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  • shanthi_yella 14w

    Vathi met Vaathi

     I recalled that precious moment when Shenoy sang for me at Candolim beach, when we all went for a picnic.

     Shenoy's Song-

    I know, who you are?
    I know! I know!

    Com'n Aha... aaaaaaa...

    People say, you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!

    With a Cresent-Moon Canthi,
    You are my Vathi.

    With an ornamental Acanthi,
    You are my Lecythi.
    You are my Vathi!

    You pose like a Primrose,
    In a Polyanthi.
    You are my Vathi.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!
    People say, you are beautiful.
    I say, you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    You run on the beaches with bare feet,
    Sand says a flower is on the beat.

    You try catching the waves,
    Wave says, an utterly- butterfly moves.

    You move around on the Sea-shore,
    Air says, her hair is fragrant lavender.

    You giggle and do a happy dance,
    Sea says, a happy- peacock's rain dance.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!
    People say you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    You are my inside-out beautiful wife.
    You are my love!
    You are my wifey for life!
    You are my love.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!

    People say you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!


    You are adorable…..


    For any meaning please comment

    A poetic dialogue aka song from my novel vathi met Vaathi @webnovel..

  • shanthi_yella 15w

    Attitude matters

    Grandpa, I lost in the 200 meters run at school!

    Abhay! It's okay! How many people participated in the run?

    Ten students of 3rd grade Grandpa and I reached the finish line at the last.

    Oh! Why dear?

    I followed the moral told by you. "Slow and steady wins the race"

    When did I say that?

    The last Sunday night, you narrated a bedtime story of the Hare and Tortoise race.

    In the end, you told me that slow and steady wins the race. I followed this morale in the race.

    Oh! Dear little Abhay, I told that morale because the hare was lazy, as he underestimated that the tortoise is slow and he can win the race at any cost.

    But at the end,  the hare sleeps and the tortoise reaches the finish line and wins.

    "Oh! Dad, he was crying in the school until his physical training teacher motivated him," said Abhay's Mom Riddima.

    Grandpa! That's what the morale you told me. But today after I lost the race everyone called me little tortoise at School.

    Oh! Sorry to hear that Abhay. Why did they call you little tortoise?

    In the race when everyone was running fast, I walked slowly but I reached the finish line after everyone reached there.

    My physical training teacher scolded me. I mean giving a big lecture.

    Oh! What did he say?

    He said, "If your Grandpa told you the moral story of hare and tortoise. You will follow that in games at school. If you want to win the race you should run fast.

    It is the attitude of the hare that made it fail in the race. It's the head stubborn attitude that a hare can run fast, whereas a tortoise cannot.

    But the tortoise was steady with a strong attitude towards its goal to win the race.

    So the tortoise won the game even when it cannot run.

    Abhay thinks in a reverse way if the hare had the right attitude towards the game. It could win the game because of its strength speed.

    Always we should have the right attitude towards our goal. So that our positives help us winning and we can even overcome our negatives.

    I said, "so, we should have the right attitude towards our goals, it's not speeding or slow"

    The teacher said, "yes, Dear! Take an example of a slow-cycling game played by secondary high school students, which you have seen yesterday. The rule of this game is to do the slow-cycling without removing your leg from the paddle, the one who reaches the finish line in slow cycling mode without removing a leg from the paddle will be the winner. So here you have to be slow. Whereas the 200 meters race is for speed. Who reaches first with speed running will be the winner."

    Grandpa says, "yeah Dear! Your teacher is right. It's about attitude.

    Our attitude should be by our goals, our positive and negative characteristics."

    Grandpa! Then we have to change the moral of the story.

    No Dear! The writer of the story wants to say that even though the tortoise cannot run, it wins because "slow and steady wins the race"

    Probably, the inner meaning would have been this, the right attitude of tortoise made it win the race even though it cannot run and the wrong attitude of the hare, made it lose the race even though it can run at a good speed. As your teacher told.

    Then Grandpa, why you did not tell me this when you narrated the story?

    I didn't know about this Abhay. We were always taught that slow and steady wins the race as the morale of the story.

    Oh! Grandpa even your teacher told you the same.

    Yes! Dear.

    Which school did you study in?

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