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    Half mind in Pain,
    Half mind in Tears,
    Half the way from you,
    Half the way from Life,
    Half heart broken,
    Half of the things conveyed,
    Hell of things, to be explained,
    But you
    Left me halfway,
    Saying, " Good Bye"

    - DeviShree E M


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    Book: the maze runner
    Author: James Dashner
    It has been two years since my last reading of this book. I may make mistakes grammatically or factually, so please feel free to correct me.
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    Book review: the maze runner

    This is a book that is GENUINELY DYSTOPIAN. Like, there are some books that claim to be dystopian, but I have never really had a dystopian vibe from their content, or maybe it is just me lol. Dystopian by definition means "relating to or denoting an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice." Boy, is it dystopian.

    We start off with Thomas. This guy is our main dude and is the most modest protagonist I have encountered in all my time of reading fiction, (I have not read many though). He knows the importance of friends and listens to his heart, does not boast about his skills or make his usefulness extremely apparent. I like those traits in him. He is very loyal to his friends, like CHUCK, NEWT and Minho. Even though he admits he is annoyed by Chuck, he still is fiercely protective and loyal to Chuck.

    Newt seems like a cool British character who knows his stuff. He is patient and as apparent, Thomas trusts him and Minho the most in his group of Glader friends. Newt does not stand any nonsense from other Gladers and is more welcoming towards Thomas than Alby when he first comes up the box. He seems to be very experienced and protective over his friends. He worries about Alby and Minho's time in the maze.

    Minho is the chill but low-key scary Glader in the maze. He is the keeper of the Runners, a very important position in their arrangement as Runners explore the maze. Minho seems to slowly trust Thomas, to an extent of suggesting him to replace hima as the Keeper of the Runners. He has also been in the maze for long and knows very well of the dangers there are in the Glade. He is smart and strategical, a trait all runners usually have.

    Chuck is the thirteen year old kid who everyone agrees should not have been placed in the maze and pulled apart from his family. Don't start crying guys, we are not on page 25p of the death cure yet. Save it for later.
    Chuck is Thomas' first friend and shows him around. He is braver than those cowardly coat-wearing no-good laboratory scientists of WCKD. He legit sacrificed his life to save Thomas, a guy he had known for less than a month. Chuck is the cutest and most loved character in the world. He advises Thomas on a lot of issues and shows him the ropes also being a brilliant friend till the end.

    Now, for the plot. For those wondering, Alby, Teresa etc. won't have a character analysis or something cause I don't remember much about them. It was AMAZING but these points Could have been clarified in the book
    (I haven't read the other two books properly so idk if any of these are dealt with there):

    1. The whole purpose of the maze. I felt a little rushed and off to me, that they made a full maze just to see how immune kids' systems worked. I mean, with the whole world in mortal peril, logically it would have been a waste of time to experiment and observe these special immune people. Wouldn't it be better to get their biological tests done instead? Trying to observe the effects and implications of the virus sounds more logical than putting a bunch of kids in the maze.

    2. Why add grievers? Like okay, they had the vital serum thing in them that made you remember past bits. But the grievers were dangerous to these kids who are apparently immune to a fatal disease. Why would you waste your resources? It made no sense to me.

    3. Why add mortal people who are not immune in the maze. Now this one is clarified somewhere, they act like a 'glue' but I still question this one lol.

    4. How is it that there is a fatal disease in the world loose, and the ONLY ONES who are responsible to find the cure is WCKD? There have to be some competitors for this organization in the world , right? They cannot be the only ones. So if there was another organisation that had a different approach, maybe Brenda could be a spy for the other organisation. Maybe Thomas and the Gladers could have joined hands with them instead of the right arm.

    5. If there is no cure to this, then how the heck are the doctors in WCKD roaming freely and not getting infected? Except Ratman, if my memory serves me right, no one had an exposure to the Flare in the book in WCKD.
    Makes no sense, even Ava Paige.

    All in all, this was a good read. Loved the way the chapters were quite smaller than usual ones. The writing style was very descriptive and the plot was cool too.

    That is it for today guys! Thanks for reading.

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    Book: Everything, Everything
    Author: Nicola Yoon

    I had read this book two years ago, after watching the movie. It is, legit , the ONLY romance novel that I like till now, out of all I have tried reading. So I thought I should write a review on this. Feel free to correct any grammatical or factual errors I may have committed in this post.
    Warning: Possible spoilers ahead

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    Book review: Everything, Everything

    For people who look for a relationship that builds slowly through the progressive chapters in the book, I think it is a great read.

    Maddy was a good character. She had her ups and downs, she got angry and rebellious, but she mostly did not argue with her mother and lived up to her mother's expectations. Knowing what her mother went through, I was happy that she spent time with her mother and acknowledged her strength. The mother went a full 180 degree flip in the end though, if I hadn't watched the movie I would have been extremely surprised of the turn of events and the truth.

    Maddy's mother, Mrs. Whittier was a complex character. Her actions may not be completely justified for me, but I can imagine why she would do that. She wasn't perfect either, she lost her temper sometimes, very overprotective but she did love her daughter. She was perceptive and observant, she realised that Olly had visited with the rubber band in the room, that was a personal favourite of mine.

    Olly was a typical romance novel protagonist. Funny, quick, bold and athletic, Olly stole was a cool character. He had a sad backstory, with his feud with his father but unlike a lot of male protagonists in books or anime for that matter, I did not find him very possesive or obsessed over Maddy. He also went on with his regular life side by side, something I really appreciate. He cared about Maddy, and did not agree to their trip at first , concerned that Maddy would get sick.

    Now, Carla was a very important figure to me in the story. A sweet but little strict nurse, she was also a mother like figure to Maddy. She got Olly in the house, she let Maddy stay with her at her house for some time after Maddy discovers the truth. She did not whine or complain about being fired, she did not protest she was professional and looked at Maddy as not just a patient but a daughter. We feel her absence when Maddy gets a substitute nurse who is nothing like Carla. All in all, she is a gem.

    I found Maddy a little annoying when she ran way to Hawaii, when she lied to Olly about her new medication and that she was getting better. I was a little sceptical when she left her mom in the end to meet Olly. I completely get where she was coming from, but I still found it a little weird. But that's my personal opinion.

    Olly was a bit over whelming for me at times, the way he went up to Mrs. Whittier, a complete stranger and asked her about the whereabouts of her daughter in the first time they moved next to the Whittiers. I can say that now I feel that Olly had some sort of relief after his fights with his dad, the times when he would meet or talk with Maddy. But it was not the same for his mom or sister. Not his fault, but I would have liked if we got to see some sort of a relief for them in those times too. They did move away from his dad so I think I can do with that.

    Mrs. Whittier was a huge surprise. The fact that she faked her daughter's fatal disease, lied to her because she did not want to lose Maddy too was VERY LOW of her. I can see what made her think that but it is not justified. She fired Carla, did not even ask for her daughter's opinion, forbade contact with the only friend Maddy had, making the readers view her as a potential antagonist.

    Now, for the plot. I love the plot, but these points are the ones that I could have enjoyed if done a little differently:
    1. The point of views. NOW THIS IS TOTALLY PERSONAL . It is a first person narration, something I am not a huge fan of. I would have liked a sort of swap between Maddy and Olly's point of views so we could see thier lives properly.

    2. Friends and acquaintances. Maddy is apparently friends with Carla's daughter, but we do not see a lot of interactions between them. Being a teenage girl who had been stuck at her home without any contact other than a few people, she should have some close friends to confide in or talk to. Olly came in much later in her life. She probably can't relate with Carla, who is not of the same age. I would have liked some friends. Olly had one friend, a girl in his car, of whom Maddy got jealous. And that one friend who got them in Hawaii. So yeah, Olly could do with more friends too. His feud with his dad could be stressful and he probably would have needed a break from his family matters. He could have discussed it with his friends or gone out with them.

    3. The quote. "Love is worth Everything. Everything." I strongly disagree because well, love is not worth your everyday life, your dreams, your loving family, your own will and many more things. I get that highlighting romance is the main and basic point of romantic novels but this is something I personally disagree with. You never know if you are actually in love with someone, or if you are thinking that you are, but it actually turns out to be a simple crush. So, teenagers, or for that matter anyone, cannot solely decide for love to be their one and only goal.

    4. The trip to Hawaii. It was too quick. The way they left everything and went away, it felt too rushed for me. Olly just had a friend who would help him? Felt a little unrealistic. How did they get the money for the trip? I don't think I remember Maddy leaving a note to her mother about them going to Hawaii. I mean it is the entire point of running away, but what if she got sick(which she did) and there was nothing to be done? What then? Maybe they could have done it like this
    Maddy goes to Carla's house out of frustration. She finds Olly at the door the next day and they go on a drive or something, instead of a different state entirely. On thier way they stop at the beach and eat some street food, just chill like normal people do. Cue the sickness. They visit the hospital, which happens to be the same in which her mother worked. They get Maddy checked, without Mrs. Whittier's knowledge, as that day Mrs. Whittier had not gone to work that day. Then another doctor tells them that she never had the scid, and that her mother had never gotten any reports or tests done for the same at the hospital.
    Now I don't remember if her mother worked in a hospital or not so please correct me. If it is not mentioned in the book, I would assume her to be a doctor in a hospital. So yeah I would like all that to happen instead.

    Personally, as opposed to many other readers, I am actually in support of the ending of this book. It was abrupt and sudden, leaving us to imagine what may have happened when Olly and Maddy met. It can be different for different readers, depending on their imagination and thought process.

    I genuinely enjoyed times where the author described Maddy's imagination and the one in which Olly pasted photos of oceans on Maddy's window. It was the cutest part for me.

    That's it folks! I will post other reviews some time later.

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    This is my first time writing a book review, so please feel free to correct any factual or grammatical errors I may have made in this post. It has been quite some time since my last reading of the book, so please bear with me.

    Book: Paper Towns
    Author: John Green

    There may be some spoilers here so read only if you want to.
    #bookreview #pod

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    Paper Towns: Book review

    This is a one time read for me. There were many pros and cons to this book's plot and execution and this review represents my personal views regarding the same.

    To begin with the good points, I liked the fact that Quentin was not the typical 'I-am-a-fearless-rebel' kind of a guy. He was quirky, which may be more relatable to readers. He has his own flaws, and during the course of the book, he realises that everyone is not as obsessed with Margo's disappearance as he is, which is a MAJOR improvement.

    Margo herself was bold and decisive, which is a plus point. She liked to leave clues, which is quite interesting and pushes the reader to speculate and guess her thought process. But that is legit all I like about Margo.

    Radar was cool, a tech savvy guy with a lot of sense. He proved to be a valuable friend to Quentin as he helped him to search for Margo. Ben came off as an irritating character to me, but he grew likable with the progress of the book. He was also a good friend of Quentin and agreed to go on a road trip at their graduation to find Margo, a brave decision.

    Lacey was a genuine surprise to me, I had prepared myself to encounter a rude, ungrateful character when she was first mentioned but she turned out to be one of the most memorable characters in this book for me, her and radar are what made me want to finish this book.

    Now for the cons. Even though he has his funny side, Quentin was a major problem in the equation for me. He kept on whining about Margo and did not even try to do something for himself. All he did in the books was worry about Margo. We hardly see him going on with his regular life without Margo being mentioned in the same sentence. That really did not sit well with me. He did not care for his friends' troubles but rather focused on a girl who hadn't bothered to speak to him for all those years. Kids reading this, DO NOT leave your regular life for a simple crush. It is not worth it.

    Margo. One thing I really don't like about her is that she was VERY ungrateful. Her parents neglect her, but she did not talk to them about it. I don't mean bursting out complaints and whining, I mean sitting down, making an effort to talk and coming to a conclusion. Margo had a little sister who was worried for her but she did not care to think about Ruth throughout the book, which made me very mad. Margo came off as I-am-the-coolest-smartest-most-rebellious-rebel wannabe girl that irritated me to no end. She left clues, but did not want to be found. And her 'revenge' and idea of 'fun' is....debatable.

    Moving on, other characters had certain flaws like Lacey's original behaviour, Ben's attitude in the party etc. but the main characters were the ones I wanted to highlight here.

    Now, the plot itself. I would have liked it better if the following things were done instead of what actually happened in the book:

    1. The scene where Margo and Quentin encounter the dead body. For me, it felt like a very important scene which could have been used in a better way in the book. The fact that Margo did not cry at all witnessing that scene was very hard to believe. Maybe a connection with the man's suicide that would later turn out to be a murder. Possibly, Margo could have met the murderer and realised the truth somehow, and could have decided to run away considering her life would be in danger and leaving clues for her friends to reveal the murderer's identity and her location. It is just my opinion.

    2. Margo's clues. They could be more diverse and widely spread, making it difficult for them to find them all. Maybe at the end she could reveal that she had actually planted more clues than what the group had found and explaining the ones they overlooked.

    3. Ruth. Personally, I really found that such a simple side character could prove to be very valuable to the plot. If Ruth had overheard her sister talking to someone about her plans or knew the reason for her disappearance it would have been more interesting to me. But she did not contribute a lot to the plot.

    4. Margo's reason for disappearing. A more concrete reason than being tired of her life would be better for me. Her life was hard indeed, but a serious reason like the one involving knowing the identity of a possible murderer or an expedition to find the murderer would have been better. She could have realised her mistake for going on a solo trip to find the murderer of the man in Jefferson park and her character could have been developed.

    5. Angela. Honestly, she has no screen time in the book whatsoever. She seemed cool. But it could be too much to ask.

    Any way that's it! I'll try to post other reviews too sometime .

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    Book: Norwegian Woods
    Author: Haruki Murakami
    Published in: 1987
    Genre: Coming of age / Romance novel


    "I once had a girl
    Or should I say she once had me
    She showed me her room
    Isn't it good Norwegian wood?"

    It is said that when someone shares their favourite song with you, you are special to them. And no matter when you hear the song, it'll always remind you of them.

    Toru Watanabe was no different. As soon as the lyrics of the Norwegian Woods hit his ears he went down his memory lanes , walking beside his first love, Naoko. That's how the story of Toru and Naoko begins.

    But life isn't a walk through the green fields holding the hand of your love. It's a walk down the road paved with stones where you have to walk barefoot.

    Toru's story was no different.
    A college where he never belonged.
    A love who never reciprocated.
    A girl whom he couldn't love back even though he wanted to.
    And amidst all the memories of a best friend that committed suicide.

    A lot is happening.
    A lot is about to happen.
    And a lot more is going on in the mind.

    "And when I awoke I was alone
    This bird had flown
    So I lit a fire
    Isn't it good Norwegian wood?"


    A story that you'll never forget.
    A story that will remain within you forever.
    A story that you'll relate with.
    A story that you'll go back to everytime.

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    #mirakee #pod #bookreview

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    "For you a thousand times over".....

    // The Kite Runner //
    By Khaled Hosseini

    I don't really know how a book changes your perception and emotions, but today I'm tired and brokenhearted, This wonderful book, 'The Kite Runner' by Khaled Hosseini has hit a hard stone into my throat that I can't swallow it in or throw it out. I sheerly feel broken.

    A tale of Love, life, loss, redemption, impunity and a beautiful story of Afghanistan, Kabul, Amir, hassan, sohrab that you know but really don't know. At some point you can see your eyebrows meeting each other forming a ridge parallel to it when you feel the enormity of struggles and when pain hits you hard a corner of your eyelids gets sticky that you didn't ever notice, a more crumpled curve formed by your lips when You feel the exquisite peace and redemption. This is a terrible piece of story that sting your bruises to bleed again thinking of the memories it had profoundly carved in your heart. It stays, for how long I don't know, but it will as far as you feel. It taught me, what is pain and redemption, how guilt consoles you to be good, why is fear important to be reckless at times you have to.

    The shattered life of people of Afghanistan, who describes their life is melancholic and reckless, how they accept the loss and still survive and believe that "Life goes on". How trembled you would be, hearing the whistle of falling shells, the thunder of gun shots, dreadful images of men digging bodies from the piled up rubbles, after all how they hold on faith and Utter, "Allah is kind to us".

    The story is about Amir, hassan the brothers who loved and cared each other bitterly knowing they have the same father. One, the entitled half enjoying all privilege of his father's name, later an illegitimate half, the embodiment of his fathers guilt, who had the good part of his traits but former resembling the resentment of the sin.

    How the pain of betrayel haunts you all life but the guilt burried in the past memories nudges your way to be good again. It teaches you that past can be burried, but peeps out staring at you conjuring you to death. The beautiful lines are those, "for you a thousand times over ", it is still throbbing in my ears that I feel the pain in this wonderful story which is going to be my favourite one forever I be.

    This is devastating yet unforgettable story that needs to be listened and lived. At times you could tell yourself, how happy and safe you are when people were struggling to get a life somewhere in the same earth you live . It says that, there are a lot of children in Afghanistan but a little childhood enjoyed . And fathers are a rare commodity after the war, stealing from children their right to their parents love and care, and how mothers and children are thrown into the garbage of poverty, hunger, oppression and how finally happiness condenses on the grey clouds exquisitely dismayed to melt into rain when the rainbows cast a pleasent smile after all disdain and grief.

    Have a read, 'The kite Runner' by khaled Hosseini. A heartbreaking stroy of life of struggle and redemption.

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    Read full if you can, words from my heart.

    I have not read lots of books, but I sense that my eyes beam with joy every time I see a book. Some days ago, I read a review about a book " A Thousands Splendid Suns" by Khaled Husseini, and I couldn't stop myself to grab and read it.

    Some days before, I had spoken to dad about ordering the book but he refused telling me to study the syllabus books��. I got upset. And I told that I have to buy the statistical mechanics book and I with my brother went to the book store.
    Till my brother waited at the side of the road on his scooty, I bought the two of Khaled Husseini's books, put them in my bag, and realized that bookstore didn't have the syllabus books. �� I hid the books covering the bag and told my brother that the shop didn't have the book. So we took prints of the physics book and got to our way to home.

    On the scooty, sitting with my beautiful second handed books stuck to the chest, and me smiling madly under my mask.���� I couldn't be more happy, that moment was so beautiful like winning a chance to see your crush smiling at you��

    Today, I completed the book, and I cannot write in words, how beautiful the narrator has weaved the words into an unending fabric of melancholy and heartbreak. I thanked every time my heart pounded with glum and the words tranquilized me. I even had to close the book, couldn't read and feel the next, I couldn't stop myself from crying. It is such a wonderful book that I recommend everyone should read it and you will realise how small your sufferings are, in this small life.
    I thanks everyone who read it full. Thank you
    Between it's my 100th post���� and thank you all for 250+ followers.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @kehta_hai_joker @ovais43 @thousand_splendid_thoughts

    #Athousandsplendidsuns #mirakee #bookreview #thoughts

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    Book Review

    On the scooty, sitting with my beautiful second handed books stuck to the chest, and me smiling madly under my mask. I couldn't be more happy, that moment was so beautiful like winning a chance to see your crush smiling at you


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    As a person who reads a ton of manga every year finding manga that really captivates me has become a bit hard. But Alexandrite was one of the pleasant surprises of this rather horrendous year.
    A simple short slice of life story tied together with beautiful old school character design that carefully presents before you the fact that not everything is black and white and that there is a lot of shades of grey in between. Starring an androgynous guy who has a complex for being mistaken for a girl, a circle of friends each of whom are interesting and a strong female lead, Narita Minako presents a world that is not often seen in the world of manga.

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    Red Queen is part 1 of the Red Queen series. This is a set of 4 book, completing the series. There are 2 short stories associated with these novels as well.
    A great blend of power, thrill, magic, betrayal, strength and overwhelming emotions. This book is grasping. It won't let you leave. You will be amazed by the twist and turns. The thing you won't imagine happening, will happen.
    You will feel living in another world, growing with the character, stronger yet weaker. You will feel love with a breath of pain. You will cry. You will feel proud. By the end you will long, for more.
    The best part is she will give you more. Three more books and every book leaving you same way. This first book is the build up of story line, interesting and un-putdownable. It will stay with you for a long time.
    I will post about it's 2nd part soon. I am already finished with it as well.
    #bookreviewbysunidhiraiya #bookreview #victoriaaveyard #redqueen #redqueenseries #readears #writers #readcaption

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    Book review

    Red Queen
    By Victoria Aveyard

    Book 1 of the series.

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    In Custody by Anita Desai is a surprise package, quite different from her other books, indulging more in good humored sarcasm and quick wit rather than a sombre sad story. A must read for all her fans and yet-to-be-fans

    #books #appreciation in #lockdown


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    In Custody by Anita Desai is a surprise package, quite different from her other books, indulging more in good humored sarcasm and quick wit rather than a sombre sad story. A must read for all her fans and yet-to-be-fans

  • anupama_sarkar 114w


    With Mahabharat being re telecast, time to grab another good book. Here, the age old epic is re told from Draupadi's point of view...

    #bookreview #Draupadi #Mahabharata

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    With Mahabharat being re telecast, time to grab another good book. Here, the age old epic is re told from Draupadi's point of view...

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    Sophisticated science in a story telling way. That's what Anil Ananthaswami's 'The man who wasn't there '. He offers a great box of knowledge about modern neuroscience including details about schizophrenia, autism, alzheimer's disease and cotard syndrome. Each patient is a unique story with different aspects and facts of self and it's in-and-out play. He really tried hard and succeeded in explaining the power of the human self of sense. Extensive in depth interviews venture into the lives of individuals who offer remarkable and sometimes heart wrenching insights. One man cut off his own leg. Another became one with the universe.
    In this lucid and personable analysis by Anil Ananthaswami, the self appears to be an illusion, which nevertheless feels very real to most of us. ! Since no organism can do without this mental anchor, nature has found a way to concout one for us!!
    Simply, If you really want to know more about the self and the sense, you must read 'The man who wasn't there '. It's really an excellence of science book with simple language.



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    She speaks.

    "So when are you guys meeting?'. asked Sneha.
    "I don't know yaar. I'm scared. Like should I really give it a try? What if we too break-up later?"
    "Arrey, yaar Aastha..stop thinking about the future all the time. you always do that. And just because he was an asshole doesn't point to Siddharth as the same. So don't think, don't expect and see where it goes."
    "Yeah..You're right. Thanks for listening."
    " Thank me later. I gotta go. I should be home by now." she said and left swiftly.

    I was again lost in every one of those thoughts. I would cry the entire night bolted inside my room. I would think about those fake promises he gave and how effortlessly he shattered it. Then again I would revile him gravely. Things get worse. I would not talk to anybody unless they talked first. I jumped at the chance to be distant from everyone else. I would watch these depressing movies.My mother had begun to worry. Meanwhile, Sneha would try her best to cheer me up. She would plan all these girls day out. She would bring me my favorite Pinocchio ice cream. And what not?. Those dull days which I truly don't want to recall.  Eventually, things got better and I had moved on. My first and only break-up.

    Siddarth came in my life in an extremely astonishing manner. He was this vivacious person and the same time he was natural. He knows what he's doing. He kept it very simple. Initially, Of course, I cringed to go on speculating he's one of those random guys who are desperate and would do anything to get laid. But I was genuinely surprised that how well we connected. Even though I haven't met him in a person, he had enchanted me with one of his sweet and courteous talks.

    Love can really hurt you, It might have those startling wounds which are really painful, But love also heals it when you're with the right person. I had stopped putting stock in love. It wasn't for me I thought. It seemed like I never knew what love is all about. I never got an attention nor a little concern from my so called ex boyfriend. Instead i got affliction and negligence. I hated when friends of mine woudn't stop sharing their "Happy Couples" pictures all over facebook captioning "Me and the love of my life" #bae. But that is until i met Siddharth. I never thought i would fall in love ever again with every one of these things behind.

     But what if Siddharth does the same thing? What if i get hurt. Again? Insecurities and the fear of trusting someone escalated insignificantly. However, deep down inside, it felt right. Siddarth made me feel right. The confidence he had was amazing. He had such a great amount of faith in us which is the reason i couldn't resist falling in love with him. So I  guess Love had healed me. With the right person.

    "tringg tringg" My phone rang.
    "Hi baby." he said with his sleepy voice. *sexy*


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    Book Review - Canvas of Life by Rabjot Singh Isher

    'Canvas of Life’ is a collection of eight short stories, each peculiarly different from the other, written by a budding writer Rabjot Singh Isher. As the name of the book suggests, the author has captured some of the hues of the general human behavior and splashed it over the pages of his book trying to turn it into a fair painting.

    The book covers stories of love, longing, and separation, acceptance, coping with life, being easy on ourselves, rejuvenating, and finding altogether different meaning. Rabjot has even managed to touch some of the most sensitive subjects in a sensible flow. The topics of euthanasia, genetic mutation, organ donation, and environmental conservation are served to the readers in a renewed package.

    Moreover, every story will introduce you to some atypical characters with a lot of dialogues. The author has also managed to put in many words of wisdom in between these conversations which at times seems a bit out of place interrupting the normal flow of the read. But the good part is that the stories get back on the track very soon. Besides, almost all the stories travel back and forth in time imposing a slight dramatic angle on the plot.

    It occurs quite often that the author is narrating his own story or maybe the characters are drafted in a way to highlight this point. Nevertheless, Rabjot seems to be a promising writer and his book shall force you to contemplate in some way or the other. ‘Canvas of Life’ in an attempt to make you discover many different colors on the canvas of your own life.

    WINGED RATING - 2.5/5


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    Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, another epic, was nothing but a pure wonder for me. The intellectual writer, Brown, opens a world of magic with surprises and turns for us with a keenly arranged block of letters. I wonder, whether he could be able to separate reality and imagination with a single line. And I was stunned by the perfect connection emerged within the famous fellows like Davinci, Botticelli and Issac Newton.
    The story begins when the Harvard professor, Robert Langdon, receives a late night phone call for an urgent business in Paris. But the story takes a different turn when the intellectual curator, Jacques Saunere, found murdered inside the museum. Along the body, police have found a baffling code, as Langdon and a gifted cryptologyst, Sophie Nevue, begin to sort out the bizzare riddle to find the secret hides behind the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and suggests the answers to the mystery that stretches deep into the vaults of history.
    We could feel the accelerating excitement as we turn each pages with a curious mind. The story comes in a far more interesting way as it introduces more characters to us. Sailas - a numerary of Opes Dei, Bishop Aringarosa, Caption Bazu Fache -DCPJ caption, Paris and the masked historian Professor Leigh Teabing along with the main characters Langdon and Sophie are combined together to present a masterpiece in an extreme beautiful scenario. And the travel took a drift from Paris to London as the story takes into another gear of exploration and expedition to unearth the mysteries hides behind the story of holy grail.
    Story ends when the codes decoded brilliantly, But somehow, it still manages to left some questions in my mind.!

    - Jeethu R Nair
    #bookreview #davincicode #danbrown #thoughts

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  • nazneen_kachwala 131w

    Book Review - be more than what you are taught to be — FLUID by Ashish Jaiswal

    Book Title: Fluid | Author: Ashish Jaiswal | Publisher: Wisdom Tree

    Highly Recommended!!

    There’s a widespread myth that once chosen a profession, we need to pursue it for a lifetime and there are multiple factors playing role in deciding this – money, status, and lifestyle being the foremost. The term specialization has been mishandled so often that almost everyone has fallen into the rat race of becoming a specialist ignoring other brilliant opportunities that come their way which is way more fulfilling and aligned with their passion. Fluid shall break all your myths and misconceptions about this subject. Author Ashish Jaiswal has chosen the right blend of storytelling and stating facts to prove his point which shall leave you pondering over the matter.

    The author lines up evidence from the lives of your ideal personalities in the book that there is no single way to a career path and the jack of all can also be the master of all. Leonardo da Vinci, for example, was not just a painter and sculptor, but an architect, engineer, mathematician as well. He studied anatomy, Latin, geometry, aerodynamics, biomechanics, metallurgy and much more. Issac Newton besides being a great scientist was also a well-built, fashionable man with six-packs; Goethe who struggled at the early stage of his career practicing law became a revolutionary writer of his era whose popularity could easily give complex to the present day most loved Coldplay band; CV Raman the Nobel prize winner in Physics was so keen for music and acoustics that he wrote an intuitive paper on mridanga. Steve Jobs is well-known as an engineer and a college drop-out, but very few know that he studied literature, classics, and music for a year that molded his mind into creativity required to invent the iPhone. The author also takes inspiration from the ancient Indian texts particularly Vishnudharmottaram Purana that aptly narrates the idea of being fluid. The book showcases an interesting comparison of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and the Hans man in the Purana stated centuries before Da Vinci on similar lines.

    The current education system that forces the students to take up career disciplines before they even know what they would like to follow is criticized. Before the divisions or identifications were made in the educational streams, everyone studied almost everything ranging from science, mathematics, physics, medicine, architecture to fitness, fashion, painting, music, sculpting, and writing. But now the boundaries make it difficult for anyone to think beyond a small box. Ashish has even managed to house a lovely poem ‘Little Boxes’ by Malvina Reynolds in the book in this context.

    Fluid is an exceedingly insightful book and shall broaden your perspective beyond imagination. It is an encyclopedia that you must have, read, understand and implement in every walk of life.

    by: Nazneen Kachwala

  • nazneen_kachwala 131w

    Book Review — Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

    Book Title: Milk and Honey | Author: Rupi Kaur | Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

    ‘Milk and Honey’ is an intrinsic collection of micro poems written by Rupi Kaur who has achieved widespread popularity owing to her instapoems. The book is thoughtfully divided into four sections and with every poem, you shall take back hope, acceptance, self-love, and courage to get going. Every poem is written in an exceedingly simple manner that will strike you somewhere deep within and probably stay with you for a very long time.

    The book takes you on a journey of determining yourself. Dealing with heartache, pain, suffering, and damage done by love, sexual assault, domestic violence; the book initially captures your attention and makes you read ahead in finding a cure. The poems in the next segment will make you fall in love with yourself and teach you to survive in a subtle yet bold way. It houses the poems of healing, forgiving, rejuvenating and transforming in its last segment. Rupi directly connects with her readers through her heartfelt love letters at the end of the book. You cannot just put it down once you start reading.

    This is a highly illustrious book as every reader shall be able to connect with almost every poem in the book. The author has given a voice to feminism through her valiant writing. It is a call to celebrate, to liberate. This is a perfect book you could take as a company on a date with yourself over a muffin and a cup of coffee.

  • nazneen_kachwala 132w

    Book Review - Inner Engineering - A Yogi's Guide to Joy

    Book title: Inner Engineering – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy | Author: Sadhguru | Publisher: Penguin Publication

    Most of the time yoga is associated with twisted asana and postures. I always understood yoga as a way of life until Sadhguru went several miles ahead in explaining how to pursue this way of life to heal and rejuvenate the inner self. He rightly calls this the art of Inner Engineering. Sadhguru is a celebrated spiritual master who spreads yogic wisdom across the world employing discourses, debates, and discussions. He is the founder of the Isha Foundation NGO that runs several programs on meditation, yogic asanas. kriyas and mudras. Inner Engineering, which later took the form of a book, is one such guiding program run by Sadhguru’s foundation.

    As the name suggests, the book right in the beginning directs the readers to look within, and understand self by focussing on three important aspects – mind, body and life energies. Sadhuguru then goes on to explain the importance of each of these in great detail, enlightening the readers to follow a lifestyle in terms of quality food, good thoughts and unleashing the power of meditation. Every yogic approach highlighted in the book in backed by scientific evidence which leaves little room for arguments in any context and shall drive the readers in the world of mysticism.

    Sadhuguru’s style of writing is unique and captivating. He uses the right concoction of stories not only from the Vedas but writes down hilarious Akbar-Birbal episodes as well to put his idea across the readers who get to know the humorous side of the author too. The book is divided into two parts – the first part emphasizes on why one should adopt yoga to engineer the inner self and the second part answers how to do it. After each chapter, it is suggested to follow a ‘Sadhana’ that would enable the readers to contemplate the subject in depth. It also gives an insight into Adiyogi, Shiva as the pioneer of yoga and elaborates numerous facets of his character. Besides, you shall come across some rich philosophies of koshas, body chakras, Ayurveda, Nadi Shodhan and much more.

    All in all, the book is not limited to preaching but it is more likely related to practicing the craft. The book is a great source of motivation and you can seek its guidance at any point in life. It’ll not just help in clearing your mental clutter, but also grant you a new perception towards life.

    By: Nazneen Kachwala

  • nazneen_kachwala 133w

    Book Review
    The Upside Down King by Sudha Murthy

    Often we try to find science in mythology to satisfy our internal battles and keep juggling between the two. But mythology itself has something peculiar which at times draws ardent disbelievers through its gripping stories strikingly weaved some hundreds and thousands of years ago in the contexts as fresh as dew even today.

    Simple writing is the toughest and I admire Sudha Murthy as an author who has been able to carry this craft with sheer grace. The Upside Down King is a book of stories related to the two most renowned and revered mythological characters – Rama and Krishna, both considered to be the reincarnated avatars of Lord Vishnu. Born these characters were not just born in two different eras but were also quite different than each other as well. Sudha Murthy exquisitely writes down these stories highlighting their dissimilarities, their associations with their families, friends, society, kingdoms, and world at large. The book will surely carry you to the times when Gods and Demons visited humans on the earth quite often, when animals talked and curses and boons had an immediate effect.

    The book will also make known to you to a wide range of mythological characters, sages, time travel and the lineages of Rama and Krishna in the form of fascinating stories. My favourite ones being – The Power of a Name, where Narada tricks Sage Vishwamitra and Anjana leading to a futile battle between Rama and Hanuman; Krishna’s Consorts which tells us of Krishna’s wives Rukmani, Jambuvati, Satyabhama and many more and their relations with each other; Three and a half diamonds again describing a mischief played by Narada Muni leaving Duryodhana, Bhima and Balarama transfixed and Rukmani and Satyabhama tired of Narada’s usual stories entertained. The stories related to The End of Rama and The End of Krishna are touching but comes with a strong message which I leave for you to discover after reading the book.

    This book is apt for children’s bedtime stories but adults shall enjoy it likewise. If you pick this book to read, you won’t be able to stop until you finish reading its last page, that’s the beauty of this author.

    By: Nazneen Kachwala

  • nazneen_kachwala 139w

    BOOK REVIEW - Brief Answers to the Big Questions - Stephen Hawking

    Limitlessness is an inherent desire of each one of us. Very often innumerable questions flood our minds looking at the massive galaxies, stars, and planets, making us turn to the number one question probably of all the eras – Is there a God? which is followed by a series of other questions. Many of us are eager to find out the truth. Or let’s put it in simpler words - curious to know how it all works?

    Stephen Hawking a renowned cosmologist, and physicist has spent his entire life studying the cosmos, let alone the health-related challenges he faced for over forty years of his lifetime, but that’s altogether a different story. Hawking often asked for the thoughts of the influential personalities about the ‘big questions’ and maintained an enormous personal record of his responses which took the shape of many books and essays. This is one such book that was in the development stage at the time of Stephen’s death. The book has been drawn from his archive and has been completed with the help of his family, academic colleagues, and Stephen Hawking Estate.

    This book answers a wide range of questions – How did it all begin? Can we predict the future? Is time travel possible? Is there other intelligent life in the universe? And many more. Stephen also brings in insights from various celebrated scientists ranging from Albert Einstein, Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton, and many others on these subjects. Even though the books shall bombard you with theories related to physics and science from the very first page, you do not have to be a know-it-all in science to understand this. The entire research is presented in a very simple language infused with Stephen’s wit and humor attracting readers from every walk of life. He is distinctively sharing some of the mysteries of this universe unraveled throughout his noteworthy career. His remarkable work on the black holes, multiple histories and imaginary time take the minds of the readers to the furthest ends of the universe into a new exploration with every new paragraph.

    Hawking strongly believed that science has all the answers to solve all the problems that the world is facing today – climate change, global warming, and nuclear war to name a few. His arguments and investigation prove as to where we, as an entire human race are heading and what is in store for the future of theoretical physics and space science explorations. This is an intellectually inspiring book that will make you feel concerned and interested not only for our planet but for that which is lying on the extreme reaches of the universe. This is the last book written by one of the greatest minds in the history of science, and it certainly should be on your reading list.

    Reviewed By: Nazneen Kachwala