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  • kaach_ka_panchi 2d

    Since she left me, I left my regular coffee.
    And nowadays whiskey has become my best friend.
    My mood maker.

    It was a whiskey that is calming my loneliness.

    Now on Most days, I drink too much.
    I feel cold inside that my heart needs some warmness.
    Like it craving for a long hug.

    Yeah! But whiskey..,
    It Saves my heart, serves my heart.
    Saves my sleepless nights. My restless morning.
    But Sometimes it all felt nothingness and pure loneliness.

    I wish I left whiskey like the way she left me..
    #kaachkapanchi #whisky #drink #her #breakups #mirakee #poetry #erotica #lonely #tales

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  • trscholtz 1w


    I know it is time
    I know for you it is best
    I know for me I need growth
    And that I detest
    I wallow in self pity
    An absolute disgust
    I feel somber and nervous
    Full of misguided trust
    I listen to words spoken
    by the few who know
    They seem to try and help
    Yet I am blinded by my sorrow
    I need to say goodbye
    But for now it is hard
    For you still have my heart

  • taeguk 1w

    i loved you like a wildfire;
    like uncountable oceans

    i loved you like quiet nights in;
    like winters when the moon is out

    i loved you like the universe;
    like endless deaths and rebirths

    i loved you like these and more-
    make it so loved you enough to let you go

    #love #relationships #breakups

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    loved you like..

  • thoughtsnpen 2w

    My heart says..

    I am exhausted
    Yes I am!!
    Please don't play with me
    All I want is just to be in hands of someone
    Who handles me with
    I am thinking of getting tattooed myself as
    "Handle with care " ( or for god sake don't come near me)

    - My heart ❤

  • _pluto_ 2w

    Walking down the streets with our fingers crossed in melancholy , I wish I had known it was my last time with thee. The Amusement park where I rode my first roller coaster with you, I wish I knew it was my last ride with thee . For days , I thought ,there must've been a reason, must've been a situation about the time when you stopped talking to me. Only If I had known that I bled tears while thinking you bled sweat for me , I wouldve stopped my feelings from growing any further .
    Why is it that it's always a game for you but it's the world to me ? I have so many questions but why did you have to leave all of em', answered for me ? Even after what I did for you, even after what you did to me , you should've held for longer , a little tighter for me ? Now that you are gone, I feel embarrassed but more nauseous that I said all these dumb things to you . It's such a shame how it was just a gossip to you but meant a life to me .
    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #pod #breakups #lost #crying #broken @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writernetwork

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  • the_invisible_pen 4w

    Girls forget after sometimes
    Boys regrets everytime.


  • chaos2art_and_backagain 7w

    The Day You Walked Away

    What did you feel that day?
    Was it as if the clouds had finally burst to let the sunshine through?
    Did the air smell sweeter, could you, at long last, take a deep breath for the first time in ages?

    Did you see your reflection and actually recognize the person staring back,
    Or where you torn between the bittersweet smile on your face and the hint of sorrow that lingered in your eyes. 

    Does your heart still feel heavy with the weight of loss even though your mind insists you did the right thing by walking away. 
    Do your eyes beg to break the dams and flood you with all you have held back for so long. 
    Do you still weigh the good and bad from each memory; not knowing if you are trying to remind yourself why you left or convince yourself to go back. 

    Where those few shing lights in that darkness of it all enough to have persevered, or would it just have led to a more broken version of you.

  • girlnextdoor477 7w

    What Do You Do?

    What do you do when he doesn’t want you anymore, and he discards you like yesterday’s trash?

    There’s no rhyme or reason for why you’re no longer good enough, there’s no “let’s talk about it” there is absolutely nothing.

    What do you do when he was your everything? He was the honeymoon period that never ended until today.

    He was your comfort blanket that you brought everywhere, because with him you were safe.
    What do you do, when deep down you knew he was drifting away from you? The nights where you’re crying so hard you must muffle your mouth while he sleeps so soundly right beside you.

    What do you do, when you have the same talks over and over again and the promise to do better never happens?

    What do you do, when you know deep down that something isn’t right.

    You cling on to the hope that maybe you’re wrong, and maybe part of him is better than nothing.

    What do you do when you’re left all alone, empty inside with nothing but questions?

    What do you do?

    You live.

  • beevee 7w


    It breaks my heart to see the place we’re in, from where we came
    Seems like just the other day I said ‘Hey cutie, what’s your name?’
    We never used to argue, tell me, what happened to us?
    Now we can’t have a conversation, lately all you do is cuss
    Used to see each other all the time, I even saw you in my dreams
    Now I wake up and I see your face, and I want to fucking scream,
    I was free to come to you with my problems, my cares and my concerns
    Now you’re like “so what mother-fucker I’ve got problems of my own”
    The other day I watched you sleeping and a tear came to my eye
    Because here we are falling apart and I still don’t know why
    Some say it starts with the little things that we don’t often see
    Like forgetting to say ‘I love you’ or, ‘how was your day, honey?’
    I used to bring you flowers all the time, maybe I should go back there
    And do the little things I did before to show you that I care,
    Maybe you should and caress me more, the way you used to do
    And tell me every now and then, just how much I mean to you
    I know that we can make this work; I feel it in my heart
    Let’s work on falling back in love, so we won’t fall apart.

  • roshscribbles 8w

    Important people leave us at the harder times. Their returns are seen in our peak times and the regrets they make are still more foolish ones. Hope everyone
    Can understand the feelings.

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    The Foolish Regrets

    Nah! Babe Nah!
    Now it isn't an excuse to be told
    I was there in your ups and downs
    Making you everyday brave and bold
    You left me in the chaos like nothing to lose
    ,But I was clinging like a frame in the fucking cold
    Now don't show me your foolish regrets
    When I'm already sold

  • loverofthemoon_99 9w

    I Found Myself

    Damned if I do, damned if I don’t
    They told me to stay and float
    They told me everything will be fine
    But my ships sailing on the seaside
    I’m ready to venture out into the abyss
    I’m tired of your compromising shit
    I’m sorry if I got to be a bitch
    But this love has been hit or miss
    Your always telling me to jump
    As if I’m going to do the same
    But just like opposites we are
    There’s no love with the sun and the rain
    I’ve stayed for way too long this chapter is ending
    I ignored all the messages the universe was sending
    That despite my feelings my heart and brain were somewhere else
    I was losing myself
    So I let you go and I let my ship sail
    And then I realized I found myself

  • harlynnoelle 9w

    Last Word

    This is the last time I'll write for you
    Is what I always say
    When you still revolve around me
    From the darkest of nights to the brightest of days

  • hmgautsch 9w

    You’ll never take accountability for your own life choices, but I also realized my peace and value is much more important than your bullshit excuses. ©hmgautsch

  • jmdmadrid 10w

    letters to you part 1

    if i ever learn how to forget about you
    please understand that it took every inch
    every breath
    every footstep
    before i completely learned how to let go


  • masterdquotes 10w

    Sometimes when you lose an Angel, it can be a blessing in disguise!
    #sirens #toxiclove #breakups #movingOn

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    You are a siren song, stuck in my head, torturing me!

    I'm glad for the restraint of Odysseus to be able to pass on!


  • jesshuete 11w

    Save your tears

    I still wake up
    Grasping for air
    Eyes filled with tears
    running down my cheeks
    still sobbing from the dream
    You still come up in
    The pain
    It comes and goes
    Happiness seems so temporary,
    as if I’m waiting subconsciously for you
    For “our” life to go back to where it was,
    but where is that?
    In the midsts of all your chaos
    In the midsts of my self uncertainty
    The memories are my entrapment of you.


  • aadityasharma 11w


    Pata hai takleef Kya hoti hai.

    Kisi Ko chahna,
    fir usse khoo dena,

    Akele me roo dena Aur
    Khamosh ho jaana.


  • arrzee 11w

    Relationship anxiety.

    Falling in love is a beautiful feeling they say. Its everything you'll ever need and love makes the world a better place to live in. However, nobody tells you about the cons of falling in love and maybe not everyone experiences it at all. Relationship anxiety: doesn't let you enjoy those precious moments without a fear of everything going wrong. Being in a relationship when having an anxiety disorder is loving someone with your whole heart and knowing they love you back but your mind still making you question your efforts. Trying the hardest to keep things going smoothly between you and your s/o sometimes even at the price of your own self esteem. They can break their own heart trying to tend to yours which doesn't even need but still loves that affection you give. It's giving every single piece of yourself to someone and still trying to find something more to give them. If you are someone with an anxiety disorder, talk to your person and make them acknowledge the silent battles that you fight daily. And if you're dating someone with an anxiety disorder, please put in extra efforts. You might not understand what their condition is and sometimes even get irritated easily but inside an anxious mind, everytime you say 'I love you.' Their mind asks them 'for how long?' Everytime you text them a normal message, their mind would tell them you're upset. Even a single missing red heart from your text could make them lose their senses. And its NOT because they overreact and its NOT because they're mad. IT IS because they're struggling and they can't help what they feel and how they react to it. Inside their mind is a chaos they can't handle they might smile brightly and look okay but inside of them is a constant fear of not being enough, of having to let go, of being let go.

    They open the doors to all of that chaos.
    They lose their minds trying to keep you close.
    They'll do everything just to make you smile
    Even with bleeding feet, they'd go an extra mile.


  • shivawrites 11w

    Another day

    The one mistake we all make and am guilty of that too is "hurt the person we love the most, not understanding their love".
    We start taking that true love for granted and never even realise that one day they will quit on loving you or better they will move on because everyone has a limit right..
    And at the end you will only be consoling yourself that there is no such thing as true love "mujhe pta hi tha chali jaegi/jaega chod kar".
    So the one thing you can do right is stop expecting anything and just enjoy the present the love you get you don't get to question anything, stop thinking that you are some gentleman or the princess who deserves everything just be grateful.

    So we all made mistakes and you know that thought of forgiving others that thought which makes you think that you are the superior one f**k that thought,
    You will always be the most evil son of a bitch in some one's story, just try that someone is not the one who loved you.

    Yes, mistakes were made and you were wrong but it's ok get up remove that pillow shout, scream, cry and just try to live through this, every minute every second is painful but just live.


  • dreamer_4 13w

    It's funny how I always give my all to you..and yet..you seem to always hold back.. maybe I should try not being there any more..wonder if you'll ever miss me.