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  • spirit_13 2w


    Beyond being lonely and
    being related

    one realises

    one is the world itself

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    What are we, you and me?
    Now that we are sober and clean.
    When the mask of a drug haze is
    All we've known.
    When the mask of a drug haze is
    All we've shown.
    We squirm and we yearn.
    As we try to grow comfortable
    Within our own skin.
    Haunted by chemical induced remarks,
    The drugs did all the talking.
    Look at what you left behind.
    Look at who and what you found.
    We were so close, yet so blind.
    To the life that lies
    Beyond the come down.


  • surprise_me 4w

    Sometimes we all have ceiling time
    Our ancestors had sky time
    When our vision was limited to ceiling
    They saw through the sky


  • nilayvation 5w

    Sierra dozes off in a profound reverie while the sounds around her seem to haze out in her ears. A recurrence of the fresh events hits her heart. She feels light as if she’s levitating. Is she really drifting away from the real world? She feels tears avalanching down her cheeks and it feels like, as if they are vaporizing into thin air. She recollects how she was always besieged by people, people who told her that they loved her and would be with her no matter what. It wasn’t like she confided in all of them. But she had a trickle of people in her heart who were like a family to her. And now, here she is, all forlorn; not a single psyche around and feels stun and an abyss forming in her heart as she mulls over -

    [An arbitrary page from a “pretty” girl’s thoughts:]

    **The instant I started beaming and truly existing in this society, people have seen me as just some “pretty face”. I have been mediated, treated and rewarded based on my guise. Not to point out, but yes, that is society, and we have to live here. A lot might even think it’s just some whim or a frantic act of seeking attention. What can feasibly go wrong with being pretty? Nothing maybe; everything MAYBE. We’ve all been taught to ‘not judge a book by its cover’ right from the minute we start understanding words. But have we actually absorbed it? I agree, like everybody else, I am no angel. I have judged people based on how they look. But it’s always so diverse when apprehension hits you- subconsciously judging people and then realizing you’ve been doing the same when you sit and overthink everything through. It’s not all perfume and roses here. Being pretty too has its cons. I don’t intend to be mistaken for specifying beauty in terms of facial or physical features. I know what it truly is. At least, now I do. Prettiness and Beauty are actually worlds apart from each other. Prettiness is set up by medians of this society and is presumed to be an ‘ecstasy’ in everyone’s eyes (when it’s essentially not) while beauty is curbed to ourselves and what we feel about us and everyone around us. People can tell if you’re pretty but only a few can perceive the beauty that lies within you. Why is being pretty far from bliss, I say? When you’re pretty you’re always seen as some glossy, dainty item which might lose its value over time.

    From the trice my heart started sensing those silly hormonal changes, I have been treated as just some commodity or a triumph. For once, I crave to be loved for who I really am on the inside; at some point, I even thought I was, but turned out my life was in fact on a loop this whole time. People think it’s easy to fall in love, to see someone’s beauty and fancy them. Guys be pursuing girls (or the other way around) for like a decade or so and feel like they are in love. It’s so much more than that! When you love someone, you love their real self, their virtues along with their blemishes. And when I say that people who are considered “pretty” have it the hard way, it’s because they have half-a-dozen wooers after them but it’s unknown if any of them are actually in love. Being adored and loved for my face or body, I can’t really say if you truly love me. Have you ever looked through my heart? Have you ever felt like you actually know who I really am? When you aren’t studied as pretty by the society and someone still falls in love with you, you can actually say that the person loves you for YOU; because there isn’t a filter keeping him/her from comprehending the real you. They know you from your heart and love your soul in its realest sense. Also, it’s not like people with a face-filter won’t have someone to truly love them. If a person sees through your filter and masks, you’d know it’s true. You’d know when he is always beside you, you’d know when he always comforts you, you’d know when he sees how you feel, you’d know when he cares for you, you’d know when he loves you, you’d know when HE STAYS!

    Having a good heart is what I yearn the most. A good heart can love people and deserves all the love in the world. People are not born with a good or a bad heart. The goodness in you depends on you yourself, your actions and your thoughts. The goodness in you is mutable with each second. It’s you who can keep it persistent throughout. If you feel benevolent and if you feel the goodness in you, just know that you are loved. If not now, you will surely be, someday, because you deserve it. Just because you aren’t loved right this instant, doesn’t mean you let your desolation get the better of you. The goodness in you might help someone find the goodness in them.

    Some of you might still be thinking it’s better to exhibit both loveliness and beauty in you. Maybe for some of you it might be but according to me, it’s not. I have lost people because of this “pretty” face. I’ve lost amities and I constantly hope that people don’t fall for my pretty face. It’s hardly the same when someone you trust and are friends with, tells you how they aspire to be more for you. Attractiveness might be a blessing to the material world but beauty is what the world actually needs. **

    Sierra wipes off her tears and bizarrely doesn’t feel any pain in her body. It’s just her heart that’s still aching. “But that, too, will decease soon”, with these thoughts she closes her eyes trying recall all the pleasant moments she had, where she felt truly loved and important to someone. “I don’t know if I’m going to make it through, but I know, I don’t have to”.

    Author’s POV- I don’t intend to differentiate people based on their looks or call someone attractive or ugly. These are just some thoughts in the back of my head that came pouring down in writing. I have no intention to hurt someone or judge them based on their looks. Also, I’m not aiming to make anyone feel ungrateful or self-conscious about themselves. Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. It’s you who are blessed with it and no one can be You better than you yourself. Embrace who you are, and strive to be better than you were. And regarding this piece; it’s just a chunk of feelings that each of us have felt at least once in their lives but are too afraid to speak about it. There I said it! Now just relate❤️

    “Be Kinder Than You Feel”
    #beyond #authenticity #love #beauty @darkerthanblack @michael_angela_peterson @zeeshanjawed_ @tengoku @thefilthywriter

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    Chap: 2
    Are you Authentically Beautiful?

    “Don’t let those Stains reach your Heart”
    (Read from caption)


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    The moment between saying
    Goodbye and leaving,
    Stay a while on the fringes
    Of paradise, let me memorise
    The way your lips curve in a
    Half smile, one last time,
    Let me feel the shade
    Of your shadow shielding me
    From the harsh reality that turns
    On me like a furious sun,
    Wait a bit, let me inhale a bit of
    Your breath, so I never forget
    That eclectic mix of roses, mint and wild,
    Before you go, tell me one thing,
    Where do I take my fractured heart,
    What elixir would heal this fever that
    You leave me with, I will long for you,
    In my nocturnal solitude, where is the
    Vessel that would hold my pain and
    Not shatter, I will howl for you,
    Like the wolf howls for the moon,
    In the realm beyond, will you hear me?

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    Making a joke doesn't prove you
    have a sense of humour.
    Taking a joke does.


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    "When your little things noticed and appreciate by your special one that feeling is beyond words... "

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    Be like The star Twinkling
    Which doesn't Need Anyone's
    To enter the hearts
    As it is beyond the

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    Will love you forever

    Because it would never stop. Their love was beyond. It rose above any border that would dare to try and stop it. There was no finish line
    because they were each other’s end game.

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    Get up.......put your things on!!
    Let your knowledge
    Light up the darkest of hours

    #fight #beyond #exceptions

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    Are you ok with the things
    You are never gonna get
    But don't you still remember
    You were born to......
    Fight and not to regret
    © Saman

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    The Place We Are Headed No One Can Follow

    The place we are headed no one can follow

    where dread lives, and all things are empty and hollow 

    the ground is embedded with the dreams that its swallowed 

    and the sky it is filled to the brim with the swallows

    yes this is the place we go that no one can follow

    the air is heavy and the dark is real

    the scars that levy in part don’t heal 

    and only what bleeds are the parts you feel 

    the terms you speak all talks are deals

    the things that sneak in the shadows can kill 

    so you become colder than the atmospheric chill 

    where there is no time for self loathing and wallow 

    this is the place that no one can follow 

    where the mist it is poison 

    and you drink it cuz thirsty 

    then hold in the pain the bruises the hurting 

    you talk constant with death you and death are both flirting 

    the look in your eyes both kind and disturbing 

    disturbed to the core from the things that are lurking 

    in the pit of your heart where the demons usurping 

    blind in the eyes i cant see if you’re hurting 

    so we trust in each other and believe in the judging 

    a place where you walk but dont crawl though 

    you stop and you think but dont stall though 

    floating along emptier than the hollow 

    to reach the end of this place that we go where no one can follow

    the pit the abyss the bottom of swallow 

    not pinned in a sense just in the empty and hollow

    where its darkened and cold and everythings hardened

    cuz its froze from the blows of the ice in the hearts and 

    you hold on to one thing it all else gets tarnished

    you only keep yourself and it all else gets harnessed 

    the blame is dead with all else you dont care who caused it

    whether stopped or on the move you dont care who paused it 

    you sleep in the floors of any house you dont care whos haunted 

    youre a ghost of yourself a phantom the last of the dauntless 

    the last of the on it

    the last of the forward moving and don’t know how to stop it

    the last of the grip you don’t know how to drop it 

    this is the pit the abyss where the darkness it is. where it harkens and the nonsense comes fast as you dig 

    even the fastest of kids who are naturals at this 

    faced in battle when they’re rattled they could not do a kiss

    the atmosphere is tough and its crazy the mist

    Every demon that it wants your head its crazy the list

    and you know whats even crazier than this 

    you cant taste because the taste it hurts but the taste you will miss

    so you drink up a lick 

    and then the poison it hits 

    and then you’re poisoned and you poison the one you came to protect

    this is the place there is no turning back 

    where you don’t turn your back

    where the life you hold dear can be gone in a flash

    the ones that you love can get caught in the fire and lost in the ash 

    you need balls like you’re ash 

    because you’re moving right on theres corpses in all of the land

    you get to the point where its all in your hand 

    the dark it is in, your brain your heart your soul and the skin

    the way you move on is no sort of sin

    and you grow soon to know this is no sort of win

    it is here is control of without and within

    and the lover you hold can make a home in your hollow 

    Yes, this is the place where no one can follow


  • j_sathyan 32w


    Voyaging in to the beyond,
    Across where the sun, sets.
    Into the world unknown,
    Where the good things linger !


    Own click .

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    यूं तो ए- जिंदगी तेरे सफ़र से शिकायतें बहुत थी ,
    मगर ददृ जब दजृ कराने पहुंचे तो वहां कतारें बहुत थी ।

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    #love #pridemonth #beyond #beyourself #loveyourself #whirlofemotions #mycreation #poem #mind #mirakee.

    Let's celebrate pride month together and view love through rainbow coloured glass .������

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    View love In a different way

    I cringe hard when it comes to love nowadays,
    Because love is spoilt from how people describe it in unworthy ways,
    It has lost its golden touch the day attraction was mistaken for it,
    And through out the history obsession and abuse has killed love bit by bit,
    I dont want to talk about how people view love now ,
    To our ignorance the bloody arrow of defiance has bow,
    I write something like this about love not coz it can help us to be saved,
    Because maybe my words can save love and show us how badly we behaved.

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    Sierra is spending her days in a hospital, probably the last days of her life. There's someone she wants to see before she leaves. "Where's he? Where's my Jay?", she mumbles in her sleep asking for Jayden. Hours have passed and there's no one to be seen beside her. She struggles to open her eyes and look beside her bed- A bouquet of flowers which has rotten over the past few weeks with a note that reads-
    "I can't. I'm sorry.
    -Love Jay"

    Tears roll down Sierra's cheeks as she reads the note over and over again. "Was it me? Or my sickness?", she asks herself and struggles inside the sheets as she changes her position. Everything just seems heavy, in fact heavier than before. She has never felt so weak in her life, owing to her illness or absence of Jayden; she doesn't know. She thinks about their moments. They used to be so happy And all of a sudden, feels like they're struggling to be sad. "Did he stop loving me at some point?", a question that always meddles her thoughts. Will all her questions remain unanswered?

    Out of the blue, a weird feeling crosses her chest. Her heart is racing. The machines beside her bed start beeping faster and in no time, a whole bunch of people come rushing inside. She is unable to make out what's going on. All she feels is a struggle to breathe while the world seems to blur out. She hears a familiar voice, "I love you". She sighs and struggles, whispering, "I love you more". She wonders if it was Jay speaking in person or in her heart. She struggles to look around but nothing is visible except a few colors of the world, as if painted by a child. She doesn't feel pain or joy. She can hear her heart beating faster with every second and then; just a deafening silence and everything seems to go black as she passes out...

    Should I continue this story?
    @darkerthanblack @zeeshanjawed_ @tengoku @thefilthywriter @michael_angela_peterson. @aditi_geet_singh
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #love #beyond #abandon

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    Chap: 1
    The Last Goodbye

    (Catch up from the caption)

    कुछ लब्ज़ अनकहे; कुछ बातें अनसुनी
    आंखें थीं नम; सांसें गई थम
    हुआ करता था एक वजूद; अब जीना है बेवजह
    कहने को कमज़ोर है ये धड़कने; पर आगाज़ लगा रही
    आपको बुला रही
    हल्की सी आहट किसी की आ रही
    क्या ये आप हो?
    या देहलीज पर खड़ी मौत मुझे बुला रही 

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    Oh yes, and sometimes,
    The regret of losing,
    The despaired moments,
    A bit Beyond the breakdown,
    Exist the spirit of reasons,
    Peace of Mind.


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    I know it hurts
    But!! You should move beyond that hurt

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  • vasubandhu 48w


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    A person who understands
    everyone's feeling ,
    No one understand that person.