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  • the_happy_pen 2d

    Hard work

    Hard work is just like water, super essential for each and every one of us and we need it, undeniable!

  • akshay_vasu 4d

    Looking at her always reminded me of a rose that was dripping blood. I always felt it was drawing all its life from the inside, just to look beautiful outside.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • shubham_20 2w

    Main hui Chintu pilot aur pilot mere khun main daudte hai


  • fiuntscriptum 2w

    Water Relatives, Blood Covenants

    Looking for love, don't come home,
    Looking for trust, it ain't home,
    Looking for warmth, the house is cold.
    Watching family feud, going through family feuds,
    Young royal going through it, a royal feud.
    Arguments not argumentative but petty,
    It's become an annoyance, things sketchy,
    Been looking for avoidance, semi or henny.
    They curse the come up, like you ain't gonna make it,
    Now they use hexes, like they were day ones on days you had zeros.
    Looking at you now, some kinda hero or savior
    They didn't believe before, they just doubt,
    Back when they said it was all for nought.
    They selfish, they want your blood and soul,
    They selfish, they want your flesh and bone,
    They want you selfless, heart and spirit
    Back ain't bent for them they ridicule you,
    Bend over backwards for them and they want more from you.
    Go forward for you and you're the ridiculous one.
    Couldn't believe what I heard and saw,
    Guess the vision is hard to see when you don't listen.
    Securing bags and they want them to flop,
    Bag secured, they lost to how you saw the top.
    They want you out of slavery but mentally enslaved you,
    They want you out the bucket but still pull you down
    Out your mind because the skin tones are brown.
    So much fake smiles it's all coonery.
    They want your baloney for their hatchery,
    Could you PLEASE stop with the buffoonery.
    Studying my moves while you did physiology,
    Talking togetherness but you studied anatomy,
    Talking down on me when I had sleep paralysis,
    I gave them help when their hands were tied in prolonged stasis,
    That's standard for me, but they mis-standard the basics
    Now its hard to say such,
    They asking for much,
    Wanting me to be their clutch,
    Never been the type to be someone's crutch,
    They're negative it's just really too much.
    I can't get reciprocation when all they do is lie,
    Sometimes at night wishing to be the type to cry,
    But it's hard to break when all on mind is to fly,
    It's a different league, lane and sport,
    Alot on mind with decisions to sort,
    Protests and judgments, they really want you in court.
    Made you feel like what you did was only sin
    Strangers give more love than my own kin
    Put more faith in my brothers, they really want me win.
    In any weather their shoulders are trusted, lose or win.
    Guess what the scriptures say is true and in stone,
    Just like when they wrote it on the tomb,
    The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water in the womb.

  • fiuntscriptum 2w

    Our Dead Bodies

    Bodies in the street,
    They ain't sweet,
    Shell casing cold,
    Ar 15s in the winter.
    Family in tears,
    Bodies stay hollow and leaks,
    Blood caresses the dirt in the streets.
    Ops joy cry on the jolly ride,
    Padoones put the books down,
    Reports of missing persons now,
    Magicians with the disappearances wow.
    Plots and glocks all thicker,
    Bodies and blood all thinner,
    Red seas of crips buried in the crypts,
    Blue seas in the veins of bloods.
    OGs barely alive,
    Vets on the last breath,
    Runners get their achilles clipped,
    Tripped and fumbled into death races,
    It's all false starts to death finishes.
    Youth aspire to be them,
    Them aspire to be youth,
    Both see a way out,
    One wants in the other out.
    This life ain't for you or me
    But if I don't protect you,
    But if I don't push you to the League,
    Or push you toward a bigger lead,
    I might gotta watch you leak on the street,
    I might gotta tell moms how you dropped,
    I might cry before watching you bleed,
    So much blood I swear it wouldn't clot,
    So much blood when are my brothers gonna stop.

  • sinjanb93 2w

    A Barter Too Better

    She followed her instructors fingers, and nimbly found the notes on the piano.

    Except he clicked his tongue at every turn, on missing the proper connection.

    Despite being a blind man, he had an acute sense of hearing. That is how he taught his favourite girls, the ones he thought were intelligent, ambitious, and willing to make a mistake and admit it.

    "You should use your senses, Nina",remarked the instructor after enclosing the piano case.

    Nina gently acknowledged, and impressed on the fact that she was not in her best of rhythms. She also looked ashamed at not meeting upto her teacher's expectations like every other day.

    "I'll tell you what....You can come to my house and we can practice on my Steinway", requested the instructor.

    Despite Nina's early hesitation due to family issues, she persued his request...

    Next Day

    Nina was scrambling on the floor dragging away from a pool of blood, that lay sprawled around her legs.

    The entire house was eerily silent, except her scraping sound.

    That was when something ran behind her at break neck speed. She could not turn to witness, what was looming down her back. The pain was excruciating.

    That was when she saw, a pair of human feet standing before her. Its skin colour was unusually red and it had a forked tail that parted sideways around the soles.

    She slowly lifted her face that was wet from tears....

    Professor Desmond blissfully played her piano in the other room, while her screams filled the house in a dark orchestric theme.

    He smiled...finally his research was materialising, his dreams were realising, his sacrifices proving fruitful.

    Beside his piano lied the book, and it's inscriptions were in Latin.

    He got inspired and created his own way to summon something inhumane into the earth through musical notes. He translated the phrases, and then demanded something in return.

    However, only too aware that deals with the devil comes at a big price.

    He was content, he was delirious, and he knew his dreams were coming true despite all the girls he had given away, and inspite of losing his eyes forever.

  • starkanonymous 3w

    Fabled Table

    I take this pen
    and stab it into my heart
    so blood spills out
    thus creating mine own art

    red - this paper
    and dead the words I write down
    dead - my savior
    led to anguish by a clown

    soaked - this table
    dripping bloody, crimson tears
    stokes my fable
    helps me face all of my fears

    "Fabled Table"
    (All Rights Reserved)

  • vikashpandey_ 3w

    उनके कत्लों में , मेरी मौजुदगी शामिल था!
    जोरों की साज़िश में , दफन करेगा मुझे मालूम था!!
    वो इश्किया पेशवार , कई हुस्नो का कातिल था!
    नया शिकार ढूँढता वो ,अब मेरे घर में दाखिल था!!
    नशीलें शराब आंखों में भरकर , नयें खेल बनाता था!
    पत्तों सा बिखर जाती थीं बेगम , पत्ता बादशाही निकाल लाता था!!
    देखतीं चांदनी में सपनें मेहबूब की , पर वो रात आखिरी थीं!
    टूटे कांचों की आवाज़ों में , मेरे मौंत की तस्वीर ताकती थीं!!
    वो बेरहमी बढ़कर , मुझे भी गिरफ्तार करने वाला था!
    मैं मनचली दुल्हन किसी की , उसका कहाँ चलने वाला था!?
    छूना चाहा जिस्म मेरे , वो तार-तार करने वाला था!
    उतार दिया खंज़र सीने उसके, बस आखिरी सांस निकलने वाला था!!
    नज़रें टपकती बूदें जख्मों को देखीं, बेरहम खंज़र चुभाये हंस रहा था!
    देखतीं दूसरी चांदनी फिर सपनें , गयीं वो रात दोबारा आया नहीं था!!

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    #mirakee #mirakeewriters #Hindi #Hindiwriters

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    जोरों की साज़िश

    उनके कत्लों में , मेरी मौजुदगी शामिल था!
    जोरों की साजिश में , दफन करेगा मुझे मालूम था!!

  • madinah_writes 3w

    A Vampire Queen

    I stare at my reflection in the mirror,
    My piercing eyes glare at me.
    I'm the queen of horror,
    I never lose, I'm a victorious queen.
    Blood in my mouth,
    I thirst for more.
    Painted in red, dripping down my mouth.
    I long for flesh, I want to feed.
    I'm not just a murderer, This urge I feel,
    Satisfaction, I need.

    I'm my own enermy,
    I'm my own friend.
    I'm not just legendary.
    I don't just trend.
    I've lived over a thousand years,
    I've withnessed death.
    I've faced devil without fears,
    I kill, yet I love.

  • we_are_not_beautiful 4w

    There is something vivid about the alacrity of lexica that ooze out of my forbidden and claustrophobic thoughts, words no longer await the need to be spoken when the urge to be felt is bearing the alluring colours of cessation, but for them actions and weapons are louder than the words, bloodshed and injuries over peace and stability, they feed traumas and sufferings to the pitiable. As the winds of fiend reach the gates of paradise, with a shrewd mixture of warmth and blood, I scribble the lessons of love on the walls of scornful hatred, built by the kitsch beings, but the words of serenity are thrown onto the malicious lands. Annihilating damage within the invidious souls, I lost a piece of myself in the jaunt of fracas, though the other pieces fetter the unwillingness of people to show humanity. Exhuming the innocence of thousands, I find the exulting of mortals, very lively to be revived again. Delinquent shadows in every valley of asleep yet awake night, the footsteps are cautious to follow the sound of amenity, for there is enmity everywhere, and by the time one can solemnly express grief of the stillness of heart, there are already wars of words taking place insolently over the sounds of now dying frissons of helpless humans. At the place of war zones, there are many reaching hands within the fighting warriors, begging for someone to pull them out of the abyss of inhumanity. Flowers on the tombs, ashes of ephemeral harmony of ludic sacrificers, everything at the point of ruin rests on the cunning smiles of the tyrants. I tried bringing peace, but they dragged me down.  

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    Is this even making sense?

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    And when the night comes, I choose to sing with many trying souls, the song of survivors. But they suppress what is lively and pleasant, they twist and turn words of humanity and present quite place of war zone, with that we sleep with the eyes hovering over ourselves. After all sleepers are deceived.


  • bhavana_29 4w

    She loved him in her marrow. When he left, every corpuscle howled in pain. Even years later, when she is very quiet, she can hear him whispering in her blood.

  • heyoka_warrior 4w

    We see in the mirror our face—
    Concrete as we touch it;
    Feel the skin and warmth;
    Blood running through our veins;
    Dusts from the earth that live;
    When bodies decompose,
    Where shall we be?
    What shall we look like?
    For we shall see face to face,
    Spirit to spirit— our true nature exposed;
    To everlasting life we hope and pray;
    To everlasting shame we fear and wish not.


  • cherrypauper 5w

    He give you his lobe

    Wrapped in satin and tied in bandaged bow
    He ignored the throbbing regret in his mind
    His pale features paler
    His feverish dreams no pail could contain
    Spilling over into reality
    How well did he love you, to give you his lobe
    To give you all he could afford
    Worthwhile enough to reveal the downward spiral I do hope.
    How well did you know him
    How well did he know you
    Or did either remember the other at all?

    Whether whole or lobe, a wish for death or help
    How much did this love consume him
    To give you his lobe?

  • deadlittlesongbird 5w


    These words trickle
    Falling from my crimson smile,
    This sanguine rope around my throat.

    Gurgle and choke,
    Release the smoke.
    The vulnerability of death.

    Bubbles and frothy blood
    Emit from my dry lips.
    Choke on the last breath I take.

  • akshay_vasu 5w

    For it was the light that was flowing in her veins, but not the blood. Every time she was wounded, she killed the demons in the dark rather than feeding and keeping them alive.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • dhruvbatta 6w

    Kya khoya, Kya paaya

    Kya khoya, Kya paaya
    Iss baat ka hisaab laga paoge kya

    Chitaayen apne apno ki jala paye kya
    Kabar mei unko dafna ke bhul paye kya

    Doobti kashti ko kinaare laa paaye kya
    Jalti hui basti ko aag laga paaye kya

    Kaanto ko seene se nikal chubhan mita paaye kya
    Lahu ki nadiyon ko khoon ke samandar se mila paaye kya

    Kya khoya, Kya paaya
    Iss baat ka hisaab laga paoge kya

  • mystery_in_words 6w

    Have you ever wilfully invited danger?
    Wanted to run into devil's arms
    Let him burn your skin
    Make wands out of your bones
    Blood trickling down your cheeks
    As you lie on the road
    For the blood tasted sweet.

    11/05/21 - 01.00

  • heyoka_warrior 6w


    Lord my love, I'm celebrating
    Your saving power and Your glory.
    Lord my love, I'm celebrating
    Your miraculous blood, Your holy cross.
    Lord my love, I'm celebrating
    Your truth and Your light in my life.
    You fill me with joy, peace, and healing.
    I'm in awe of Your beauty, my Lord.
    You're my eternal life and my salvation.
    I'm in awe of Your beauty, my Lord.
    You're forever my love, my inspiration.
    I'm in awe of Your beauty, my Lord.


  • mute_my_mind 8w

    It's not the blood that defines pain
    But it's the wound which went deep

  • saintunicorn 8w


    Darkness befalls and beauty is found;
    Which many fails to perceive
    Blinded by the lights of the world.
    Amidst terror this song is written,
    Unheard & unsung; inclined to desires within.
    There she stands in the unending wilderness
    Let me ascertain you, I never knew her name.
    A maiden with terrifying eyes,
    Thats all I can say about the girl in the wild.
    She stands there unafraid
    Fixated at the mesmerizing eyes of what's lurking within.
    As the trees rose and the shadows groaned;
    Swiftly whispering forgotten tales of the forgotten ruins.
    Her eyes craved for what lies foremost,
    Nothing but darkness ashore.
    'Behold the beauty of what lies fore!'
    Rejoiced the Raven as it wandered above.
    Time has come to a standstill
    As she embraced herself with gay.
    "Embrace us and we'll welcome you"
    Thats what she heard,
    An answer she had finally grasped.
    Her chaotic mind finally founding silence,
    As it found the place it has been longing
    The place she belonged;
    away from all the bloodthirsty humans.
    As at some deep level of her psyche,
    She heard herself singing;
    As a lone wolf howled at a distant.
    This smell of blood was different,
    As it was satisfying, perhaps?
    To know something devouring its hunger, in this darkness.
    She knew she aint goin back the path she came
    As she found her home, & the peace unveiled
    And all she whispered was -
    "This heart of mine longs nothing else
    But to dance amongst the dead......"

    ~~~By Saint Unicorn