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  • sunitachhoti 1d


    I am silent, but I am not blind.

  • harsh77 2d

    She came in my life through a blindspot
    When i was looking forward to my blindspot i lost my vision

  • mrspectacular 3d


    He had maligned a destitute,
    Bashed him in a manner that was rather astute.
    Refusing first to understand the element that did, his predicament, constitute
    Little did he know he played misfortune's flute.

    With that single act,
    He had issued Karma a contract
    To make sure that his repercussion was issued intact
    A freehand action as a matter of fact.

    Karma sits on his matter in a referendum
    To understand if there is to his repercussion, a subtraction or addendum
    A few hours after the mental hum,
    The Karma comes down on him, leaving him glum.

    Blinded for a day after an accident with a knife
    He is schooled in the pain of the Gabriel's life
    Realizing his error, he feels remorse so rife
    And now compassion is his second wife.


  • dragonsoul 5d


    Looking out in the rain, reminded of an inevitability,
    Those eyes of mine shall shut themselves out,

    For they will loose their light even before I die,
    My wish is to see us happening, before my light dies out


  • annu_dafaali 1w


    खूबसूरत चेहरे का दीदार तो सभी करते हैं। तुम मेरी रूह से जुड़ सको तो इश्क का इजहार करना।☺️ मुस्कुराते चेहरे का तो हर कोई दीवाना बन जाता है। तुम मेरी मुश्कान के पीछे के दर्द को समझने लगो तो इश्क का इजहार करना। खुशियाँ तो जमाने भर में बाटती हूँ। मैं☺️ तुम मेरे दर्द को बाट सको तो इश्क का इजहार करना। मैं कैसी हूँ क्या हूँ जितना मैंने बताया लोग मुझे उतना ही जानते हैं। तुम मुझे मुझसे ज्यादा समझने लगो तो इश्क का इजहार करना।❤️

  • dragonsoul 1w


    You walked away with someone else,
    Yet you said you wanted to walk with me,

    You loved someone else,
    Yet you said you loved me,

    Did you not see what you did,
    When I could,

    For I never was able to see again,
    As the light left my eyes never to come back again.


  • vikashpandey_ 2w

    करामात करी तुमने, जो फैल गई चर्चे,
    हाथ भरके इनाम रखीं, किसने करी खर्चे !
    इश्तिहार में शोख़ो की क्यों बाट दिया पर्चे,
    इतिबार तुम्हारा था, वो तोड़ गयी दर्जें!
    मेरी नींद के प्यासी तुम, गायब हो जाते हो,
    चलो छोड़ कर आता हूँ क्या राज छुपाते हो!
    बेमतलब में खुद को शौकीन बताते हो,
    ऐसी क्या मुश्किल कि गिरह लगाते हो!
    हर बात बड़ी जल्दी, तुम गवाह बनाते हो,
    क्या मैं देख नहीं पाता, जो गर्द उडा़ते हो!
    इक खिताब तुम्हें दे दू , कि खेलने आती हो,
    कातिल इत्र तुम्हारा था, तुम मिलने जाती हो!

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    करामात करी

    करामात करी तुमने, जो फैल गई चर्चे,
    हाथ भरके इनाम रखीं, किसने करी खर्चे !

  • angelssymphony 2w

    Not For Me

    Evenings are high on love and love is not for me.
    I'm like an owl at night sitting alone in a tree even though there are other creatures surrounding me.
    I once yearned for love, but that yearning died.

    A fire that once burned bright inside of me was put out without a fight.
    I can see you, but you can't see me because I am hiding.
    I'm like a horse that's wild and free that no one will be riding.
    Nights are dark and cold for me, and the thought of love has got me crying.

    I'm like the Moon who fell in love with the Sun knowing it could never be.
    I don't think the Sun even cares enough to take a look at me.
    The Sun seems happy enough and I am filled with envy.

    Love had passed me by as the wind was blowing.
    I know never again to leave my heart out showing.
    The darkness envelopes me.
    I've given up on hoping.
    I'll be just fine, I fly away with no love to help float me.
    Maybe one day there will be someone who will be able to rope me, and open up my heart from closing.


  • annu_dafaali 2w


    अगर कभी पूछे खुदा मुझे।
    बताओ क्या चाहती हो तुम।
    जो मांगोगी वही मिलेगा।
    तो में सर झुका कर कहूंगी।
    तू जैसे रखेगा खुश रहूंगी।
    बस एक हस्ती सम्हाल रखना।
    मेरी माँ का तू ख्याल रखना।

  • cutie_hedgehog 3w


    I found myself in peace
    when I turn into "mute, deaf, and blind" mode.


  • sarahlove 5w

    Had I seen ��
    #poetry #people #blind

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    Had I seen

    Had I seen the drowning bud
    I would have carried her with my wings
    Had I seen her wondering on the lands
    I would have led her to the lamp
    Had I seen that girl was mine
    I would have never left her until I die

  • lollipop71 5w

    Love Is......

    Love is 2 give,
    Love is to take,
    Love is blind,
    Love is mine,
    Love is a vine
    Of the timeline
    Within your mind.
    Love is..........

  • _rakhi 6w

    उन बेवकूफ औरतों को भी मातृ दिवस कि बधाई जिनका लड़का कितना भी मुंह मेरे पर उन आंधी औरतों को दिखाई नहीं देता।
    #मातृदिवस #माँ #ममता #mother #blind #yqmeme
    #mirakee @mirakee @mirakeeworld #mirakequotes
    #yqbaba #yqdidi

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    उन बेवकूफ औरतों को भी मातृ दिवस कि बधाई जिनका लड़का कितना भी मुंह मारे पर उन आंधी औरतों को दिखाई नहीं देता।

  • mystery_in_words 6w

    Take off your glasses once in a while
    It is OK if the world is a little blurry
    You don't need to be able to see everything
    Maybe not to see the angry stares, only the faces
    Not the twitching lips, just the tears
    See a raised hand and volunteer a hug
    Let the light reflect off your blind eyes
    For we don't need to close our eyes, honey
    To unsee the worst.

    09/05/21 - 02.00

  • __confessions_of_the_world__ 7w


    My dress is not an invitation
    My lipstick is not a sign
    It's not the strength that I am afraid of but of your mind ,
    My eyes sees everything, with motionless hands and crackling voice,
    All under the thought of living in a world blind.

  • wiredweirdly 7w

    the country is burning
    everyone's screaming for help
    but no one can hear others
    just following the blind faith
    tossing their rationality into the gutter
    no one wants to listen
    all busy in the blame game
    shouting for desire of power and wealth
    where's the retribution?
    where's the salvation?
    we can only pray and fight
    to save our conscience
    from getting maligned
    see the goodness around
    do the kind work for others
    and keep the flame of humanity ablaze.

  • annu_dafaali 7w

    Journey of life

    अपने दर्द से सदा के लिए कहा जुदा हो पाते हैं हम।
    एक दर्द छोड़कर बस दूसरा दर्द अपनाते हैं हम।
    रिश्ते निभाने का हुनर कहाँ सिख पाते हैं हम।
    एक रिश्ता तोड़कर बस दूसरे रिश्ते में ढल जाते हैं हम।
    अपनों के हिस्से का सच कब जीते हैं हम।
    अपने अधूरे सपने को जीते जाते हैं हम।
    किसी का साथ निभाना तो मानो जैसे भूल गए हैं हम।
    उसकी कुछ गलतियों को बस हर पल गिनवाते हैं हम।

  • annu_dafaali 7w

    कोई मुझसे पूछ बैठा 'बदलना' किसको कहते हैं।
    सोच में पड़ गयी हूँ मिसाल किसकी दु।
    'मौसम' की या 'अपनों' की।

  • shalu281096 8w


    I wish to go blind
    I know, then every thing in my life will become fine.
    You must be thinking, then how will she see the sun shine
    But here I am dying.

    Dear ones are complaining about me
    They say I am looking at them weirdly
    Even if I don't do so
    And I keep on saying 'no'
    But no one believes me
    Not even dear ones, you see..

    I used to be happy
    Now I feel crappy,
    I am blessed with big, beautiful eyes
    Now it seems a lie.
    I felt all good things of nature
    Now the complains are major.

    I wish to cover my eyes permanently,
    Because I can't take this anymore, and now took the matter personally.
    I want to go blind
    I know, then everything in my life will become fine.

  • annu_dafaali 8w


    रास्ते खुले होंगे।
    पर कही जा नही पाएँगे।
    जो दूर है उनको बुला नही पाएँगे।
    जो पास है उनसे हाथ मिला भी नही पाएँगे।
    कभी किसने ने सोचा था ऐसे भी दिन आएँगे।