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  • girlnextdoor477 7w


    "Everything happens for a reason"

    But does it really or is that something we tell ourselves to justify why something bad is happening .
    I have to believe.
    There has to be a reason, a conclusion, some type of reward at the end of our suffering .

  • matthew_08 13w



    I've lost track of time. It's been so exhausting facing failure every single day. It feels like someone is grabbing my insides and tearing them apart. I've experienced bad days, but this? I've started to question my self worth.

    Why does this feel like plot against me? I've fallen so down that I've started to challenge my own beliefs.

    'An atheist, thinking it's the universe plotting against him.'

    My pride laughs at me. So does my subconscious.

  • jacob_howdagee 16w

    Spinning Away

    Their decision's
    Push me so far away
    I feel secluded in space
    with earth just spinning away

    I must be trying to forget
    that I'm still on this surface
    That I am still to be found
    amongst misplaced purpose

    The earth, and it's things
    are constantly changing
    But we always stay the same
    And surprisingly, we remain

    We've come a long way
    from sticks and stones
    But still we are made
    of skin and bone

    I hope that someday
    we finally change

    Let's create progress
    Don't destroy what's new
    Do that for me,
    and I'll do that for you


  • sisya_frida 28w

    Tuhan atau Hantu?

    Apa yang kau pilih:
    Tuhan atau hantu?
    Jika yang memaknai ajaran:
    kasih sayang atau kekerasan?

    Mana yang kau sembah:
    Tuhan atau hantu?
    Bergeser sedikit suku kata
    mengikuti bergesernya cara pandangmu

    Pada siapa iman kau letakkan:
    Tuhan atau hantu?
    Jika kemutlakan pada sempitnya pikiran
    dan teror jadi landasan
    Apa yang kau tawarkan ?
    Harapan atau ketakutan?

    Jadi apa sebenarnya yang kau percaya?
    Keilahian atau kebinatanganmu?

  • thinking_hat 37w


    Being born in a family of staunch brahmins it was uncharacteristic of Kumar to turn out to be an atheist. Although living in a democracy gave him the right to form opinions, this did not mean his father wouldn’t go to extreme ends to “cure this disease” of his. So his father, vehement in curing his son, sent him to the defence forces. “The moment he faces death, he’ll automatically turn towards God”, smirked his dad as he looked at his wife who was all the more nervous seeing her only son being thrown in the wild on mere account of his beliefs.

    Kumar, an academically average guy with a body fit enough to pass the physical tests, had thought of joining the forces regardless of his father’s decision and had been preparing for the exams which he managed to clear in his second attempt. Months of rigorous training later Kumar had received a posting in one of the remote villages along with a battalion of fifteen soldiers.
    The village was peaceful enough to question the positioning of armed forces but the choice of deployment was not in their hands. The peaceful neighbourhood allowed the army to frequently roam around together in the village.

    During one of such outings, the army stopped by a rather peculiar temple, a temple which worshipped pieces of rock. Intrigued and astonished by the presence of mere rock particles and people admiring them with great reverence filled Kumar’s curiosity to the brim. He approached the pujari to ask him about the same. The pujari was a short stout bald man whose face emanated wisdom and tranquillity. Something about the man told him that this man would be the one who would be able to explain the bizarre scene he had just witnessed.
    With a serene smile on his face, the pujari gestured towards an open verandah away from the devout crowd of people to not distract them from their prayers. Once Kumar had joined him in the verandah, the pujari with his serene smile still on his face pointed towards a mountain not far from the temple.
    “The particles of the rock belonged to a rock which rolled down from that mountain. The rock caused one of the most historic explosions which saved this village from destruction.”

    The pujari chuckled as he saw Kumar’s face turn from incredulous to one which regarded him to be a lunatic. He was not surprised, being aware of the oxymoron in his statement he continued, “Judge me after I finish the story young man.” Taking in a long breath as if he needed the extra energy to be able to do an exhilarating task, he proceeded to tell the tale.

    “ On an eventful morning the army had gathered intelligence of an invasion by terrorists from behind that mountain, but the scale of destruction the terrorists were armed with was an unknown variable. Considering the time in hand, executing the evacuation of the area was improbable. Just as much had the army would have liked to conceal the information, with a well-knit group of villagers, the message spread like fire. There were prayers for a possible miracle calling for Gods of various religions in a thousand languages. Hours passed but there was no destruction except near the mountain. A band of curious army officers took the responsibility of investigating only to find a giant rock had rolled down at the timely moment just as the terrorists were about to enter and their explosives had detonated as they rolled down with the rock. The threat was destroyed outside the human settlement saving the village from vanishing off the map. The Almighty had taken the form of a giant rock to save us!”

    The pujari finished still looking at the sky as if to thank the almighty to send that rock at the timely moment to save all of mankind settled in that village. While listening to the pujari, who was very enthusiastically narrating the story with varying expression and gesticulating as if trying to convey a gripping story which could destroy the very foundation of an atheist, Kumar had a thought which promised to change his perception on the Almighty.
    “For people, God is just a force and he could be present in any form for people to worship him and I have not experienced that force does not mean that these people are fanatic for believing in Him. For them, I may be a lunatic not able to connect with him or recognise Him. And the force is essentially what someone believes and name it God, maybe this is what they call Faith.”
    After the pujari saw Kumar contemplating the whole story he was convinced of having changed the perception of an atheist. He swiftly took out his phone and spoke, “ Yes panditji, I told him the story just like you wanted me to.”

  • manuhere 38w

    कभी कभी ऐसे दो मौसम के निशां मिलते हैं
    कि बहारों में सूने गुलिस्ता ,खुन्कियों मे फूल खिलते हैं।

    मनु मिश्रा

  • swagatikaspeaks 39w

    Constructive criticism and healthy fear are undoubted paths to perfection


  • abhishekit29 41w

    I believe in the God who created us not the one which we created.

    Famous dialog of PK movie but this is exactly what I believe. Can anyone suggest a name for this category ? Because this is neither atheist nor theist

  • afzalhakim 41w

    Spellcasting Beliefs

    There is a strange thing about beliefs.

    Beliefs can mesmerise you into embracing Atlantean tales and urge you to seek them out into the deepest fathoms of the ocean.

    Beliefs can liberate you from the invisible shells of despair and despondency that envelop you and bind you like Ariel was bound to prospero.

    Beliefs can shimmer like the Narnian lamppost in the middle of nowhere and usher you to your desired destination.

    Beliefs can turn you into Pinocchio and into Cindrella and have you pin faith in whatever is magical.

    Beliefs can convoke for you the round table from Arthurian legends and have you witness loyalty and chivalry.

    Beliefs can concoct the most colourful of potions, I am imagining Amortentia, and have you fall head over heals in love.

    So, keep believing, because I haven't quite seen anything as enchanting and as endearing as beliefs.


  • warriorofthenight 41w


    Society can make children believe in Santa for eight years, but cannot make them believe in themselves for eight seconds.

  • deepflowsoul 42w

    Religious Boundaries

    Whether they are this or that him or her,
    I dont think they'd want us fighting over power.
    If I may suggest, a lot of religions intersect,
    And most have the base hope to protect.
    So with all do respect,
    Could we begin to accept rather than reject?
    Yes, an unpopular opinion,
    But we all live in their dominion.

  • bunnydahlia22 44w


    I belive in reincarnation.
    The first time I ever brought it up
    I was 13, in the car, on the way to school
    I told my nanna,
    "I think this earth is hell, and when we die,
    If we don't live right, we just come right back here."
    She was livid
    "Savannah, how can you say and think such things?
    You have your whole life ahead."
    She never understood me
    I never brought it up again
    And I held that secret for a very, very long time.
    Along with the many others.....

  • ipriyanka_s 44w

    There are Humans and then
    There are Human version of Hypocrites.


  • doctor1994 46w

    Everything we get in life is based upon our subconscious beliefs
    Be it Success or Love

  • anonymous_jen 48w

    The wall

    One day I was trying to find my myself because I always felt there's something missing. I found many hidden memories which were covered by mud of present worries but still those were not the missing piece.

    I continued to search it but suddenly I cannot see anything I felt Like i was teleported into the darkest part of my mind.. where there was no shine.. I continued walking foreward there wasn't any road to guide were to go... I trusted my instincts and kept going on..

    There was something in surrounding which was hurting me but I can not make out what it was hurting me soo bad that I wanted to cry..

    But suddenly I hit a dead end I thought.. as I couldn't walk even a step forward.. I felt down from impact of whatever I had run into... I got up and tried to guess what it was... I put my hands on it.. It was something hard and big..... I tried to push it but it was sooo strong, I felt that there was no moving it alone. I tried to search around too see if it had an end but I couldn't find any ... It was so large like it was blocking of a whole part of my mind..

    Suddenly I got an idea.. I put my hand on that wall and close my eyes trying to understand the vibes coming from wall... 1st there was noice of many people speaking.. no no shouting at once.. I couldn't make out what they were saying.. but then I concentrated and things became clear.. I was able to listen to all of them one by one... They were the beliefs and rules of so called society which were hammered inside me from the beginning and opinions of others about what I did.. each of that beliefs had turned into a brick and collectively they made this never ending wall..

    Suddenly the feeling of hurt I felt while walking here came.back to me, this time I accepted it and tried to find why it was hurting.. I found those were rasor sharp leaves of surrounding bushes which were born from inscidences when these beliefs has stopped me from getting my own happiness..from inscidences when others opinion had made me.do something I myself didn't wanted to..

    All the memories were flooding inside my mind when I had not listened to myself and given priority to what society had to say.. and I found may be that's why I lost a part of myself.. and this huge wall is the only thing in between my and my lost true self.. and it's me who allowed it to Be built here by always listening to others ..

    Then I decided that it has to stop now.. from that moment I would be in charge of my destiny.. I always would listen to myself and always be true to myself..

    Just then suddenly that area that was pitch black started looking brighter like some invisible source was alighting them and I heard some sounds coming from that wall,
    I looked at it it was clearer to my eyes now.. that huge black wall was not so intact now.. there was many cracks and crevices forming now.. it kept deepening and bright like from another side started seeping to this side... suddenly with a loud boom the wall crumbled into.dust and I was met with beautiful place where light was every where.. suddenly I saw myself in there now smiling at me with pride and joy.. I understood that that is my lost part.. which now I have found... He came to me we held hands it started disappearing.. no no not disappear but merging with me... And just before we become one.. one strong voice said... I'm proud of you my son... Now walk on the path you chose for yourself and you'll meet your true destiny which you have wanted for yourself...this said The voice of Almighty was gone.. you'll ask how I know!? I know because I felt it in my core...
    And now I regained my consciousness and I was filled with new found vigor and start my journey to my destiny with myself as a whole....


  • naomi_kamanga 49w


    Naive, gullible
    Defining a woman in these terms-
    Shows the society is slowly killing itself
    Your sexuality should not be first on the list of defining yourself

  • maitrayee11 50w


    Words were thrown as if it was a small piece of paper,
    It's the definition of belief,
    It's the definition of trust,
    It's the definition of understanding,
    Friendship it is,
    It was so easy for you,
    To throw the words as if they were the piece of paper,
    You might have done it with the rules and regulations,
    You might have done it with the expectations,
    You might have done it with the thought of the word "Yes",
    But for me,
    For me, it's not the way it works,
    Friendship it is,
    It's not cheap for me,
    Cheap for me to sell it...
    For expectations, for your dares, for your threats of breaking it anytime, I say no...
    No to you for something I don't feel right,
    Its Friendship,
    Being the purest form of Relation for me,
    If you don't know the definition,
    I can always give a full stop to it,
    But please, do not disrespect it....
    Its Friendship,
    The Purest of Purest forms....

  • wifey_suicide 51w

    A Little Poem I’ve Written For You

    Your emotions may shatter like glass, as your tears fall like rain, but no matter what hurt you hold, your soul will forever be made of silver and gold.

  • eli_wonder 54w

    Yes, you
    You are amazing
    You aren't stupid
    You are just special beyond reasonable doubt
    It's ok to be different
    It shows how unique you are
    It means you possess what others strive for
    Don't let people bring you down
    Just keep holding on to your beliefs.....

  • raindropsoncacti 56w


    We get through most of life quite blissful
    Yet ignorant.
    Content with illusions; our backs turned towards the entrance of life's mysterious cave.

    Never before have I been so compelled to change my direction
    But for the first time I feel I care most deeply enough
    To be certain: I can be this brave...