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  • hindoldas 19w

    When I was a kid wanted to growww...
    Now just want to stay low


  • thanda_ladka 117w

    Sadion pehle ki baat hai, shayad bachpan ki !!
    Jab mai raat ko sota tha,
    Aur din mei rota tha
    Ab mai raat ko rota hu,
    Aur din mei sota hu


  • justpassion 121w

    Being eighteen

    Being eighteen is a dream come true,
    filled with responsibilities too.
    Being eighteen is a moment of pride,
    as it becomes legal to ride.

    Being eighteen is a ray of sunshine ,
    as it gives you chances to shine.
    But Being eighteen is also a time,
    When your mistake becomes a crime.

    Being eighteen gives you all the freedom,
    You can create your own kingdom.
    But that doesn't allow you to misuse,
    You should think wisely and use.

    Being eighteen makes you an adult,
    the truth is that you are no more a child.
    I always dreamt of being an adult,
    and now I wish I was always a child ..

  • _ashes 138w


    As you grow, you realise certain things;
    Santa isn't real, and you won't grow wings.

    But some realisations are painful than these;
    The disappointed faces, the broken hearts;
    You can't fix everything even with all the parts.

    The worst of all is losing,
    Not toys but people and loved ones,
    Not games or races but relationships & friends.

    Realisations are what make us grown ups;
    And everyday we have a new one.

  • srijeeta2133 148w

    When did I grew up.... I am unable to remember.... The only thing I can feel is that.... When I was a child I desired to become an adult but now everything seems to me as opposite...

  • the_soul_recluse 172w

    I wonder why does one choose to be an adult?
    Why does one choose to smile rather than laugh?
    Why does one choose to stifle rather than scream?
    Why does one choose to sob rather than cry out loud?
    Why does one choose to rage calmly rather than be a blaze of fury?
    Why does one choose to be serious rather than being crazy?
    Why does one suffocate and kill their inner child when they grow?
    Why does one choose to be an adult?


  • _tashi_ 188w


    On the verge of stepping into a world of adults and responsibilities,
    The age of 20s,
    When everything seems new and old at the same time,
    Regretting for making not so moments out of your teenage years,
    And the money is what we chase from now on,
    Being Single is a curse and a shame,
    Getting married is rather too soon,
    Decisions should be made rather with head than your heart,
    Get judged no matter what you do,
    Your interest and hobbies die and fade until and unless you hold on to them, be passionate.
    People come and goes from your life like you are on a busy station with people passing by, you can't remember their faces not even their voices. They are people, just people passing by.
    Constant smile fixed on your face, a fake one will work too,
    Going out and having fun becomes a myth,
    Thinking twice before wearing that black shorts,
    You call your friends, they say they are busy and so are you,
    Memories are all we can hold on to,
    Days are shorter and nights are longer no matter what time of the year is,
    Stuck up in a job you never thought about,
    You learn about taxes, and patience,
    And long queues and doctor's appointment,
    And cooking real food and sleeping alone in that damp small rented room,
    Pets seem closer than most of your friends,
    Cats will do, so does a dog,
    Sleepless night and the constant sound of water drops in the kitchen or bathroom, you don't know and you don't care.
    Lonely as you are, and you always will be.
    Your friend will try to set you up with some random dude you don't care about, you go anyway.
    Random conversations, bored but you wish you were at home, snuggling and watching some good movies or an anime.
    Rains and foggy days are best and enjoyed more than a Saturday night out,
    Books and movies are your constant companions,
    This is your life in your 20s and God knows what will happen when you hit your 30s.


  • juimui 188w

    Somebody in wonderland

    She was an innocent child right from the beginning,
    she enjoyed most of her time in silly things,
    things that were trivial
    made her happy the most
    and she would cry always
    for little things she broke;
    the world revolved around her
    she seldom noticed it,
    things which moved past her
    she could not see it;
    it was all so wonderful for her
    to vanish into her dreams
    like 'Alice In Wonderland' she fell into a pit;
    but the time came to come out
    and face the reality
    and once she knew the fact,
    everything was upside down
    happy-go-lucky child felt like a clown.
    She never used to let her mind
    travel into depths
    cause the facts which were superficial
    seemed so well!
    Horrified by the truth
    she held her breath,
    the girl who used to cry over li'l things
    dint have a tear to shed.
    She tried to walk ahead hoping for some change,
    all she could see was
    devil in god's name!
    Then she stopped for a moment
    and thought something out
    which seemed like a solution;
    she entered her dream zone again
    and let pass the world in pain
    now everybody calls her a day-dreamer
    cause she laughs in li'l gain
    and cries in less pain
    the greater things in life
    she left for The One to decide
    Cause now she is in Wonderland
    and doesn't want to return alive again!!

  • ashri_k 216w

    Sometimes you gotta learn how to stay alone and not feel lonely at all.

    - Ashri

  • midnight_tears 229w

    From being a hopeless romantic, to a realist... I somehow grew up.