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  • blackdee 17h

    So...I don't know about other countries but where I'm from in Nigeria, there's this new slang 'being served breakfast' which means that someone has gotten his/her heart broken.
    So when I so this challenge I just had to do something different and unique.
    Let me know what you think about it ☺️☺️
    Hope I wasn't too late...I hope you all love it.
    #breakfast #wod #pod
    @miraquil @writersnetwork

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    Today just like I've done everyday for the past three hundred and thirty four days
    I woke up
    The disparity in today however is that
    Unlike yesterday,
    I didn't wake up to the sweet smell of early morning caffeine with bacon and eggs
    I didn't wake up to that light kiss on the forehead which you never fail to deliver.
    Rather I woke up to the smell of alcohol and dried tears on my face
    I woke up to the smell of defeat and betrayal
    I woke not feeling like the most charmed woman on Milky Way
    But I woke up feeling unlucky
    This morning I woke to the smell of a breakfast I never thought the one whom I loved the most in the world could serve to me.


  • inked_by_charu 1w

    Be your master

    If you know the difference between spending and investing, you will MASTER your life.


  • inked_by_charu 1w

    My morning gets more warmth, seeing your curves.
    My BACON!


  • the_hypnotised_cat 1w

    The Melodies of Life

    In the melodies of life
    We try new songs
    Each and every moment.
    Whispers of love
    Beats of darkness
    Strings of happiness
    And sometimes
    The flow of melancholy.
    Breaking the flow
    To unimaginable music
    We wander and keep wondering.

    From now on!
    What's good or bad?
    Am i made for that?
    Am i capable enough?
    Leave all this behind
    And resonate and keep resonating
    Synchronising the strings
    Let's rock and roll
    Unsure about the symphony
    Our strings are gonna create.

    Isn't unsurity intriguing?
    What's the beauty
    If you are same every day?
    Let's fail and fail again
    Embrace the flaws
    Untill and unless we
    With beat of tranquility.

    Perfection is just an oblivion
    So never fall for it
    Breathe the hardships
    And be your own rescue.
    Unite your soul
    And your conscience
    To create the unimaginable.

    Aaah gorgeous soul
    You can do it
    I can do it
    We can do it
    Together with love and care
    For our own self.

  • tales_of_a_phoenix 1w


    An aroma wakes me up
    It smells fresh
    More like,
    Rays of hope
    A rainbow maybe
    Just the right amount of warmth
    Awakening the desire
    To give dreams another try
    It's a new day after all;
    A large mug of hot coffee
    With something on the side.

  • brain_dump 1w

    If someday the smell of burnt pancakes
    Reach me
    Across the living room through the gates

    I'll run for honey and a platter and knife
    Scrapping every peace with a scrunched nose

    I'll paint the black with the translucent honey like a child covers
    the random mistakes on white paper with white water colours

    I'll cover my nose with the apron I wore
    Or better pinch the nostrils shut for it's suffocating

    I'll breathe through my mouth steadily and heavily
    Until I taste the pancakes and my body aches merrily

    I'll better suffocate and taste my delight

    But before my lips touch the honey
    I hope your lips touch mine


    #breakfast @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • travellers_nirvana 1w

    #wod #breakfast #poetry

    My needs are minimal, you had said.
    A single sunny side up egg
    With buttered up bread.
    Ah ! And a pipping hot cup of adrak chai would energize my soul
    Bringing my disheveled being into a plastered whole
    That wholesome breakfast spread that you would lay
    Would gear me up for the daunting day.

    And yet here I am,
    Nibbling on the bitter bits of the charred toast with jam
    Sitting in melancholic solitude at the beginning of the day
    Pondering to switch over to my old, not so minimal, ways
    Since I know now,
    You ain't coming as I lost you somehow.
    And you know what ?
    The status quo won't change, as this time around I feel it from the gut.


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    The breakfast musings

  • bellemoon99 1w

    #breakfast #wod

    Bacon, pancakes, and the familiar scent of coffee envolve me as a warm blanket. A smile curves in my lips as my body stretches.

    This odor is far more than just a sign breakfast is done. It's the scent of hope itself. Another morning, another chance to reach for the stars.

    The scent of love itself. A carefully prepared breakfast smells of a tender kiss on the cheek as your eyes open up. It smells of a hug from behind as the cups are poured.

    You're the sweetness in the french toasts, the spice in a chai, and the softness of a muffin. In every bite I find a memory gently urging me to keep living.

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    Breakfast means love

    Breakfast means hope
    Breakfast means life

  • profuselypoetryly 1w

    Breakfast at Thomas

    I in restful sleep of security.
    Bundled underneath hand stitch quilt.
    Semi-awoke to a nostalgia aroma.
    Southern old-school charm
    surrounding me.

    Down home grits
    piping hot with butter.
    Cast iron fried bacon
    to a crunchy crisp
    YET never ever close to burnt.
    Fluffy eggs artful scrambled
    fluffy and light just right.
    Sweet smells awakening my soul
    with familiar culinary scents.

    Now fully awakening.
    Stretching under
    a store bought comforter,
    not a hand sewn stitch in sight.
    Sentimental feelings washes over me.
    Remembrance of previous breakfasts
    of Grandma’s loving cooking.

    I take a deep breath,
    hoping to recapture that sweet
    smell but it now temporarily escapes,
    as if little by little the seemly reality
    of past drifts away.
    Thou it’s infused within
    childhood memory bank,
    deposit forever.
    Which can be unexpected open
    to experienced any given early morn.


  • nocturnal_enigma 1w

    * 22.11.2021; 12.57 A.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    #breakfast #wod @miraquill

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    Break ~

    One day, I'll having my last breakfast.
    Before I die, I'll fasting. Then, break the fast.
    Do you know, that you're a heart-breaker?
    Do you think, it's fun breaking my heart?

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • roshni31 1w

    Morb@miraquill. @wtiternetwork #breakfast #wod
    Morning desires begin with delicious breakfast
    But a dilemma in the mind of kitchen queen
    What should be cook in today's cuisine
    Rush to the kitchen created a new fusion
    Serve in the new vision

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  • juanogando 1w


    The Sausage plant based
    Hits the skillet searing
    The sound of mothers’s kitchen
    Now mine. Cinnamon rolled
    And baking, eggs waiting
    For a layering of cheese,
    Onions assault bringing tears
    The mushrooms bounce
    Ready to be folded the omelet
    Served. Coffee aroma inspires
    The pen, the dog’s wet nose sniffs
    Outside the window the sparrows
    Play and the wild rabbit dashes.
    The children giggle animated
    Talking to laugh. The first
    Bite hot the taste slows time
    The coffee, bitterly washes
    It all down. And the day begins.


  • msushil 1w

    Mouth-watering breakfast
    Push my emotions
    One step ahead
    As I guzzle,
    Work close
    The door of return
    And I accomplish
    The mission
    For the day.

  • hoorbanu98 1w


    Dear Breakfast

    You are one of the most important part of everyone's life. I never had you alone. Someone is their with me to taste you. With sunrise upon me I pluck a leave of tulsi and ginger from plant. I smelled a ginger and make a tea to stop migraine of past. Breakfast you starts my day with a cup of ginger tea and roasted bread omelet. It's aroma makes me feel to attached a positive day and helps me to not get attacked of fat to be continue.....
    Oh God! I thanks you for blessing me a healthy Breakfast to taste.

    Hoor Banu

    《 21-11-2021 》

  • bubbly_bluebells 1w

    I had never been in the dilemma
    to think about any smell of breaks
    when I have kiwi greens in my diary,
    In my lovely dora-pouch;refrigerator
    Sour green & dragon seeds journals

  • poetrydelivery 1w

    Sunday morning
    Our souls are longing.
    Emotions have meanings
    And Thoughts keep feelings
    Like our dreams keep eachother
    Like live grows together.

  • rehnumai 1w

    The aroma of hot black coffee, trying to wake me up by playing a bluff , accompanied by the golden brown chillas with chopped onions and sauce , pacifying my hunger with sizzling ease.

  • akku31 1w

    Waking up with lazy eyes
    Yawning, groaning after sleeping tight
    On the table
    Was a sandwich ��
    with a glass full of warm milk
    Laziness was almost gone
    Finishing it before it was "cold"
    Yummy it was
    And it was not mine!! ��
    My brother asked" where is mine"??
    I smiled with a yawn- it was nice��

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  • childauthor_345 1w

    ���� wow
    you're tears of sky , falling on barren heart of mine .

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    Gullible streets of hometown are longing , wouldn't you come ?

    How far you've gone , poet
    Fetching craters of second luna
    Won't you slide for a while , for a tea of my share
    Cause , only memories hold heat & coldness is everywhere

    Have you touched the hands of my poetry
    It's still ringing with sensations which you n your smile gives
    Won't you like to scatter mellifluous tales out of your lofty voice
    Cause , Blizzard letter is the only treasure I got , bliss is still an asset of yours embossed in my fertile invoice .

    ~ as an emblem on gifted note .

  • montycristo 1w

    CoCoA pUfFiNg Something, Something bLuE

    Before the sun rises I'll be dreaming.
    Everything is peaceful & quite.
    When the light begins to shine all of the worlds sounds comes around.
    Alarms goes off, Family & pets start to stretch, moan & respond with a groan.
    Blindly in motion dressing.
    Tick,Tock,Tick, Tock goes the clock.
    Stomach growling arriving in the kitchen in a flash.
    Roaming up & down, side to side trying to decide what to have to eat.
    With eyes closed and reaching in grabbing whatever my hands meet.
    I turn to take my seat looking at what i should keep.
    My watch goes off with a beep.
    Hearing that sound a smile turns into a frown looking like a sad hungry clown.
    Grabbing this & that in no time flat.
    What to do what to do with a empty stomach grumbling.
    Pulling in at work I park not ready for the day to start my mind wonders and eyes Staring unfocused waiting for that big spark to clock in on the mark.