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  • dk1111_ 13w

    Don't share if someone leaves you keep that secret otherwise..
    The person who is with you will do the same...

    That's what the people are..

  • dk1111_ 13w

    ऐ दिल इतना भी भरोसा मत कर क्या पता जिसको तूने आज चलना सिखाया वही तुझे कल लात मारकर गिरा दे!!

  • dk1111_ 13w


    Be aware of the people who come into your life just for their fun

    ....... and then leave you alone

  • _lostsoul___ 22w

    It demolishes everything i say..
    Be clear to ur close one's i say.
    Be clear, be truthful to them
    do not keep secrets anyway.

    Just a tinch of of misunderstanding can kill years of friendship, brotherhood, or any kinda relationship u keep be aware be clear to what you think or thought be clear to one's you keep any kinda a relationship with be happy be safe.


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    It destroys the way to trust..
    It demolishes the bonding we had..
    It cracks the intimate relation we kept..
    It knocks down everything we had..


  • this_divinelife 29w

    Present Being

    Our being present
    Is honouring who we are
    Right now
    It’s not focusing on our past
    The things we have or haven’t done
    It’s not focusing on the future person
    We are looking to become
    The clue is in the being
    For being is now
    Not some half remembered or forgotten place
    Nor is it some imagined future space
    Rest quite literally in the being of now
    Of embracing who you are
    Yes, recognise how far you’ve come
    And let the rest unravel
    Pay it no heed
    It is not about diminishing
    Or denying in anyway
    It is merely recognising that there is another way
    A way in which we can uplift ourselves
    A way in which we can truly put ourselves first
    By recognising all that we are
    In this Divine moment
    And trusting that since we have come this far
    That we shall continue to thrive
    To go on and not merely survive

  • preetidhariwal 46w


    My notions about every emotions,
    Changed my side of life to a new motion,
    Me be facing the reality of the real world,
    Changed my thoughts to some other devotion,
    My promotions in new situation, didn't hide the harsh truth of people's caution.,,...

  • laconic_words 49w

    It feels so good when you notice someone following your footsteps.
    But be well aware at the same time.
    Some of your followers have the ability to stab you.


  • engineerwrites 56w

    Be Aware

    Some people shows fake care, fake friendship, fake love and they leave you without any reason these people are like poison they are killing you slowly by showing their fake affection!

  • thespirit 57w


    The curtain rises.
    The sudden flash of light blinds us.
    Then we realize that
    It puts words in our mouth.
    It shields our heart.
    It gives us wings to fly higher.
    It makes us beautiful.
    It becomes our greed.
    It makes us an addict.
    It becomes our life.

    Curtains fall down.

    There is complete darkness.
    We cannot see but can feel it.
    It is just behind us, infront of us, below us, beside us, above us and in us.

    We escape.
    We fly higher.
    To a place that we have never been to.
    So high that everthing below us seems smaller,
    Without life and without value.

    Slowly we come down.
    We rest and comfort ourselves.
    But the mirror across the room draws us nigh.
    It wispers and tells us,
    'You are beautiful, you are flawless'
    We want to see the relection forever.
    But like every fragile thing,
    It breaks.
    The pieces shatter everywhere,
    Some hurting us,
    Some hurting the person beside us.

    There is no life in us.
    Power takes our soul.
    It makes our bodies like dolls, for its puppet show,
    Holding us just by a single thread in its hand.

    Power is cunning.
    Power is dark.

    Be aware, its always has a mark.


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  • ash_bronze 57w

    Some people have two faces the fake one which is good to you .
    The real one which you can't bare it.

  • shrey_awaken_words20 59w

    Don't cheat anyone,
    Because KARMA is a BITCH!!!


  • shrey_awaken_words20 61w

    Queen or a Warrior, I know how to do it all.


  • raj_4_lyf 63w

    Life is incomplete without Death
    Life is meaningless without Death
    Death completes Life.

    But Death shouldn't stop you from Living
    It comes to you when it comes to you
    So Be Aware of it
    But Don't be Afraid of it.


  • suhani05 63w

    Firstly thnkyou @_aradhana for advising us this topic..that "marital rape is also a rape.."��
    Marital rape is very big social issue. It is act of a sexual intercourse with one's spouse without their consent..!! It is a type of voilence or sexual abuse.
    If uh marry a girl..then it doesn't mean that you have right to do everything with her without her permission. A girl thinks that you love her soul but in reality uh just love her body. Guyz..listen you have no right to force ur wife when she refuses to have sex with you..!! Nd if a girl say no..it means no..!! Uh all should understand it..��..
    So plzz..before doing this all..try to understand her feelings..nd ask her before doing anything with her..��..Bcuz she has 50% ryt in ur marraige..so she has also ryts to take decisions. You r no one to force her for doing anything..��
    "She is ur wife..so treat her like a queen.."��❤️

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    Marital rape..

    She lost her trust in love/relationship..
    Because today he flip..
    He had told her that he loves her soul..
    But after marriage , he just want sex..
    It is his goal..!!
    She believed that with her husband she is safe..
    but in reality.. he treats her like his slave..!!
    She thought that marriage /relationships are beautiful connection..
    but now she wants to take action..
    Bcuz every day she suffers from marital rape..
    but she can't do anything because her mouth is taped..!!
    Her husband treat her like a thing..
    But because she wore his name's ring..
    So she can't do anything..!!
    That night..her groom..
    forcefully pulled her to his room..
    Then the door had been locked..
    Nd now she really shocked..!!
    Then he touched..(her body)
    tightly clutched..(her body)
    then she stop him..
    But he told..
    U r my wife..
    Nd uh have to suffer with this all throughout ur whole life..!!
    Agn she requested ..no..plzz..no..
    But he said..uff , u really don't know..
    Marraige is abt sharing bodies or bed..
    This is what he said..!!
    Now she understands..
    That her love is greedy..
    To only touch her body..!!
    After this all..she really brake down..
    Bcuz today she found..
    That her love/husband call her .. his property..
    Nd said this all is my authority..!!
    (Plz read the caption also)

  • poornimagowda 67w

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • alloutetuigfd 68w


    Role of civil society in combating the coronovirus pandemic.).
    Here I will just analyze the role of civil society .

    We can surely tackle with the dangerous pandemic but only with the support of good civil society.

    'So powerful is the light of unity that,it can illuminate the whole earth '
    'As everyone often uses this small yet indeed a powerful words ' unity is strength'.
    And at this present scenario, it is the high time to prove that action speaks louder than words.

    Right now ,whole world is being threatened by the contagious virus i.e COVID-19.many has already lost their life and rest are being victim of this pandemic.Now,unity among civil society is all we needed to fight against this pandemic . It's so strange that, during this period once we used to watch the IPL scores in TV ,mobile with great enthusiasm but now we have to watch the COVID-19 scores.
    Unity among people is highly recommendable.
    As someone has rightly said that ,
    You can either have one guy lifting a billion pounds by himself ,and it takes many years of planning and preparation-or u can have a billion of people each lifting one pound and it takes a mere moment.This is the power of unity.Civil society mainly plays a important role in fighting against this pandemic.

    Here the questions arises what is civil society? How it can helps in combating the pandemic?

    Here I LL analyze the point.
    Firstly,Civil society is the set of intermediate association which is neither the state nor the family,but which plays an active and positive role in social economic and cultural activities.As we know
    the continuous presence and successful working of Indian liberal democratic political system,
    the spread of literacy,
    the freedom of mass media, the existence of a very broad based decentralized local self-government system, the presence of a direct, homogeneous and democratic process of Political Socialization and people’s full commitment to liberal democracy have been together helping the Civil Society to become increasingly active and strong.


    Civil society have the power to influence individual behaviour , various institutions that are involved in health promotion and have power to ensure safety from any kind of epidemic.
    By collaborating with national and international partners, civil society can support the implementation of the Global Strategy on people's good Health.
    Civil society, can be a voice to mainly vulnerable people .
    The Right to Information and the implementation of the Right to Information Act has given an additional strength to the Civil Society.
    For instance, Everyone is quite familiar that the COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezees .As per the information provided by WHO.At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments. WHO will continue to provide updated information as soon as clinical findings.
    Till now as per the information provided by WHO ,we must follow some basic tips to fight against the COVID-19 .
    *Protect yourself
    Wash your hands frequently
    ; Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose
    Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze
    ; Avoid crowded places.Stay at home if you feel unwell - even with a slight fever and cough
    If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early - but call by phone first
    Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 from the website of WHO,and ministry of health and family welfare.
    Most people infected with the COVID-19 outbreak will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness..
    Besides providing a enough information
    Role of civil society is to persuade public to stay in unity to fight against the pandemic.
    Moreover Civil society can:
    *support the wide dissemination of information on the prevention of various diseases in children through balanced, healthy diets and physical activity,
    Civil Society Can form networks and action groups to promote the availability of healthy foods and possibilities for physical activity in children;
    advocate and support health-promoting programmes and health education campaigns for children, uneducated poor peoples.
    Civil society can monitor and work with other stakeholders such as private sector entities;
    In addition to it civil society can contribute to
    putting knowledge and evidence into practice.

    Atlast we must remember even in the midst of darkest time,we have the power to choose the effect the situation has on us and determine how we are going to respond.
    The greatest failure is although we have created institution but we have not created a civil society.civil society do have many roles in combating the pandemic but only if the people stays in unity..
    If there is a proper teamwork and collaboration , definitely we can fight against any pandemic.

    For instance ,While fighting against this pandemic
    One must follow the instructions given by government,police,health officials strictly.
    One must follow the social distancing .
    One must follow the lockdown rules seriously.
    One must support and collaborate with the health professionals,police,every frontline workers who are sacrificing their peace of night just for the sake of of public health.
    Unity among civil society can lead to a better consequences.
    In this way civil society can helped out to fight against the COVID-19.

    Lastly but not the least ,I would like to wind up my lines by conveying a message to everyone that
    Unity among civil society is strength.
    Whereas division among civil society is weakness.
    Choices is in our hand.
    Remember only I &;u and break this chain of v_r_s.(virus).

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    Covid-19~~'A curse to humanity'
    Role of civil society in combating 'Covid-19'

    Remember only I &;u can break this chain of v_r_s

    I am pretty sure only a few people will read thoroughly in this busy so called 'modern world'.
    Covid -19 has really proved that we are already trapped in a cruel world.

  • bossy_chic 70w

    The right Trajectory can pave the road to success ;but in this self- centered globe , others always want you to be laggard , so choose your companions wisely.


  • curious23 70w

    લાગણીઓને સમયસર કાબૂમાં રાખતા શીખી લેવું નહિતર લાગણીહીન થતાં વાર નહિ લાગે...

  • rimmi24 72w

    Forever ��
    (beautiful lie)

    I wanna be with you always no matter what
    I can't because of some compulsions...
    Somewhere in the deep weed of anxiety, suspiciousness, restlessness, apathy and inertia starts growing and
    heart becomes a barren land.��
    °°°फिर से उसी राह पर चलने में,
    वक़्त लगता है काफ़ी संभलने में°°°


    बार-हा - often
    इश्क़-ओ-वफ़ा - love and consistency
    क़ाबिल-ए-यक़ीं - trustworthy
    अहल-ए-मोहब्बत - people of love

    #forever #beaware #hindiwriters #hindiwritings #hindiurdu #urdulove #poetry #UrduPoetry #alfaaz #penandpaper #emotionspouring

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    हाय! ये बार-हा क़त्ल किये जाने वाले वादे,
    हाय! ये इल्ज़ाम अपने सर लेने वाली मजबूरियां,
    इश्क़-ओ-वफ़ा में लिपटा हो
    तो फ़रेब भी क़ाबिल-ए-यक़ीं है,
    हाय! ये अहल-ए-मोहब्बत की दिल छू लेने वाली
    नादान गुस्ताख़ियाँ।