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  • miss_silentlyweird 2w

    He got a bicycle last week
    In excitement we both creak

    But then in front of me he awkwardly laugh
    Saying that he don't know how to ride it so we ended chaff

    I hold his wrist and convince him to ride it
    It takes a minutes for him to decide but I didn't quit

    I promise that I will be his training wheels
    Never let him fall in jagged ground or let him drive like neels

    Hours passes I succeeded, he ride and ride while I guide
    Alongside he learned to drive in glide

    The time comes he no longer needed to relied
    Without me as his training wheels he pacified in his own joyride

    I sighed as I watch him pass by
    Never expected that after all he will just say goodbye

    So I watched him drive away in a dark highway
    Towards in her while I left alone feeling dismay and betray


    #betray #trainingwheels #drive
    Source ��: Pinterest

    Note : Inspired by the song driver license and training wheels.

    Goodnight ✨

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    In the end you drive away
    and pass by in front of me
    as I meant to be just a street
    while she becomes your home


  • pink_blue 2w

    galat baat

    ...आप अपना घर चलाने केलिए..
    ...हम मासूम को अपना कहकर..गले लगाकर पीछे से वार क्यों करते हो ?
    गलत बात!!!


  • poster_boy 3w

    Axe preach leaving the past behind
    Tree tries the same, with the scar
    denying the chopping nature of the metal.

  • aachiram 3w

    I wish I had spoke truth since the beginning.
    I lied to my myself someday,
    I lied that everything's fine,
    Nothing will happen...
    But it creeped me out when I found myself in the dark.

    I wish I knew how to deal with anxiety,
    I’m a victim of self doubt,
    and that’s not good at all.
    I feel judged every single moment,
    that takes the breath outta me coz most of the moment
    I realise how I have spoiled all the stuff in my life.
    Right now, I don’t know if I’m worthy of living or not.
    I see myself in the mirror everyday to promise myself that this day would be a better one .
    everyday is good, but how my mind simulates for the worst,,
    I just,,,
    don’t know,
    I’m trying best to get out of it. But cannot, . at this time,
    i’m nothing..
    neither a good student, nor a nerd , nor a lover,
    nor good daughter,..
    I’m just most extra thing that people have got in their life.
    I always have been slave of the devils inside my own..
    I don’t feel like living..
    somehow humiliation scares me,
    my mind thinks all of worst I can have,,
    and unfortunately,
    I get the worse somehow..
    I always feel a line between me and humans, either I had to change myself or act like all okay,, or they just leave me somehow..
    It really feels awkward when people put the beauty of my heart aside..
    they don’t respect it at all.
    Why,, humans are like this??
    aren’t they supposed to live happily with flaws of their own and others?
    I don’t feeel like sharing anything with them, I know , they would complain about how dramatic I’m ..
    but, I swear I’m not….
    I’m a grown up creature,
    but I don’t wanna act like grown up,,,
    coz I have been actinh grown up since my childhood,, I’m fed up of
    All good ,
    all cool,
    all mature personality..
    I wanna breath with my flaws in rest,
    I wanna be a child for a life,,
    please don’t try to make me understand something, dude!
    I know it better than you … I just don’t wanna act like that….
    that’s it….

    #dark #depression #anxiety
    #curse #humans #humiliation
    #childhood #parenting #betray
    #truth #love #hoax #child #kid
    #adults #awareness #soul #venom_thoughts
    #suicides #correction #death #dead
    #women #girl #mirakee

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    If my soul could ever talk..
    [The story of a "perfect" child]


  • _mr_write_sayings_ 3w

    Some people used to fake smile just for your
    happiness, some people fake their smile to make
    you believe that they're happy for you.

  • starkanonymous 3w


    I've lost my taste for you

    You're bitter to my tongue

    You're so ugly inside

    I'm glad now that we're done.

    You're so fucking nasty

    You're just a fucking whore

    You could care less for me

    While I couldn't care more

    Now all that has ended

    You tasteless fucking bitch

    You no longer satisfy

    My internal itch

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • slaughtered_heart 5w

    It wasn't about the truth or your mistakes, I wouldn't care about that. It was about honesty and trust. .

    Just because I trust you blindly doesn't mean I don't know the truth, I just ignore it. For me you are more important than all the lies, betrays and ego...

    #broken #love #ego #betray #lie #honesty #truth #life @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    I asked you a hundred times because I knew the truth, you lied to me every single time because you knew I would trust you...


  • slaughtered_heart 5w

    Probably I was only good at working, partying wasn't my interest anyway....

    #her #love #party #work #betray #used #lies #innocence @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    You requested me to complete a work assigned to you, I didn't even ask you why
    and I stayed until late night to complete it.
    I even gave it to you the next morning itself.

    I thought you had an important work, until
    I saw the photos of you in your facebook partying with your friends...


  • _sanchitnr 6w

    1 DAY

    One day I will surely go to every betrayer of mine just to say a humble THANK YOU

  • ruqky_toro 7w

    Even the most trustworthy person can betray you.

  • eccentric_eesha 7w

    Don't trust your heart
    it has a tendency to
    betray the one who
    carries it inside them.

    © Eesha

  • the_world_is_unknown 7w

    They question us but they just want an answer coz the answer is known to nobody.


    It took an hour for me to put my thoughts and emotions in this peice. I don't know what kind of style is this but I tried to write something different and heartfelt for today's pod #contemporary
    #wod #ceesreposts #mirakee #writersbay #pod #society

    @mirakee thank you soo much for these amazing topics that open my mind a lot...
    @writersnetwork thank you for all the likes

    @tamanna3 @the_frozenn_heart @fromwitchpen

    #forests #burnt #betray #pod #wod #ceesreposts #mirakee

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    Bleeding relations- Exsanguine minds

    Whispers behind
    Making her traumatized.
    Walking being care free,
    Few provocations that make her dreams to flee.

    Those beseeching eyes,
    With the dream to fly,
    Gets hatred everywhere
    The dreamy tears get dry.

    Still she needs to use a concealer,
    To cover her blemishes.
    Still she needs to put some blush,
    To look cheerful though
    She is getting killed from the inside everyday.

    Hides his tears amidst his napkin,
    Can't reveal it to the society
    Coz people would snatch his
    Indentity and would question
    His purity.

    Stopped by those maculate hands,
    She finds herself incapacitated.
    Tears of losing her purity
    Blurs her eyes.

    Scribbles few rough thoughts
    On his aimless palm
    Not with a pen
    But with his eonian pain.

    She still tries to get out
    From those debased hands.
    People hear her cries
    Filled with the feeling of her soul that dies.

    He drops his palm and moves ahead.
    He still hides his tears
    In the absence of
    Those so called 'perfects'.

    Runs away without any tears,
    Her ears bleed
    With the questions
    Of being nondescript.

    His ears bleed
    With the questions
    Of being capable to fight,
    To stand in the storm without any fright.

    Smashes the doors,
    And lets her soul to bleed
    Leading to an exsanguine body
    Null and void.

    Stands on the barrier,
    Sees the world ending ahead.
    Gives a crooked smile
    With the feelings that cannot be said.

    Ties her neck full of hue and cry
    With a rope of insecurities.
    Finds a proper edge to hang
    Her insecurities and questions.

    She and he:
    All of a sudden silence intrudes the place. One dives down in the unceasing river of questions while the other hangs herself from the clift of questions.

    (Today, people say that destiny did so wrong with them but they don't realise that their destiny was written in red by those 'perfects' who make their place in hell.
    Destiny took away their life but preserved their gloomy souls who are still on a voyage to discover some answers to the questions of life and purity.
    They may not be together but their bodies lie beneath the warm, cosy soil that is yet to be alloyed.)

  • an_in_complete_story 7w

    बेवफा मोहब्बत

    हर्फ-ए-मोहब्बत तेरी आशिकी हो गई
    हर्फ-ए-मोहब्बत तेरी आशिकी हो गई।।

    रुखसत मेरे आँसू ना हुए
    कातिलाना तेरी बेवफाई हो गई।

  • why_cho_serious 8w

    And Depression becomes a diseases that most of us have now �� #depressed #betray #easy #used

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    Sometimes it hurts not because of being useful to someone, but being used by someone.

    Sometimes it hurts not because of there is none to listen us, but because of everyone we had was betrayed us.

    And in life everything seems to be easy until, you undergo the same!.

  • _mr_write_sayings_ 9w

    If you're being fake to people we will be just
    hated and if you're being so true to people,
    sure one day we will be betrayed.

  • mrinalaniteotia 10w

    This is a short happening I managed to put it in short sentences. This tells a gloomy phase of a woman's life who have been maltreated by a guy whom she thought she loved and that he was the only man on this planet for her. Like every other emotional female she surrendered herself to him after dating him for a month and there she discovered a dirty side oh him.

    #love #betray #psycho #pain #partner

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    Sex or Play

    He got a heavenly room arranged for us that day,
    I was too elated to throw myself to a first experience of sex play,
    With the love of my life-- my man
    O! Thank God I got waxed, buttered and dolled up myself.

    "I love being wild", he gasped pulling me closer to his chest.

    It didn't sound weird to me yet a flow of immense sensations ran through my veins. I smiled, "I'm all yours."

    Suddenly his expression switched. Now his eyes had wicked gaze and lips curving in a villain smile.

    I couldn't understand.

    Steadily with that encouraging foreplay we both dropped off our clothes and turned naked. But then...then I started feeling that he was getting to impatient, not mannerly. He began to mishandle me that for sure a decent man never do.

    "What are you doing?...What is this...?" I sounded panic as he turned me around to muffle my mouth with a black scarf. He knotted tight. Yanked my wrist back and bound them too. With a chain. It surely had hurt my wrist bone.

    My throat echoed in pain. Basically I shouted a humm. A cosy room averted to a harassing room, soon. He pushed me to kneel down, thwart my back forward such that I bent to the floor with my butts hovering in mid.

    Ahhhh... I screamed full throat the moment he pinched out my clit. He splashed whisky to my vaginal entry and there he thurst. He let his dick to force inside of me. Nearly hurting the inside skin folds. It was unmannerly wild. And I wasn't loving that physical torture he continued to play upon me.

    The more he speeded the more he gone aggressive and lurched my head back entwining his fingers through my hairs. He wrenched my scalp pay no need to my shouts. But it wasn't enough. He got another chain wrap around my neck, holding it with one hand and keeping other hand engaged to slap my butt harsh. And kept on oscillating like he was riding some wild horse.

    I didn't know when that harassment was going to stop but when it did I stumbled like a feeble frog gasping for last breath. I was shaky top to down but I wasn't dead! He didn't let me go and did thirteen attempts that day. It didn't take me long to decide that he's not the love of my life. I did a mistake.

    Day later, somehow I made my way out and week later I discovered-- he was psycho.


  • the_writing_hippogriff 10w

    "I love the way you made me obsessed with love."


  • geshna 11w

    ज़ाहिर तो कर दोगे सब ख्व़ाहिशात और एहसासात अपने,
    बस ख्य़ाल रहे बाद में मलाल न हो|

  • whystuti_ 14w

    Don't crave for what ain't meant for you!
    That's bullshit,all bullshit!
    #bullshit #crave #hell #betray

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    It's not yours, wasn't ever yours!

  • i_demigod 16w


    Am I being held?
    Is it too late to survive,

    Its because I'm tired
    Or do I feel like I'm tied to your feelings.