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  • dusky_dawn 17w

    Happiest birthday jaani @_firefly

    May god bless you. Loads of love. ❤

    #Harshikajanamdiwas ��


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    If firefly is a human.It'd have a gentle touch of your voice laced with cream of a smoothie & honeyed empathy.

    If firefly is a human.It'd have the warm mien as yours that warms up the hearts of the humans walking alongside bringing them out of the gloom.

    If firefly is a human. It'd have a dainty smile
    as yours that spills cheerfulness on the beings that stays in the territory of your heart.

    If firefly is a human. It'd be like you. Illuminating love & filling minds with ease that stops by you to feel the warmth when you pay heed to the voices of the ones in need.


  • dusky_dawn 24w

    Happiest birthday gaurav ��May God bless you.



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    A list with a twist.

    The ukelele's euphony serenaded the blue sky when you held the ukelele & played the first chord & the soft nylon strings with your fingers dancing to the tune struck the hearts of heeders & warmed up the ambient. The chords whisked away the noise lingering around leaving behind peace to be relished by us.

    A wordsmith landed between thousands of faces with a pen and a paper looking upto him waiting for him to kill the pain lying behind the words or in between them.Or the figment that your words left behind with monsters & the immortal black roses or the snow that melts with rain running back to the throng that drowns in the hypnotism of the phrases coming wildly out of the mighty pen.

    Year with virus strangling our sore throats I caught a whiff of friendship around me from a human healing sore hearts with the tunes that still lies somewhere deep inside my ears & still soothes my soul.The stupid talks & the laughter that echoed months before still makes me smile wide.

    One of the best things that happened to me last year is you becoming one of my good friends. Thank you for existing.


  • dusky_dawn 25w

    Happppiest birthday rajeeeeeeeev �� #rajeevkabirthday



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    An eloquent and a silver tongued poet
    Crossed paths with me in the Jack Frost season when the words on my tongue were freezing his verses kept it warm.
    Carrying Poetries that tastes like butter spreading itself on a bread loaf,
    Carrying Poetries with sublime phrases smoothly walking down one's heart.
    Carrying poetries that can ruin the frost season's cold cunning winds by turning them warm.

    A friend who's care is as sweet as the candyfloss,A friend who's heart slips into sadness if I breathe in sadness.
    A friend who's not just a friend but
    A motivator who who's always there to guide to not to be afraid of the up"s and down's as it shall pass like the season of frost.


  • dusky_dawn 26w

    Happiest birthday satyam. An amazing human and a friend. Glad we crossed paths. You are a gem. God bless you. This one's for you. �� @captain_blant


    I am bit sleepy. Otherwise I'd be wishing you at 12��


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    A concoction

    Of antipoetic ointment
    On the poetic wounds
    Healing the minds
    With Realism & breaking
    Bones of fantasies.

    Of benevolence peeking
    From behind the black glasses,
    & the voice walks on the crusade
    For few miles every day shaping
    The road for advancement.
    With verses putting forth
    Taboos wrapped with raw slaps
    To the societies face.

    Of friendship slipping
    Into one's heart with kind steps
    & settling there for the years to come.
    With honey laced temper & soothing aura,
    You are home to a friendless soul.