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    The tranquil woman wrapped in the sheets of forgotten THANK YOUs.

    Date - Until alive
    Time- When it feels toxic

    Respected HER,

    This letter might be stagnated in the toxic drains of limited minds but my heart feels to THANK YOU with the warmth of this cold world.
    You have got infinite number of thank you from the posters by the innocent minds at the blooming stages of life but as time passes they start to write novels about their demise through the name of yours.
    I don't know where you reside. You maybe in the womb of earth or maybe crying beside that dead girl who jumped from the edge of reality yesterday. You maybe in the words of gratitude that I am penning or you maybe gathering enough soil from the scarcity to decorate the corpses even with this bliss.
    This confined world didn't make any other word than Thank you to thank
    , so this is for :

    1.For the playlists of life that you played in the trees of felicity and in the river of fables to make the lost souls singing WE, alive in the greenery of I .

    2. For "THE ALCHEMIST" to make me realise the omen of poetries in my life amidst the captivating whispers of riddles all around.

    3. For making selfless Gods alive with the smile of having everything in nothing and with the sadness of not being able to anything to their progeny having everything.

    4. For making poetic minds alive in the towns of dead elegies which sings lullabies for the world when the homo sapiens are busy fixing the strings of guitar.

    5. For the non - lamenting species in this world where homo sapiens don't forget to brag about lending a single pen to their friends.

    6. For the vintage moon that makes the zephyr home to fleeing metaphors of a poet.

    7. For making the polaroids of you still alive in the forgotten albums where one finds the dust from the world that even tries to save the blurred part of you.

    Infinite gifts you gave to me in the cover of those trees but I just have a thank you letter to embrace the kiss you give to me.
    You maybe crying in the corner of the world where this letter can never reach you but I see you in the folds of my heart, still adoring those emollient THANK YOUs that echoes in the classrooms of primary school.

    Cannot find a proper ending as this world didn't tell me any other word than 'Thank you'. Maybe oneday you will find me compiling a dictionary for you when this poetic skin will decay with the microbes of past.

    With tears,
    A snake adoring YOU in this world full of adoring I.



    The woman is mother nature .

    Maybe those thank you speeches in school assemblies still echo in me that made me to write this.

    This my letter of #gratitude #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #bg #ceesreposts
    @writersnetwork it took a lot of time for bg ��
    @mirakee I am happy to be on time.

    @inked_selenophile I loved your today's post ❤️
    @heartsease I love you a lot ❤️
    @squared you will always be my snehh!!

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    #mirakee #pod #readwriteunite @writersnetwork #wod #motif #unsaid #Kashmir @writersbay #sya #khumar #sleep #aurora #Borealis

    #Unsaid - Neend aaye to khumar h vo , na aaye to subeh ka intizar.

    #Bg - Do you know Aurora Borealis ? They say sky conditions have nothing to do with it.

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    خمار - Khuma'r

    Meri palko'n pe wo neend ke khuma'r jaisa.
    Raat ke safar mei, subh'u ke intizar jaisa.

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    Fix your bg

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    Man, I just feel like a rockstar. (Ayy, ayy)
    #PostMalone #21Savage #AgonizingJanuary

    Loads of love your way.. #Bg
    Thank You So Much @writersnetwork for the like! ��

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    Lately, I've realised it's just the trick of time. The more time you give to a relation, the more it grows and strengthens. The less you are there, the more your relationship will fade. And now I'm sailing with the flow. Alone but better. Now, the frozen blood vessels of my body have denied to melt. Now, the muggy smell of my brain has denied to be fresh. Now, the insects that crawl inside my brain are dead for they have had consumed a lot of hatred. Those who held me down at some point, and those who are still competing with me: Let me tell you that I'm just a block head with lots of lost dreams buried in my graveyard. No matter how wrecked I'm, I still sailing and you're still burning! Mind it.

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    #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #kashmir #unsaid #urdu #poetry #sya #mangled #heart

    #Bg - Mangled heart , still managing to survive with a #kangri wushner in these chill winters..

    #Kashmir - Hum yahan kehte h..."zu mang..kanged ne.." arthat "Pran jaye , par kangri ek second bi na jaye." ����

    UnSaid - I thought , it must be genetically inherited. But alas !

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    Mangled heart

    Hakeem ne purkhon tak ilaaj kiya.
    dil ka zakhm h...ki ab bhi bhara nahi.


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    #mirakee #unsaid #Kashmir #urdu #sya #poetry #readwriteunite #writersnetwork


    Yearnings of mine shall be yours,
    when the celebrations end.
    These realisations shall be yours
    after being compelled.

    Fathom not these steps of mine,
    Perplexed they shall leave you.
    My traces shall leave impressions,
    even after the death of mine.

    Unsaid ~ And grasp my footprints... without counting the steps..

    #Bg - Snow is pure like a broken heart... Will give u a better picture.

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    Mere baad.


    Meri tadap tumhe milegi , is anjuman ke baad.
    Ye ehsaas tumhe b hoga shayad۔۔majbur hone ke baad.

    Mere qadmon ko na samjho, tumhe uljhan mei dal denge...
    Mere nishan zer_i_asar hain۔۔۔۔۔ mere marne k baad.


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    #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #unsaid #sya #urdu #poetry #autumn

    #UnSaid : Dil ghar kar diya kisi ka , aur wo kirayedar nikla.

    #Bg= #Autumn is spreading like corona. #Kashmir

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    Autumnal slope-

    Journey from a heart full of love to an inconsolable one.

    A heart full of love , when gladdens every aura.
    Imbibes the weakness around and radiates bliss.

    A heart full of love turns into an abode of hope.
    Becomes everyone's sail and a yielding rope.

    A heart full of hope, dwindles , turns into a black hole.
    When cursed , tortured and tossed by its own soul.

    A heart when vincibile is finally dead.
    Become inconsolable and purely unsaid.


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    #mirakee #readwriteunite #sya #Kashmir #urdu #friendship #writersnetwork

    UnSaid ~ Wasn't happy with the last one , as i couldn't render justice for it #bg. Now here again with much needed depth, it is read as a good one.

    Walk & talk - a storytelling technique, is a term used in filmmaking where two characters walk in parallel having conversations while heading towards their destination. Found this relatable to a greater extent, i have. During thousands of evening walks, with my friend different stories / plans / ideas / jokes etc were exchanged. But now silence is the only medium left in between us. This silence contains it's own beauty , no doubt. But the happiness linked with that walk & talk is perhaps now in the arms of death .

    Urdu version -

    Pehle pehel guft _o_ shaneed thi , ab sukoot hai darmiyan .
    nazakat to ye bhi hai , lafat par hai kahan.

    Urdu words used -
    Guft_shaneed - Kehna , sunna .
    sukoot - Khamoshi
    Nazakat - Khubi .
    Latafat - sukoon / khushi.

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    پہلے پہل گفت شنید تھی ، اب سکوت ہے درمیاں ۔
    نزاکت تو یہ بھی ہے ، لطافت پر ہے کہاں ۔

    Gone is the walk & talk , now silence carries the weight.
    The goodness is still linked and happiness seems to suffocate.


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    Finally a day out #bg #click #travelling #nature

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    It’s consistency, not great beginning in life or in love, that matters the most.


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    Holding on to so much chaos,
    Even the angels couldn't silence

    She broke into so many,
    Oh so many pieces

    That even the ones who loved her
    Could not find enough
    To bring her back

    But there was beauty
    In the way she fell
    Once and for all

    The slow rise of the light
    And then you see the ocean
    Almost on fire

    Something like that,
    But for her
    It was no light,
    But oblivion

    You could not even find darkness
    For it be so,
    There's hope in shining a little light

    But she,
    She was fire
    And for an angel with fire in her heart
    You'd have to be born a God
    To save such a soul

    And that is how the world failed
    Yet another life,

    With love.

    #BG credits to original owner

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    But she,
    She was fire
    And for an angel with fire in her heart
    You'd have to be born a God
    To save such a soul

    And that is how the world failed
    Yet another life,

    With love.


  • farha_haneef 96w

    To the boy who broke me,

    I do not dream of love anymore
    For all I see
    Is your choking face
    Breathless, broken

    And I wish
    I could forgive you

    I really do,
    But you are the reason
    My wrist is scarred

    All I know,
    Is this hurt,
    It is burning me
    And everything I love

    Even when I smile everyday
    Never showing how much
    My soul bled the other night

    For there are also some
    Whom I have loved and lost
    But, somehow
    They managed to break more
    Of who I was
    Than you ever did

    But I could never hate them,
    For they have been loved too much

    But you,
    You play with fire
    When you injure souls
    And this will
    One day consume you

    And you would beg
    To be forgiven
    But no,

    This is one hurt
    I will take to my grave
    And this should be the one sin
    You repent for
    And never find an

    I wish well for you
    But never happiness,
    For you do not deserve
    Not even one memory
    Of feeling worthy

    For you,
    You only made this world
    Fall apart

    And that is sad.

    I wish the good left in you
    Never weathers

    However little it may be.

    #BG credits to original owner

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    But you,
    You play with fire
    When you injure souls
    And this will
    One day consume you

    And you would beg
    To be forgiven
    But no,

    This is one hurt
    I will take to my grave
    And this should be the one sin
    You repent for
    And never find an


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    Love is not something you need to find in someone .
    Love is something that will have to find you if you are filled with love

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    You are my that mistake which i will keep on repeating with the hope of attaining you one day forever

  • doveyz 130w


    She was moon he chased for stars
    She was a sea and he demanded for oceans
    He would turn around she will be just air ...

  • doveyz 131w

    With u

    Wth you i feel like ease in deadning
    With you i enjoy the joy of glow
    You charm my face with the glimpse of your smile
    And finally my heart feels sober to say All is well.

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    @_bunnywrites collab

    Sorry I changed the #BG ....
    It was hard to find it..!

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    Beshak mai chala jaunga ek din,
    Pr tum me zinda rhenge lafz mere...

    Ek din jarur tumhe yaad aaungaa mai...
    Lekin tab mujhe rok denge farz mere...

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    Life is not easy on earth when you have a soft heart be rude when you have to be .

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    Dedicated to all girls those who are still dwelling in their past's #love #girls #swag #bg #mirakeenetwork #likes #follow

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    To all broken girls

    Raise up lady ....
    Don't be stupid ,
    Believing those words again .
    Nothing is gonna change ,
    So better come out of it .
    Believe in those who trust in u,
    Rather believing those who betrayed .
    Be the girl you were before ,
    Not a toy anymore.

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    Happiness is a choice . It is a spiritual experience of living every moment with grace and gratitude. ❤ if you agree.
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #bg-pinterest
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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