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  • sarcasticbong 11w

    S T A G E

    "The night is disrupted,
    A glass of Red wine
    On the table,
    Poems laying on the floor
    shot by paranormal bullets
    thunder storm rage inside ribcage
    Numb eyes can't cry open stage
    Bleeding pen, forever rain
    Infiniti pain on a chain, soul slain."

    // That sounds gloomy, Bong
    Looks like another fling passed by
    Are you frightened again?
    Living dead, deafening silence.
    You at the edge, Bong
    Do you care about
    people understanding your rage
    Come let's leave the stage. \

    “Obsessed arrest infest
    Oppressed request indigest
    Depressed wrest jest”


  • sarcasticbong 12w

    (words) (blue) (clue)
    Want a trophy �� stan?
    #bongspersonalities #bongsnewphase

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    “Cried mind
    Lips grind
    Pain wined
    Soul denied
    Host died.”

    Ah! The joy of your nonsensical conundrum echoes,
    Bong ‘find me’ ‘find me’ ‘find me’
    Does this nuisance mean anything?
    “Who cares, I'm just having fun
    Don't you see snappy on the run
    Flower blind, never kind.”
    Aren't you just playing the p-art?

    “It’s a fools diary of art
    Hanging over the fan
    Run people, people run
    You are at the wrong time
    The year is 2050 to learn.
    Grammar nazi on the way
    They don’t understand
    what I say
    Threw my words in the ocean
    Now it's a puzzle inside a puzzle.”

    I got nothing,
    used too much brain
    Continue with your gibberish train.

    “Killer sight
    Lost fight
    Never right
    Soul benight
    Maybe indite.”


  • sarcasticbong 17w

    Bong laughed, sang a song says everything wrong.
    #bongspersonalities #bongsnewphase

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    ...woke up around 2 stretching my eyes
    A lucid dream surprise
    Broke me out of the subconscious shield,
    how did that happen
    Why am I again killed?
    blood smudged hand
    judged by the people can’t see
    I should have burnt my existence in flaming re.

    // Don't you dare, feel pity for me
    I like it how it is,
    writing for devil metaphorical evil.//

    Calling death, a partner in crime
    In the Time loop vortex rhyme
    I write for myself out of context
    Watches Death playing a chime
    A song that is so gloomy and grime
    That even bong can't stop the tears mime.

    // River Nile fever vile
    Shiver Weil reaper rile.//

    Let's talk about the demons
    Under the bed, waiting for me to fall asleep
    So they can come out and breathe the darkness, you know what knocks me
    They are scared of me, don’t know why?
    It must be Bong, not me perhaps
    who else is a better destroyer than him
    Covered in the white numb odour of death
    Poking people with an epistolary
    Traumatising me with numerous thoughts.

    // I need to pop those pills again
    I can’t write anymore for bong
    He isn’t a rose, he is a wildflower.//

  • sarcasticbong 18w

    Come on don't you like breaking the 4th wall.
    Let's talk stalkers! #bongsnewphase
    #celestialvibeseriesNgen #4thwallbreak

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    I'm sorry, you came for the humour
    The username suggests rumour
    Dragging people's to read more
    My kind of perfect isn't a balanced core
    High on words has been a routine
    Did you see that, am I accelerating?

    "Who knows, Who's reading"

    I know, I know they are
    It takes time to know the timeline
    Where we both write like our deadline
    Some imaginary, some redesign to be consumed by other's opine.

    "Don't you brag about
    I'm the good one today
    so shut the crap about."

    The demons are awake bong
    You know that's a frightening sight
    It's time, that I take control over
    This mortal flesh to guide you on a suffering share ride.

    "Do whatever, I don't care
    I took a dip in the feedback loop fair
    My rhyme scheme is better than your
    Manipulative layer."

    Wow, wow, hyper bully you dare!
    Calling my words manipulative layer,
    Fine, let's end it here
    anyhow these people don't care.


  • sarcasticbong 21w

    (Memento Mori) A Latin phrase meaning 'remember you will die.'
    (Ko) a blow that renders the opponent unconscious.
    (REM) Rapid eye moment.

    #bongsnewphase #bongspersonalities #celestialvibeseries #newwayc

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    (Celestial VibeNgen #16)

    I and bong came to know
    that you fellow word makers
    don't understand our conversation,
    so we thought maybe we could write some
    readable words for you all.

    Bong, you want to say something?

    "Yeah, Sorry we get too other-worldly while on conversations, let's start
    dib make a dip with the sketchy nib".

    Bong, no puzzling words.

    " Okay Lowkey,
    How much do you know about
    this unidentified entity called Love?"

    Love is an awful thing bong
    It takes away your sense,
    the sense that makes you walk straight,
    talk you into things that will
    eventually end tearing you apart
    breaking you apart into pieces,
    it teaches you to beware of the diluted love
    that will cross you at least once.

    "You say once? if it comes twice"?

    Then you need the philosophy of
    'Memento Mori' that will
    reshape your entire timeline,
    reshuffle it into multiple folds.

    "What does that mean?
    Is that the movie,
    one with the crazy dude like you?"

    No, what are you into nowadays,
    I am not going to explain it,
    You are playing around with me
    trying to learn about others like you,
    resting in a REM cycle inside the
    subconscious self.

    "You so slow, no flow, ko".
    You are a ducking headache.

    Our main narrators are trapped
    in a quarrel loop at the end of time,
    wait until they resolve themselves
    to narrate us our next Celestial Vibe.

    Thank you.

  • sarcasticbong 22w

    “They never get it, They never get it.”

    Stop messing around, let them try.//

    #bongsnewphase #bongspersonalities

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    IMAGO (Celestial VibeNgen #15)

    They both are ingenious
    when it comes to me they tend to be taciturn,
    I heard them yesterday calling me a 'wheeler-dealer', don't they know we are trapped here inside this Dyson sphere a never-ending fear fraudulent clear.

    "I empathize with you, Bong
    we are on the same side of wrong".

    They won't let me play God, you know
    It's like if you could see their frozen faces and then the fear in their eyes
    Quivering tyke, Q slamming the door
    you know, right
    how it ended and trillions flew.

    "Hmmm...Would you like to talk about that unanswered question, bong?

    Should I?

    " I think, you should they might have known that by now."

    Okay fine,
    I'm a Narcissist, a controlled chaos
    that's my degree doesn't that mean
    I'm the right one the real fun
    freaking gun don't you call it a silly pun?

    "What are they bong?".

    They are jealous crybabies
    Haven't evolved yet, silly douchebag.
    It was me, who made them ambiguous
    I Carved names for the spotlight and they turned out to be incongruous, vacuous.

    //" Let us give time to bong to get himself out of this dilemma."//


    Note to bong-

    "Haven't you learned it yet, bong?
    They won't read you,
    their eyes are looking for Butterflies in the stomach,
    Your poems are gloomy evening for them.
    Last but not the least, they are humans
    God-fearing humans".

  • sarcasticbong 24w

    The 14th celestial vibe
    With every new celestial ride, we take a jab at things people don't want to be talked about or unleashing the personalities and their imaginations.

    Here's a raw version of the conversation
    How the brain works with multiple personalities.

    #celestialvibeseries #celestialvibeseriesNgen #raw #bongsnewphase @writersnetwork @inborn_scribbler #bongspersonalities

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    (Celestial VibeNgen #14)

    The protagonists are :
    Dib the broken rib,
    Bong rather be wrong in "( )" and
    The silent rhymer in " "
    ("Bong wants me to keep a low key").

    "Red wine river Nile party night cloud nine"
    It violates the rules of laws like a playtime
    Wait, I would recall it a later time under the crew line.
    They learned something new, a nexus timeline grew
    Just like a sci-fi town near the north to the west where the wind weave, clever claws new laws.

    "How do you think all this multilayer faulty slayer salty future".
    Don't you know you are me and I is you,
    We are in the tongue twisters crew remember the clue.
    One rhymer fellow variant Oppenheimer We claim. to be admired, Alzheimer turned blue fibre, did I miss something fellow timer yellow rhymer.
    "(Add a meta-reference)"
    " I have that bot born living con ref, but won't write it".

    Slow down silly clown moving town
    The night is young, so are you
    Your long lost love will never back to you
    You possess the negative aura
    She was your red flora.

    "Why am I being a two-dimensional glitch, did you read that something else I wanted to call it a damm cliche".
    "(Add a damn fucking red room reference)"
    "What is wrong with you man, I did it
    Read again".

    Unable to write, out of sight flying kite
    Moving sky circling moon shy immune.
    Why the duck popping ads erotica scads".

    The protagonists are trapped in a dilemma
    and unable to talk any further, kindly wait for our next celestial ride.


  • sarcasticbong 29w

    A little introspect, self-explanatory
    So, Enjoy decoding.

    Dib- short for my real name.

    #bongsnewphase #personalities #celestialvibeseries #introduction #wod
    @writersnetwork @writersbay @inborn_scribbler

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    The universe makes random jokes
    Like, to know me is a curse
    My personalities make it worse.

    The introvert in me is ugly painted with gloomy clouds, stalking demons in the alley loves to mourn as a firstborn sick With numb eyes flick,
    tears living in an existential crisis.

    The extrovert in me is silly painted with colours people never been seen, his smile is flawless and always wander around clueless about why he smiles.

    The Bong is a song or people like to call it wrong, a yearlong gong he writes 'lol' in people's wall with a fluffy cloud inside his brain,
    it reads tetrahydrocannabinol,
    notorious for his vocabulary,
    can kill with an epistolary.

    -Ǝ(x)(H(x) ʌ G(x))

    The Dib is a broken rib, spoon-feed bib
    He writes out of syllabus with sketchy nib,
    runs in a solo trip his life says 'rofl'.