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  • _ms_mystery_ 1w

    Wall in the Front

    I walk looking back
    Making sure the people I care, don't get hurt
    are happy and safe
    Without realising, I continue
    to bump into the wall in front of me,
    getting hurt & no one cares about
    Just to turn back and realize that
    everybody I care
    left me behind bleeding!


  • falak_ul_hilal_sofi 1w

    Bleeding kashmir!

    Kya baat karu mai apne
    ki yaha tou baghou sy zyda kabristan baray paday hain


  • thoseunspokenfeelings 13w

    #Thoseunspokenfeelings #Love #Dagger #Bleeding

    Until it makes you bleed...!��

    ©Unspoken Words

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    For a reason,
    She said to him,
    "Love is a Dagger.
    It's a weapon.
    To be wielded far away or up close.
    You can see yourself in it.
    It's beautiful,
    Until it makes you bleed.
    But ultimately when you reach for it...!"

  • a_living_sunflower 15w


    The poppies bleed
    at sleep
    they do not have dreams
    for they never wake


  • deepubankar 17w

    #late night quotes#cherishing day#bleeding heart

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    Heart once said

    You stood on the altitudes,
    On the low scape

    Bothered to be nothing,
    But I kept on hammering

    It's not where u stand,
    Nor where u go

    I will always carry episodes of reality,
    Remainding u

    That I can never fake the truth,
    Just as u fake a smile

    Did u ever listen to me?
    Instead kept on breaking me..

    I never complained,
    I know if not me.. nobody available.

    I'm brittle,
    But each and every piece of me is you..

    U think of everyone,
    And I think of u.

    U might regret and hate of everything and everyone
    But not me, because ur my only one✨

    Can I ask u again,,
    Will u listen to me this time?

  • night_admirer 19w

    Bleeding heart

    My heart is wounded as fuck
    I was healing myself....
    But it started all over again
    These past few days had again took my heart out forcefully
    And hurt me more in the wounded spot
    This time the wound is deeper than ever
    My bleeding wrists can't compensate the pain of my wounded heart
    I feel numb
    I feel alone
    I feel hurt
    I wanna die soon, sooner!!

  • abeautiful_mind 20w

    #poverty #orphans #indians #dreams #reality #truth #support #success #mirror #share

    I request to follow me and repost this harsh reality
    #bleeding poverty.

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    Bleeding poverty

    Spending time in those streets.
    Seeing the big cars passing through me.
    My heart burst in its tears.
    How they feel?
    Living under brightness, living under coldness.
    Using mobiles, taking selfies, eating any food, drinking clean water.
    Why I am not living like this?
    I brighten my house just by streetlight.
    Our water comes from just a tape.
    Our food is just Rice.
    Our selfies are just mirror.
    Am I happy? Am I sad? Are they happy? Do they ever weep?
    Are they familiar with the pain of wound topped up with you own sweat?
    Do they know about walking barefoot on road?
    Do they really know how to pull a hay from a rotten leg?
    Can they feel us? Can they help us?
    Do they know that when we are having labor, when we scream out so loud that our voice dies,
    When we cry for a doctor, just a doctor and there aren’t one!
    Do they know about how we are being treated? How we are being cursed?
    Are we that much frightening that people are scared from us?
    Aren’t we bearing two legs, two hands, a dirty face and a very ashamed heart?
    Aren’t we human? If we are then why we aren’t treated well?
    Why our female is moping their past with water?
    Why our grandfathers are considered as "Ramu kaka" ?
    Why my son will be a labor? And why there is not government for us?
    Can I change this tradition? Can I change this culture? Can my daughter seek the education?
    Can I wash my dirty face and not to be ashamed of my heart from myself?
    I don’t know. I ask just a single question that can I let myself out of this poverty?

  • sulagna2019 21w

    A lot of resources of mother earth is used up for providing you a meal,
    So please use those energy you gain from your food in a proper way.
    Remember pulling others down is a waste of energy and resources,
    It will never help you to reach the top..

  • mrshortpoems 25w


    I was wrong
    about you and
    about us.

  • rhythmic_beats 33w

    Kind hearts don't know how to betray or how to be cruel. They smile and let go everything with much pain, sometimes they even don't know how to cry. They just simply bleed poetry.

    When the world stabs again and again at the same place in your heart but you still breath, remember you are god's favourite✨

    Really sorry for not responding. Will try to respond soon��
    Stay safe and healthy ♥️

    #poetry #shed #tear #kind #bleeding #heart
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    The one who sheds tear
    For a kind bleeding heart is

  • poukii 36w

    Womb bleeding in anguish,
    eyes filled with tears of joy,
    fists clenched,
    She was experiencing one of the most,
    blissful moments in a woman's life.

  • thamez 36w

    @mirakee #dove #bird #heartbreak #love #symbolism #bleeding #heart

    There is something poetic about the bleeding heart
    This is a dove with red marks on its chest
    The kind of red that resemble the color of blood
    And its always on the chest
    Makes it look like it got shot
    Right where the heart should be
    But its not in pain though
    Thats just how it looks
    And this is a real bird

    They say doves
    They symbolizes peace and love
    But what about this dove
    Pain and heartaches?
    A symbol for the broken hearted
    But the bird isn't broken
    The bird itself is just fine in the inside
    What do you think?
    To me its just fascinating

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    The Bleeding Heart Dove


  • diabolicangel 37w

    I was your only support, but you were not there,
    I'm still looking for you, can't find you anywhere,
    There is nothing I can do, and it hurts everywhere,
    I miss you all so much, you are everywhere.

    I fixed you and you broke me,
    I loved you and you destroyed me,
    And when I'm trying to feel better and I'm laying in bed,
    I'm saying I'm lucky, that you saved myself.
    I am lying to feel better, but it doesn't help.
    My heart is bleeding and I need help,
    I am not feeling good, I am fading,
    I don't know why I am failing.

    We were happy together but you wanted more,
    You were looking at things and I was looking at love,
    I asked you to marry me and you said yes,
    I wanted to give you the whole earth,
    I got all your problems on me, so you will be free,
    So you won't be in pain, but only me,
    I supported you and I gave you a family,
    And you treated me with just cruelty,
    I loved your kids more than anything,
    And you stole from my life everything.

    But it's fine my love, I only want you happy,
    I know you don't care at all about me,
    But remember, I was the only one who treated you good,
    The others were abusing you inside your room,

    I left everything for you, friends and family,
    And came there having problems constantly,
    But I never complaint, never asked for more,
    I only loved you all more and more,
    I fixed your life and you destroyed mine,
    I feel like I'm about to lose my mind.
    I gave you all my heart, my everything,
    And you left without explaining anything.

    And I still love you the same as before,
    It never changed, no matter what happened before.
    We all do mistakes, we are all humans no?
    But you ego doesn't let you admit that you were wrong.
    Becoming paranoid and blaming me
    Makes you feel good, like it's all me.
    But it's ok my love if this is good for you,
    Always everything was about you.
    Just remember I love you more than anything,
    And I could do for you everything.

    I will only ask you for one thing,
    Give them a kiss and don't say a thing.
    They don't have to know it is from me,
    They will never see me again probably.
    I know they love me like I love them too,
    He said I am his dad, you were there too,
    And it breaks my heart that I lost them,
    I'm not even allowed to talk with them,
    I know they are not my kids, I'm not their dad,
    But I loved them like they are mine, is it that bad?

    One day you will understand, what you've done,
    And then everything will make sense, but I will be done,
    You will understand how much I loved you,
    And all this pain will make sense to you, like I told you,
    Because when everything will make sense,
    You will come to my place, you will be there,
    Remember those times you were hurting me?
    Remember when I was begging you to stop stabbing me?
    You will come to my place and you will feel my pain,
    And you will understand why I became a nade.
    I exploded because the pain was too much,
    And you wasn't even there to understand.

    But still I love you more than anything tho,
    Even if you don't even care if I live or no.


  • sulagna2019 40w

    Invisible wounds that you gave to me ,
    made my pen bleed.
    Each marks of your violence is preserved as poetry, that you can read.
    You tried to shatter me with your brutality,
    But I kept on creating new, with my creativity.

  • mequreshi 46w


    Stopping to bleed,
    Its stopping to bleed
    The hatred I was grown in,
    The disheartening greed
    It has become numb and silent ,
    Like 4am of the day
    I hear only cries and barks,
    Maybe I'm crying out my way
    Covering my mouth with my hand,
    Don't wanna listen to anyone among them
    I wish I could tell them
    How easilyI would let go off the life's hem
    If I was born just beautiful
    Would you look at me for once sake
    So many hands around
    And I can't decide whose hand to take

  • lunatic_pen 46w

    *because of love that won't retrieve...
    just finished my 8 laps, 3 pace wreck��
    racing makes me feel better
    but not in competition
    it's just my hobby, for fun
    speeding checks, timers clock beats
    and for the track i remember this song
    when I saw him watching me today��✌️��

    Closed off from love, I didn't need the pain
    Once or twice was enough and it was all in vain
    Time starts to pass, before you know it, you're frozen,
    But something happened for the very first time with you
    My heart melts into the ground, found something true
    And everyone's looking 'round, thinking I'm going crazy,
    But I don't care what they say
    I'm in love with you
    They try to pull me away, but they don't know the truth
    My heart's crippled by the vein that I keep on closing
    You cut me open and I
    Keep bleeding, keep bleeding love
    I keep bleeding, I keep bleeding love
    Keep bleeding, keep bleeding love
    You cut me open....
    Trying hard not to hear, but they talk so loud
    Their piercing sounds fill my ears, try to fill me with doubt
    Yet I know that their goal is to keep me from falling, hey, oh
    But nothing's greater than the rush that comes with your embrace
    And in this world of loneliness, I see your face
    Yet everyone around me thinks that I'm going crazy
    And it's draining all of me
    Though they find it hard to believe
    I'll be wearing these scars for everyone to see.

    inspired by Jessie McCartney/Ryan Benjamin Tedder
    Song by Leona Lewis

    #mirakee #love #bleeding #pain #sorrow

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    Bleeding Love

    Back in the race track
    Driving speeding beating the timers clock
    Can't able to get the first lap
    When I saw you watching me in half.
    I'm in my track
    When I'm losing out of control
    Without focusing
    I'm wrecking like a ball.
    I try to shift and drift
    Holding the handle and tightly grip
    But I'm losing, losing out
    When I heard your shout.
    I opened my eyes
    I see the blue skies
    Wondering where am I
    when I feelin' I'm bloody f*ckin die.
    I saw your shadow behind me
    and try to reach you constantly
    but when I closed my eyes
    I feel your bleeding Loves me..


  • deepflowsoul 49w

    I cant believe that happened. That is NOT love. It's only spite that didn't get their way. Welcome to my shit list dad! Fuck you.

    #anger #vent #pain #father #mother #cruel #love #blackmail #crying #bleeding #furious #claim #rage #spite #truestory

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    True story.

    He claimed he loved me,
    But he used my own mother against me.
    Black mailing pictures of her crying,
    When I was bleeding too.
    Someone who loves you would never be so cruel!!

  • dhivyadharshini_dd 52w

    Words bled in the ocean of his sorrow,
    With feet tied to rocks below depths,
    And the sun set before the dusk.
    Twirling typhoons rising up high,
    Blowing the stars away from his sky.
    While the moon moved away his world,
    With the waves fading into sands of time.
    And the water turned scarlet red.
    Maybe the sun sank leaving it's shade,
    Roaming white and dull around somewhere.
    Feeling lost and lonely just like him,
    As he turned pale while he bled his heart!

    © dhivyadharshinigajendran

  • dini__kal 53w


    Invain my efforts
    To keep my feeling at bay
    Pain suffocate me
    At the absence of my bae
    {check my YouTube channel /links in the bio}

  • voices_as_thoughts 54w


    And now the urge left, what's left of me?
    Reminisce or fantasy?
    Look back at the past or look forth to what i thought it'd be?
    Pains or endurance?
    At the end what truly does the antagonist feel when the protagonist has lost all?
    Freed or fufilled?
    And now the urge left, what's left for me?
    Self forgiveness or sobriety?