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    Our world might have changed a lot but still, there is discrimination towards women. Society still isn't strong enough to support them. They fight their own battles every day. Family, profession, etc they manage everything. People haven't changed their minds yet, The society hasn't changed yet. There are e women still crying for justice. #farcry #women#womenpoetry#poetry#life#poet#wod#stro g#bold#girlpower#win#youarenotalone

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    A far cry

    Some tears need to be sipped
    Some pain needs to exist
    Inside the heart
    Where you've been wounded.
    Are you alone in your struggle?
    Do you need someone to stand
    With you?
    Don't be a fool, Don't have trust
    Because no one bothers
    About you.
    You were alone, you will be alone
    You may be the nature itself
    But don't forget you're still a woman.

  • sakkshi 3w

    I have learnt to laugh with strangers
    And felt lifeless with the know.


  • blossomwrites 3w

    Every time I look into the mirror, I see flaws
    But every inch of the flaw that I posses is a true blessing
    Flaws make you a better human being and at the same time change your perspective towards life in a better way
    My intuitive mind never slipped for once due to flaws
    You are beautiful and a mere flaw in your life can never distract you from your goals!
    So embrace your FLAWS!

  • essarghkay 9w


    As I lay here in her arms
    I let go of all my charms

    They aren't needed here
    With her, I know, there's nothing to fear

    Never have I felt a love so bold
    Never have I believed in the promises of growing old
    But I believe every one she's told

    She calms my fears
    She lessons my tears
    She lets me be me
    A me I hadn't since long ago seen

    With her, I am better
    With her, I will never have to settle
    For anything less
    Because, my love, she is simply the best.

  • jullz_poetry 9w

    Move swiftly
    Live boldly
    Love unconditionally
    Breath,till your last breath


  • passionate_prism 9w


    Blue eyed small pup,
    Fills heart with love cup.
    One month old,
    Not scared of dogs, very bold.
    Powerful & graceful,
    With eyes that can pierce your soul.
    Gentle wolf like spirit,
    With heart of pure gold.
    Devoted till the end,
    A dog can only be man’s best friend.
    Loved to play,
    He Made my day.

  • prince_kumarr 10w


    Be courageous in your ability to outgrow what is keeping you stuck

  • ru_chaitraa 14w


    I feared failure,
    So I failed at life many times,
    I was afraid to be alone,
    Life made me to tread through the unknown,
    I was phobic to vulnerability,
    Life made me long for emotional intimacy,
    I was afraid to express,
    So life gave me more pain to suppress,
    I feared hurting anyone,
    So I was hurt by everyone,
    I always feared hating someone,
    People made me hate parts of my own,
    I was afraid to say what I meant,
    Life made everyone to misunderstand,
    I was afraid of being my true self,
    So life made me a mirror of thyself,
    I was afraid to stand my ground,
    Life forced me to be a lighthouse,
    I still feared to shine my light,
    Life made me tread through the dark and shine bright,
    I was afraid of my own power,
    So life brought down all the towers,
    I became fearful of fear itself,
    Life made me fall into its traps,
    As I looked around, there was no one to help,
    So I had to become the saviour of my own self,
    As I stared into fear's eyes,
    My soul started to gain its might,
    As the fears started to fade,
    My soul unleashed its light to end the dark charade,
    One step at a time freed my soul,
    That's how I became fearless and bold,
    This is the paradox of fear in life,
    You can't live your bliss till you are alive,
    So be fearless and curious like a child,
    Coz fears are only delusions of your mind,
    Just solve the riddle of fear and follow the steps,
    As fear will help you be free itself,
    F says Fool your mind and follow your heart's voice,
    E says Enjoy every moment coz there is only one life,
    A says Allow yourself to breathe and take a leap,
    R says Reassure yourself that love is all there will be......

  • silverlady 15w

    For The Female Being

    The wind billows,
    Revealing from her invisibility,
    An emerging woman,
    Whose shoulders reflected golden pads,
    Holding up and putting up a front,
    Whose breath was inspiring,
    Whose hair was adorned with silver filigree,
    Whose strides were like Yaa Asantewaa,
    Whose heart was embossed with courage and tenacity,
    Whose legs were like a graceful swan,
    Whose arms pulsated with care,
    Whose eyes sparkled with lightning jolts,
    Whose looks could give you calming shivers,
    Whose talk was heavy with impact,
    Whose demeanor was coated with elegance,
    Whose craziness could humor you into wonder,
    Whose laughter could liven up your corner;
    Time froze and unfroze in a slo-mo pace,
    With every click of her heels,
    Making waved on the pathway.


  • najar7515 15w

    The Woman

    We are special
    And so we deserve Attention
    We are Tender and so we need pampering
    We are Determine and so architect
    Of great innovations

    We are purpose driven unstoppable we are
    We are professionals Masters in our Fields
    We are mothers we build the nation
    We are bold undeterred by challenges
    We have a womb and so we nurture great ideas

    We are physically strong
    Emotionally stable
    We are capable and so give us a chance
    We don't need to prove who we are
    We showcase what we are capable of
    So you know who we are not

    We are what we are
    Because we choose who we are
    We have the power to become who we want
    For we are Women

    © Noah Ademola 8.3.2021 (women's Day)

  • abhinav_desa 17w

    I found her

    She's not the smartest
    She's not sexy or hot
    She's not straight
    She's not emotionally strong
    She's not rich
    She's not bold
    She's not pure
    She's not innocent
    She's not expressive
    She's not introvert either
    She's not you, but i wonder she's who?
    She's a myth, who doesn't exist.

    @mirakee @mirakeecontest #whoisshe #sheswho #mirakee #mirakeechallenge #bold #expressive #introvert #exist #sexy #smart #wod #qotd

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    I found her

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  • anupriya_sharma 19w

    I am not immortal, but my name will be.

  • oldschoolboy 21w


    I don't know how the hell girls share their bold pics on insta, I can't even share how I feel....

  • u_star 21w

    Will be taking a short break. Hope this piece justifies enough to be the last one for this month .I wrote something like this for the first time as this isn't my style but hey , there is a first time for everything.Let me know in the comment section below how you liked this?


    ������������������ :-
    prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

    **✿�������������������� �������� ���� ����������❀✿**

    Kissed by the angels when she was born ,
    With her exotic , exclusive and "different skin tone,
    She didn't know it will be arduous to go even for a mile,
    With a society that ridicules a skin tone like hers and that could steal away her smile,
    She was a little princess of her parents,
    She was bestowed with cerulean eyes, beautiful smile and many talents,
    But when she grew a lil' older her peer never forgot to point out her darkness,
    Reached home that day crying ,sobbing and losing her sacredness,
    Was rejected by the first love of her life,
    'Coz she was not "Fair & Lovely"and with herself she was in a strife ,
    Now she is twenty and looks like a pulchritudinous woman,
    The people who scarred her heart are now all forgotten,
    She wears red lipstick and dress that shows her perfect curves ,
    She is bold in the way she talks and poignant in the way she carries herself ,
    She got everything that she deserves ,
    She is perfect medley of beauty and brains,
    She now helps the girls who are under accentuated like her ,
    Yes she is dark, yes she is beautiful and when she walks in everything else is a blur,
    Like a warrior she fought the rude remarks and didn't let it dim her abilities,
    But most importantly she kissed away all her ������������������������.

    // Wear that dress you thought doesn't suit your skin tone,
    Pout like a model with your favorite lipstick on ,
    Walk in red heels and a tight white dress if you want to,
    Give a big ✌➖☝ to the world when needed to //

    (Coz you can shine and smile and dance and love and be loved just like everyone else! )


    19th Jan'21
    //������ �������������� ������������ ����������������//


    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersbay @readwriteunite
    #ceesreposts #pod #bold #she #darkskinned #blackisbeauty #brave #doesntgiveafudge


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  • lylafxt 22w

    #bold are rock

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    The door are open for those who are bold enough to knock

  • chizzycole 23w


    Unruly beings
    Cast not your dirt on me
    Yes, I absorb light and reflect none
    Still you pass through me to reach the morn
    I dignify, beautify, adorn
    Herald mystic grandeur
    To your style
    Yet, you treat me less than a sty
    My bottom wipe your chariots,
    Used in conveying my complements
    But I get no compliments.
    Through years I've laboured
    Under your oppressive degradation
    A blind eye you've casted
    To my woes and affliction.
    Else I depart.


  • summermoon 23w


    Warm. Bold. Beautiful. That is how people would describe me. I am a primary color. When introduced to my brothers I can create new shades of happiness. Greens, oranges and shades in-between. I am sun. I am fruit. I am leaves in the fall. I am flower in the spring. I am caution. I am sweet. I am yellow

  • deepflowsoul 25w

    Battling generational trauma sucks, but its worth it a thousand times!

    #strive #new #bold #better #generations #mold #old #settling #covered #truth #healing #hope

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    Striving for something new being bold
    Is better than settling for something covered
    In generations of mold.

  • alacrits 26w

    #You only get what you give#Bold heart#

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    Expect- Respect

    Respect is something you own from others by your actions.
    It's not somethibg you demand for.

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