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  • b_l_e_a_k 30w

    #bleak #wod song title: she's mine pt1 by J. Cole

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    He's mine

    I've never felt so alive
    I've never felt so alive

    I'm usually very good with words
    Manipulating them to suit me
    They flow freely without any hindrances
    But when it comes to you,
    I'm speechless, rightfully so
    I whisper your name in the darkness and blush uncontrollably
    I love you, it's pleasant
    I close and open my eyes a million times,
    Thinking it's just one of my day dreams
    I'm hoping I wake up from this dream and face reality,
    But this is reality; me and you, together in love.
    Do you hear how pleasant it sounds?
    For some unknown reason,
    I want to try 'cause you want me to
    I want to love again, be claimed by you and all your flaws
    I want to be yours with careless abandon
    You bring tears to my eyes and I'm bursting at the seams with joy
    I'm praying my fears don't disrupt this
    I'm screaming, "He's mine!"
    I'm telling everyone I know I'm yours
    You're mine, I'm yours, we're together
    Beautiful, isn't it?

    Catch me,
    Don't you
    Catch me,
    Don't you
    Catch me,
    I'm falling in love for the first time...

  • b_l_e_a_k 32w

    Becoming one with my insides
    A mutual exchange of hearts like misplaced puzzle pieces
    A clarion call of souls
    A rapt attention to love's shofar
    Crossing seas, manipulating seasons to feel what once was and what should've been
    Ignoring the shrill screams of common sense
    Deaf to the deafening cries of reason
    Painting what each other's eyes see on life's canvas
    A mixture of colours and emotions
    Contradicting personalities chasing after each other
    Contrasting passions tumbling after one another like Jill down a hill
    With no way back
    Trapped in each other's souls through emotion-filled eyes
    Common Sense has no power here
    As Love and Longing are misting the air
    Just you, just me,
    Peeling off each other's securities like clothes drenched with the heavy July rains
    Naked under each other's scrutiny
    It's all clear now as we share a lover's kiss
    Nature sucks her breath in anticipation as he says in the pulsing silence,
    "You'll be the death of me"
    A chuckle clouded with pleasure escapes her lips as she breathes,
    "You have much more hope than I, as you're already the unending death and life of me".

  • b_l_e_a_k 32w

    Red clayed huts' walls caked by the sun's heat
    You could literally see the heat in the air
    The sun is merry
    Here it bears no grudges
    It makes sweat to glisten on the bodies of even coward warriors,
    Making them feel bold
    Nna ayi comes out from his obi with his favourite wife
    His rotund belly obstructs him from even seeing his cracked feet
    The other wives glare at the newly acquired wife in jealousy
    The continue their morning chores with 'long' mouths

    The little children play contently in the compound
    Oblivious of their mothers' childish feud
    The cock crows signifying the coming of the evening
    It stands with one leg in the air
    And bobs its head from side to side with eyes wide
    As if knowledgeable of the evils going on in the house

    The fire is lit in the village square
    The shadows make the mmanwu look other worldly as they carry out their fetish rituals
    The dibia pours libations to the gods as the elders break the kola
    The night is serenaded with music from drums and flutes
    The full moon moves in tune with the music
    Everyone shamelessly dances to the song of our home
    Egwu udo

  • _ame_30 47w


    Pearly tears
    Rolled over my cheek
    Represented fears,
    Of my history.


  • b_l_e_a_k 50w

    I need to wipe that smirk off my face
    Backtrack and follow his pace
    Need to stop being giddy
    Like really what's the big deal
    Need to curb how I feel
    Put my stupid heart on airplane mood
    Send those funny feelings on the rocket to the moon
    I'll definitely have nothing to lose
    Stupid me
    Making him my muse
    Broadcasting my silly love all over the news
    Enjoying this pleasant view
    This feeling feels new
    I'm going to enjoy it till I'm full
    I love it here
    But it won't last
    I dislike love
    It takes away and never replaces
    All about giving and shii
    My back is against the wall in my cell
    Those views
    Hopeless mirages
    All foolish facades
    Drift like fluffy clouds that I'll never reach
    I'm sketching broken hearts in my dark cage
    I'm be content in the silence
    I don't want to see any visitors!
    Lock the door
    Throw the keys into the abyss
    Don't light the torch
    Leave me to my tears and darkness
    Let me chase the dreamy facades
    Leave me be!

  • b_l_e_a_k 51w


    The storm clouds have gathered
    Everybody has their goods covered
    I'm safe in the shelter of her shop
    But I'm disturbed and unsafe altogether
    There's this thing - this sweet velvet voice coaxing me to go outside
    I put all I'm doing to a stop,
    Venture outside to discover that pleasant force that cajoles me

    It's cold but I'm not with a sweater
    The wind is blowing around me,
    disturbing the silly short dress I'm wearing
    But wait,
    you can perceive that right?
    The sweetest of scents
    The one that reminds me of the Nightingale's tunes
    I'm looking for the source
    for those coffee brown eyes
    for that sunshine smile
    for the reddish - brown hair
    for the pink lips with beauty spots
    for the moustache and beard with golden streaks

    I'm turning in circles
    Tears are burning my eyes 'cause I can't feel you
    I'm clutching my chest
    And my fragile body is rocked by heaving sobs
    I'm moving backwards hoping to fall in a puddle and be officially mad
    I trip and fall back on a solid body
    The scent is stronger as arms are wrapped around me
    I turn to face the source of this heady scent
    Alas! It's my beloved's face I see
    More handsome and beautiful than I remembered
    The memory of his picture perfect face doesn't do justice to what I'm beholding

    I'll love to kiss him
    But I'm scared he'll vanish
    So I'll just trace the lines of his face
    I'll recommit them to memory
    I'll imprint them on the pages of my mind
    I'll etch them on the broken fragments of my heart
    Here in his arms again
    I feel safe
    I feel complete - meaningfully so

    Dance with me, mi amor!
    Let's sing our favourite songs under the rain, mi cielito!
    Don't leave just yet 'cause I've not had enough of you
    But the sun's coming now
    The rain is ebbing away; reducing to showers
    Your perfect body is gradually becoming mist
    Your heavenly smile is fading away
    I'm trying to hold on but my fingers can't get a grasp

    Now you're gone
    I'm drenched
    Obviously mentally deranged
    I do not wish to dry off
    I want to keep this memory

    Do come back, I beg
    And bring my life with you
    Don't let the sun drive you away!

    I sigh
    Walk back to the shelter of her shop
    On your memories I'm high
    My living has been put to a stop
    You're gone
    But your memories are not
    So yes, I'm ruined by you
    And you just had to go and disappear

    I'll listen to our favourite songs
    I'll dwell on our pleasant memories
    I'll think on everything that has you
    Till this broken heart of mine stops beating
    Till I draw my last shuddering breath, Nkem...

  • b_l_e_a_k 51w


    The sickening odour of charred flesh staining the air
    The smell of burning tyres creating dents in the atmosphere

    The sound of bullets wheezing past your ears
    Barely missing your head and digging holes in your parlour walls

    "Where is Amaka?!"
    "Allah kubar!"

    The synchronized rhythm of bathroom slippers on the blood drenched ground
    The crumbling of your inheritance passed down from your fathers
    The blasting of shells burning your stalls

    With your famished stomach and parched throat
    Your cracked lips and bruised heels
    A mere crunching of leaves by a passing lizard

    Shots fired
    Bazookas on the ready for the umpteenth time
    Husaini's intestines are spilled in the pothole
    His blood filling up the hole the government couldn't
    Before his head is blown off
    To his baby sister, he mouths

    Soldiers with guns pointed
    Supposed valiant men
    Cower in fear when they see the cutlasses and AK-47s
    Dropping their guns like babies
    With high pitched voices like peevish women
    They scream,

    I'm tired of running
    My baby girl is gone missing
    But you tell me not to stand because this is the battle of the 'brave'
    And I'm supposed to be under palm fronds shielding my head
    Tell me why a stranger can come to my land and chase me out?
    Tell me why I can't carry a gun and blow their heads off?
    I'm planning a burial for my mother's ghost
    Burying an empty casket because I can't find her remains blown up by their hateful bombs

    You talk of peace talks
    But how are we meant to have peace meetings with moral illiterates ?
    How do we make truces with blood thirsty demons?
    How do we negotiate when all they see is red like a herd of angry bulls?
    Do you have an answer yet?
    I guess not

    We all say, "On G"
    I have nowhere to run to anymore
    I swear I'll be on my way to heaven if I knew the way
    It breaks me to see Yinka suffering from PTSD
    When I can't do anything to help 'cause I'm choking on my own pee
    I'm tired of running, and I know you are too
    But can you hold on to a hope a little longer?

  • bird_of_ink 59w

    Escaping a Last Time

    Sitting in the room and droning out the laughter and screams around me, I inspected the bottle of pills and juggled with the thought of taking it. Already an established escapist, either in responsibilities or life, these pills were offering me the tantalizing escape to , (hopefully) another dimension. Giving in, I took a single pill and felt my life zoom past me.....
    Those childish glee and innocent escapedes , all flashing through. It felt as if I was floating in mid air in my room, and the illusions so soothing that I refused to come back and wake up to reality, for I decided to stay there, floating in the midst of daze, until a peaceful darkness engulfed me.
    The pills worked, I mused as the last vestige of consciousness slowly escaped from my eyes.


  • thescreechingsilence 64w

    Spring and I

    Amidst the grey clouds,
    And the ever growing graves
    And lands, filling with ashes,
    I see the Spring breaking.

    I am breaking.

    And soon,
    You will see,
    Beautiful flowers blooming
    From dormancy.

  • zephyr_of_fire 71w


    Life, it seems so far from possible to complete
    I've become so ill
    Sacrificing any potential hope to fill the void
    Everything's gone and I'm weak
    Any motivation destroyed
    Constantly having to compete and compare
    This just isn't fair
    The light in my eyes have gone bleak
    But I've gotta feel the burning sensation to understand that life's still there,
    God knows I'm exhausted
    But he turns a blind eye in favor of my demons
    Ignoring each and every plea for help
    Lacerating my tongue to silence my reasons,
    I can't go on, no
    Not like this
    This isn't the vision I once thought I'd have
    Yet I'm here to stay confined within my own burden
    Never to seek, or to find a way out
    Because in my heart
    There's nothing but doubt.


  • pao_writes 77w

    If love should bring you roses
    Of red,
    If hope do buds in a snowdrop,
    If the chrysanthemum scents
    The hymn of quietus,

    I wonder
    What among the blossoms
    Should epitomize a heart
    That perceive nothing-
    Nothing but an eternity of bleak?


  • aster_not 79w

    #messy #bleak

    With pain as the only familiar comfort,
    Why should I try to chase it away?

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    When you have felt nothing for so long,
    Only pain can be able to pierce through the numbness.

    A drip of blood.
    Something that burns- scathing, monopolizing your attention.


  • bhagyshre 79w

    .....and now it's just me
    left alone
    lost in my past
    Imagining it as my future
    .....little did I know
    that bleakness , disguised as present is approaching me

    .....because now I am left all alone.......
    .....with the golden memories of ours.....


  • bhaskar_vashishth 84w

    Rape of a Robot

    Pipes and screws drilled into me
    At such a young age
    In adolescense,
    In pubescence,
    Some from back, some from bottom
    Some by brothers, some by father.

    When I look up at stars, I bleed from under
    Inside my pants, I am always drenched
    Red, blood, thick and plenty,
    Like a plumber, I am always
    Stuck at fixing my pipes and nuts,
    Still loose like a metallic robot, rickety.

    Writhing in pain in starless nights
    Is my body which aches without any motion,
    Detection is rare as so much
    Time has passed away even
    Statue of limitations has been demolished
    And they built an effigy of the mauler instead.


  • nehahemaraj 84w


    Domicile, denuded of radiant pneuma,
    Brimmed with greyish, desolate memories,
    Blotches of pitch black traumas,
    Stranded at the cosy corners of the abode.

    Dints of 6-foot footprints,
    Engraved on the white marble flooring,
    Adorned with the fractions of pious heart,
    Now, the lifeless memories, the denizens of empty house.

    Pristinity I fell in love with,
    Entangled in the beige drapes,
    Ceased lullabies of the clocks,
    Crooned in the ashen lives of the twain.


    #mirakee #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Image credit to the right owner.

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  • bhagyshre 99w

    #lost #ghar #winters #bleak
    @mirakee @hindiwriters

    Picture Credit to the rightful owner

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    Jab aana nahi tha toh mil hi kyu gaya ?
    Jab mann lagna nahi tha...
    Toh lag hi kyu gaya ?
    Jab dil tootna hi tha ...
    Toh jud gaya ?
    Ye sawaalon ka hai ye kaise bhavar ...
    Ye andhero ka hai ye kaisa nagar ...
    Ki sau diye bhi kam pade ...
    Dhoondhne k liye ek laapata ghar!!!


  • prakriti2005 110w

    There are some destinations where we never want to reach. The journey to such destinations be however beautiful, but the reality that the destination is really bleak, can't be ignored.

  • aurangrez 112w

    Shinigami – “God of Death”, “Death Bringer” are Gods or supernatural spirits that invite humans toward death in certain aspects of Japanese religion and culture. Shinigami have been described as monsters, helpers, and creatures of darkness. This is an acrostic poem that talks of the world trying to downplay mental illness and depression as “something you ought to snap out of”, or “drama”, not realizing that those who live with it, feel helpless. They don’t need sympathy, or solutions. They just want to be heard, to be held, someone to be there for them. So they know they matter.

    #suicide #depressionisreal #socialmythy #acrostic #writersunite #japaneselore #shinigami #death #black #bleak

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    “Shut Up! It’s not the end of the rope
    Hope springs eternal, stay strong, resist
    Insist, ‘tis but a bad dream, ‘tll be alright
    Night’s dark, days brighter still, regale”
    Impale me with your callous tirade
    Grade me, mock me, the names you call
    All I ever wanted, was to be heard, held
    Meld in me, know my how, and my why
    I can’t, I just can’t fight you alone, O Shinigami

  • s_aurabh 123w

    जीवन आपके विश्वास को बनाए रखने और कुछ चीजों को सच होने की उम्मीद के बारे में है! इसके बिना, दुनिया धूमिल दिखेगी।
    #saurabhraj #miakree #tag #comment #like #share #life #placing #world #bleak #thoughts

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    Wake up

    life is all about placing your faith and hoping some things to become true !
    without it , the world would look bleak.

  • bearspill 123w


    Thousand utterless words derived
    Meaningless sounds heard from distant abyss
    Distress is an endless river
    Nothing can stop its form of disruption
    Hatred is the result of various voices
    That are only felt behind