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    Dark Night

    Friend's outside drinking beer
    For long time it is not a sport for me

    Praying daily
    Worshiping Allah
    Not skiping any salah

    When the dark night falls
    Some folow the light
    While others sadly
    Hold the devil tight

  • dimic007 24w


    Those classes, those bosses.
    Jaming and gaming, still that was loving.

    Morning sunshine, hidden in light.
    Its right, took up flight.
    Height of site, ready to fight.
    Didnt sHow back, my life wasnt hAck.

    They were right, i was not bright.
    Still didnt loose the sight.
    Focus got clear, mind got aim.
    aNd there i am. Stood among all.

    Search up insight, cheer up their night.
    They gave empathy, i return with smile.
    Key to success, humble and crumole.
    Stones in mind, arrows in brain.
    Throne as seat, king stood over the people.

  • dimic007 26w


    The puck sound of the beer.
    Took me to the first gear.

    The essence makes loose my senses.
    Oh my baby..! I couldnt wonder anything without you.
    You stood by me in hardest of times.

    Though your names are many, but your soul is one.
    Sometimes you are harsh, but that doesn't matter.
    I will always care for you.

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    Teddy day

    Bear तो दोनों को ही पंसन्द थी फ़र्क़ सिर्फ इतना था

    उसे Teddy Bear मुझे Strong Beer पसंद थी



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    With Beer and Boney M ��
    #beer #music #boneym #chrismas

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    Christmas II

    Now it feels like
    It's never ending


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    Having a beer
    Maybe just two
    Any more I'd
    Be sleeping soon

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    The Old Bad Days

    Alone with Cigarilos in her hand,
    She stands, she sits, and stares, and listens, It was my aunt, Millie, introducing me to drink and have a smoke with her at 6 years.
    They burn from smoke and sin, tired skin, tired of living body,
    My aunt was tired of living. Every moment spending a night over at her house, she would have the same ol routines,
    She sits, she listens, and stares at the wall taking a swig of her bud light bottle.
    Bottle half empty replies "you wanna try some beer Ciara?"
    I would try it anyway.
    What's for dinner, left overs?
    "I'm drinking beer for dinner," my aunt used to say.
    When the day is done and dreams are to become vanished, only one thing left to do for her is die in her sleep,
    She sits, and stares with her closed all the way passing away in her sleep. My aunt Millie died in her sleep in the hospital in 2014, she died of lung cancer.

    Rest in peace aunt Millie

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    Learn me new words
    To fill all the new pages you burned
    Sweet metaphors yet unheard
    Snatch from my hands this
    Faceted glass filled
    With the amber of sorrow
    Of tales meant to end


  • paisatraveller 65w


    Hey darling, yes you!
    Get me that barley.
    Sour to my buds.
    Invigorating my nerves.
    Sweet to maw.
    You can be dark , pale, lager and ale.
    All I care, holding you by girth,
    Sip and drench my soul.
    You are the ruse.
    Though transient, You make me believe
    life and time are my muse.

    Skãl to all beer lovers and wanderers!

  • invador0007 65w

    A drunks man talk is sober man thoughts.

  • ciara1 67w

    Nightly Summer Words of Auntie Alcoholics

    The first day I took a shot
    was on a Sunday night.
    I had just came back from
     Sunday's church with my auntie that is not so bright.
      My motha insisted that I spend the night.
      I got caught up in one of my auntie's acts, 
      I wondered, what was she drinking that was so vexed.
     I said auntie? What are you drinking that is real big in that pact?
     She said, beer girl, it's call Budlight, what? You want some?
    I don't think I can drink      that, I'm too young.
    She said, you can have some, this won't stung. 
     But ain't beer nasty?
    She said, yeah it is nasty, you want some?
      I'm still a kid auntie, 
    she said, do you won't some or not Cici?
    Agreeing, and pouring narrow drops of budlight down my cup. 
      There, the first day I took a shot of whiskey with my auntie    with a sup, 
    And it tasted real gooooood, with a sip.
     My first taste of a shot 
    drop of beer at 6,
    was gooder than goodies, 
     Ya feel me?
    My second shot was in the night, 
      when my motha 
    threw a summer night family party and most of us hung out on the back porch. 
    I said auntie Felicia?
    What are you drinking that is so small in that pact lying on the porch?
    She said, whiskey, you want me to pour you a lil? 
      I don't know if I can drink that, I'm too young.
     She said, you ain't nothing but 13,
    I dranked younger than that, you can have some, 
    But I'm still a kid aunt Felicia, 
                  she said, have a little Cici?
    Complying, and pouring me shots of whiskey in my cup. 
    There, the second time I took a shot of something with my auntie with a sip, 
    And it tasted real gooooood, with a tip.
    Ya feel me?
    I got caught up with the drunk drunkies, 
     My auntie Felicia said,
     just don't tell yo moma that I'm
    giving you some of these whiskies, 
    My mother never found out the two of my aunties gave me illegal drinks for kids,
     Later that night, 
    everyone was out the door and left cases of beer and whiskey that was big,
    I took em all and hid them
    in the very back of my closet 
                     so I would never forget.
    My motha never found my whiskies and beers.
       That was the moment when my addiction to whiskies and beer became clear. 
                     Mixing my whiskey into
    coka cola pop was palatable, 
                       I haven't had a beer ever since, that was relatable.
                       I haven't had a drop of beer ever since last year's family feast.  
                      Maybe, when this pandemic ends where someone throws a party again,
    I can give another shot of whiskey and beer that is the least.

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  • james_taumas 69w

    Patrons gathered
    A pint or wine
    Spirit or two
    Conversations and laughter
    Longtime acquaintances
    Meeting new people
    Last orders
    Contagion walks in
    Main room a desert
    Dust blanket covers all
    Bar is closed.


  • phal_candy 71w

    Crown Beer

    *News read*

    *Bars will be opened, social distancing should be maintained, wear masks....*

    "Give me four crates of Corona please."

    *Other customers looked startled.*

    "What... I asked for Corona beer."

    *People burst into laughter.*


  • ciara1 76w

    Drunk by Technology

      On my own social media usage, I would call it an addiction. Social media is addictive just like anything else that is an addiction, such as, drugs, alcohol, food, cigarettes, etc… 

    After I graduated from high school in 2012, I had gotten so addicted to Facebook usage. I was on it all day twenty-four- seven, being nosy and searching for my friends and some of my classmates that  I graduated with. It was because I had gotten lonely. I wanted to stay in touch with a lot of my old friends and classmates. After a while, I got used to being alone. I realized that being on Facebook all day was a waste of time trying to connect with old classmates. A lot of my classmates and friends that I graduated with did not want to keep in touch with me anyway. I had to move on with my life finding new friends, and stop being on Facebook so much. It was a process for me limiting myself to Facebook. I started getting on it just once a day. 

    After Facebook, I was introduced to Instagram by my boyfriend. He showed me a lot of comedy videos created by ordinary people. I had gotten addicted to watching comedy videos on there. I was as addicted to Instagram just like I was with Facebook. So my boyfriend suggested an idea of creating our comedy videos and posting them on Instagram. That was when I thought Instagram is a much better social media site than Facebook because you can do so much on it. Facebook to me now is dull. Creating videos was becoming an addiction as well. Everything I did was an addiction for me. I used to draw, paint, and write all day. I have to have a balance in my social media usage and with anything else I do. How often I use social media today is once a day. If I just keep constantly getting on social media all day, it will affect my brain. It can affect my brain physically and psychologically. Social media addiction can make me withdraw from everything that is going on around me and not having a healthy social life with people face to face. Being addicted to social media is unhealthy. 

    The platforms I use once a day are Instagram, Youtube, poem apes, and writing apes, such as Poemia, Inkit writing,  Mirakee, Writers Outlet, and drawing apes. I can still say that I am an active social media user because I love social media, but I just have to have that balance. I can not stay on social media all day. 

    How has the Coronavirus lockdown affected my usage, is that  using social media has made a tremendous impact on my life. Not just me, everyone around the globe during this season of COVID-19.  We are using social media to communicate with our friends and family to stay in touch. I thank God for the creation of social media, and just the idea of technology, period. My perspective on social now has changed, and I feel that social media helps us prepare for whatever disasters that occur in our present and future. Today, social media saves us. 


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    जो अमृत पिए उसे देव कहते है और
    जो विस पिए उसे महादेव कहते है
    और जो रोज रोज पिये उसे
    पतिदेव कहते है

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    Today once again 1 bottle came for him same as his daily routine but today is bottle of blood, and the place is hospital instead of pub.

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    Spirts are spirts, be that of a ghost of a souls past or be that of the form of drank; spirts can possess you be that through low Vibration or is you drink them (even a drank will lowers your vibration)
    Don’t let the foolishness of the fools, keep you enslaved; you can set yourself free by seeking only the highest of truths....for why do you think it’s legal because they want you to be docile, not for your happiness, for if it was for your happiness, it would be illegal

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    माणूस किती ही श्रीमंत असला...
    पण दारू फुकट असेल..
    तर तो जाईलच....


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    Aainee a talk show

    चार बोतल बियर की पी कर
    Frustration को मूत कर बहा देते है।
    थोड़े माडर्न है जरा आजकल के लोग
    एक कश में कश्मकश और
    सिगरेट के धूए में जिन्दगी उड़ा देते हैं।।
    ©Priyansh Singh Kushwaha ❣️