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  • riley1307 17w


    I see the light in you
    It shines through
    Like a shooting star in the dark sky

    I see the light in you
    Its warmth in my darkest moment
    Its in the way you understand what isnt said

    I see the light in you
    Its in the tears you shed
    The smile you rarely share

    Its in your laughter.
    Oh it's in you my darling

    I see the light in you..

  • tubetastic 258w


    It's funny how something could mean so much even when you don't possess it yet. Its funny how you get your heart set on things that ARE NOT absolute, and then feel broken when they don't come. Its funny how I can sit across from those that love me and pretend for a day that I'm normal and that I'm happy, when I'm begging them in my mind to give me just a minute to myself, so I can breakdown without anyone ever knowing. I never realized how much days like this could hurt, and I never realized that my heart was so set on this. Now its time to pick up the pieces over the next few hours, and then put on a brave face for my family. Its funny how invisible you can be to those who say they see you for who you really are, don't you think?