 20w

    I know you're tired
    Beyond tired
    But please breath my sister
    Breath through this storm
    Don't listen to your inner critic
    You're doing the best you can
    Don't be kind to the world
    And harsh to yourself
    Just let yourself feel everything what you are feeling inside
    Everything that was holding emotions inside
    And give yourself the time, to slowly let go
    You're growing , you're learning
    You're breathing, you're doing the best you can
    Be kind my sister,

    To yourself ✨


  • zoker1991 27w

    In this
    And every other night
    Im holding to it
    Very tight

    Admit it to myself
    Only God knows it
    Contemplate on it
    For a moment

    Appear strong by hiding it
    Be really strong by admiting it

    My fears is what im talking about
    Denying will not help
    Will cause burnout

    Enough is to admit to self
    Good is to
    If u got a true friend
    Speak it to God
    It sure will help
    Put the power of youre secret
    To an end

  • rose_quill 33w

    Writer's Burnout

    I think I'm suffering from writers burnout. I used to have such fun writing but now nothing seems to thrill me. I don't want to give up on my writing but I don't know how to pull myself out of this. If anyone has any suggestions please comment below.
    For now, I'm going to try and just write a little something every day about whatever I feel like no matter how nonsense it seems and maybe post it here

  • questioning_life 35w

    A black out period of tech,
    In the dark of what's next,
    Outside of the safety net.

    I find that the decaying of a brain,
    Tends to bring a rollercoaster of pain,
    And a monster to be tamed.

    Twinkling stars don't mean it's nice,
    Stars burn out too sometimes,
    I find it's best to not think twice.


  • themysticalreads 39w

    wonder what kind of hurt am i carrying around?,
    is it the time am i in?,
    that has put me up in a spiral,
    or am i just deprived of sleep,
    or second guessing if i'm depressed.

    my world is certainly tired and feels done with,
    and the world around me is on a level I can't reach,
    even if i have a cheatsheet.
    i'm far too exhausted to bother with it's daily horseplay,
    it moves on its own pace,
    a little too aggressive for me,
    so, we don't see eye to eye these days.

    and in meeting people,
    just a hello seems suffice but it ends too quickly in wanting goodbyes,
    in between these moments,
    my mind runs back and forth,
    but there's just a blank page staring back at my consciousness,
    and silence doesn't fill those gaps for everyone,
    and i don't know what else to do,
    except to just wait.

  • bclark2681 39w

    Burning Passion

    When the star within my soul
    Feels as though it may burn
    Out and fade to oblivion, my
    Splendido amore saves my
    Decaying spirit and reignites
    My obscured internal flame
    Into a raging fire of passion

  • emily_cjw 47w

    Conversational Burnout

    Crackle... Crackle... Hiss—
    Hearing the fire in her heart go out.
    The negative feelings pouring down,
    Yet another round of burnout.

    Watching her turn away,
    My voice drier than the summer drought.
    Her eyes full of things she wants to say,
    As I stood frozen feeding doubt.


  • siddhant_scribbles 57w

    Save me from burning out, or save me from fading away... I think my decision is pretty clear there! Even if it means closing a door forever, some windows will always be open...

    #mirakee #lavieenrose #pod #writersnetwork #burnout #rwu

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    Burn out

    Be there for me
    Not with love, hate will do too
    Just make sure you are there
    For love is not the fire, emotion is!

    What I yearn for, is my presence in you
    It will keep the languishing me from burning out
    And I am not scared of a smothering end too
    If it means a permanent place in your heart!


  • wespadeshere 74w

    Having a hard time lately. Hit a writer's block and our mental health is a bit declined. Still gonna try to keep up the writing habit we've got going though. Hope anyone who reads this is doing okay, or trying also. -��

    Dandelions don't seem like much
    Poking their heads out from the mud
    And yet they are everywhere,
    They won't be ignored.
    A lot of people don't like them,
    Some try to uproot them
    Some try to kill them
    Or mow them down.
    But I like them
    Because they're stubborn
    Just like you were.
    And everytime I see one
    I get a little hope again.

    #bestfriend #memorial #remembering #grief #death #loss #life #struggling #burnout #silverlining

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    But I like them
    Because they're stubborn
    Just like you were.


  • queenofhearts1491 76w

    Are you happy now?

    You have ...
    ... A big house
    ... A fast car
    ... A luxurious wardrobe
    Are you happy now?

    I have ...
    ... A small flat
    ... A bus ticket
    ... One favourite dress
    Am I happy now?

    You have ...
    ... A pretty wife
    ... Spoiled kids
    ... Superficial friends
    Are you happy now?

    I have ...
    ... A caring girlfriend
    ... A reliabale family
    ... Trustworthy friends
    Am I happy now?

    You have ...
    ... A busy life
    ... A good job
    ... A huge amount of money
    Are you happy now?

    I have ...
    ... A peaceful life
    ... A job that I love
    ... A huge amount of joy
    Am I happy now?

    You are feeling ...
    ... Poor, because money doesn't satisfy you
    ... Lonely, because no one loves you for who you really are
    ... Burned out, because you have no time for yourself
    Are you happy now?

    I am feeling ...
    ... Rich, because there are so many blessings in my life
    ... Loved, because I am accepted the way I am
    ... Recharged, because I can take time and peace for myself.
    I am happy now.


  • wespadeshere 78w

    #exhaustion #burnout #willpower #isolation

    My bed is an ocean
    And waves of rejection
    Toss about my lifeboat.
    A captain shouldn't sleep
    No matter his exhaustion.
    He must remain vigilant
    And watch where the lightning strikes
    Count the seconds in between
    Steady his hands to the helm
    And steer for his life.
    In storms like these
    You can't afford to lose focus
    Lest your boat be capsized
    And sink beneath the water
    Never to be found.


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    In storms like these
    You can't afford to lose focus
    Lest your boat be capsized
    And sink beneath the water
    Never to be found.


  • poetshrutiwrites 83w


    Self-hatred is invisible to the heart,
    It seems bad only at the start,
    You won't even realise, how much it would hurt,
    When the soul has broken pieces apart.

    Before I felt sadness and anger,
    Now it's vanished into nothingness,
    Like there's no more to life,
    Everything feels like a fight.

    In this era of betrayal and mistrust,
    And the world being unfair,
    With gossipers filling rumours in the air,
    And friends sticking around is rare.

    I try to find what makes me happy,
    And it's not people cause they're fake,
    Can't trust anyone for it's always heartbreak,
    Can't break my heart more than it can take.

  • itssaugat 84w

    i wish to cease the fire
    But it smoother
    With the blame
    How much hot
    Can it turn inside
    Nothing but
    all of flame.

  • pyro_sagen 97w

    Burn Out

    Theres no time to rest
    And no time to think
    Going as fast as I can
    Working as hard as I can
    Is never enough

    I reach out for help
    But its lost in the wind
    I want to get out
    But I miss things I want to see
    Because I'm busy trying to understand
    Trying to please
    Trying to do my best

    But it's nothing
    I got nothing to show for it
    Nothing learned
    Nothing remembered
    Just the dull ache of exhaustion
    Cold hands and warm cheeks

    Just want to lie down
    And die quietly in my sheets
    But my body lays forever awake
    No matter how much I beg it to sleep

  • blue_nib 98w


    Earned billions !!!
    to chill...
    Stressing out with...
    Antidepressants pills ||


  • manuhere 103w

    The sun is on
    The sky is bleeding
    And I Need some more sleep
    A man of words
    Is Falling apart
    That too in his dreams
    He gets up everyday and walk
    A mile down the memory lane
    You say he's doomed
    But he lost himself in the rain
    Hia friends are gone
    He lives alone
    He murmurs what he feels
    He's out of depth
    Works alone ,maybe time can heal
    A lot has changed
    Lonely days
    Familiar nights
    He's too strong
    He cries along
    He is burning out
    He smiles for long
    And then he screams
    Been a man of words
    And he's falling apart
    That too in his dreams
    Only real it does seems

    Manu Mishra

  • shadyeyes 114w

    Burn out

    It's okay to reach a limit.
    To take a moment; to breathe.
    It's okay to blank out under the stars and empty your thoughts.
    Burn out.
    Recharge again.