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    5:00 pm
    10 sep 21

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    A  ℒℴνℯ  elixir

    Falling  like  a
    Petal  o f   iris
    The Hues  o f
    Dewdrops fad
    ed in my eyes,
    Echoing in my
    Ears,  やeͥacͣeͫ.
    Melodies of ballad, and the color of Alhambra
    The frayed red muffler and broken wind chime
    The unrhyming poetries and dancing fireflies
    The broken wings flying freely in the blue sky,
    The silence of earth and waves screaming; ℒℴνℯ
    The broken scattered heart, whispering L o v e
    Some memories
    will stay;with me
    Forever just like
    preserved blood
    crystal of frozen
    roses, tears and
    Warm snowflake


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    World is wizard try to feel it
    Why are you searching for etoiles?
    Just look at the lonely and happy moon.

    Throng of bird find their destination, but
    What will happen if one will left behind
    You'll stop walking?
    You'll hide in abditory?

    Don't use anyone as a cane
    You'll definitely fall one day.

    Life's too short and it's never too late
    No matter what, you'll always be standing in betwixt the past and future.

    We all are born astute
    No one is different, no one.

    //Kill all the antipathy
    towards your dream
    use your adroit mind
    complete your dream//


    6 may 21
    8:44 pm
    #concretepoetry #btslove_concrete

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    #V #HAPPYTAEHYUNGDAY #btslove_concrete

    I still remember
    How i started color
    my wings in love of you

    //leaves starts transpiration
    of love instead of water

    Snowflakes touched my skin
    Like Sun Rays

    Colour of Red roses looking
    more flamboyant //

    Your reflection in my eyes
    Shimmering more than
    all stars in the sky

    When zephyr of your love
    I try to feel
    Become Autumn leaf
    Started dancing with
    Butterflies and trees
    In cold breeze i wonder
    If time freeze..

    Sometimes I have doubts
    I live in illusionary world?
    but When I wipe mirror
    I only see your smiling face
    with my crystals tears
    All my doubts get clear
    clearer than my own tears


    12:10 pm
    30 December 2020

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