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  • naqsaif 2w

    Eon : an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time

    Written from the POV of an injured vampire.who drinks blood off dead animals and dead bodies only.
    He doesn't harm any innocent living being.
    Vampires live on blood.They maybe immortal, but without blood in their bodies they are as good as dead.

    A thirsty vampire is like a drunk man in rain. He is not aware of his actions or his whereabouts.

    "It is how we are made. We are drained, blooded, and buried. When he digs his own way out of a grave, that is when a vampire is born."
    ~cassandra clare


    For simon.

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    Thirst (an incident)

    Blood flowed
    From my sliced throat
    And it adorned
    My slit wrists
    Slowly towards death
    I gently crept

    Until sweet and salty
    Blood dropped upon my lips
    “Drink “said a voice
    And I sucked the fluid of vice

    Then thirst stabbed me
    Like a sword in my guts
    And I pinned down the one
    Who had offered me blood

    And in his neck,
    I bored my fangs
    Soon my head cleared
    And I saw what I feared

    I was drinking blood
    Off a humane lad
    And he was slowly creeping
    Towards pleasant death

    So I, with all my will
    Released his throat
    And in apprehension,
    I went still.

    An eon past,
    His golden eyes
    They gathered mine
    And with pained voice, said I
    "I would have killed you!"
    In the same voice, said he
    "I would have let you".


  • czarcasm 2w


    Dark was the night
    That caressed my hair
    Sensual the movement
    The fluidity of the rain

    The tapping of you
    Upon the leaves in the forest
    Distract me from my dilemma
    A peaceful break

    Sticky was the fluid upon my hands
    Barely seen until lightening striked
    A stark red
    Against a background of white

    I had gone too far this time
    I would admit that
    But I always did that
    Something I couldn't control

    I would have to burn these clothes
    The rain only to wash it away
    To get it off my skin
    The copper smell reminded me of pennies

    It amazing how I was able to stand here
    In complete silence
    After the malicious act I had committed

    And I had enjoyed it
    But I didn't enjoy this
    It welded itself to my skin
    The water in the flashes of light
    A deep red
    Slowly lightening until it was gone

    Everything but me
    And the indistinguishable figure
    On the ground
    They themselves had been a serial killer
    And thought I was just another victim

    Little did they know
    That there was something even worse
    Than them
    And now they were dead
    As the many victims before

    And I stood yet again the victor
    Clothes stained in red
    Some would say dead in the eyes

    The body beside him
    Stabbed multiple times
    The memory of blood going everywhere
    A beautiful horror even to me

    What was I?
    A murderer?
    Im just like you
    If I walked past you wouldn't even see me
    Blind are you to the mundane before
    That move about their day

    The sound of the shovel
    The clapping of thunder
    The tapping of rain
    My own concert
    As I dug their last resting place
    They didn't deserve a proper burial
    But I have to do it right
    And when I walk away

    It'll be as if none of us



  • czarcasm 2w

    Good and evil

    There was a light
    So very bright
    That shown through the night

    It told me of things
    It showed me the rings
    Of all the fallen Kings

    A droplet of blood so red
    Dropping at its own stead
    Reminded of the demons to be fed

    Good vs Evil
    Millennia of upheaval
    A lone figure perched on a steeple

    Time would tell of the winning team
    Tho nothing is what it can ever seem
    One leg out balancing on a beam
    One can only hope to dream
    A ticket to the winning side you can redeem

    Light and Dark always fighting
    For balance is always a cautious sighting
    Fires marring the heavens always lighting
    Mundane always telling the story with writing

    Yet it all started with a drop of blood
    Because yet again Evil thought it could
    Easily knock down the Light where it stood

  • czarcasm 2w

    The end

    Shadows of my past
    I see though this pane
    A figure staring back at me

    Disfigured it smiles
    Seeing right through me
    With no eyes how can it see
    I don't even move
    I can't feel the wisps of fear

    The thunder claps and lightening strikes, shining down on we
    Light inside reflects on me

    Illuminating the solitary figure
    All I could think before I could blink is why wouldn't it let me be

    I was dying inside
    And wanted to look out
    Before my courage was frail
    Hollowed cheeks reflected
    Back to me
    I looked like something that belonged in Hell

    My attention drawn
    To the droplet of blood
    That trickled down the brow of the face
    It didn't even move
    To wipe it away
    Upon the liquids surface the moon did pace
    Could this be
    A projected outlook of me
    The look of me in the future as time will race

    It finally turned away
    And it was then that I wanted it to stay
    I thought of it without any meaning
    Of befriending this lonely demon
    The storm shook the house
    With the rage of the gods
    As the figure almost dissipated away
    I broke from my trance

    And stumbled outside
    Knowing I couldn't keep fate at bay
    If tonight I was to die
    I would do it on my own terms
    My loneliness my only friend
    To embrace me as the demon
    Sliced out my heart
    My eyes watching as I bled out, the end

  • samriddhi__ 3w

    They cut your flesh deep and mix into your blood and then run throughout your body as acid burning every part of you.

  • seraphel 4w


    Your body and blood, O Lord, are sweeter than honey, more delicious than the most exquisite cuisine.

  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    She was walking through the street
    Daily coming late was on repeat,
    She thought she was safe
    But lustful eyes and eve tease was all she face,
    In darkness slowly walking down the road
    Somebody from behind grabbed her and made her blind fold,
    Shutting up her mouth with his hand
    Took her to some unknown land,
    Abducted her and made her intoxicated by injected her with drugs
    She tried to fight back but he threw her on the rugs,
    Beat her badly made her bleed
    Tortured her for hours and gave her nothing to feed,
    She crying and screaming in pain
    He picked a sharp knife and cut her wrist vein,
    With blood all over her body she still tried to ran away
    But he was just about to take her respect away and looking her as his prey,
    Torn her clothes and took her everything
    Within no time she lost everything,
    Begging and screaming for her life
    A man faced animal strangulated her and stabbed her 80 times with that knife,
    Finally she died and never got justified
    He still roaming around for new victim and making himself satisfied.

    Based on a true incident . . .

    #love #life #miraquill #shayiri #quotes #women #rape victim #blood

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    It's been years of her death
    still her killer openly taking breath.

  • teensheldon_111 4w

    Blood and tears...

    She could see all the promises and vows flowing with the blood from the wounds of his lifeless body and tears of her eyes...


  • hrkhanhk 5w

    Ek ek katra lahu dekar, sincha hai Bharat ko...
    Jawani lutakar, maut ko gale laga kar wapas Cheena hai bharat ko...

    Yun hi nahi kehte, hum bhartiye hain..
    62, 65, 71 ho, ya ho 99, har Jung me jeeta hai bharat ko...

    Ye bharat desh nahi, Jaan hai hamari...
    Isiliye shat shat naman hai bharat ko...

    Ek ek katra lahu dekar, sincha hai Bharat ko...

    Happy Independence day

    HR khan

  • syncope 5w


    I feel everything yet nothing all at once. I am faceless/graceless. I am the spiderweb that grows unnoticed in the corner of your room. I am a parasite in your brain and I WILL kill you. I live off of your hate and love what you loathe. I've invested years in your fears and I sink my hands into every tender spot. Kneeding the knots digging our plots. My soil is useless an emotionless dustbowl/ but I can see you enjoy rolling in it. I fancy kissing you in an authentic way. I contemplate freeing you so I can free me. We can then be two anemic garden gnomes in this weary desolate landscape/ evenly draining the blood out of an opposum on some unexspecting couples porch.

  • brainn 5w


    Blood drops from my eyes and tears flows through my veins as I try to pen out how affected we are by affections.
    We care less we claim
    But no one been so heartless as to loose it's heart.
    Even the Dead could sometimes show compassion.
    I guess Affection is just a curse we all have been cursed with

  • kimzee 5w

    You broke every promise we had.
    And after all this, I'm still holding that promise and every night praying not to break like you did.

    Because I was in love with you,I'm in love with you, and I will always love you

    #blood #dripping #my #hand #you #tears #streaming #down #face #broke #every #promise #we #after #holding #night #praying #break #live #always

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    The blood that is dripping from my hand is just because of you.
    The tears that are streaming down my face is just because of you.


  • joyfuljoel 5w

    The metallic smell of blood
    As if iron were a thing breathing
    But then, he was hunted down and bleeding
    And he was rot 10 days, yet still living
    And he was pageant both of death and decay
    Taste the fillings on your tongue
    As they rip your tongue
    but you must feed

    Have you ever kissed a vampire ?
    A blood-sucking honey-tasting love
    It's a thing that feels good
    but leaves you dead

    Loving you felt worse than dying


  • kimzee 5w


    Love is one of the purest things in the world. But as pure it is, as evil it can be.

    Falling in love is only pure poison
    Anyway, in the end, you will end up getting hurt.

    Falling in love can be a dangerous experience

    True love is not something you can make, it's something there... Just happens.

    Think about love as a rose, a rose has pure beauty but it can easily hurt you with its sharp thorns.

    Think about love as a blood drop, it can be a sign of life, but also a sign of death.


  • deramelani 6w


    How a woman gives home
    To another human
    Who is dependent on her chemistry for survival
    Baffles me.
    She labours until she is in labour
    and brings forth blood in flesh and form!

  • isalittlebroken 6w

    #war #death #isalittlebroken #poem #poetry #unrest #blood

    Red is the blood

    that stains the streets.

    The essence of life,

    sticking to the soles of soldiers boot-clad feet.

    Did you think you would die this morning?

    Gunned down without any warning!

    I can feel my soul drifting away

    and I like it this way...

    All the birds have flown east.

    #life #sorrow

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    Red is the blood
    that stains the streets.
    The essence of life,
    sticking to the soles of soldiers boot-clad feet.
    Did you think you would die this morning?
    Gunned down without any warning! 
    I can feel my soul drifting away
    and I like it this way...
    All the birds have flown east. 


  • inside_out 6w

    Breathe blood

    You beneath me

    My hand on your neck

    Choking you to death

    You breathe at my will

    You use your full force to push me away.

    All you see is a drop of blood flowing down your nail that just went through my flesh.

  • ayo_ajayi 6w


    As blood spill down my thighs,
    I think hard on the daisies in Jordan,
    Grasping the remains of my childhood,
    Reminiscing on the days before I became a woman,
    Before my menses would not stop,
    A sharp ache, an unyielding mockery of my adulthood,
    I sigh again, I am spent,
    The doctors have said perhaps I was cursed,
    A child that should never have been born,
    Or perhaps, I had sworn against Asherah...
    A firm brush to my side pull me out of my reverie,
    "Jesus is coming!"
    More hostile this time,
    "Get away unclean woman! Jesus is coming!"
    A reminder that stung, a lifeline I took,
    This was the moment of my life,
    "If I may just touch the helm of His garment, I will be whole..."
    Time stood still in that moment, fears stilled,
    Grabbing my shawl, I crawl beneath the pressing crowd,
    A woman unworthy of her Lord,
    Ignoring the throbbing pain, I touch threadbare robes,
    An atmosphere of power I alone was privy to,
    Virtue passed from God to man,
    Like bowing knee, sickness had to succumb in that moment,
    A fountain of blood dried, a curse overturned,
    Piercing light in thick darkness,
    And oh how I trembled at the brightness of that light,
    These eyes that now stared at me,
    "...Go daughter, thy faith had made thee whole..."
    A miracle worked on me. Forever.


  • czarcasm 7w

    All that's left

    Bubble of laughter that fills the air

    Almost shakes my senses

    For is it mine I truly don't know

    I can't really sense anything but the quake

    It has to be from me there's no one in this cell

    The busted mirror in my room shows I'm alone

    But am I

    The blood smeared on the walls says otherwise

    And a priest who says I'm possessed


    I am gods creature

    But the voice in my head says no longer am I

    But I am a child of the dark

    A rotten soul in this cell

    The blood on my hands tells me what I have done

    For it isn't my blood

    But the priests

    What have I done

    I realize I am the one screaming

    But there's no one coming to see what's wrong

    I've already killed everyone

    Everyone but me

    And a voice in my head tells me they're not done playing just yet

    All that's left to take is me

    All that's left-


  • faceless90 7w


    Do not stitch me but butterfly the wound I have slit. The tool was a swiss army pink beautiful bitch. I assumed when I flinched blood truly would drip, but a few more than six droplets dutifully dripped. Too many minutes have loosened the grip that I have on this masterfully cute little clenched sharpened red blade yet still two digits slipped and more than just grazed my useless white skin.