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  • nazishnazir 1w

    You can feel love in any way , whether it is a person or the memories of a person, whether it is having your degrees in your hand and medals and trophies on your wall , there is love in everything
    you just need to feel it through your soul and hold it untill it is there ����

    Love isn't being together always , you can love a person if he/ she is miles away

    Being Happy in his happiness is also a form of love
    Love has no boundaries, no rules, no excuses.
    Love is when you feel sad because you got less time to make dua for them
    Love is when you cry in sujood and ask every single thing for them
    Love is when you talk to Allah about them every time ❤️


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    Who says love gives pain?

    Love doesn't give pain ,
    Rather it gives memories to feel
    Calmness to sleep in
    Patience to hold in
    tranquility to live in and yes
    Happiness to shine in

    Love is love
    The most splendiferous thing to feel

  • czarcasm 2w


    Dearly beloved,

    I have missed you so
    Your loved an ever burning coal
    And I wanted you to know
    That you have my heart, and my soul

    For many a month I did wander
    Trapped in a cloak of solitude
    And you on my mind I did ponder
    Begging for forgiveness, I retribute

    For blind I was to your feelings
    And cold was I to your heart
    You pushed me away as if I were unappealing
    But Ive loved you from the start

  • raman_writes 3w


    इतना आसान नहीं है जीत पाना हार ही जाते है ।

    जब जंग अपनों से हो तो बस में कुछ नहीं होता ।।


  • charveekoyada 3w

    #pyaar #love

    Here, Not everyone get there love in there life,
    Happy luck they are how got ther love in there life,
    Actually it's a hindi song you can translate it

    It's so sad na that we can't get our own love ,
    True love.
    I don't know were my happy luck has
    gone but me sad luck is with me always

  • shrihari_nandini 3w

    #shrihari #mahalakshmi #narayana #janamashtami #krishna #govinda #gokul #vrindavan #beloved #life #soul #heart #love #eightverses

    श्रीहरि अष्टपदि
    - श्रीहरि नंदिनी

    पावन परम परिशुध् पितामह
    परमेश्वर पालक परमात्मा
    जगदीशा जय जग-मनमोहक
    जलज-नयन जग- बंधविमोचक
    कमला-प्रियवर कमलनाभन किशोर
    कामपिता काम-मानस-चोर
    मम मानसवर मधूसूदन मोहन
    मुकुंद मुरारी ममहृदय-सोहन
    गोंविंद गोप्रिये गोपालावतारा
    गोपीजन प्रिये गोकुल आधारा
    श्यामबदन शशिरविलोचन
    शेषाग्रज श्रीगरूडारोहन
    वासुदेव वैजंतीमाली
    वसुंधराधर वृंदापतमाली
    नमामि नारायण नरोत्तम
    नीरशयन नर-संकटमोचन

    Prayer of Eight Verses on ShriHari
    By Bhavya Gogia

    The one who is the Holiest, Purest, the Great Father
    Who is the Primeval Lord, The Nurturer and The Primeval Soul;
    Who is the God of the Entire World, Victory be to him who enchants the mind of World,
    Who has Eyes like Lotuses, and who destroys the bonds of World;
    Who is the beloved Husband of the one residing in a Lotus(Kamla- Lakshmi Ma), Who has a navel like a lotus, and who is a youthful boy,
    Who is the Father of Cupid, and who steals the mind of even Cupid!(Cupid is capable stealing the mind of even Great Yogis, but not our Lord's, instead his mind is stolen by our Lord);
    Who is the Lord of My Mind, Who killed the demon Madhu, and who is Very Enchanting,
    Who gives Liberation, Who killed Mura Demon and Who shines in My Heart;
    Who is the friend of Cows/Vedas(Go) and Who in turn is loved by them(Govind Gopriye) Who descended in the form of a cowherd boy/Who descended as the nurturer of Cows,
    Who is loved by the Group of Gopis(Cowherd Damsels), and Who is the Very Purpose of Existence for the Residents of Gokul;
    Who has a black body, and eyes like Moon(Shashi) and Sun(Ravi),
    Who is the elder brother of SheshNaag, and who rides on ShriGarud;
    Who is the Lord Vaasudev (Vaasudev means the Lord who is the indweller of all, every being resides in him) And Who wears a Garland of Vaijanthi Flowers,
    Who bears Vasundhara (the Earth who bears the weight of all, Hari bears such Great Earth on himself as Sankarshan and Varaha), and wears the garlands of Leaves of Vrinda(Tulsi)
    My obeisances to Such Narayana (Narayana means the base/abode of all beings) Who is the best/Supreme Man,
    Who sleeps/rests in Waters(Neer) and Who eliminates the Obstacles of Men.

    Happiest Janamashtami to everyone! ❤️❤️❤️
    The countdown is over now and the birth anniversary of ShriKrishna is finally there! The God who is the heart throb of simple damsels to sophisticated yogis was born on midnight, his deeds are loving and a reservoir of unlimited joy for all beings. His nectarian words inspire every genius out there. To such Bhagwan, I pay my heartfelt obeisances!

    This poem/prayer is a special one in the sense that it contains eight verses and every word in each verse beings from the same letter. Its an older prayer I wrote 2 years back but couldn't post. For this occasion it seemed perfect! However, I couldn't plan a surprise for my little Krishna though he did surprise me by coming to my house in beautiful vigrahas. Oh ShriHari, how would I even bless you? ��

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    श्रीहरि अष्टपदि

    - भव्या गोगिया

    पावन परम परिशुध् पितामह
    परमेश्वर पालक परमात्मा
    जगदीशा जय जग-मनमोहक
    जलज-नयन जग- बंधविमोचक
    कमला-प्रियवर कमलनाभन किशोर
    कामपिता काम-मानस-चोर
    मम मानसवर मधूसूदन मोहन
    मुकुंद मुरारी ममहृदय-सोहन
    गोंविंद गोप्रिये गोपालावतारा
    गोपीजन प्रिये गोकुल आधारा
    श्यामबदन शशिरविलोचन
    शेषाग्रज श्रीगरूडारोहन
    वासुदेव वैजंतीमाली
    वसुंधराधर वृंदापतमाली
    नमामि नारायण नरोत्तम
    नीरशयन नर-संकटमोचन

  • raman_writes 3w


    नाराज़ रहो शिकायतें करो किसने मना किया है ।

    वफ़ा करो दीवाने रहो पर महज़ अपने महबूब के ।।


  • raman_writes 4w


    हक़ नहीं तुम्हें इतना के तुम दिल तोड़ो मेरा ।

    जानाँ हम आशिक़ है तुम्हारे कोई गुलाम नहीं ।।


  • unnatural 4w

    Always spend some good times with your loved ones. Costly gifts are no match to good time.
    #time #beloved #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork #life

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    Spend time,
    Not money

  • keyru_b 5w

    In search of the beloved
    I sledge through the snowy mountains
    Camping around the trees
    It feels like freedom I breathe

    I stand by the fountains
    Dropping coin of wish to find him
    And walk down the alleys
    Frowning with the breeze

    Oh watch out the windows
    Shuttering woods of the building
    Cross by the city roadside
    I have to treat my little teeth

    There's candies and chocolate
    Sour drinks of the lemonade
    And under the street shed
    I sit down to eat

    Look how beautiful I've become
    in finding beloved one
    I fell but I learnt
    I discovered to be

    Now I fly so high
    With stars and clouds
    In the sky
    I finally found me

    In search of the beloved
    I am attaching myself
    Parting from the world
    Of lust and debris

    For the adventures I've seen
    Now I'm gonna settle
    Stepping out of my kettle
    I saw what a journey it was indeed

    #beloved #myself #selfdiscover #discovery #pod #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    My beloved

    I stand by the fountains
    Dropping coin of
    wish to find him

  • _the_soul_writer 5w

    Love embrace that which is between them rather than each other.
    ©_Kahlil Gibran

  • atomic_3281_ 6w


    Muskurayeee kyukii Rona aur Corona kabhi bhi aa sakta hai


  • haarika 7w

    "You Can't"
    Shouted a Hard Voice.
    It hurted as it was from a beloved.
    It constantly repeated in her thoughts
    She trembled,
    Cried aloud,
    But she didn't knew that those words will bring the roar in her.
    When life made her realise that those words were not meant for hurting but for hammering her shell into pieces, tears rolled out her cheeks and then there came a hand to hold her.
    It's her beloved.
    Her Friend who said "You Can't"
    Not every bitter word is meant for hurting
    A true friend will make you cry but will be near you holding your hands and wiping your tears.
    Happy Friendship Day to my Beloved.


  • shivranjanibhati 13w

    #beloved# u melt my heart

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    Never ending love

    Love is like flower you've got to let it grow

  • raj_dahima 15w


    Everything has beauty,
    but not everyone sees it.

  • pillars_of_life_ 15w

    ________•Your words, my sentences•_________

    *Ahem ahem*

    *Mic test*

    ��Welcome aboard to a brand new challenge��
    Hosted by - Pillar

    I expect all those who are interested, to be a part of this to complete the challenge and more than that to enjoy doing this to the fullest.

    This challenge would be bounded like most challenges are but interestingly, those boundries won't be drawn by me but then who?

    *suspence beats*

    *Drum rolls*

    It'll be the partner you have chosen but how?

    Good question, Pillar.

    �� - The challenge will start with all pairs to chose between #beloved / #pourlove .
    The partners WON'T make different choices, it should be a unanimous choice or you both can agree on choosing any one of the hashtags alternatively.
    Totally your choice.

    �� - Once you reach any of the chosen hashtag, you both will scroll under that hashtag and find my post.

    �� - The question in that post will be answered by both partners in three words. Only THREE words.
    Please, do not start writing paragraphs there.
    *The more absurd and confusing the words, the more difficult and fun it will be for your partner*

    �� - You both will find another comment under that post by me, you will find another choice given by me. You both will choose any one and move one.

    �� - Continue doing the same until you reach a post where I have given no choice in the comment section. That is where the first segment of the challenge ends.

    �� - When you end the first segment, give me a call by tagging me in the comments by saying "First segment done, pillar". Once I check that you are done with the first segment well and good, you can move on for the next task.

    �� - In the next segment, it becomes an individual task, you'll have to answer all those questions you picked up, with the words YOUR PARTNER has dropped there.

    You don't have to stick to the answer your partner tried to give, you can obviously give your own spice to it. Try to make it as creative and full of emotions you can.

    �� - The piece will be written individually by each one. It can be a poetry, story, anecdote, a concrete poem, anything! The genre is free. Comedy, thriller, horror, dark, again anything.

    ADVICE -

    Be creative while answering with three words. Remember those will somehow be used to write writeups.

    RULES -

    �� - The piece should only be in English / Hindi.

    �� - Post with the hashtag - #pillarsoflife

    �� - Your piece should be free of obscenity, foul language and plagiarism.

    �� - Mention the questions you are answering in your post and also the words your partner dropped for each one of them.

    �� - Co-operate and enjoyy~


    The piece should be submitted within 72 hours from now ie. the last date and time of submission is

    June 11, 2021 - 00:01

    DOUBTS -

    Any doubts can be asked to me in the comment section below.
    If you still wish to participate, you are most welcome but the deadline remains the same.


    �� - Call those friends who you wish could participate along with you.

    Now, I take my leave.
    Thank you.


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  • akshatmohla 15w


    कहती हो कि दूर होकर भी आगोश में रहूंँ,
    मतलब मोहब्बत करू और होश में रहूंँ॥

  • diva_scribbles 16w

    Beloved, I did nothing wrong...
    I just,
    Chose "Me" over "you"..!

    ©diva_scribbles | divyam_

  • bemyheartless_love 16w

    The sky that turns to silences

    Live the best of curse
    You have beloved for


  • yashvibansal 16w

    Darling, I'd set the whole world alight,
    Just to watch you burn.

  • pillars_of_life_ 20w

    Maybe you started it by writing.
    This is why most people are good here, don't you think? Because everyone is pure from the beginning and within. It is the process which hurts and scars.


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    Do you think you become a different person when you start to dig in to know who you really are?