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    Aaj jitna tere liye rota hu,
    Zaruri thodi hai kal bhi utna hi royunga.

    Jo khudse kia hai

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    Don't hurt someone in Life!
    Don't cheat with someone's feeling!
    Don't lie to someone!
    Don't make hatred in someone's heart!
    Don't! Don't! Don't
    Hate these things a lot from core of my heart!
    I hate these kinds of guys and in mine heart their is no value, no care, no love and no respect for that type of guys...
    It touches heart by doing such that kind of things. The pain that it gives is so hard that no one can remove it.....
    #hate #hatred #hating #negative #negativity #thinking #people #girls #boys #pain #flurt #cheat #lie #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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    Bohat hogaya donkhay bazi
    Bohat hogaya jooth!
    Kyun ladkiya ladku k dil k sath khail tay hai
    Kyun ladkay b ladkiyu k dil k sath khail tay hai
    Khilona samajh rakha hai kya aik dusray ko
    Dard nahi hota tumko yai saab harkatay kartay huway
    Kya tumharay pass Bayi ya Behan na hotay
    Kya tumhay oonki qadar nahi hai
    Jab donkha aur jooth hi karna hota hai
    Phir kyun dosti ka rishta bana tay ho
    Phir kyun sath rehnay ka rishta bana tay ho
    Nafraat hai mujhay oon ladkiyu say
    Oon ladku say jo aaisa kartay hai!
    Kyun kartay ho aaisa! Nafraat hai mujhay inn jaisay logu ki
    Mainai khud aapni aankhu say dekha hai khaas kar ladkiyu ko ladku k sath khail tay huway
    Bohatu ko mainai samjaya hai
    Nahi samjah hai koyi b
    Ulta aaisay bartav kartay hai
    Ki oon k mua lagna b acha na lagta.....

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    It's all about boys❤️

    Some never wants to do flirting,
    Some are believe in love and care...
    Some are not sharing every details,
    If they do, then you are very special to him...
    They don't judge,
    They don't retaliate...
    They supress their emotions,
    They do cry...
    They don't want everyone to see them like this,
    They don't want to hurt anybody knowingly...
    If they do, they don't talk much also don't post anything about it in social media,
    They have responsibilities as well as they do sacrifices lot...

  • broslav 4w

    I act like such a bitch, Babe
    When you're a dick
    And I'm laughing at how I hate you
    As I clenched my fists
    But you've got the only golds
    That I have dared to kiss
    And I'm terrified cuz I can't resist


  • broslav 4w

    I like it when you speak
    And let me know
    Who you are
    Cuz I know you can be quiet
    Sealed up tight like a jar
    You're stuck between my teeth
    Just like a candy bar
    As I sit and listen
    To your whole memoir


  • broslav 4w

    You're eyes
    So clean and upbeat
    Sour patch kid swagger
    Can be so sweet
    Your cool demeanor
    Knocked me off my feet
    As I wonder
    Where you'd like to meet

    Your texts are dripping
    Through my cellular phone
    Found a strange relief
    Once I knew you weren't home
    The program tells us both
    That we should leave this alone
    But I wonder
    Can we take it slow


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    My mom always said Boys and Girls can never be equal,
    I just thought she was old school,
    But lately I realised she was always right,
    Why be equal when we can balance it out,
    May be He can even out her odds,
    May be She can cancel out his negatives,
    It's never about being equal actually!
    It's always about the balance!!

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    हर लडके All Rounder नही होतें हे मॅडम ,

    Fir भी आपकी entry होने के बाद ना,

    कुछ भी करने की ताकद और साहस लाते हें...!

    प्यार कहो या खोने का डर, पर लगाव जरूर बनाते हे

    घर के लाडले बहार के All Rounder जरूर बन जाते हे !


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    Why boy's can have all the fun but not emotions?

    We usually here these words "why should boys have all the fun" but when it comes to emotions where is there right? No boy's don't cry, in childhood stop playing with dolls take this car, why are u putting nail paint? What society will think about u about us??? etc,etc,etc.. Let me ask you all why boy's can't cry? Bcoz they are not going through pms? Cramp's? Craving? Depression? anxiety attacks? Why they can't play with dolls? Now some of you will say the society upbringing is like that but darling we r only the society so,if we will take our first step then only we can stop this discrimination. So take your first step stop telling your chid, brother, husband that they have a life too they have emotions too n we all the ladies are standing beside them to support them in every situation.

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    #boys #emotions #emotionsofaboy #feelings #society #sad

    People in our society sometimes behaves very harsh with the boys. Why from the beginning the boys are taught to hide their feelings? Why he is asked to stop crying? Why he is asked not to show his tears in the society? These things are taught to a boy from very childhood. Whenever he gets hurt he is asked to keep quiet rather than crying, he is asked to keep mum and bear the pain with silence because of all these only some boys have grew up so tough that they behave to everyone like they don't have emotions. But I think sometimes we need to look behind that tough face to see their soft heart with lots of buried emotions.
    Love, anger, joy all these are natural and everyone have the right to express it! When our boys are tough to be very strong and rough hearted person. But they also have feelings right? When they cross their patience of hiding their feelings from everyone they one think of one thing " How can i escape from this place and go to one unknown place where no one knows me, where no one will put restrictions on me for expressing my emotions, where only I'll be my own company ?"
    Some of the boys even commit suicide because they are not able to share their feelings to anyone. We need to stop this, boys are also human being they also have all right to express themselves without any judgement on their masculinity.

    These all are from my experience i saw a boy suffer like this in front of me... And when he was crying it was not only tears that came out from his eyes it was his hurt heart that was crying. Each tears of expressed his buried emotions that he kept inside. His tears were so pure! And it was very hard for me to see him like this. And then i thought that this is what maximum boys in our society suffers.

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    ~~some words from the heart of a boy , boy who also have emotion!

  • saikiran98 7w

    In this chaotic world
    I find peace in you

  • broslav 8w

    I pushed you hard
    You pulled away
    Dragged me close
    To your fire

    Walked your streets
    Every night
    Without you
    Never got higher

    For too many years
    Thought it was only you
    I desired

    Your rush
    Your love
    Your buzz

    But now

    You pull me close
    I pull away
    Wanting only his touch
    You whisper
    That you really miss me
    I wanna tell you
    Fuck off

    Cuz I can't
    Keep quiet
    Brain on fire
    I'm a lush

    When his arms
    Pull me in
    They comfort
    Hush, Kitten, hush


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    बड़ी शिद्दत से मिलती है सच्ची मोहब्बतें इन्हे यु ठुकराया न करो ज़रा हाल पूछो उन लोगो से जिनका इश्क़ मुक्कमल नहीं होता |


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    कियु उनकी आँखों से निकला 
    आंसू हर कोई देख नहीं पाता है
    आजकल हर कोई लड़को को बुरा बताता है

    वो करते है प्यार हमसे खुद से भी ज्यादा
    फिर कियु उनके प्यार का हिसाब हर बार लगाया जाता है
    आजकल हर कोई लड़को को बुरा बताता है

    अपने लिए कभी भी नहीं करते कोई फ़रमाइश ये
    हर बार परिवार की खुशियों में ही इन्हे भी खुश पाया जाता है
    फिर भी न जाने कियु हर कोई लड़को को बुरा बताता है

    नज़रे ख़राब होती है कुछ लड़को की बेशक
    पर उनकी गलतियों का इलज़ाम हर किसी पे कियु लगाया जाता है
    आजकल हर कोई लड़को को बुरा बताता है

    दिल के टूट जाने पर भी नहीं कहते ये बेवफा उसे
    लेकिन धोकेबाज़ी का ताज इनके सर पे ही सजाया जाता है
    न जाने आजकल हर कोई लड़को को बुरा बताता है

    पैसे ना होने पर भी करते है ये सबकी जरूरते पूरी
    फिर इनके सपनो को पूरा करने के वक़्त अपनी उधारियो
    का भोझ कियु गिनवाया जाता है और ये सब अनदेखा कर
    आजकल तो हर कोई लड़को को बुरा बताता है

  • hansika_bansal 8w


    He can't cry in public, cause he is a male.
    He faces stereotypes cause "few things are meant only for females "!
    He can't be shy, his introvertness is a joke.
    If he doesn't indulge himself in fights, then he is forcefully provoked!
    He can't have mood swings, he can't be rude.
    If soft, then he's a flirt; if tough, then he has attitude.
    The life of a boy isn't as easy as it sounds ;
    To hide your weakness and show your strength all around.
    To pretend you're fine each time you're not,
    To swallow the pains, to maintain the rapport!
    To handle everyone at times when his own heart is heavy ;
    To conceal his emotions, when everyone is going crazy!
    It's not easy to be a male, if told the truth!
    Thus, they deserve to be loved and respected the way they do.

  • atheist_by_mind 9w

    (शराफ़त की परिभाषा)
    वो लड़की न बहुत शरीफ़ है।
    जानते हो क्यों?
    उसे भी सारे लड़के ठ़रकी और हवसी
    नज़र आते है।।

  • maskman124 10w


    In a burden of responsibilities,
    We are forced to hide our abilities.

    Family works by society's words,
    We starve by completing their works.

    We love our dreams,
    But walk on Creator's dream.

    We love our creators,
    But feel shy to show our tenderness.

    We love her truely,
    She cheats us perfectly.

    We get pain,
    But forced to hide it in cavern.

    We feel to express,
    But noone to attend.

    Yes! We exist and we are boys,
    We are not born to get cheated if trusted anyone.
    When grownup we can't show love towards parents as we also feel shy.
    We are boys we are not robots,
    We dont like to be tied but we get tied for this society....


  • prakriti_iipsaa 10w

    09/04/2021. 12:14am
    "यह जरूरी नहीं कि आप लड़की होते तो आपको ज्यादा प्यार और सहानुभूति मिलता या फिर
    आप लड़का होती तो घूमने-टहलने, रात में देर से आने और मन की करने की आजादी होती। यह तो आपके माता-पिता, आपकी परिस्थिति और आपके स्वभाव एवं विचार पर निर्भर करता है।"

    जिंदगी का इक ताना-बाना
    नित्यशः माँ का हाथ बटाना
    इजाजत लेकर बाहर जाना
    जाने से पहले एक आवाज
    सुन थोड़ा, जल्दी आ जाना
    जरा सी देर जब हो जाये
    पल-पल का हिसाब बताना
    पिजड़े की जिंदगी का क्या
    खुले आसमाँ में मुझको भी
    है पंक्षियों सा पर फैलाना।।।।

    सोच किसकी कैसी है,
    किसके मन में क्या है!
    समाज बदलना मुश्किल है
    सो मन में चिंतन तेरा है!
    हर डांट में परवाह तुम्हारी,
    तुझको खोने का डर है!
    ना पैरों में बेड़ियां हैं,
    ना ही यह कोई बंधन है!
    ये तो प्यार और फ़िकर का
    बस थोड़ा सा संगम है।।।।।।

    काश अगर मैं लड़का होती
    मेरे यारों की इक टोली होती
    टोली में कुछ मस्ती
    अपनी भी एक हस्ती होती
    टहलती रात या दिन में
    ना कोई रोक-टोक
    ना ही डर की बस्ती होती
    बना-बनाया खाकर सोती
    जो चाहे वो करती
    जिंदगी कितनी अच्छी होती!!!!!

    बहुत हुई कपोल-कल्पना
    क्या कुछ ऐसा होता
    करने पड़ते बाहर के सारे काम
    हर बिगड़ी चीज टीवी, फ्रीज, पंखा
    सब बनवाना पड़ता
    घर के मरम्मत से लेकर
    हर जिम्मेदारी निभाना पड़ता
    गलती करने पर माँ की डांट
    पापा के चाटे भी खाने पड़ते
    एक काम जो छूटता
    तो गरजते बादल से होते टंकार
    किसी काम का नहीं तूं
    चल हट नालायक निकम्मा....!!!!!

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    नहीं कभीं नियमित सा
    नित दिन काम नया नया
    सोचो होगी थोड़ी मस्ती
    फिर देखो अब समय कहाँ
    नहीं शिकायत कभीं किसी से
    पर ना समझे कोई अपना
    डांट की तो आदत सी
    फिर फर्क क्या पड़ता
    पापा का सर पे हाथ
    माँ का चुम्बन तो बचपन में छूट गया...!!!!

    ना कुछ भूला है, ना कुछ छूटा है,
    सिर्फ तुझे राह पकड़ाना है,
    हम तो माँ-बाप हैं, तेरे दुश्मन नहीं,
    हमें अपना फर्ज निभाना है।।।

    काश अगर मैं लड़की होता
    माँ संग सीरियल देखता
    खूब गपशप गपशप करता
    माँ का प्यार, पिता का प्यार
    सबका दुलार पाता
    माँ के साथ बाजार घूमता
    और आराम फरमाता...।।।
    ऐसा क्या? उठ जल्दी सुबह हो गई है
    अच्छी-खासी नींद में
    माँ की बेसुरी आवाज गूँजती
    नित सारे काम समय पर करने पड़ते
    अतिथियों के आवभगत में
    पकवान भी बनाने पड़ते
    तुझको क्या परवाह
    तेरा घर है क्या ये
    लोगों की ऐसी बातें सुनकर
    तेरे मन में क्या टीस नहीं उठती?
    तुझको जाना होगा दूर
    एक दिन अपनों से
    असहज भाव, नम आँखें क्या सहज लगती?!!!!

    "श्रमिक हो तो खाने के लिए
    कमाना ही पड़ेगा,
    किसान हो तो खेतों में जाना
    ही पड़ेगा,
    व्यवसायी हो तो ग्राहक
    बनाना ही पड़ेगा,
    अपने आप से कौन भाग सकता है?"

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    Nothing matters now.......
    I'm addicted to my pain

  • irajantripathi 12w


    Boys will write an entire page about a cricket match but will say "OK" for how they feel.