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  • raman_writes 1w


    आवारा कहेगा कोई तो तुम्हारा कसूर निकालेंगे ।

    अब मुझे दीवाना कहे कोई ऐसे मेरे हालात नहीं ।।


  • bmp_365 2w


    You told me that
    You would never
    Leave me yet your
    Absence is very easy
    To notice as it is the
    People who I love
    You leave.
    I remember you each
    Day as some of you
    Memories have become
    Unclear as you left me
    To hold on to the memories
    As you forget about me.
    My life is like a prison
    Since you left as I
    Am held hostage by
    Your promises to be
    Part of my life yet
    What can I say if I
    Still remember your
    Voice as I wish you
    Could return to set me
    Free from this prison
    Of your promises.


  • plaintive_tears 4w


    Always learn to lead your intuition,
    because it's the only thing saying truth to you
    before killing yourself from inside.


  • mrrajain 6w

    These silent poems exchanging between us are without words.
    These 1000 questions with infinite answers are killing me.

    Save me save my belief
    You can be the one
    And only you can be the one

    I don't wanna use Big words
    And you have left me wordless

    Life had a little bit chance before me
    Now one can't see another hope

    I am literally out of words
    Either kill yourself for me
    So I can believe
    You never existed
    Show me the one
    Whom everyone is looking for

    #someone #show #me #the #light #before #its #too #late

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    Language isn't working


  • joyjitghosh_writer 6w

    The end is nearing, human beings are feeling it but negative forces are fooling and misleading them.It is time for the human society to kneel down before Almighty God for mercy before it is too late.

  • warriorofthenight 8w


    These are a couple songs I've been obsessed with lately:

    Brown Eyes, Brown Hair by Caleb Hearn
    Permanent Vacation by Five Seconds of Summer
    Ring Pop by Jax
    Imagination by Shawn Mendes
    Fool's Gold by One Direction
    Long Way Home by Five Seconds of Summer
    Afterglow by Ed Sheeran
    Somebody to You by The Vamps

  • anokhee_n 12w

    You're gone

    Now that you're gone
    I am happier than before.
    no insecurities, no worries.

  • charlieka 14w

    Flutter By

    before the storm and thunder stirring in your heart there was a calm
    the pasture of stars spread out like a picnic
    a glow and snap of a glance trembled the skin and raised the heat
    comets shattered above
    and gravity struck

    like a sun tipped avalanche
    a cloud of butterflies kaleidoscoped their way
    into the orbit of your eyes



  • 7secondsauthor 14w

    Before I Fall Asleep

    Before I fall asleep,
    Let me dream a little.
    If I dream about you,
    Will you dance with me?

    Before I get nightmares,
    Let me rhyme a little.
    If I sing a song to you,
    Will you make love with me?

    Before I fall from heaven,
    Let me prepare a little.
    If I fall in love with you,
    Will you promptly hold me?

    ©Atul Kaushal

  • blinganshu 15w

    I cradle my broken childhood trying to fix it
    With the glue of my youth
    I try to hide the fears of my childhood
    With the excitment of my youth
    I try to change the failure of my childhood
    With the hardwork of my youth
    I try to erase the lonliness of my childhood
    With the encounters of my youth
    I try to wipe the salty tears of my childhood
    With the sweet smiles of my youth
    I cradle my broken childhood
    Try to fix it
    With the glue of my youth.

    Before I could
    The sand of my youth
    Is slipping through the fingers of my fist
    Flying away with the aged wind acccompanying
    The clouds of life.

    #Before #Icradlemybrokenchildhood #combination #wod #blinganshu #windandthecloudsoflife

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    Wind and the clouds of life


  • mitesero98 20w

    You might not know when you die so one must live life to the fullest.

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    Before you die...

    Today you're alive tomorrow you might be dead
    The most important thing is how you live each second of each day
    So before you die try to make the most of it

  • ions0206 27w

    Look at me

    "I see you the way you
    Looked me before and
    The way you looked at
    Me now something is change
    Which you're not ready to
    Tell me ..... "

  • shivangij 27w

    Try things before judging them

    "How was your day

    My days are lying in a comer Stoned, crippled and rustic, Nights stretch too long, I walk a mile and these waves push me back two miles But I just don't stop breathing and hoping for light. Everyday lying and pondering over thoughts. I feel deep inside drowning within myself. I just wait how long this day would be. Lying over, seeing those same walls and faces. I feel like caged within these walls screaming within how to escape it.

    I thought how it would went, but yeah I felt strike of pain everyday crumbling saying to me, dude do something, I say again these things continue everyday and it's boring. My thoughts conflicting like empty vessels making the most noise. I started off some self building. It felt earlier like dragging myself to climb a mountain when I had no experience. As, I close my eyes I felt being swallowed by dark with barely any scope of light. I tried the process of self build up everyday and so felt the same but as days went by I tried to calm myself each day by engaging in activities which made me calm. I felt like building up myself and so clearing my painful notions into inspirational hope. I so carry on the same and yes this is the reason of my smile now. "

    The person said, "It seems to difficult and boring for me to do. I cannot follow up to what you do."

    I said, " I can understand, I felt the same earlier but going deep within, I realized, I should do that which I neglected. Sometimes we tend to ignore things as it seems to be different and boring but you should give it a try, then your know the value of those things."

    The person replied, "well said, and so the person said atleast there is someone to understand me as well."

    I felt good and was in my mind thanking the person who said that try things before judging them.

  • sillysadar 32w

    The vague memories of the past

    I fall with no hand to lift me up
    I rush past through the coward of people
    All of which who were staring at me when I fell
    Soon it starts raining yet as soon as it did it felt like everyone was gone
    Like I was alone in a hall walking down a room slowly
    A room I remember vividly but,
    As soon as I opened the door I was back where I first was but,

    The rain was pouring more so then before
    I went rushing past the same people as well as fall on the same spot like before,
    I was back in the same room this time I was able to roam around yet i still no memory of this place
    As I heard the sound of someone familiar saying "get back here" for a second it soon disappeared
    My hope for trying to remember this place soon disappeared after yet,
    I keep coming back even after leaving this place, what am I trying to remember?

    It soon came to me this was the place where I grew up as a child
    I drew all over the walls which they hated yet I still did it for it was my escape from reality
    I wanted to escape, escape from this awful place that didn't feel like a home
    How could this place even feel like a home when to me it felt like hell
    Hell I tried to forget yet here I tell myself all that I remember about this place but,

    Now I know why I fell, it meant I fell into the memories of the past I dwell on
    Now I know why the rain brought me back here
    For I escaped on a rainy day
    The rain only became more as I ran through all the trees that surrounded this place
    The rain is only becoming more as I rush past those people surrounding the place I'm suppose to be yet I stand here in the memory of the past but,
    What must I do now? Escape the pain I've beared with me by trying to forget it or face it?

  • _craftygirl_gauri0410 35w


    Before reading someone else...
    first read yourself thoroughly.

  • quarantinistani 37w

    Before always before after
    and after always after before.

    Before never after after
    and after never before before.

    Ever after always after before
    and never ever before after forever more.



  • quarantinistani 37w

    If before is always before after
    and after is always after before,

    and before is never after after
    and after is never before before,

    is not ever after always after before
    and never again ever before after forever nevermore?



  • snehant 37w

    I am an old soul.
    I love genuine kindness.
    I love compassion.
    I love poetry.
    I love intensity.
    I love soul connections.
    I love old books.
    I love deep conversation.
    I love depth.
    I love rawness.
    Because I am an old soul.


  • dreamdarer 41w

    Greatful#lastday#before New Year.

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    Imagine If...

    What would you do if this year last day
    Would never get away and be repeated
    Again and again.
    Would you feel happy
    Would you feel sad
    Would you literally curse it
    Would you just accept the fate.
    It's just a perception
    I perceive sometimes
    Yet I'm greatful we have a New Year to look forward too.

  • joyfuljoel 43w

    What are we before?

    Before, before we are born
    Before we have had any memory
    Before we have seen the sun set
    The soaring seagull swiftly gliding
    Before we have had of that seagull
    An opinion on him, his and his kind
    On what kind a world, not kind it is

    What are we before?
    Before we broken into this world
    Before we are broken, at even at all