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    Happy Birthday

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    Today is a day full of hope!

    Cuz today is J-hope day.

    Thanks for always being our hope and sunshine.

    Thanks for taking birth with a special smile.

    #J-hope #bts_talks #j-hope_birthday

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    New Year: New Beginning

    Part 2

    Today's topic is about men's rights and how kpop changed my views towards men.


    Even if I am not a boy I still understand their pain. Because of Women Discrimination people are paying so much attention to women that they don't realise men are being discriminated too.

    Lemme give you an example:

    When girls dress up as boys, cut their hair short and behave in manly way they are considered brave and bold.
    Those girls are called tomboys.

    But when boys wear makeup and jewellery they are considered too girly and people react like it's a bad thing.
    People call those boys 'GIRLS' most of the time.

    Honestly there's nothing such as 'like boys' or 'like girls'. Because of majority girls love makeup and jewellery doesn't mean boys can't use that. That doesn't make them girls.

    How kpop changed this side of me?

    I used to judge boys the same way because I never saw these types of boys. After stanning kpop I realised makeup and jewelleries look good on boys.

    BTS is hated a lot because some people think they are like GIRLS. I used to think that too and now I feel so embarrassed. After stanning them I realised they don't look like girls....they just look like cute boys.

    Girls always get to be better:

    I saw in a lot of women's rights vids that girls are always better than the boys only to prove 'Girls are equal'. Honestly we girls only want to be equal not better. Nobody needs to prove boys weak only to prove girls strong. Both gender are equal. We all are human.
    Nobody is better than anyone because nobody is perfect.

    We all have flaws but to prove we are worth being respected equally doesn't mean we have to point out the flaws of others.

    What were my views about boys ealier?

    1. Boys don't cry

    2. Boys can't wear makeup

    3. Boys can't wear jewellery


    5. Boys can't dance as good as girls.

    6. Boys don't have a melodic and angelic voice / Girls sing better than boys.

    I didn't realize I was discriminating too. I was a kid though and I am not a grown up yet but I still understood my mistake early after stanning BTS. I used to hate bts and won't even bother listening to any of their songs as I thought they were too GIRLY because I heard people saying that.

    My views about boys now and how kpop helped me to be a better person:

    Now I totally changed. After stanning BTS I realised they are super talented and super cute. They don't look like girls honestly. They look like Ka-Ute Korean boys.

    I saw them crying in a lot of videos and it broke my heart but I also realised it's ok to express yourself. They deserve love and affection not gender discrimination.

    Also makeup and jewellery looked good on them and I became habited to seeing boys with makeup and tons of jewellery that everything seems normal and okay to me now. And the earings made them shine.

    Their dance....what do I say....SUPERB�� Now I won't say boys can dance even better than girls, I only wanna say anyone can dance no matter it's a boy or a girl. We only need some practice. Practice makes perfect ��

    Jimin you're our ANGEL�� and of course you have an angelic voice. Not only you but lots of boys have. Every guy can sing beautifully even if they have a very manly voice. Look at V. He has a deep manly voice but he sings so nicely. BTS changed me a lot.



    Others ways boys are being discriminated:

    Still today, somewhere in the world, some people might think boys can't or don't do house chores/ they shouldn't do it. Let them be independent and do their chores by themselves and cook their own food. Boys can be good at household works too.


    Let this new year be a new beginning for boys; a bit more beautiful beginning

    #bts_talks #kpop #kpop_talks #new_year_yee_haw #men's_rights #rights

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    New Year

    New Beginning

    Part 2

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    New Year: New Beginning

    Part 1

    Happy New Year Buddies ��

    Another year passed and we have successfully fought and survived corona. I hope this year goes well too. In sha Allah we'll be able to complete this year successfully too. I also hope RM, Suga and Jin get well soon. In sha Allah they will.

    New Year is my fav day of the year. I like it more than my b'day. It helps me forget and leave the painful past behind and start a beautiful future.


    My new year resolution is to complete my story anyhow by 2 months. I have been too lazy last year but I surely won't be procrastinating this year.

    I also want to be better at my studies so I'll try to concentrate on school more.

    Goodbye 2021:

    2021 was a really special year for me. Lots of good things happened to me this year. I don't know why but after Corona I started having the most precious moments of my life.

    The year was full of joy and family interactions. I got a lot closer to my family than I was before. I would talk to my cousins literally everyday. They're my best friends.

    I also started stanning bts last year. I don't remember how long I've been stanning blackpink but last year I was an amazing blink as much as I remember.

    I also started praying regularly and stopped skipping prayers thanks to my sister. I also started learning Arabic and thus I felt myself getting closer to Allah.

    I even made new friends and also met a bully for the first time at school. Although she didn't bully me yet but I know she's planning to bully me after school starts again. I hope I'll be able to ignore her.
    I also met a very precious friend. He was really fun to talk and it was fun to prank him. I miss him now as he went to hostel and they don't allow phone there.

    I also wrote my first story in Wattpad last year and it was my 1st ever kpop ff and also bts ff. It's name is 'Mrs. White and the Seven Heirs' . I would appreciate it if you read it in case you use Wattpad. If you don't find it then simply search:


    I hope this year also has beautiful memorable moments like last year.

    Happy New Year����

    #bts_talks #newyear #goodbye2021 #welcome2022 #happiness #beautifulmomentsof2021

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    New Year

    New Beginning

    Part 1

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    Happy birthday Tae

    Thanks for taking birth and entering our lives. Your boxy smile is really precious to us.

    We purple u

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    25 mins left for his B'DAY to be over lol

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    How I knew bts before vs now


    The only member I knew was Jimin

    Then I saw Jk

    I used to think J-hope is Suga

    I couldn't differentiate between Jin & Jimin

    Only heard butter and dynamite

    Called myself ARMY only cuz I like BT21


    Know their real names and also the bts chant(I guess that's wut they call it ... U know singing all of their names)

    Can recognise them even while wearing masks

    I finally memorized which bt21 character belongs to which member

    Listen to their songs everyday

    Learning Korean only to understand them

    Singing 'IDOL' whenever in a good mood

    Keep singing the only line of 'Fire' which is Fayyahhhhhhh

    And last but not least...laughing at their funny videos

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    Me singing 'FIRE' is like cat trying to be tiger

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    BTS Sorting Ceremony !

    Help me sort BTS members in Hogwarts houses in the comments


    #bts_talks #Army #BTS #SortingCeremony

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    Part 1

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    Types of A.R.M.Y.

    1) Who make others love BTS by playing BTS songs around them and showing them bts funny moments

    2) Who make others hate BTS by talking 24/7 abt them

    My lil cousin is type 1 as she made me love BTS and I'm type 2 who made the others hate it

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    Before I used to hate BTS thinking that they behave and dress up too much like girls but I didn't know that's what makes them cute��
    Now I feel like a dumb. I used to dislike them without any valid reason. Now I know how amazing they are. Some months ago I saw BT21 and became a fan of it. I also loved TinyTan.
    These were the beginnings of my journey as an ARMY.

    My sis used to say, "How r u even an army if u don't do the main thing that is listening to their songs?!"

    I would always reply, "First let me adore BT21 .... I'll listen to their songs later."


    I gradually started liking BTS AND listened to 3/4 songs only ���� as I was still obsessed with blackpink and busy with them.

    Then after visiting my cousin she made me listen to their song and fall in love with bts��
    She is super obsessed with SUGA on the other hand I couldn't even figure out who's Suga and who's J-hope.
    The first time I saw them it felt like all of them r twins but now I can recognise them.
    My Bias is Jk but tbh I love all of them equally. They're are sooo funny��

    I was even wondering of writing a bts fanfiction tho I'm not totally sure as my exams are coming.

    Are u an ARMY??

    Who's ur bias in BTS?

    What do you think abt them??

    #bts #army #btsarmy #bts_talks


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    Me as an A.R.M.Y.