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  • meghna_thakuria 14w


    Smiling faces
    Went somewhere
    Dancing soul
    Is missing
    Flowers trying to bloom
    But they lose
    Everything is becoming blurry
    My hands touching the walls
    Between you and me, trying to feel...
    Trying to fly
    Trying to touch the sky
    But someone told me -
    " Once you become big "
    I was waiting for that day
    To hold the hands of my life
    And I was imagining life will take me
    to a better place
    But I was wrong first time
    My face became a place of silence
    My mind became a place of guilt
    My soul became a place of dirt
    I stopped imagining
    Stopped counting the days I missed
    The wall now is broken
    I can see you smiling
    I can see your soul happily dancing
    But I again want to touch and feel the same wall
    I want to build it again
    I want to make you cry
    And that's it...