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  • santor_674 16w

    When I was subtly stroked with a tinge of glee , you stabbed my heart with the fierceful pair of eyes that speaks truth, while your tears pour of happiness with a smirk , my heart bleeds in a chalice , you sip as slay..

    When I pace about in a meadow of blossoms , you grab hold of a sickle uprooting them up - while the rustle of leaves subdues me - you wither them off with a stormy wild wind..

    Hey demon in me! You never foster me neither do I belong to you , while I am known to the fact , that the world will never remember me , for I am not their metaphoric poetries, nor I am their emotions drenching them even after attaining their death..

    I will be remembered as me for my selfless heart where I belong to absolutely!

    //I am not a wine leaving back it's quintessence for a drunkard , I am a maple syrup - sipped with enchant even though never remembered//


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    Taste Me With Reality, Not with a Hoax

    Remember me as nothing , for I don't want you to behold me in your memories , so as I belong to my selfless heart, not in your grave head!

    Possessing a terror in front , my hands do clasp a bouquet of roses!


  • bonitasarahbabu 16w

    I belong to the Heavenly creator
    He is my Father and my redeemer.
    From head to toe,
    I belong to God.

  • wilmaneels 16w

    Don't do things out of character
    Just to belong
    Those who respect you
    Won't even expect that of you
    You put too much thought into what people might think
    Instead of loving who you really are

  • bclark2681 16w


    To belong has been my intent
    For my entire life yet for the
    Majority of my existence, I have
    Felt unmembered from society,
    Outsided from all, and I will
    Always be this until the end

  • writeranavah 16w


    The clouds belong to the sky
    But long for the earths embrace
    Drips down to quench a thirst
    Or falls down in search of purpose.

    The saplings look up to the sky
    Well rooted to the soil in need
    But eyes search for the unseen
    Rays pouring down from heaven.

  • love_your_life 16w

    Do you think it's worth it to belong

    We change
    Without genuinely wanting to
    Just to fit in
    To belong
    Is it worth it
    Losing yourself
    Only to gain a very little of someone else
    While that someone really doesn't care
    For he or she never really needed you
    What they looked for was probably a puppet
    So is it worth it?
    I don't think so

    We spend all our lives just to earn ourselves
    And it takes only a snap to lose ourselves
    But it better not be just for a petty reason...
    To belong..

  • bclark2681 16w

    Belong In Love

    We belong together, you and I,
    For we have been poetically
    In love for years, and I hope
    We will be together until time
    Steals my very last breath

  • mann_se_ 16w

    I should find myself in where I belong
    But I don’t comprehend what’s wrong
    No matter how hard I try to be strong
    Those vagabond thoughts take me along
    To the pitch my soul harks back a song


  • _creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ 16w

    I was counting the sequins on the gown the sky wore that night and in my heart, a hamlet of tiny blotches of blood wove my dreams into a dress i knew i would never wear. I'd promised myself I'd bleed for better reasons this year, but who are we kidding ? My resolutions last only as long as the smile I put up on the walls of my face because I can't afford to let tears moisten and ruin the expensive paint I plaster on it everyday. But not all of me is a sham. Maybe if you looked closely enough, and stopped to bare and dive into the pool of evaporating joy I managed to condense for you, you'd taste stories and laughter hidden under heaps of dead letters. My veins will testify that on some days, the thoughts that cross my mind desire personification. They desire limbs so they can crawl out from under my hair and they demand digits so they can sow better thoughts into the quicksands I hold for i want them to drown in me. You see, I was born hungry and I've lived enough to know that only the fruits I grow in the jungle of my wild imagination can feed me. Someday, when my sun will have set too many times, the moon will have cried over the death of a friend who'd often held its hands when it was not whole, the wolves will have initiated a lion to their pack and the snow will have become white enough to bury all the seven tints I've guarded, my dandelions will bloom.

    And yesternight when you raced down the river, where you'd buried me and you looked at how the earth had eroded all of me, my skin looked pale and there was a saline taste that lingered in the air. I do not know why but it tasted like the one time I bit my lip and licked it till it was morning. My arms unconciously seeked yours and my legs knew they had walked enough to run out of this world, straight onto the road not taken. And then you saw me doing something you did not know I was capable of. I s-m-i-l-e-d and it was not the usual piece of tape I used to glue on whenever I deemed convenient. The streetlights stole the stars. Showers of kisses planted themselves on your neck and in that moment, you drank from the brook of life and everything seemed so much more brilliant. The air seemed to lift you, rather than cut. The water sounded like your insecurities falling into a ditch they'd never return from. Butterflies swarmed around your wounds. Rocks began to look sculpted, and there was familiar beauty in them - as if they were my cheekbones. You darling, fell in love but i forgot to tell you and I hope its not too late now. There's this thing about love. It avenges us fallen.

    How do I know ? Death does not kill some. It gives them the life they've wished for. There's no better peace than knowing that even when all you're doing is keeping your eyes shut and devoiding your heart of its beats, you will have all the flowers they forget to give you when your nose could still relish their perfume. Regret is stronger than gratitude.

    There's always enough space
    Six feet underground
    Sometimes, when all is lost
    All is found
    And if you can hear the dead
    I'll sing you this song
    For this is home
    This is where we belong //


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  • pooja17 16w

    We all are one
    And belong to one and only
    The Almighty
    Who is a true listener
    Who is a true well wisher
    Who always stands for us
    Who never leave us alone
    Who gives right direction
    Who inspire us to do the best..
    Thankyou God for everything
    Thankyou God for everything...

  • shreyah 16w


  • joybirdpoetry 16w

    Autumn's lament

    Will I still belong when the leaves gently fall
    as shivering trees shed golden skins
    turning nature's earth russet underfoot?

    Will I still belong when the terns take flight
    as graceful wings glide thermal winds
    seeking endless summers?

    Will I still belong when the ocean turns cold
    as foghorns sound their warning cries
    to mariners who sail through shrouded mist?

    Will I still belong here where we lay
    in autumn's changing twilight
    the season of our sadness?


  • lola_writes 16w

    Where do I belong?
    I don't know
    I have a place everywhere
    And at the same time nowhere
    I move with everyone
    But I move alone
    So like gases I am in a free state

  • roel_gonz 16w

    The whole universe belong to you
    Dark shades of sunlight
    Bright side of moonlight
    Reflections from the mirror
    See the glitters of yourself in the river
    Your passion, your tenderness,
    Your desires and the love flame perfectly transpired
    Your an angel, we belong together
    Somewhere out there
    We found each other
    At the right place, at the right moment,
    at the right time.

  • pallavi4 16w


    I was born on a summer’s eve
    In the mind of an ordinary man
    He was delighted by the thought of me
    And carefully around me designed a plan
    He decorated me with frills and fancy
    And chipped away all my rough sides
    In his brain I was next big thing
    To keep me safe he had to hide
    He nurtured me like I was a sapling
    And tweaked me slightly everyday
    And one day he decided that I was ready
    Ready to be put on display
    Proudly he carried me with him as we went
    To see a friend who would his luck change
    We bounded up the stairs to see him
    And landed in a room that looked oddly strange
    My owner kept his cool as he relayed
    Details about my shape and make
    Seeing the glint in the man’s eyes
    A wave of doubt off himself he did shake
    The man was delighted and seemed glad
    Rejoicing, excitedly they shook hands
    He asked him to come in a few days till then
    He told him, he would put me under a scan
    So off my owner went , entrusting me
    To the man who would change his life
    On reaching home he could barely contain
    His joy, his elation and delight
    A few days later, he went to see his friend
    The one who had me in his care
    He knew he would get a good price for me
    He knew his friend would be fair
    On his arrival his friend refused to see him
    He was told he was out of town
    My owner left feeling dejected till he saw
    Something that turned his dejection into a frown
    Posters of me had been put all over
    I was everywhere to be seen
    His friend had tricked him and stolen me
    And quietly fled the scene
    Who was I to call my owner?
    To whom did I really belong ?
    The person who had given birth to me
    Or the one that had sung me like a song?
    Disheartened that his ticket to a good life
    Had gone to a total waste
    Not only had he lost me, he had lost a friend
    Of the real world he’d finally had a taste
    In the next few days as I gathered momentum
    He went slowly into a depressed state
    Wondering all the while that to be a failure
    Was his destiny or his fate .


    17th of December, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so much for the likes @mirakee and @writersnetwork

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  • colourfulgreys 16w

    //Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more -- Virginia Woolf//

    Where do I belong?
    And where do you?
    In this Earth I'll dissolve
    And oh! So will you!
    A lifetime of frowns
    Hustle and hate
    Futile frustrations
    Fallen for a devilish bait.
    Greed, hatred, differences
    All your nectar replaced by venom
    A sea of flowers wasted
    Waiting for spring to come.
    So darling will you smile
    At the clouds and the sun
    Blowing soap bubbles
    For the sake of innocent fun?
    Will you notice others' pains and write a poem?
    Read versatile verses and make some friends?
    See the present your present offers
    Watering feelings not worrying about ends?

    © Harfkaar 17-12-20

    मैं तेरा, मैं तेरा, मैं तेरा, मैं तेरा मैं तेरा,
    मैं तेरा, मैं तेरा, मैं तेरा
    मैं गहरा तामस तू सुनहरा सवेरा
    मैं तेरा ओ, मैं तेरा
    मुसाफिर मैं भटक तू मेरा बसेरा
    मैं तेरा ओ.. मैं तेरा
    तू जुगनू चमकता मैं जंगल घनेरा
    मैं तेरा आ.. ओ पिया मैं तेरा, मैं तेरा, मैं तेरा

    BG. My favorite singer Ashe #belongc
    Edit: my gratitude to Writersbay for my 13th repost...am only bowed Everytime

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  • mrscline16 16w

    They tell us we're not strong... They tell us we're always wrong... They tell us we don't have what it takes to ride along.... All because they are lost and don't know where they belong...

    They never listen, they just speak..... They do not understand anything they do not see.... So arrogant that they trample the same words in a different sequence for power to make us feel weak....

    It is a circle that never ends.... Like our planet that never bends... I just sit back and wonder why they can not seem to comprehend.... Their intellects are all clouded just like their lense!

  • mirakeewrites_ 16w

    My eyes they belonged to you
    for they were always dreaming, dreams all new.
    they seemed to have forgotten their own,
    All the things I once loved seemed littleless known.

    My heart it belonged to you,
    sometimes it beats for me but only a few.
    It seemed to have given a home to all your stories,
    no place was there for a few chapters of mine, a pinch of happiness and a handful of worries.

    My smile belonged to you,
    earlier I used to smile at smallest of things, a butterfly, a blloming flower even a drop of due.
    But now only when I saw I could smile,
    I haven't smiled for myself, its been a while..

    My poetries belonged to you,
    every colour, every rhyme and every hue.
    Each line embraced meataphors of our love, of each smile , every tear, every fight,
    Each verse had hidden in it every place, each emotion and every lovely sight.

    My diary belonged to you,
    When I started writing it seemed lines will only be a few.
    But then I went on and on l, pages after pages
    Even my diary got jealous it said once, "Hey! please write about something else its been ages."


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    I belonged
    to you
    more than
    to myself...

  • inara__ 16w

    "Rain rain (don't)go away,
    Come again another(every) day.
    Little Johnny wants to play"

    When the sky downpours its happiness, i feel like an impala who moves with the first rain.

    Windows afore my study table open as if a host welcomes the guests.
    As soon as the windows open, the petrichor drives the pages of my diary to and fro, the pen betwixt my pages drops down as if the pair is asking the, the pluviophile to scribble the tenderness of mizzle.

    Not only the presence of b12 diverges my drowsiness but the quintessence it carries is just like fuel to heart and food to my soul.

    The eternity when it rains at 3 AM makes me balter.
    The divine scent from doughy loam makes me chant for serein that belongs to the infinite skies.

    They say it rains diamonds on saturn. But for me the rain here is enough to console my soul.
    And i thank the creator for not giving me life at Antarctica where it rains almost after 200 million years. Else i would've considered my existence tacenda.

    The ardor of wet avar brings back the me in me which was solivagant since last aurora.
    And now that it's rained, the lost me is no more there. Only the dew drops left on the petals, carry the ethereal me.

    As i've said earlier, i suck at writing long.
    Please forgive me and bear with it! <3

    Thank you for the repost! @writersbay
    I am so happy.

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    ~ Rain rain (don't)go away,

    Come again another(every) day.

    Little Johnny wants to play ~

  • anshika_winks 16w

    Writing makes you happy!!!
    Are you sure?

    People say they love writing!
    Writing makes them happy...

    You stay happy when you bleed out all the emotions that you had buried deep in the heart. Stitched them between the scars that hurt again. You dare to live the pain again. You dare to bear all the melancholy that you had left behind. Will you be able to digest the praise you get on tearing your heart apart. You wish to get remembered because you write. But no, people remember you only because they connect with what you write and nothing else. You wish to receive all the thorns after giving everyone the roses of gratitude. You had placed an icing of snow cold hatred upon it, remember! And now you yourself are digging that out. Those scars I had mentioned earlier must be hurting you now. Take care because there's no one numbing out the pain except you. There are just people in the audience applauding you of how bravely you did what they couldn't. The pain that belongs to you, is your only possession and you place it in auction where nobody cares. Leaving a trace of you in whatever you write what are you left with in the end? Happiness!!

    Are you sure?