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  • mjqutbi 118w

    The Rains & the Feels

    I sense a change in the winds, looks like things are going to get beautiful.
    Ah there it is! Starts off with a drop and two.
    Thunder does not want to miss out on the party.
    It roars to mark it's presence.
    Soon we can see puddles and little streams everywhere.
    The children jumping with joy it seems there were no burdens nor care.
    Their paper boats did sail along the streams while you could hear their cheers and playful screams.
    Why do we lose our inner child when we grow old?
    Wish there was a time machine to take me back when I was free and bold,
    Wish I could be someone,
    Wish I could be seen...

    ~Mo'iz Qutbi

  • zaan74 124w

    You said,
    Let's sail on paper boats
    To our destiny.

    I hope it drowns,
    So we learn to swim
    To where we are
    Really meant to be.

    Farah Naaz

  • dbelles_writes 128w

    Lough Eels

    The May flies are out,
    they stick to my hair,
    get caught in my mouth.
    I’m better off eating them
    than spitting them out,
    but, I’m having Lough eels
    for tea tonight.

    A quota of cousins waterborne,
    bunch tight together,
    bare toes touching,
    eight small hands on oars
    paddling stealthily
    from adult voices
    on distant shores.

    Wet palms weaken
    grip, who will slip in
    mischief-making glee,
    feign drowning in
    Lough Neagh?
    Children are slippery
    creatures, like eels.


  • littlemisswritealot 135w


    Life is like a ship, sometimes you float and sometimes you sink!!

  • paulwrites 135w

    @_suruchi_ @eye_of_iris @stark19 @surreal @parikshagaur903 @ritika_ #zombies #horror #paranormal #adventure #livingdead #books #novel #serial #series #fiction #epic #cruise #ship #ocean #sea #zombieapocalypse #speedboat #fight #action #rescue #walkingdead #hispanic #african #boats #lifeboat #writersnetwork #writing #amwriting

    Zombie Drift

    Previous Episodes #zombiedrift

    Twelve: Camelia

    Camelia Cray opened her eyes to the bright morning sun. For a brief second she thought she had been dreaming about the disaster. First the containment leak, then the explosion and toxic chemicals dispersed into the air. Had it really infected everyone in the fallout? And if so, how did it suddenly affect populations in other states? She blinked her eyes again, the sun almost seeming to burn her retinas. The brightness didn’t just bring pain to her eyes, but made her aware of the searing pain in her shoulder. With a hand she reached for it and her fingers came away with blood. With the blood came sound. Not of her own anguish, but of people shouting, screaming. Rising above the shouts was the voice of the man who had saved her and her boss. The Hispanic. She thought his name was Edward or something. She couldn’t remember. “Turn us around!” he was shouting.

    She propped herself up on one elbow and tried to sit up. Pain shot through the injured shoulder and she wondered what in the hell the military bastards had shot her with. The speedboat turned in the water. Vertigo played hell with her and she almost threw up with the motion. She’d never been on a boat of any kind, so the motion of the waves did not suit well with her stomach. The craft surged forward and the motion sent her off her elbow and and flat on her back, the wind getting knocked out of her in the process. The speedboat hit something and there was a crunch, like the cracking of wood except sharper.
    “Grab my oar,” she heard Edward shout as the craft decelerated in a swift motion. Someone jumped into the boat and hit the deck with a groan. For a second she thought a zombie had flung itself in an effort to get to her. But then she saw the white uniform and orange life vest. She looked in the direction he had come and saw the side of an immense ship. It looked like one of those huge cruise liners that sailed to the Caribbean and back. She clambered to her feet and the very space she stood in seemed to turn. A wave of dizziness threatened to swarm over her. The sailor grabbed her. “Whoa there,” he said. “I think we both need to sit down.”

    And then she saw it. The truth of what she had woken up into. The speedboat was beside a sinking vessel. A lifeboat, by the looks of it, as it was tethered by a huge chain to the larger cruise ship. Looking up, she could see passengers peering over the side, some shouting warnings, others just screaming hysterically.

    She noticed the guy in the lifevest looking at her curiously. “Are you bit?” he asked.

    She shook her head. Her mouth was parched and dry but she managed to answer. “No,” she replied, “shot,” though it came out in a slow slur sounding like “shawt.”

    The shipmate sighed in relief. She could see the cruise line logo on his white, but bloody shirt, and half wondered if maybe he'd been one to get bit. "Get us out of here!" he suddenly screamed to Edward.

    The towering rescuer appeared not to hear him. He had one hand on the wheel of the speedboat, another on an oar he was extending to the troubled lifeboat shouting at another man to grab it. This man, in a garish Hawaiian shirt, grabbed it and allowed Edward to pull him across to safety. But the man wasn't the only one to come across. A zombie had latched on to his legs and was trying to prevent his escape. The man kicked the creature in its face and its head reared back. It did not let go. Even when the man let go of the oar so Edward could swing it at the zombie. The man fell into the boat, rolling onto his back and tried to dislodge the living dead who was now trying to get its mouth at his calf. Three solid punches to the face seemed to slow it down, but its mission was relentless. Bite someone. Anyone. Bite them now.

    Suddenly there was a loud pop and the zombie's eye exploded, followed by bits of skull erupting through an new exit in the back of the creature's head. Dr. Wills stood there, a smoking pistol in his hand. Small enough to conceal, yet large enough to take out a target.

    "Where the hell did you...." Edward began, but the doctor was already turning away, taking hold of the wheel again and throwing the throttle open.

    "Hold on!" Wills shouted and the sudden surge of power nearly threw Edward off balance. He caught himself and then turned to the speedboat's newest passengers.

    "Anybody hurt?" he asked.

    The crewman, though dashed in blood, shook his head. Then he looked warily at Ethan. "He got bit."

    "That true?" Edward asked, now eyeing Ethan with suspicion.

    Ethan nodded. He showed him his arm. The teeth marks were visible but there wasn't much blood. "Lucky for me zombies don't have good dental hygiene. Barely broke the skin."

    Edward nodded grimly. "Once we get on this ship, you need to be checked out. I've seen enough horror flicks to know how more zombies are made."

    "Fair enough," Ethan said, noticing Dr. Wills was taking them around the bow of the ship in an effort to get to them to the other side. Ethan looked over at Camelia. "You shot?"

    "Yeah. Army bastards got me."

    "You look like you're losing a lot of blood. Is there a first aid kit onboard?" He didn't wait for an answer. He took off his shirt and wrapped it around her shoulder and upper arm. He pulled it tightly and Camelia grimaced. Tieing it off, Ethan gave her an apologetic look. "Sorry, my nursing skills are lacking. You guys look like the doctors."

    "Not that kind," she replied, before Wills turned and gave her a hard look.

    "Yeah Doc," Edward said. "Since when does the medical profession issue guns?"

    Wills focused on his steering of the boat and said nothing.

    Edward shook his head. "It would have been helpful if you'd used that gun earlier."

    The doctor didn't look at him. "I was saving it for myself," he muttered.

    No one said anything for a few moments. Ethan looked up as they came along the port side of the St. Fitzgerald. Apparently, the spectators of the lifeboat attack, had crossed the deck to follow the speedboat and were now at the port railing. Others had joined them as well. He spotted the asian guy and teenager who had first alerted him to zombies in the water. Right beside them the man he had been looking for in the first place. The Captain. 'Hell of a way to get the Cap's attention,' he thought.

    "Thank you," Camelia said from beside him. Her voice was weak, but she was a strong girl, holding herself together despite the blood loss.

    He turned to her. "For what?"

    "The tourniquet," she replied, nodding towards her wounded shoulder. "It looked like a nice shirt," she added.

    "I hated it."

    She grinned. "Who wouldn't?" Then, looking around them, a thought occured to her. "Hey, how come there's no zombies on this side?"

    Edward had been watching the lowering of a lifeboat, in which two uniformed crew members sat. Now he looked at Camelia.

    "Good question, but if TV shows are right, I'd say they have a pack mentality. Travelling and acting in groups."

    "Like a bee hive?" she asked.

    "Perhaps something like that."

    "Well, i hope they are just worker bees then."

    Ethan looked around the speedboat. He could see none of the zombies, and like Camelia it worried him. It was only a matter of time before they figured out their meal had ducked around to the other side of the ship. And if the hispanic was right, and there was a pack mentality, what did that mean for any zombies on shore?

    The speedboat came alongside the ship and was met by the lowered lifeboat. "Get the injured on first," one of the crew members said.

    Camelia stood on shaky legs and started to step over. "I guess that would be me," she said, before blacking out again. If not for Edward, she would have toppled into the ocean.

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    Zombie Drift 12: Camelia Cray

  • anonymousquill 146w

    Sailing on This Lonely Sea

    Sailing in my little boat, on this lonely sea,
    A waveless doldrum as far as the eye can see.
    The night has come and claimed these waters as its own;
    The inky blackness up above mirrored down below.
    This void would be truly frightening if there were no light,
    But I have my third eye open and a little lantern glowing bright.
    Now the hour has changed, I think, for lo and behold !
    The temperature has changed to warm from deathly cold.
    And out of the sky have come the stars to watch the goings on of Earth,
    And out of the Deep have come its natives to light my watery hearth.
    And now the lonely sea is no longer so lonely
    For now I have the entire sea and stars for company.
    I think I'll be sorry when the morning comes again.
    And brings the wind and the waves from wherever they were lain.
    When it comes, the wind will drive my boat to some land unknown
    I hate goodbyes, but the wind is my master, so I go wherever I'm blown.

  • mkandres 147w

    We wrote our dreams down
    And folded them into boats
    Watched as they sailed away
    Would they sink or float?


  • divsingh 149w

    Sailing boats
    Having trails and trails of thoughts
    Some getting lost in the mists
    Long waves dissolving the lists
    Forgotten in the unmentioned shells
    What we think are firm winds
    Touch of moments
    Truly have depth of wells
    Reality is far off from home
    Somehow reaching these delicate shores

  • loftydreams101 156w


    Hogtied in a wooden vessel 
    And kicked to the surf 
    Prayers rise into the night 
    For my untimely voyage

    © William Wright, Jr. 2018

  • paulwrites 163w

    @_suruchi_ @eye_of_iris @stark19 @surreal @parikshagaur903 @ritika_ #zombies #horror #paranormal #adventure #livingdead #zombiedrift #books #novel #serial #series #fiction #epic #cruise #ship #ocean #sea #zombieapocalypse #speedboat #fight #action #rescue #walkingdead #kpop #hispanic #african #boats #lifeboat

    Zombie Drift

    Eleven: Lynn & Yeong

    Lynn Billiot and Yeong, the boy she saved, stood at the railing, frozen in place by the events that unfolded in front of them. Down in the water below, the lifeboat seemed to thrash about on its tether. In reality, it was being pulled and jostled by the waterlogged zombies that had risen up from the ocean. The two men inside the boat were trying to fight them off, but it looked as if eventually they would find themselves in the water with the living dead, and then it would be all over with. Lynn knew they had to stay in the boat. There had to be something she could do. She looked over at the crewman operating the winch. Only he wasn’t operating it. He was trying to bring the lifeboat up but it wouldn’t budge. The chain seemed to be stuck. It was Yeong who pointed out the problem. A zombie had managed to climb aboard the lifeboat and stick his arm through the lower pulley causing the chain to pin his arm against the wheel, bringing the whole thing to a halt. Lucky for he and Lynn, they couldn’t hear the tearing of chain against flesh as the cogs of the wheel dug into the zombie slowly carving its way to the bone.

    The lifeboat was at a standstill now, just inches above the water, as the zombies continued their assault on it, trying to tip the desperate occupants into the ocean. Now that the boat was stuck on its pulley this made it easier. Lynn, in desperation to help, looked all around, and in a flash of inspiration she ran over to the lawn chair where she’d left her books and pens. She didn’t bother with her writing, but instead picked up the chair and ran back to the railing with it. Looking over the side to see where the zombies were trying to tip the lifeboat, she let the chair go with a shout of “Fire in the hole!” She wasn’t sure what that meant, but she’d seen it in a war movie her dad liked to watch.

    Luckily, the two humans in the boat knew what it meant. They had the common sense to get out of the way. Two zombies however had no sense at all and were hit by the chair just as they were climbing aboard the boat. They fell backwards in the water, and the pretty Alaskan girl turned to the Asian boy, who let out a whoop and gave her a high five.

    “Awesome!” he exclaimed and turned around to look for some furniture of his own to throw. But three girls were rushing towards him. He tensed, knowing full well what was coming. He’d seen it before on the streets of Seoul, but he never imagined it would happen here where up until now he had enjoyed some anonymity.

    One of the girls screamed, “It’s New Yeong!” The other two squealed in heightened excitement and started gibbering something about autographs and photos with their ultimate bias. They almost seemed to be getting in an argument about who got to have him when Lynn noticed them.

    “You’ve got to kidding me,” she mumbled under her breath. She looked at the three girls, teenagers like her, and found them to be almost as frightening as the zombies in the water. Then she looked at the guy beside her. “You’re Yeong?” she asked, it finally hitting home that the boy on her best friend’s wall was the same one she just saved. In another circumstance, she would have been asking for an autograph too for her friend, but things had changed in the last fifteen minutes. “You’re really Yeong??”

    The K-Pop star looked at her with what appeared to be fear, as if she too would be mobbing him like the trio before them. “Oh no, don’t worry” she exclaimed. “I’m not a fan.”

    Before Yeong could even be put out by her statement, the three girls began to scream much louder. But they weren’t looking at the Korean idol anymore. No, they had finally seen what Lynn and their idol had been gawking at. The zombies in the ocean.

    “What the hell is that?!”

    “Oh my God! Are those…”

    Neither Yeong or Lynn needed to answer them for one of the dead in the water emitted a loud moan that sent chills up their spine. It was trying to grab hold of the side of the ship below them but there was nothing for its broken, twisted fingers to grip. The zombie let out a string of moans and looked up, a brief glint in its eye.

    “It’s trying to talk,” Lynn said.

    Then the glint was gone and it was a mindless zombie again, trying desperately to get to where food was at. But Lynn didn’t want to be food. And though the k-pop fangirls looked like they wanted to eat Yeong themselves, it was apparent he wasn’t interested in them at all. He too busy looking forward towards the bow of the ship. Hanging over the railing, he had spotted something coming in fast, a speedboat that seemed to be trailing smoke behind it.

    “Look!,” he shouted, pointing in its direction. Both he and Lynn could make out at least two figures in the boat. One was driving, the others was standing armed with what appeared to be an oar in his hands. As it drew closer, they saw the driver was a Hispanic man of sturdy build in gym sweats and a tank top. His standing companion was of African descent, wearing a white lab coat like a doctor. He shifted the oar to his other hand and raised it as if in greeting.

    Lynn wanted to shout to them to turn back, to warn them of the zombies in the water, but then she realized they already knew this, for the speedboat accelerated and headed along the ship towards the lifeboat under siege. The occupants of the lifeboat all realized something was coming. Zombies and human alike turned to the boat’s approach.

    Whack! An oar connected with two zombies as the speedboat rushed by, sending up a spray of water in its wake. The impacted zombies flipped off the boat, one of them minus his head from the blow of the oar. The two humans aboard, the bewildered crew member and Ethan both looked on dumbfounded as the speedboat turned around and started to come in for another pass. A persistent zombie with one arm hanging loose tried to pull itself up onto the lifeboat. Ethan lunged forward and punched the creature in its face. There was a loud crack, followed by a spray of blood and gray matter. Apparently this one had been dead a very long time and its time at the bottom of the sea had weakened its bones. Ethan barely had time to shake his fist loose from the ruined skull when the crew member yelled a warning that’s sounded a lot like the words “Oh Shit!”

    Ethan turned just in time to see another zombie climbing aboard. This one wasn’t wasting any time though. It bit down on the frenchmen’s arm, its half rotted teeth breaking against the skin. Ethan grabbed the living corpse and held it back at arm’s length. From Lynn and Yeong’s vantage point above, they could hear the horrid clacking of the zombie’s remaining teeth as it gnashed them together in a frantic attempt to bite Ethan again.

    The speedboat came speeding by again just as Ethan shoved the zombie off the lifeboat. There was a sickening crunch as the thing nearly fell apart under the impact of the speeder’s bow. Ethan heard something splash behind him. He turned just in time to the see the crewman getting sick, retching overboard into the ocean. He grabbed him so he wouldn’t fall in after his own bile.

    “It’s alright man, pull it together and…” He looked down. Water was covering his shoes. The lifeboat was sinking.


    Missed an episode? Check out #zombiedrift for previous chapters.

    Paul D Aronson. Oct. 17, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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    Zombie Drift 11: Lynn & Yeong

    Terror sets sail again...

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    जब गिरा लहू मेरे बदन से,
    वो समुद्र में जा गिरा।।
    ढूंढने गए उसके निशान,
    तो एक मुसाफिर मिला।।
    कहा, समंदर नही जानता,
    तुम्हारे एक कतरे लहू की क़ीमत।।
    हज़ारो कश्तियां डूबा कर भी,
    प्यासा रहता है।।
    फिर भी भूख ना मिटे तो,
    सुनामी बन कर घर तबाह
    करता रहता है।।

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    Get away

    I Felt You Slipping Away..

  • loftydreams101 186w

    Fatal Tides

    His words will all fall apart 
    And scatter in the wind 
    Before him;
    Before his craft 
    Can meet its fatal swell

    © William Wright, Jr. 2018

  • badastoor 187w

    Paper boats on the table,
    Closed drawers,
    By window sills.

    Lying like they don't got no chance!
    Pretending they can't ever dance!

    Put a few in the water,
    Watch 'em run, race and stutter!

    Lazy, smart paper things,
    It's like water gives them wings!

    I know it's been a while,
    Since the days you've been a child
    Since we'd happily let go,
    So set them free, let them float!


  • super_poet_santos 191w

    "Message in a Bottle"

    There is a map in your smile
    That I don't know how to read, yet.
    Jewelry in between your laugh
    And I am pacing around
    Trying to come up with jokes.
    Your ego is an inflatable raft
    That got lost at sea after the ship sank.
    I see the scars on your skin
    where the sand got too rough
    And palm trees were just spectators.
    Sometimes I want to hit you
    with a coconut on your coconut
    So maybe the blunt trauma will
    Liberate you from this trance
    The world has you under.
    You are more than a treasure
    That men fight over.
    You are the North Star that
    meets with the moon
    On a nights when the clouds
    Are too heavy to look at
    And two is all we have.
    You are the wind on a sunny day
    Lying in the sand under a shady tree,
    I find you relaxing.
    This is my message in a bottle
    I hope it finds its way to you.
    -Angel Santos

  • lefthandedintrovert 201w


    Come travel with me through time.
    You set the sails
    I'll steer the rudder.
    We'll brave the storms
    We'll outlast each tempest.
    To greener lands
    To distant shores
    You hold my hand
    I'll hold your heart
    Til the setting of the sun.


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    They wanted to paint the world in their kaleidoscopic hue,
    Darkness is what they succumbed to!


  • nityash27 242w

    He had come a long way conquering several milestones yet nothing could compare to his yesteryears' fleet of paper boats in monsoons.