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  • hk55555 6w

    Dear Society

    Dear Society you love your traditions and boundaries
    Dear Society you hate the person who is out of the box
    Dear Society you have the fear that others will also behave in the same way
    You always tried to kill the out of the box person
    You always outnumbered out of box people
    Many times out of the box people surrender in the end out of fear.
    But now they are nothing more than a dead body wandering here and there
    Dear Society one side you encourage us to ask questions on the other side you hate out of box questions
    Dear Society you gave us the freedom to lived & worship in our way
    But when you see it's out of the box you started teasing
    Dear Society why don't you tried to solve that problem of indigestion
    It's my suggestion please met some good doctor
    Dear Society if I have the power and money then my all out of box things are right for you.
    Dear Society you don't like when people started thinking differently.
    Dear Society you are my inspiration you trained me how to kill other people dreams
    Dear Society I think now I have to surrender because you left me with no solution.
    Dear society now I understand you love dead people than alive one
    Dear Society you love your traditions and boundaries

  • vijaylakhsmi 23w

    I opened the door
    It was an old store room
    Get through the spider net
    Somehow reached the table

    Under the table
    There were a lot of box
    I opened the lower one
    Inside that box there was
    Another box

    It was an old vintage box
    I used to keep things in my childhood
    I used to love the box so much
    The vintage look of it is so eye catching

    I draged the box and opened it
    There were many letters i wrote when i was a child
    I used to write letters to my mother
    When she was in my maternal uncle's home

    Her health condition was not that good
    So she was there and i used to miss her
    So much just think how painful it would be
    For a child to be distant from her mother for a long time

    So i used to write letters to ask when she will come
    It was not possible for me to post the letters
    So i only used to write them with great love
    And only hope for her to come back soon

    There were also lot other things in that box
    Which i used to collect at that time
    But i used to keep these letters very carefully
    And till today i keep it very close to my heart
    It was one of my beautiful memory of childhood

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    Some Memories


  • wafflesantos 23w

    Ballade of the Box in the Attic

    Motes of dust dance around you as slivers of sunlight escape thru the cracks of the barred window. It enthralls you for a moment until you feel the stuffiness around you. You proceed to remove the slats of wood. They don't budge at first but with your all, you pried them away to free the light. As the lights floods the musty room, you opened the window and now you can breath freely. Your allergies are going to flare and your lungs will complain. But the call, the song, of the old box in the attic invaded your dreams last night and you are compelled to find it.Now you are here. With whatever brightness the window offers, a spot of light illuminates a spot on the old dusty box. It is not ornate. A lumpy corrugated box that used to house chips in it's prime, but for years have been the abode of memories past. Gingerly you walked towards it, licking your dried cracked lips with anticipation. Theres a crescendo somewhere but you are not sure from where. Is it your heart or the song of the box from your dreams? Finally, you reached out to open the four flaps and an aged Manila paper greeted you. It protected something like a quilt in the winter and so you removed it with gratefulness. Piles of pictures and papers were nestled underneath it. They were sleeping for years but have awaken by a strange music but unable to stretch the limbs of time they hold in their delicate forms. You removed them in piles. Pictures to your right, and papers to your left, bits and bobs in front of you. This will take time. The temptation to linger on an old image was strong, there is a rush of wave in your ears that beckons you to pause. And you yield when you saw a yellowed picture of a child trying to tie a balloon on a Bougainvilla branch. On the picture, colored part of the leaves does not say if it were the pinks or the oranges but your mind said : "They're the Mr. and Mrs. Kind of Bougainvilla". Two Colors. It is not your voice but your Lola's (grandma). And then time stood still. You are outside and you are trying to tie the balloon's string to the branch. Your fine motor are not that developed, knotting was difficult. It took you minutes to accomplish the task but when the strong gust of wind suddenly blew, it took away your balloon. You stared at it and remembered it's color: Red, white, blue, yellow, and green. It was a marbled effect on rubber and it swirled and danced in tune of your emotions - frustration and gladness. The crazy drumming of your heart matched the balloon's bounce on air. The balloon flew away. And you're back inside the dinghy room holding the picture of you. You look down and all pictures burst with colored memories of a bright past. A respite from the darkness that you face now. The song of the box was a panachea of your heart. The box's song should last you a life time from now. You can move on towards the future with the box's long ballade hidden in the attic of your heart.


  • ana_vah 24w


    You slap on a label and make it my cage.
    I have wings lined With adamantium blades
    In case you decide to tear them off.
    You can't.

    The boxes you put me in are cheap cardboard,
    Fungus infected.
    The mucormycosis proceeds slowly,
    Till all I see is the black confinement
    Of prejudice and assumptions.

    I pity your boxes, gilded at the edges,
    That delude you into the false security of power.
    Your box may be larger than mine, cleaner than mine,
    But you're too, confined within a box,
    Imposing others to a confinement
    You barely survive.


  • gunjanbhatia_ 26w

    //I haven't written something in a while
    Afraid that whatever comes out
    People won't like
    For I am living in a dark place
    Confined in a box inside my own head
    No matter how hard I try
    I just can't find any escape.
    The box keeps closing in on me
    I see the darkness growing
    And with each passing second
    It gets difficult to breathe
    I want to scream and shout and cry
    But the sounds never leave my body.
    I remember you once telling me
    That I am one of the bravest you have seen
    I see a crack, a faint light coming through it
    And I know now, only I can make a choice
    To break open that box or
    Let the blackness eat me, bit by bit!!//


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  • akshay_vasu 38w

    He had a box with him. The box that would fill every day with various emotions that were created just for her. No matter how the things would be, the things that existed inside that box would always trace back to the memories of the past, and also to the fear and hope of the future. It would continue to grow every day, and every time he would open it to her when he could not manage to keep it closed anymore. But one day she left. And the day she did that, he began fearing the box he held with him for so long. It continued to grow while feeding on his memories, voids, and fears.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • ayushi_m_writes 49w


    He once gave me a box filled with darkness,
    Took me a hundred years to understand,
    That the darkness too, was a gift.


  • sillysadar 52w

    Feelings locked in a box

    Feelings locked in a box kept in a place away from everyone
    For it is secure for it has locks keeping it away from those who wanna hurt me
    For I may be blocking my feelings but I just wanna feel safe again
    For locking it away may not be the best choice but I just wanna rest my eyes for a little now
    For my chest finally doesn't feel like someone is pressing on it maybe I feel relieved

    For I believe that a lot of messed up stuff happened that made me stressed maybe other things as well
    For I still managed to achieve things but all I feel is now numb
    For it may sound dumb but I'll put all these feelings away in a box
    For feeling numb is better then feeling sadness or pain
    For loneliness is what ive been feeling as well

    For emptiness is now all I wanna feel so I'm locking the box and putting it away in a place where no one shall find it or I hope so
    For I collected all my feelings and put it away now I'm hoping one shall never find it
    For I now have protected myself from harm that may come
    For ive been neglected for to long and asked to be perfect but how does one do that? Don't we all have flaws?

    For there aren't laws that says we have to be perfect, no?
    So why am I being asked to do so when all I wanna do is be me not someone who tries so hard to be perfect
    For all this stuff drove me to collect all my feelings and put it in a box
    For it will be locked till I finally trust another soul but I fear that may never happen
    But I shall expect the unexpected like people say

  • deepflowsoul 58w


    What's painful is being faced with you and having so much to say, but no strength.
    What's painful is you would barely listen and cast my truth astray.
    What's painful is being locked in a box with you, and still taking the higher ground.
    Now we both feel betrayed.

  • ablaze_writer 78w

    Day 30 of writing
    Grandma's box

    When I was a kid
    I always wished
    To get the box my grandma has
    She always kept it hidden in the attic
    And only in the night
    She used to peek
    Something inside
    I thought it was something cool that adults did
    The curiosity in me always ticked
    About what could be in the box
    Is it some jewel or key
    Or the map to unknow sea?
    It could be her favourite toy
    Or something that makes her feel joy?
    There were so many options to trace
    But It only raised the question to break
    That secret it holds for which
    she has to walk an extra mile
    To get that peek
    As I grew up the curiosity was gone
    And I forgot about all that
    But now as years have passed
    I remembered and asked granny about that box
    She laughed at all the failed attempts I made to find it back
    And told me
    It was a letter she first wrote
    Which was consisting of many loopholes
    But as she started to write
    All those mistakes were left behind
    But to remember that we shouldn't take pride in every delight
    She always checked of her beginning as guide
    I was heartbroken to not get a map to the sea
    But happy enough to learn a life lesson in this
    So I am thinking I should get a box
    And put a piece of my feelings in that...

    -Vaishnavi Tiwari

    And that quest of my childhood the secret I thought was too big to knew has this end of life lesson.

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  • sarahrachelea 80w

    Even box full of darkness is a gift too


  • alxita 81w

    -- Don't Open The Box --

    Do not open the box
    It is to remain locked
    For another future time
    Or else, it'd be a crime

    Do not see its insides
    It's private from the outside
    Abide by the rules
    Or you'd be the sole fool

    Did interest blind you?
    Did eagerness caught you too?
    Your hands won't resist
    Contrary to the law that insists

    Do not violate the law
    Or else, it'd be a loss
    You've broken the promise
    As they start to notice

    #poetry #mirakee #life #society #box #locked #rules #follow #promise #laws #break #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 76
    May 8, 2020, 4:17 PM (GMT+8)

    Note: This is quite a short poem.. ����

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    Don't Open The Box

    "Did interest blind you? Did eagerness caught you too? Your hands won't resist, contrary to the law that insists"

  • prateek_raj 84w

    Worry Box

    It is of no use carrying the sacks of worries everytime, everywhere...
    You can't fix them all...
    So, make a worry box for keeping all your worries...
    Deal them one by one with happiness

  • zainabnajmi 85w

    This is an incomplete piece. I will complete it when the cat finally finds a way to break free from the suffocation of the box and discovers his freedom.

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    The Cat And The Box

    There was an old Box that a cat called his home
    A Box too little for the cat to hold
    But the cat didn't seem to care
    As he lived in great despair

    The Box would echo the cat's greatest fears
    Humiliation, insults and hatred were the three main tiers

    Why did the cat care for the box then?
    Was it just to love and be loved time & time again?

    The cat wanted to break free
    He wanted to find a different place to be,
    But he was obliged to stay back
    To respect the old Box for its manipulative hack

    "I've provided you with warmth and shelter for years" the Box would claim
    "How can you be ungrateful then and leave me empty, cold and in shame?"

    Manipulative and cunning, the Box always got its way
    For the cat was timid and soft, he had not choice but to stay


  • theinsanepoet_ 89w

    My Jewellery Box

    My Jewellery Box is filled with joy
    I play with it as a toy
    It has shines and glisters
    All sizes of Big and clusters

    There are chains and rings
    Which add to the sings
    It has hangings and studs
    Having colours of sky and muds

    It has pearls and stones
    Which spend time with alone 's
    Few are bright as the sun shine
    Few are bright as pine

    Few are big few are small
    But I love them all
    You shall be luck if u see
    But not lucky as me!

  • she_owns_souls 91w


    If I could box you like you're mine
    I'd keep you until the last sunshine


  • backstorypoetry 95w

    Don't think outside the box.
    Think like there is no box.

  • anthonyhanible 100w

    Christmas Eve

    Has I put a bow on my head
    Over the tree I'll make my bed
    Wrapped up so nice
    In a big box
    For you
    I'll see you
    On Christmas

  • sometimestheworstme312 102w

    Left in the dark?

    Dont worry, its not that bad.
    You remember everything, even times of sadness.
    You just have to think outside of the box, nothing is too big to handle.
    You say that you were stranded in oblivion?
    Thats okay.

    "For now, just light a candle."


  • seminahimani 104w

    Life is like one secret box.
    In life there are many
    difficulties just like a
    secret box , so for
    that difficulties we have to
    become more stronger like
    an ice cube to face the
    difficulties and also tie that
    difficulties with velvet ribbon
    so that it would never return.

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    Life is like one secret box.
    In life there are many
    difficulties just like a
    secret box , so for
    that difficulties we have to
    become more stronger like
    an ice cube to face the
    difficulties and also tie that
    difficulties with velvet ribbon
    so that it would never return.