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    If u wanna RAISE stop thinking about FALL


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    Someone's EXISTENCE doesn't matter only your EXISTENCE matters in ur fucking life


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    Sister's are boon which God gave us with asking
    Everything is unlimited given by sisters,
    It's a unconditional Love ❤️
    Who never give up on us ever..

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    She gave
    Endless FIGHTS
    Countless MEMORIES
    unbreakable ATTACHMENTS
    boring LECTURES
    Limitless CARING
    A hand while BROKEN
    A shoulder to shed our TEARS

    Even our SHADOW can leave us in DARK, but she never left us BACK
    She is our 2nd MOTHER...

    We are connected through HEARTS, never be APART..

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    If u wanna SUCCEED, stop EXPECTING & DESIRING about anything


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    No one is SUCCEEDED, we just SATISFIED
    through our EFFORTS & HARD WORK...


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    Agree �� or disagree ��

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    Someone's judgment shouldn't be the reason for your change, only your realization should...


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    THE "WE"

    We think too much and too little on everything through the burst of colours in a blooming horizon.
    We rush like the tides of ocean into multitudes of ranking disorder climbing up and tangled in tomorrow's hurry waves.
    We people are always in a hurry to get somewhere and on to something to make a headway.
    We are too busy to observe the things happening around us.
    We ignored the sighting of rain to earth.
    We never bother to watch the indigo lights of our home.
    We think of catching and seeking our friends whom never exist in our life;
    and failed to give the bliss to those friends who existing in present.
    We think of being rich always;
    and failed to think of being lovable and kind.
    We think of memories and failed to praise the moments.
    We were not literally busy peoples.
    We act assume ourselves as busy peoples!
    Whatever‌, what we think will stays in the mind!
    What we feel will stays in the heart!
    And we people string between those thinking and feeling.

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    I try to be a nice person
    But sometime my mouth
    Doesn't coorperate


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    see the real!

    We see everything. Our eyes catches every tiny little things happening. Sometimes it may miss to caught somethings; sometimes miracles and sometimes disasters. And the things we see aren’t real everytime. The things we aren’t see, maybe real at times. Everything is okay. What we see is only the fractional part of what we think. We see them not as what they are; we see them as what we are. We people literally go for something which we can’t afford, which we can’t see, which we can’t touch even! Some people look for a candle in their life when they have a chandelier. That doesn’t mean they don’t look at the ligh. Even though they’re surrounded by light, still they hides themselves in the dark. So keep calm. see the things not just only from the eyes. see them from the heart.

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    The moon of my life

    In the distant blue sky,
    I see the moon,
    All alone yet amusingly beautiful,
    And I wish,
    I could caress His beautiful body,
    Talk to him gently,
    And tell him He's loved.
    But I wonder,
    If He will ever look at me in the same way.
    If you're happy.

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    L. I. F. E

    Please tell me if you know what is life all about
    What is it, where I will find it?
    Everyday I wonder
    And every time I ponder

    Everyone here seems happy,
    Talks about motivation, happiness and positively but why I feel deep down everyone don't know about life and that's why they call it with such names and say it life goals.

    Behind the closed doors everyone searches for life
    Because work is not life, success is not life, energy and positivity is not life neither life is a person nor an abstract noun

    Life is just life, to live
    Same way the death is
    I know it means nothing
    Yes! life means nothing
    You are, what you are and that's life
    Because you're is life.

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    *Just Yesterday*
    All were preparing to sleep in my house and i too was preparing in my bed which is near the tv.My parents sleep in a seperate room and my bed is in the main hall where there's tv.So when Everyone slept I tried to see whether The download on My Ps3 has completed or not .
    I was damn sure that i had changed the sound settings so that no one could listen a single sound.
    But it was all in my imagination ������(I'd forget to turn it off)
    Then the Ps3 start intro flashed with the loud sound,
    And i was smart enough to turn off the tv and get on my place with my accounts books with pen and a scale .
    As my sister came to have a look ,she didn't even noticed a single thing,
    Then i went to the room where my parents and my sister sleeps as i was being Manoj Bajpai(Great Actor) pretending that I'd heard the same sound .
    Par pata nahi karma ki kya kripa thi ki......
    The train whistled many times as my house is near the railway station .And then my sister and I said together that the strange sound was the train whistling. Pheww ������
    Then I studied accounts for an hour, Aur phir I turned of the tv for Some relaxation and i knew that i was taking risk (Risk hai Toh Ishq Hai ������),
    Then I switched bw Bond movie ,The Big Bang theory and finally I landed on wildlife channel that i find most fascinating,And then Something strange happen ...
    My sister was staring from the room and saw me watching tv������
    Then i thought she would tell on mom, But she just turned off the tv and took remotes with her,
    And andar se maa ki aawaz aayi ....
    "So jaa beta soja Subah phir uthta nahi hai "
    Aur tab maine bahut himmat ka kaam kiya-
    Jaakar so gaya
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    Guys read my story on my blog ...link...
    Or type storyteller Vedika ...and read the whole story...

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    She just closed her eyes and took a deep breathe and then threw herself into the waters,

    Absorbing the death with victory filled with failure and loss….

    She was all wet and drowned ,her clothes ,watch and the RED THREAD was soaked in water….

    Her eyes drooped slowly and she welcomed her death ….

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    सपने आज कल कुछ यूं देखता हूं मैं..
    तुम आओगे गले जो मेरे लग जाओगे..
    हाथ तुम्हारा थाम के, आंखों को मिलाके,
    बीते एक दूसरे के बिन लम्हे भूल जाओगे..।

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    The art of making of good images

    #Scam 1992

    couple of days ago I completed a web series with the name of scam 1992.if I concentrate about the acting, music, production, theme song, dialogue everything is massive and iconic in a good manner but my intention is not to explain and discuss these aspects of series.

    Basically this web series has touched almost every aspect of the life journey of Harshad Mehta. from the ground where he experienced the life of a broker of share market to the peak where he experienced the life of a big bull of share market and as an important player of money market of that time.
    During this journey me as a viewer came to know about a lot of things. How the lobby of bears and bulls influence the market. how Harshad came out from the bad times and reaches to the throne of market and capture the crown of Big Bull. He used the loopholes of slow banking system to grow his capital and influence. when RBI started the investigation about irregularities in the books of banks, a tons of numbers and name their came out. BUT before this investigation journalist where doing their study and publish articles on it in newspapers to be specific Times of India. both things created a kind of environment on the government to investigate properly then a huge cycle of incident started.

    according to my personal opinion and experience if you are that person who knows nothing about scam and Harshad Mehta. and watch the entire webseries then there will be a huge chances to happen that you will come with the idea of innocence. you might encounter with the concept of betrayal of politician who used the capital and influence of Harshad to reach their power but when Harshad was in problem they pushed him in a bigger problem to escape from him and his shadow. you might think about the foreign banks lobby of money markets, about opponent's of share market. They all created an net of conspiracy against him. But here my point arises these kind of content (movie,webseries and article etc.) created a cloud of good images of targeted persons in the public-mindset. I remember one scene when harshad was speaking something like, "everybody is using the loopholes to gain the profit but why every investigation institution is running behind me".
    again here is my concern there is a lot of chance that politician use him, everybody earned profit from him but we should never forget that Harshad did malpractice to manipulate the market create the bubbles of fake rise of shares.

    my motto is just to make you aware of how this kind of content works to produce a clear image of possible wrong personality.
    Let me know in the comment section what do you think about the entire scenario

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    अक्सर हम ये गलती कर देते है की कुछ बातों का सामना न करना पड़े इसलिए लोगो को टाल देते है। पर यकीं मानो एक मुद्दत बाद जब वो इंसान थक जायेगा आपकी इन हरकतों से तब वो आपको ही टाल देगा।।

    अक्सर छोटी गलतियां बड़े रिश्ते डूबा देती है। अगर नाव में बड़ा छेद हो जाये तो हम या तो उसकी मरम्मत करेंगे या फ़िर नाव बदल लेंगे। पर जब छेद छोटा हो तब पानी नजरो से बचकर भरता जाता है और एक वक्त के बाद हम उस पर ध्यान देना बंद कर देते है। बस यहीं पर हमारी कश्ती डूब जाती है।

    एक बहुत बड़ी बात है जो बहुत ज्यादा अहम है मेरी जिंदगी में, 'रिश्ता चाहे जो भी हो, जैसा भी हो, कोशिश करो निभाने की, बचाने की और जब तक आप कोशिश कर रहे हो, बातों की डोर आपको बांधे रखती है। बात करते रहिये, जो भी, जैसी भी और यकीं मानो एक रोज वो रिश्ता बदलेगा। बिल्कुल वैसा नही जैसा आप चाहते है, पर पहले से बेहतर होगा।

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    Rise yourself upto a certain level,
    That nobody from your furute
    can define you
    On the basis of your past...