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  • shinyindeed 18w

    A Gratitudinal Shift, Then, Alright..?..

    A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles..

  • shinyindeed 26w

    Gratitude Is Grace..

    Be grateful when things are going your way.. Be graceful when they are not..

  • shinyindeed 27w

    Gratitude Is Grace..

    Be grateful when things are going your way.. Be graceful when they are not..

  • shinyindeed 30w

    Thank God..

    It is in our darkest moments that we should turn to God and thank Him for all the good we've experienced..

  • amileen 54w

    Ungrateful Son

    The following narrative is the story of a hardworking father and his ungrateful son...

    Ploughing the field with all the energy he had,
    Legs and shoulders aching, sweating so bad.
    The only passion of the poor farmer,
    To collect money a little larger.

    Finally it was the day
    The father couldn't help but to sway.
    He was all prepared to meet his star,
    his son, who was reading in city far.

    He boarded the bus,
    And reached the city bearing the ruckus.
    Standing in front of the institute,
    He made his way into it finding the route.

    His eyes dazzled upon looking at his son,
    After so long the father meeting his honeybun.
    The farmer wanted to engulf him in his embrace,
    His heart thumping in never ending race.

    The young boy prevents his dad
    from touching him, making him sad.
    "Did you get the money?" was his first query,
    The farmer nods and hands him his salary.

    "Who is that?" asked the just arrived friends,
    "Ah... No one, let's go" and he holds their hands.
    Leaving his father behind,
    His eyes dwelling up with tears for the unkind.

  • _neena__ 57w


    Be grateful for what you got. Others might be yearning to have, what you are taking for granted. Everyone you got with you is like a gift for you. A beautiful blessing from the 'One.' Cherish being with them before their breath weakens. Make them feel loved and cared for as long as they are here. Who knows what tomorrow holds. Every day allows us to let everyone with us be acknowledged that their presence means everything thing to us. Let them know you adore them. Let them know their smile is the perfect one to brighten up anybody's life. Compliment their little efforts. You might don't know who is going through what in their lives. As life itself is enough cruel to the human. So, why pressurize them so they might end up in the worst situations mentally? Give a helping hand to others. Either virtually or in reality. Don't play with others emotions. You might be in their place too. Be kind and generous enough so this world becomes a better place to live in. Spread smiles.


  • dreamingeyes 64w


    We complain everyday.We shout at our Mothers for not cooking delicious food.We shout at our Fathers for not fulfilling our luxurious desires.But you know what? The life you are living now is still a dream for many people out there. So stop complaining and be grateful for what you have.

  • dreamingeyes 64w


    If you're born with a silver spoon,its because of your parents.
    If you're beautiful, it's because of the lifestyle you're having.
    If you are educated and earning,it's because you got that opportunity.
    There are many people who would've been in the position as you, what they lacked was that one opportunity.So don't feel so great and just be grateful that you are lucky enough to have that opportunity..

  • hybrid_ammai 64w


    We're lucky if we are able to see this beautiful world with our eyes.
    We're lucky if we are able to hear the happenings of this world.
    Likewise, we're lucky if we're able to let our voice heard by this world.
    Furthermore, we're lucky if we are able to walk and run on the surface of this world.
    Not only that, but we're lucky if we have a tiny shelter in this world.
    Likewise, we're lucky if we have good food to eat.
    We're lucky if we have at least one person to share our feelings with.
    Of all we're lucky if we were born as a HUMAN.

    But, what we do? Do we really happy for all those things? Did we feel grateful for the above mentioned things?

    Nope because, we feel those qualities are Normal human qualities. And that's why it never felt special to us, and we never felt lucky.

    We have created a hierarchy to feel lucky and happy in our life. We can't be happy and satisfied if we don't be grateful for what we have in this second with us.

    This society may push us to live in a regular protocol which everyone else was following from ages. If we go behind that protocol we will never find peace in our lives. We must live the life in a way which is comfortable for us and not for the comfort of others.

    So, let's break the regular thought of “Materialistic life is a happy life” and let's start living a life with full of gratitude which makes our soul happy and satisfied. Always be grateful for the small things you have in your life. Be grateful for the people who you have in your life.

    Most importantly, let's not stress ourselves for which we don't have in our life because, that's the biggest barrier for the happiness.

    Feel lucky every day from the morning till the night let's not forget to feel the gratitude. Because we're lucky from the day we were born.©hybrid_ammai

  • therelatingfeel 66w


    Grateful we are
    If we have people so far
    Still connected so close
    No matter whats the distance
    Always in touch with each other
    No matter how tough life going on
    Still try very hard to make time
    It's not just for showing sympathy
    It's that pure heart which ponder feeling for each other
    Always wishing and praying
    That other to be happy and smiling
    And no part of this unkind world
    Ever hurt your close one in disguise

  • memosfrommomo 67w

    FOMO: Fear of missing out.

    #nomorefomo #bepresent #begrateful

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    No mo' FOMO

    Be present in every moment, otherwise you might miss out on your own great life.

  • soultalks_12 72w

    We have been hearing a lot about how 2020 was so hard & tough for everyone. But let's be happy about all the things we had during 2020 which helped us. Let's be thankful to everyone who were out there, working in pandemic to keep us safe. Let's be joyous that we had more time with our families. Let's be grateful that we realised, how materialistic life isn't going to last long & neither it can keep us happy and safe for long run, because at the end what truly matters is a healthy and safe life with basic people and needs.

  • serenachapters 73w

    Have a wonderful Christmas, hope everyone is with their families and those who are not may God watch over you, shed is light and love on you to halt the loneliness and sadness. 2020 is still messed up but I really everyone gets to breathe today, be grateful, say I'm happy you're in my life, eat and drink because we know not what next year will bring ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    #Christmasday #Christmas #holiday #peace #life #family #fun #newyear #magic #journey #2020 #theending #december #begrateful #behappy

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    All I want to say

    To everyone, well, it's quite simple, all I want to say is 'I wish you not just a merry, but a fun, peaceful, lovin' and fascinating Christmas and a prosperous' safe New Year,'

  • spanishrose 79w

    Live Life

    Life is just for living, for life, thanks you should be giving. Making no room for stress, be happy live your best life no time for strife.

    Live, love, and laugh celebrate like it's your last. Be peaceful, be humble, be grateful.

    Be in love with life, be happy, be joyous. No matter what the situation, no matter your condition. Spread love, that's your only mission.

  • quarantinistani 82w

    Gone Too Soon

    Terminal diagnoses
    Various hypotheses
    Experimental therapies
    Grim prognoses

    Carpet bomb
    See saw
    Shock and awe

    Breaking headlines
    Exploding landmines
    Accelerating deadlines
    Terminating lifelines

    Obliterating uncertainty
    Reiterating reality
    Inevitable finality
    Humanity's mortality.

    © #quarantinistanity

  • moreofmyself__ 83w

    Be grateful to the god
    That he gave you this life,
    Be grateful to each and every person
    Who are always there for you.
    Being grateful has got some real magic.
    It will lead you to more happiness and
    That's enough for each of us.


  • sakshi_saxena 91w

    Smile because today is a beautiful day. You should be proud of yourself for the battles you just didn't fought but won too.

    Smile because you're alive and kicking. You have your dreams and ambitions with you.

    Smile because you have your mains with you.

    Smile because smile is the most beautiful thing on this earth to enlighten your soul.

    Smile because you chose the right path no matter how hard it was to walk on it but still you chose it because it's worth it.

    Smile because you are a new and better version of yourself then yesterday made up of the brokenness and you turned your devastation into something unbelievably beautiful.

    Smile because you took a breathe right away when someone closed there eyes forever.

    Smile cause you go this life and this day.

    #begrateful and keep smiling ❣️

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  • mypenandthemoon 93w

    We no longer have the luxury to be ignorant. Somewhere, someone
    has run out of time,
    Somewhere, someone
    is praying for a little more time
    Tomorrow is not up for bargain
    and Time is no one's slave

    We no longer have the luxury to be ignorant
    All we have is today
    All we have is humanity
    a heart to love
    a mouth to pray
    able hands to help
    and little moments to be grateful for

    We no longer have the luxury to be ignorant !
    If your time and my time is tomorrow
    Let's leave knowing we strived all the way !


  • creativeteen 94w

    Remember,there always going to be some reasons to be sad, but there are always going to be around 1000 reasons to smile,be grateful! So, keep smiling and think of the many reasons you should be grateful for and smile. To be able to read, write poems and use such a wonderful platform like Mirakee is itself a huge reason to be grateful for ������ @mirakee #quotes #begrateful
    #smile #showsomesupport #inspiring

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    WHY SMILE :)

    Remember, there are always going to be some reasons to be sad.
    But there are always going to be around a 1000 reasons to smile, to be grateful!

  • ha_wh_ 111w

    #forget #begrateful
    It is always an easy thing to compare yourself with others.Sometimes you become jealous , it seem like:
    Neighbour grass is more Greener than yours.
    It make us forget with what we have,what we capable of,and how lucky and blessed we are.

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    Sometimes when we look at what others have, we forget how to be thankful.