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  • priman 5w


    हालात के नतीजों पर आंख लगी है,
    दिन रात के नतीजों पर जज़्बात लगी है,
    पैसे के लिए आज इस कद्र है परेशान,
    एक वक्त के नतीजों पर पूरी जान लगी है।

    सोच रहे हर वक्त की कैसे बढ़ा जाए,
    जूझ रहे है इस कद्र की कैसे लड़ा जाए,
    अनजाने तो दूर है कबसे पर आज अपनो का सवाल है,
    की कैसे करा जाए।

    धूल बन गई वो मिट्टी जिसपर रक्त बहाया था,
    ऐसे वक्त में गिरा था की सबका शीश जुकाया था,
    पर आज खड़ा हूं वक्त के साथ,
    देखा मां लड़ा तेरा बेटा वक्त के साथ।

    कर्मो की चाह से आज दौड़ रहा मैं,
    नर्म लम्हों से दूर अब रह रहा मैं,
    कहने को बनाएं मैने कितने दोस्त,
    पर सच के सिर्फ खुद का दोस्त बन रहा मैं।

    आंधी उड़ा रखी उन सपनों की,
    जिसको सोच कर कल डर रहा था मैं,
    आज वक्त है मेरी घोड़ों की तरह,
    जिसपर बैठ कर आज राज कर रहा मैं।

  • pallavi4 16w


    I am an abandoned building with few birds visiting me after sunset . Sometimes kids enter through the front door to search for a lost cricket ball and other times I spend the whole day reminiscing the short lived but happier days from my past. I am one of the many lost, forgotten and permanently forsaken architectural marvels that once graced the Hi Tech City I reside in. It feels like I’m in my own ghost town.

    My broken glass windows and cobweb filled closed balconies are a testament to the time I’ve spent alone . Once in a while a stray cat, a passerby, a lone dog, a flock of rogue birds all come and go as they please . Not that I’m complaining - I’m only happy to greet any who bother to walk through my tattered doors . Most of the people think I’m a haunted building and fear my very existence yet I never hear of bulldozers or talk of tearing me down. I wonder what it would feel like to be razed to the ground ? Would I feel better to be rid of this excruciatingly painful stranded existence?

    I spend my days thinking about this .

    I stand 12 floors high. They didn’t build a 13 th floor in order to avoid bad luck not that it helped them in any way , I often sadly muse in retrospect. The lovely, manicured garden that occupied the frontage of the site providing a relief from my stark steel and glass formal form, was something I would wait to hail every morn. It lies in shambles just like me. It is a mini jungle now with untamed weeds and overgrown misshapen plants that would require weeks to clear out.

    I was meant to be a hi end residential complex but unfortunately for me , my water table turned out to be very shallow and after a few months there was no water left to draw from. This led to my systematic and comprehensive abandonment. Folk could not wait to get away from me. They filed legal cases against my makers and since I was still in dispute, here I still am — left cold and deserted, without anyone to call my own .

    I would’ve not minded it if I was merely alone, the crux of the matter is that I’m lonely. Thank god for the occasional cricket ball though. At least I get to see kids come in scared groups looking for their prized possession . I would like to think I look warm and inviting but that would be a lie. I look rejected and vacant. Maybe it would be better if I was torn down. At least that way I wouldn’t feel like I was living in a ghost town .

    Maybe it is better to perish than be alone.


    28th of June, 2021

    Thank you @miraquill for selecting my post for editor’s choice 😊

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • sangte 18w

    Begin Again

    I saw you longingly gazing at the stars
    Like it will lead you to your lost lover,
    Your gaze full of melancholy
    Is taking me back to those days
    I wish I could take the pain and memories away
    But then this lost is a part of you
    That sclupt you into a fine man.
    You've been trough a lot
    Saying it does not suffice at all.
    How you crave for intimacy to fill the void,
    How you try to fill sleepless nights by drinking,
    Walking in stupor, buried in work deminishes the pain for a while.
    This phase had passed. Yes it passed!
    I am estatic that you finally found someone who can heal those wounds.
    Who fill the emptiness
    And you are ready to build a family of your own.
    Let your senseless roaming cease
    As you find a place to grow roots.


  • bclark2681 24w

    Bygone Truth

    Beyond the brick buildings
    Opulent facade hides the
    Historical truth of old world
    Influence and past tradings

  • dhimma 28w

    When you build a City of Knowledge in you, there's no place on earth you can't rule as the King of Knowledge.


  • becoming 29w


    Everyone wants to follow a set of rules or the traditions, just to be secure of the results that has always followed.
    No one wants a new beginning or even a small change of pattern, when we are a whole. Full somehow.
    But only when we're broken, mend, ruined and demolished completely,
    we accept the change or a modification needed to build ourselves again.
    Remodel ourselves for the new beginning, new possibilities, new way of living.
    It's better to rebuild then to live with the ruins.
    @Dr. Suez

  • i_am_solanki_ritu 31w


    " Always Focus On Building In Life Rather Than Destroying "

  • grl_wth_pen 32w

    You have right person to listen you and uplift you at right time >>>>>>>

    You are invisibly blessed


  • seenuinfent 36w

    I was bowled over
    by the mighty white marble
    which shook my soul and
    my heart smile with my eyes sparkling
    on the single thought of love.


  • babershaik 36w

    The bond

    I was so curious to build a home tha wouldt called home sweet home
    The every brick i laid were of love
    The cement plastered on walls were of peace
    The sand i used were of joy
    The strong concrete roof was made with the blessings of my mother
    The water splashed as curing to ward off evil
    The walls were made for privacy not to divide us
    The paints on the walls creates an atmosphere of happiness and love
    The concrete mixture of these materials love, happiness, peace ,joy made my home so sweet.


  • jenaroaragon 36w


    The windows are left unmended.
    A breeze whistles through,
    and flaking paint,
    The garden is left untended.
    Flowers strain for light,
    and finding none,
    Close up.
    Bird houses are still suspended.
    Bluejays sleep soundly,
    And all is well.

  • nusaiba 36w

    To new beginnings in this year . Honestly and truly . New soul , cleansed and clear . Let go of what wants to leave . It’s new beginnings this year .

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    Buildings crumble to dust .
    Wood and ashes all around .
    Weak foundations at heart .
    Saw tall buildings crashing down .
    He put his faith in one .
    Let it grow roots inside his heart .
    Roots frail and weak ,
    Came slipping off like slippery feet .
    You can’t plant a flower that doesn’t bloom .
    You can’t make them stay if they don’t choose .

  • mindreams 36w


    On empty space it once stood.
    A land of fiery hope and not yet dreams.
    A graveyard of ghost plans.
    Until time washes over with memory cement.
    With first loves and childhood chases on the corridors.
    With a thousand names etched on its solid skin.
    Spoken, whispered, on dewy windows at winter midnights.

    Though they scratch with saturated paint.
    Though they replace the walls, the memory halls.
    Block the gaps with black locked doors.
    Everything survives, everything remains.
    The name calls, the lectures, the lifeblood symphony.
    The all encompassing indiscriminate history.

  • diplomaticqueen_ 36w

    I am born in rubble and dust
    With the foundation of faith, love and trust
    cemented in stone
    Wind cannot make me moan
    Only the Earth can move me
    I feel happy when I become someone's home
    I nurture and care
    My walls are a kid's Canvas
    I am a pillar of strength for some
    I cradle generations in my Womb
    I am Building. Built for life

  • zoya_charmz 36w

    Thank you guys for loving it. ��

    #building #goldenc #Darlingtales

    5th Feb, 2021

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    If you feel my absence,
    light the lantern that I gifted
    you and I would be there within
    the bright lights guiding you
    throughout the dark nights
    with golden rays of hopes and
    azure oceans of my affection.
    Then you would see the auburn
    sky of our love melting and
    nurturing you and your dreams.
    But then promise me,
    You would wake up
    from your unending sleep
    to emerge like a victor and
    to construct your life like a
    building of poetry so that
    you could find me in every
    syllable of your verses
    drizzling and spreading
    the essence of Rosemary.


  • elusive_me 36w

    I was born lifeless.
    Built on brick and mortar
    I became a house when
    resided in me the mortals.
    As they grew
    I grew with them too.
    As they became my part
    I developed a heart.
    The children played
    I loved the way they behaved.
    Their joyful voices rumbled around
    I wish I could make such sound.
    The adults were also great.
    They behaved like my true mate.
    From rooms to every stair
    They always cleaned and took care.
    I have been witness to their tears.
    I have seen them hiding in fears.
    Whether mourning or celebration
    I have been by their side like a companion.
    Everywhere around me their emotions roam.
    Guess this differentiates me from a building
    and makes me a home.

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  • goldenthoughts 36w

    The Mud House

    That mudded house with steel roof
    Built low almost friend with the earth
    Balanced at a corner is the old water pot
    Where we gulp down the fresh water gotten
    Directly from the deep village well after coming
    From under the sun in a journey from the farm
    There we cultivate, weed, and harvest the season's yam.

    That mud house is the memory of my heritage
    Where I come from and where I actually belong,
    I still recall papa's life (grandpa), his efforts, and hardwork on earth while he tries to make ends meet for the family. The whole of us all.
    That mud house keeps reminding me of my childhood, the reenacted moonlight tales told under the golden moon, and how Papa finally laid on his sick bed, till death departed him from us.

    That mudded building means much more to my past, my present, and definitely the future
    That mudded building is the exact evidence of my childhood days, where we learnt of life in its cradle. If I have a million cowries, offered a billion dollars, it is nothing compared to that which I have acquired, the sweetness of life it offered me.
    This building is gonna be everlasting for I would rather get a million acres, build the modern structures, than demolish my mud memories.

  • arahm_darkwing 36w

    I'm walking in a dark long alley
    Searching for something
    But Finding nothing
    This heart of mine blinded by the color  it given.
    I hear a song of silent
    As though cannot see
    As though cannot hear
    I keep looking, thinking mayhap I can find just a spark.
    Wishing my warmth could vanish
    this one cold heart
    But found myself
    Stumbling, falling, hurting
    As I reach the edge
    I saw the truth inside this cage
    Is a man's heart built with callous wall which stay as he age.

  • nubi_vagant 36w

    They Built Me Up!

    They Built me up
    Little by little
    With all their dreams and not with just a plan
    They dreamt of me standing here
    Tall and strong to shower them blessings

    They built me up
    Little by little
    My largest basement
    Rudest bricks and softest sand
    Strongest iron rods and the greyest cement filled all over me

    They built me up
    Little by little
    From bringing in the hardest money
    That was saved penny by penny
    They toiled enough to build me up

    They built me up
    Little by little
    Days and nights passed
    Weeks and months passed
    All the energy was flowing into me

    Dreams were becoming surreal!
    I patiently waited for the last few days
    I was longing for them to get in
    PLAY with me
    LAUGHTER all around
    LIVE WITH ME forever and ever

    Finally they built me up
    Magnificent and beautiful
    With all their desires
    I offered them all the Love
    There were laughters and love
    Filled all around...

    I was built with all the Love
    Little by little!

  • emptypen 36w

    Either know how to use ignorance
    Or fill the noises with silence..
    And that's only how can you attain peace
    In this chaotic, huge, crowded world..