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  • sidharth_jeevakumar 6w

    You Lived Better

    You walked a different path,
    Not so different from us,
    Yet different.
    You drew a boundary around you,
    Not so different from us,
    Yet different.
    You lived your your life to the fullest,
    So different from us,
    And beautiful.
    You bid your goodbyes too early,
    So different from us,
    And peaceful.


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 7w

    Call For You

    One call was all it took,
    And you were here for us.
    One million calls won't suffice,
    To those who never befriend you.
    Oh, my dear little brother,
    You weren't wrong to put yourself first.


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 7w

    പറയാതെ വെച്ചത്

    എന്റെ പ്രിയ സഹോദരാ,
    എന്തെ ഇത്രവേഗം പോയി നീ?
    പരിഭവങ്ങൾ ഏറെ എങ്കിലും,
    പരാതികളാൽ വീർപ്പുമുട്ടിക്കില്ല,
    നീ എന്നും നിറഞ്ഞു നിൽകും,
    ഞങ്ങളുടെ ഹൃദയത്തുടിപ്പുകളിൽ.
    ഇനിയൊന്നു കണ്ടുമുട്ടിയാൽ,
    ചേർത്ത് നിർത്തി പറയുവാനുണ്ട്,
    ഈ ജന്മം പറയാതെ വെച്ച,
    നിന്നോടുള്ള എന്റെ സ്നേഹ കാവ്യം.


  • dee_kye 7w

    One thing

    I've seen the sun smile, the moon wave and the stars sing. There were colourful winds and beautiful beats.
    Yet there's only one thing, that astonishes me in a thousand ways. Watching my siblings shine, bestowes upon me bewildering joy and lifey fest. Aye, I can sense the crack in time. And I also feel the unhurried ripening of some souls. Souls as gorgeous as the crystal, and rare as the middlemist. Little, by little they are climbing the "sparkling" stairs. Delivering reasons to smile, they keep holding the string of life. Admiring them and treasuring their enchanting ambiance, is something I always do.


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 7w

    Our Little Brother

    His stories we all had,
    Will stay with us all.
    For they were etched in,
    Within each one of us.


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 7w

    Too Soon

    Rebellious, he is at times,
    But he was silent and sweet.
    He grew taller than me,
    And got stronger than me.
    I knew he will overtake me,
    When it came to married life.
    But never have I guessed,
    He will leave this young.
    Too soon was his journey,
    That I never got to hold him.
    Tell him that I love him,
    For he is always my little brother.


  • omjangid_ 7w

    Backbone of our Journey

    You will be scolded by them for the little mistakes committed by you
    You will be punished by them in the test results
    You will be mentored by them to your path in life
    they will shower the words of wisdom for empowering you
    They will be the reason for your happiness
    You will be motivated by them to reach the pinnacles

    And in this way you will be the kind of person you want to be in the journey of life

  • porcupine 9w


    They have the same mother
    One is younger than the other

    Spent childhood as roommates
    And often were schoolmates

    Talked to each other for years
    And often shared their fears

    Some differences and fights
    But neither would take flight

    But they both quickly find
    A more calmer state of mind

    Together they had found
    A reasonable common ground

    Now they will help each other
    And they will try not to smother

    But try to talk things out
    Until they both begin to pout

    And then reconcile again
    And forget any of the pain

    Then they recall their childhood
    As only the two of them could

    And nothing can separate
    The two of them at this state

  • anushreesaxena_ 11w

    “You broke my favorite mug. I won't ever talk to you, again!”, yelled his 13-year-old sister.

    Still, she saved him an extra laddu, like always.

  • stevenlgoosby 20w

    Do not hold the gates of hell
    Open for me
    My brothers,my sisters,
    Open your hearts...

    Do not convict me for thinking
    dear America,
    liberate me for teaching

  • nubi_vagant 22w


    I have prayed for you before you were born

    I was greatful when you were born

    The guy who has utmost patience to deal with me

    The person who knows my worst best

    The man who's always ready in lending me his shoulders to lean on

    From being the lil kid on my lap

    To being there with me in the darkest days
    I knew you have grown up.

  • pandichitra_r 22w

    Just as the voice of birds,
    Letting out the chagrin,

    Now you may read it:

    Hey humans!
    Listen to the voice of this little one slowly getting endangered;
    I'm speaking out on behalf of my brothers and sisters chirping with me now...in my place;

    In the sparsely populated regions,
    Amidst of all Chaos,
    We find you living your lives,
    We never heard the canorous sounds��,

    We are afraid of cankerous rays,
    We are afraid of the cantankerous talks of you,
    We are afraid of the cannonade fights between borders,
    We are afraid of the capricious minds you have,
    We are afraid of the captious behaviour ,
    We are afraid of your carrion tastes in food
    I know my homes were uprooted by many natural disasters,
    Where my family found a small place in a tall cell tower,����
    And I consider this as my window frame!!!
    Looking around ,Just seeking Fresh air ��,
    Will I get the Canty Nature in Me...??!


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    If birds could speak !

    I wish my voice to be like this instead of "ki...ki...ki"


  • porcupine 22w


    Brothers are like

    A bond that never cracks
    A friend that never leaves
    Trust that never breaks
    A ball of yarn intertwined
    Souls inifinitely connected

    Brothers are like


  • gpdoriya 26w

    भाइ - पापा के बाद गर कोइ सच्चा सहारा होता है तो वो भाइ होता है। हर सुख दुख मे साथ देता है। लडता है, झगडता है ढेर सारी शरारत के साथ प्यार भी बहुत सारा करता है । मेरे भाइ से तो मै बहुत ही प्रभावीत हु। उसका काम करने का तरीका, बात करने का तरीका सब से प्रभावीत होता हु मै। उसके जैसा तो नही बनना मुजे पर हां उसकी राह पर जरुर चलना है....

    #Brothers #Bhai #feeling #family #friendship #love #hindi #poetry

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    तेरे साथ गुजारा हुआ ऐक पल
    हर एक लम्हा प्यार से भरा है
    तेरे बोलने का अंदाज
    बात करने का अंदाज
    सब से प्रभावित होता हु मै
    तेरे जैसा बनना नही पर
    तेरे ही नक्षेकदम पर
    चलना चाहता हु मै
    भाइ मेरे बनकर तेरी ही परछाइ
    तेरे साथ साथ चलना चाहता हु मै

  • mining_inside_mind 28w

    आठवणी अगदी लहानपणा-
    आपण मागे डोकावून
    न पाहिलेल्या

    सर्वच्या सर्व प्रेमाच्याच
    पण अंशतः
    भांडण, मारामाऱ्या

    भरपूर प्रवास झालाय
    आणि खूप बाकी राहिलाय
    तरीही मात्र त्यात
    काल्पनिक बदल आलाय

    पूर्वीचा तू अनं आत्ताचा
    माझ्यापासून लपलायस
    आता आधाराचा नाजूक
    धागा गुंतत चाललाय

    माझी ही रोजची
    गणितं तूच सोडावतोस
    अनं तुझ्यातला वेगळाच
    तू मला दिसतोस

    तुझं क्वचित बोलणं
    मला उबदारपणा देतं
    अनं हे माझं आयुष्य
    नवीन वळण घेतं

    आजच्या या दिवशी
    तुला देण्यास हे माझे
    लडिवाळ शब्द
    पण तुझ्या असण्यानं
    माझं अस्तित्वच मात्र खरं....


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  • pootisman 34w

    Sister? Sinem

    Finally I remember your name, after two hard resets on my phone, I even had forgot your pretty name, isn't funny? We told us we were brothers, I can't write you because I lost your number, and my ablo account is blocked, anyway I wouldnt like to bother you or your relationship, I just would like to tell you in some way that I broke my promise, I didn't can stop hurting my self with the needle, but anyway I think you broke your promise too, I mean you said you'll write me again someday, I lost my hope of talking with you once again, I hope you're well and you're not crying a lot, I can't say the same about me, I've been crying a lot and maybe I'll keep doing it, I'll try to keep my promise of telling Tefa about you and how you were so important in my life, with love, tu hermanito.

  • porcupine 34w


    Born from the same mother
    Spent many years together
    They were roommates
    They were schoolmates
    And for many years
    Shared their fears
    Differences and fights
    Both claimed to be right
    Then they quickly find
    A calmer state of mind
    A common ground
    They had found
    They help each other
    And try not to smother
    Talking problems out
    Until both start to pout
    Reconcile again
    Forget any pain
    Recalling childhood
    As only they could
    Nothing could separate
    Them at this state

  • itotso 34w


    First you called him brother
    And there were many
    Family, you say
    Yet why did he feel left out?

    I am his best and I see.
    You left one of your brothers see.

    Is it really true what you say.
    Hashtag #notreally.

  • jenaroaragon 41w

    A brief respite

    The voice of joy cries loud within,

    and echoes through my brethren,

    but after toast to mirth and drink,

    we adorn our heavy loads and sink,

    into the labor which keeps us afloat,

    and, fearful, syphon our leaky boat.

    Though idealism and faith hang tight,

    obdurate pragmatism discovers flight.

    Repeated often in such flowery tongue,

    a thought, on which my mind stays hung,

    holds power enough to defy intelligence,

    and the words come out, but not the message.

    So I trim the branches of redundant fluff,

    And the only word that’s left is-


  • porcupine 42w


    Bond is unbreakable
    Our history
    Times spent together
    The memories
    Stay forever
    Bitter arguments
    Foul language
    Tears been spent
    Times being teased
    Really annoying
    Then it eased
    Love between us
    Will never end
    Brothers are a must