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  • __theworthywords__ 2d

    Every year we get a year older,
    The thought of the world makes my heart colder.

    All this while not just us,
    But the relations we hold grow as well.
    Where in you lose someone and get close to the new ones,
    But the stain of losing someone special always has been felt.

    You maybe weaker,
    But you are the Lords creature isn't it ?
    You maybe stubborn,
    But what have you been told right since your childhood?
    You maybe short - tempered,
    But your mind and body can work together isn't if?

    You are stronger, You have faces so many things,
    Weather they were bullies or some pains.

    Each year you are accepting your flaws and
    Are in a journey where you will receive not only flaws but some applause too.

    It's you who is supposed to change your owm life,
    It's gonna be worth the wait as it will be bright.

    #birthday #birthdaynotetoself #Fate #birthdaymessage

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    Paint the sky and make it your's


  • tonyfresh 2d

    Birthday Wish

    Today I stand 20 feet
    away from myself
    Observing the glory of my Trinity

    I notice my Mind's hair
    Grey and silky
    I see my Body blooming
    Like Lily in its prime
    And I see my Soul
    As young as the days of January
    And meek as a Lamb

    Today I make a wish
    To change the equation
    I want a grown Soul
    Ancient, all knowing
    Pure, enlightened
    Free, actualised
    I want to do more than
    Eating and thinking.

    Today I make a wish
    To see my Source
    Be like my source
    Know my Source
    And experience his
    Everlasting tranquility.


  • senutpal31 4d


    মা দেউতাৰ হিয়াৰ টুকুৰা
    ঘৰৰ হয় প্ৰাণ,
    স্বাভিমানী তাই এই কবলৈ
    মই একোকে নেপাওঁ টান,
    বৰ্ণিল মনৰ গৰাকী তাই
    হৃদয়ত আছে আশা
    ব্যস্ততাই যেন ম্লান পেলাইছে
    ক্লান্ত মনৰ পৰিভাষা,
    মনে মনে তাই ৰচিছে
    এক সুখৰ সংসাৰৰ সপোন ,
    মৃন্ময়া তাই মৃন্ময়া তাই
    মৃন্ময়া হয় আপোন।

    (কুইন মেমৰ হাতত )


  • shamli_mali 1w

    Sometimes being busy is the best feeling in the world


  • kapuradha 1w

    Gya hai abhi chaar din phle hi janmdin tumhara,
    Jee kra ki mubarakbaad de tumhe,prdil tham gya hmara


  • noreenrborooah 2w

    A Birthday is special, the day you realise that it's not 'your day' but it's a day you were created for the mankind.


  • obietechinonye 2w

    Happy birthday to me

    For the light of my life
    That the wind can't snuff out
    I'm grateful

    For the unseen battles
    That my feeble hands didn't fight
    But won
    I'm grateful

    For the tears that wasn't for joy
    But didn't blind the eyes
    For the news that broke the heart
    But couldn't inhibit pulsation
    For the hope of tomorrow that keeps the faith of today alive
    I'm grateful

    With another year received
    I'm reminded of how much a sojourner I am
    And I'm grateful to God for his whole armour
    That had kept me standing
    Amidst the evil day.

  • aayushjsr_ 3w

    By unknown writer

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    Dear birthday's,

    Thank you for restarting
    conversation even for a day.

    Which ended years ago
    Even without a single goodbye.

  • addypoet 4w


    I’m so sorry,
    That I let you down,
    I’m so sorry,
    That I freaked up,
    I’m so sorry,
    That I wasn’t there,
    And I can’t do anything else,
    I just want you to know,
    I really mean this apology,
    And I’m looking forward to us,
    That you’ll give me one more chance.

    It totally slipped off my mind
    But today I am being so kind
    Wishing late should not be the reason
    This happens in every season
    So sorry that I could not call you up
    My good wishes are and will remain with you
    Hope your day was as amazing as you
    Dear I wish you lots of good wishes this time
    May you have a happy time
    Happy belated birthday to you
    Have a blessed time and through!

  • shubham_20 4w


  • yours_fortune 4w

    17 MARCH

    - Zodiac sign :- Pisces
    - A spontaneous, creative, expressive, traveller, explorer, adventures no one can hold you for long.
    - A decision taker and can be a great
    influencer. Never ever leave any opportunity to prove their self worth
    - Good partners - Pisces and Virgo
    - Lucky day - Thursday and Sunday
    - Lucky number - 5, 7, 10, 12
    - Lucky colour - Yellow, brown which brings youth, fertility and spirituality in them
    - Comparability - Cancer and Capricorn
    - One who can adapt easily any situation and are quick to take action and understand any situation.
    - Negative traits - They follow more their instincts then the real situation. Least expressive, somewhere go deep with the conversation and make themselves involve in that situation.
    - Motto :- " I believe"

  • yours_fortune 4w

    7 June

    - ) A gemini by zodiac.
    - ) You are not that beautiful but your soul attracts people more towards you, that makes a highly attractive personality of yours.
    - ) You are adaptable, comfortable, confident, introvert, highly romantic, artistic and loyal by the nature
    - ) Helpful, kind, creative, always available for the needful, least expressive, good partner, straightforward, dreamer and one who never give upon easily.
    - ) Best sign as partner - Sagittarius, gemini
    - ) Attracted to - Libra, Aquarius
    - ) Lucky day - Wednesday
    - ) Lucky number - 4, 7, 11, 14
    - ) Lucky colour - Yellow, green
    -) Motto - " I think and I don't give up"
    - ) Negative traits - Get easily irritated, very cranky, take decision fast, restless, always look after or think a lot

  • porcupine 4w

    A special day- Happy Birthday!

    Twenty four years ago
    You had arrived
    I can remember that day
    Vividly like it was still recent
    The night before your mom went into labour
    We rushed to the hospital
    The doctor said it was still too early
    We came home but it was so intense
    Our first baby was almost here
    All night she was in pain and couldn't sleep
    I really felt for her
    I wish I could have shared the pain
    It was about six am and she said it was time
    I panicked right away
    I didn't know what to do
    We didn't drive so it was difficult
    I started walking to find a ride
    At six am where do you find a car
    I was up the street a bit and realized
    The neighbour had a car
    I rushed home and banged on his door
    I tried to stay calm but I frantically
    Told him she was ready to give birth
    We really needed a ride to the hospital
    He said yes he would
    A big sigh of relief came over me
    I went and gathered some things for her
    And we headed to the next town
    We arrived there but she still wasn't ready
    From seven am until nine pm we were there
    Around nine pm the doctor said it was time
    It seemed like chaos that followed
    Tongs and a suction cup
    And they snipped her too
    I guess you were just too big
    The nurse jumped on top and pushed
    Onto her stomach
    Finally at nine twenty eight pm
    You made your entrance
    It was pure bliss
    A miracle
    Two ordinary people
    Created an extraordinary baby
    Eight pounds twelve ounces
    Twenty one inches long
    I will never forget that day

  • porcupine 4w

    It was like (edited post last year)

    It was like
    The whole world
    Was given to me
    It was like
    I became rich
    Beyond imagination
    When you were born
    It was like
    A flower blooming
    In the spring
    It was like
    Time was frozen
    At that moment
    When you were born
    It was like
    A brand new book
    Eager to be read
    It was like
    The sun rising
    Which brought light
    When you were born
    It was like
    Two parallel lines
    Had finally crossed
    It was like
    Opposing magnets
    That came together
    When you were born
    It was like
    Riding in the clouds
    High up above
    It was like
    Finding treasure
    Hidden for years
    When you were born
    It was like
    The brightest star
    In the dark night
    It was like
    A million emotions
    Peaked all at once
    When you were born

    Happy 24th Birthday

  • nsgill 4w

    Happy Birthday

    You're like the stars far away,
    Not visible to be near me in anyway,
    But still I pray that God gives you hope to rise and shine,
    And you also try to understand me, and the curve on face of mine.
    Wish you a very very happy birthday,
    Rab tainu sada chardi kalaan vich rakhe.

  • inaayat_wanderer 4w


    I find my birthday quite stressful
    The formal wishes
    The awkward hugs
    The unnecessary phone calls
    The weird gifts
    The unwanted thoughts
    The unstoppable tears
    The unbearable anxiety
    The wait for the day to be over
    The day has not even begun yet and I can't wait for it to be finished

    The introvert in me is screaming
    The ambivert in me is ready with a fake smile

    24 hours is a long time to survive........

  • bclark2681 4w

    *Written for my son when he turned 16 years old a couple of weeks ago. Such a celebration. Now, I feel old.
    #pod #MirakeeNetwork #writersnetwork #writersbureau #mirakee #mirakeeworld #thewriterstribe #writerstolli #poetry #writersbay
    #16 #sixteen #son #boy #birthday

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    Sixteenth marked in black and gold
    Rising balloons, falling adolescents
    Not sweet but manliness ambitions
    Prepared, adult quickly approaches

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  • todayis 5w


    It's Mar 09 Tue 2021



  • shre_ya55 5w

    मेरी खुशियां

    तु आबाद रहे या बर्बाद रहे,
    हम तो दोस्ती निभाएंगे।
    तेरी बेज्जती ही धर्म है मेरा,
    ये धर्म हम उम्र भर निभाएंगे।

    सोच कितनी महान फ्रेंड मिली तुझे,
    फ्रेंड के रूप में मां मिली तुझे।
    इस मा की कदर कर लिया कर,
    मेरे जैसे कोई और ना मिलेगा तुझे।

    एक मै हूं, अच्छी सी,
    एक तू है चुड़ैल सी।
    एक मै हू , जिसने तुझे एडॉप्ट किया,
    एक तू है बेटी नालायक सी।

    माना कि शक्ल से है तू ghost
    फिर भी i love you the most.
    अब ज्यादा हवा में मत उड़,
    i miss you, मेरी dost.

    अंत में यही कहूंगी,
    की मै तेरा शुक्रिया करूंगी।
    तूने बहुत साथ दिया है,
    तेरी जगह किसी को ना दूंगी।

    तेरे birthday पे दुआ है यही,
    तु खुश रहना, रहे चाहे कहीं।
    माना कि थोड़ी दूर हूं मै,
    पर दोस्ती जो है, हमेशा रहेगी वहीं।।
    अब last me vo vala song yaad aa raha hai
    tennu , miss you , kiss you, hug you, chapeta you,
    mukka you, thappad you, bezti you, love you love you love you love you....
    happiest birthday meri anarkali