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  • extrawedinary 3w

    Take courage to stay humble....

    It occurs such that our inner love leads us to accept and own our flaws, indeed it's a rare and daring quality. But it could also make us feel better about ourselves, a sense of perfection in accepting our imperfections. So let not your egoistic self deceive you to believe you are better than them, just because you got the courage to acknowledge your truth. For verily humility is the best adornment of courage.

  • riley1307 8w


    I wish it was easier
    Moving on
    Moving forward
    Moving up
    All of it
    Its so hard when you have no fall back plan
    To risk it all
    With no safety net
    No support
    No comforting shoulder to lean on
    No guidance
    Its so,so hard
    And yet...

    We still risk it.

  • _poetry_army 17w


    The massive and the unsinkable ship
    The "QUEEN OF OCEAN " she was named to be
    The largest moving object was sailing on the sea

    Everyone arrived to say good bye
    No one knows these temporary smile will change to permanent sigh ;
    As she was moving from Southampton to haunted pole
    No one knows they are near to show their powerful soul

    Everyone asleep till the voice "COME SHIP SINKING" was heard
    Every brave man cried "LADIES AND CHILDREN FIRST"

    "THIS SHIP MADE ME FEEL SAFE" as everyone thought
    The grave of these people greedy ocean got

    The sea laughed on the ship I guess
    Because overcoming the natural forces her name suggest

    Someone said this ship can't sink
    At 2am 15th April it was broken within a blink

    The band still playing "NEARER..MY GOD TO THEE"
    People on the lifeboats , sinking titanic they can see

    The eyes that once saw the majestic deck
    Now seeing the titanic's wreck

    What if the 5 th compartment was not filled
    1500 people on board can't be killed

    The stiff as rock titanic was thought to be unsinkable
    Untill it really sinked

    The menace of starlighted midnight
    Why can't titanic see the early morning Monday light

    The same thing reciprocated as 'THE WRECK OF TITAN "said
    Was it really the moving death bed ???
    -Anshera Mulani

  • lovely_rachana 18w

    Ahilyabai Holkar

    Long ago in the land of gold
    Lived someone as pure as gold with,
    Love filled and assertive eyes
    Looked with a smile too wise
    Listening to the chants of which,
    Lord Shiva felt glad and smiled
    Little one was the source of it
    Leaving the one alone suddenly seemed hard
    Loving her childish devotion was not very hard
    Listed in her smile attracted was the King
    Liking the girl as his daughter like anything
    Lovingly he also saw the future in her
    Listening to her words he got assertive
    Lovely little was the one who was so devotedly immersive
    Leading her to becoming his daughter in law
    Loving her like a daughter without a flaw
    Little one turned out to be quite mature
    Longing for her motherland's future
    Lovingly she helped the prince at each step
    Luring him of competition at every step
    Lost one day in her beautiful life
    Living seemed impossible to the dedicated wife
    Losing her husband seemed unbearable
    Least intrested in taking any more of life's trouble
    Luckily the the King once again took her away
    Lovingly saves her before tried to make her ashes stay
    Launching the rule of a great female leader
    Loved by all and fighting for motherland's freedom
    Looking at the end of Islamic domination
    Leaving none of the enemies of the nation
    Living to reconstruct the temples taken away
    Leaving the example of how a woman can slay
    Lord looked upon and blessed always
    Looking at Ahilyabai Holkar every morning she took in front of him her vows
    Let the world be against her she will stand
    Letting not a single risk to touch her land

  • igautamji 19w

    The pigeon
    strays close

    The wise raven
    observes with caution
    or cowardice?

    #wod #septolet #raven #bravery #stupidity #cowardice

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    The pigeon
    strays close

    The wise raven
    observes with caution
    or cowardice?


  • ashupriyaa 21w

    #bravery #truth #equality
    #follow me if you are as me ❤️

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    विरासत से तय नहीं होंगे सियासत के फैसले,
    उड़ान तय करेगा की ये आसमान किसका है।।

  • rainkeyy 22w

    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” - Joshua 1:9. Picture credits go to YouVersion Bible. #life #bravery #love #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Life has pushed us over the edge
    It coaxes us and persuades us to do this and that
    The exhaustion kicks in, how does it feel?
    Does the wounds heal?

    They do, and for that, you can celebrate
    You can shout to the rooftops and not hesitate
    Hope is always on the near horizon
    All you have to do is turn up the brightness

    Think back to how far you have come
    To the places where you have come from
    Searching for your path is a journey
    But you, my friend, have no reason to worry

  • rainkeyy 29w

    Which choice do you choose? Be brave, and own yourself. Picture credits go to PicsArt. #pod #mirakee #inspiration #bravery #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Jump Into Your Tsunami

    I jumped
    The bone-chilling water hit me, bigger than the biggest tsunami
    I wondered if this was the best choice for me
    Long story short, it was

    I had two choices: be who I am or be who I was supposed to be
    I couldn’t decide, it was fogging my mind
    The confusion of it all almost made it hard to see
    Was this part of my heavenly design?

    I finally made my choice
    I used my voice
    I took a big risk
    But I’m no longer a follower
    I’m no longer an add-on asterisk


  • arpan_sb 31w

    fear is the strongest demotivating feeling anyone can ask for.the more we pay heed,more stronger the fear becomes.fear needs to be faced with a brave heart.once fears see our cherished and blessed hearts,that day fear and phobias will be afraid of us.i have had many fears to be honest.when I was a little kid, I was afraid of the express trains passing before me in the station.i had phobia of horror movies,I had fear of the sea and snakes and the list goes on and on.so some people might say that if you have so many fears ,you must be a very weak person.i say not because bravery isn't the absence of fear but taking action inspite of the fears.one by one I defeated all my fears through my brave soul.hope everyone does it because the more brave you become,fear will be afraid of you and will leave you immediately

  • loftydreams101 32w

    Courageous Shades

    My colors fly high tonight
    Above the blazing storm
    Beyond its deathly shroud
    Filled with the cries of  the fallen
    A melody explodes
    From the depths of my lungs
    Like red banners of revolt
    Before their murdering colossus
    My stride is fearless tonight
    I play the villain in the dark
    I wield a hero’s sure weapon
    Burning the bridge to years past
    To my crime of love lost

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • sanjanaganguly 34w


    The Sun would shine again,
    In your life and your dreams.
    The raging storm would be silenced again,
    In the mind where it fumes.

    The Sun would shine again,
    When world's falling apart.
    The tears would dry again,
    When you recollect the shattered parts.

    The Sun would shine again,
    As the dangers seem endless.
    The strength would be gained again,
    As you face them friendless.

    The Sun would shine again,
    When the end seems near.
    The Sun would shine again,
    When you would succumb to fear.

  • thehealer10 36w

    Dust in the Wind

    I inhale and reset plunging back to a settled current. The pressure is still there just less intense, my intent shifts lightening the crash of the waves; Still riding for the Title I remain brave.

    Paving the way toward better days, its hard to say whether or not I should stay, what does come easy is the thrill of not knowing whats on the other side. Sharp rocks, man eating piranhas , perhaps a unicorn.

    I stretch out laying back to enjoy the ride. I know what's at stake and I'll never hide. This wasn't the plan but man the treasures from this tide have been worth the Tan.

    Some fear hurricanes others race toward their eye, what is known now was yesterday's mystery. This is my chance to write history, I will not throw away this opportunity. What's the point in immunity if it's just going to encourage impunity?


  • arpan_sb 36w


    a brave person may be afraid of snakes,
    but still can be the bravest.
    a brave person can be afraid of ghosts,
    but still can be the bravest.
    a brave person can be afraid of darkness,
    but still can be the bravest.
    a brave person can be afraid of diseases,
    but still can be the bravest.
    a brave person can be afraid of the sea,
    but still can be the bravest.
    so why!! with so many fears? can be the bravest?
    because bravest isn't the one who is not afraid.
    but one who takes action inspite of the fear,
    and still be the bravest.
    how do I know all this?
    because i am that person and the bravest.

  • sillysadar 37w

    Bravery come on this day

    Bravery came to me on the day I went to the hospital with my mom
    She held my hand telling me everything will be okay
    She didn't know how scared I was but her being here made everything okay
    Waiting for the doctors to come felt like forever but,
    My heart melted when I heard them calling my name but my mom hugged me and,
    Told me everything will be okay once again
    The doctor told me the good news before the bad

    I knew the bad was coming I guess wasn't ready
    For I couldn't suppress my tears nor could I stop myself when I expressed how afraid I felt so,
    I must confess I was scared I couldn't hide it anymore but,
    By letting it out I was no longer scared
    I noticed that there is nothing to be scared of and,
    As to why bravery came to me that day along with the bad news that I still bear to this day but,
    It won't be long before I am well again so,
    İ won't dwell on the bad but,
    İ shall see the good that came along with it

  • solivagant2 37w


    Bravery is the thorn propping the rose
    and taking all the blame
    Bravery is the human denigrated and slurred
    because of all the fame
    Bravery is standing tall against all the shame
    When illiterates think to shame is some kind of a game
    Bravery is independence in life, of life
    Bravery is, in the noisy orchestra, tuning your own fife
    Bravery is you healing your scars
    Whips dance behind you slithering in pairs
    Bravery is you alive and existing
    Healthy and hearty, no matter dumb of smarty
    But above all
    Bravery is you being you
    Unreasonably and unconditionally

  • magical_peach 37w

    You stand up tall, to every strike
    This is courage, hidden in your dread
    Even when you say you had enough
    There is a courage in every tears you shed
    By a dim-lit corner, you cower alone
    Their mere presence trigger cold sweat
    Bullies are weak cowards in disguise
    Ignore them wear a smile instead
    Fear is real if you let it cripple you
    For once listen to what it has to say
    " escape ain't your sole option
    bravery is just a threads width away"

    #fearless #wod#bravery #mirakee

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  • deepflowsoul 39w

    Inspiration #3

    I love you when you walk against the crowd.


  • liron_ginsberg 39w

    Into the arms of sweet surrender; climb into dreams, we rise together


  • isid57 40w

    ... Fight The Darkness ...

    When air around you turns dark,
    And you can't breathe...
    In bewilderment, don't just bark,
    Lit your spirit, valiantly you embark...!!!

    © Siddhesh Sawant