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  • deconstructor 22w

    This makes more sense to me. —deconstructor
    #beauty #standard #acceptance #breakthenorm #deconstructor

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    accepting one's own beauty, opens you to appreciate things outside the norms.

  • deconstructor 22w

    Does not make sense? —deconstructor

    #beauty #acceptance #breakthenorm #deconstructor

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    accepting one's own beauty, screams perfection.

  • samhudson 109w

    I Don't Fit In

    I don't want to fit in, I don't want to conform.
    I want to shatter stigmas and break the norms.
    I'm not concerned that you think I'm weird,
    Basing opinion on my tattoos, bald head, and beard.
    You've shown me all I need to know,
    Judgmental, arrogant, and shallow.
    I need a connection, where I can free my mind.
    Letting the rhythm flow with the lyrical grind.
    And you might think I'm just crazy,
    As I get in tune with that which made me.
    I'm starting to chase my dreams and smash my goals,
    And I leave it to you, make your own path or simply follow?

  • venky_jr 136w


    They say..
    "oh my god she is going to rant on it again,
    She is a Feminazi who loves playing the men v/s women game"

    The men say...
    "But not all of us are the same,
    Few commit the mistake and you generalise the blame."

    The women say...
    "Can't wrong the men it's how they are,
    She was asking for it,wearing such clothes,
    She is a slut with no shame "

    To all of them we say..
    "NO" that's all
    "NO" we can't achieve everything no one can,but
    "NO" we don't want to become men to snatch it and have it all

    "NO" we don't say every man is wrong
    We are just sharing the experience of the fall
    So "NO" we won't be silenced the time for it has long gone

    "NO" it's not the clothes we wear
    "NO" it's not us why things went wrong
    "NO" means no coming from a girl a wife and even a slut

    We wish you had taught your son that when he failed to keep his zip shut

    To men who uphold patriarchy
    To women who undermine their own race
    "NO" is all we want to say