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  • shru_pens 30w

    #exam_memes #relax #be_cool #no_panic
    English was the toughest paper it seems till now . I celebrated sorrow(irony) as how I spoiled my English paper.. now I am quite relaxed and focussing on next... ��
    All the best y'all for the rest ❤️����������

    ~Shruti, a random visitor of Miraquill ��❤️

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    After yesterday's eng paper
    Physics be like --- ruko Zara.. sabr rakho
    Khoon ke aansoo nahi rulaya to mai bhi Einstein, Newton aur Faraday ka baap nahi

    In English paper, questions in section c be like
    Q. At what age did sadao return from America

    A. 30
    B. Thirty
    C. 20+10
    D. None of these

    It's how ironic that almost every student in my school wears glasses and we had a passage of online addiction

    Q. What was sadao thinking when he met Hana?.

    Ans. Abba‍‍‍ ni manenge

  • umdamehnaz 214w


    Beat the Heat
    By just
    Beating the Anger

    -Umda Mehnaz

  • priyanshuraj_priyu 224w

    Hey Guys... The wait is over.... Here's the #part_2 of "SOUL EATER #1" ..... So... If U guys have not read that one... I suggest you to, please give that poem a read, first.... Then It will be very easy for y'all to understand this one...����

    One more thing guys... Just so you know... (Red) in the 8th line means BLOOD and (Humans) in the 10th line means GOODNESS ... And there are many words in this poem as well as the previous one... So if there's something that disturbs your mind,... Feel free to use the comment section, and I'll tell you...����

    Again I m saying guys, there is no need to feel sad after reading this... And especially you PAKI ... Be cool ,and just enjoy this like a messed up movie.... Okay !!����
    All The Best, Go Ahead and Give It A Read. Probably, I Bored You All... Ha Ha...
    Just Be Cool and Happy....
    @hayat_1410 @ayaz_ind @aparna_shambhawi_paki @heeranshi_mishra @thereshamsharma @priyask8786 @openletters @naman_khandelwal @dr_ravilamaba @man_ka_ish

    #gothic_poem #pain #suffering #miseries #solitude #demons #no_need_to_feel_sad #be_cool #all_love

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    enchanted by the darkness of his soul, IT smiled
    as they're becoming mates, leaving things behind
    shaking hands, the spirit of the HEARTLESS snarled
    with the feather of oath, their bond was harled
    gory feelings, cloaked in the alluring words, shined
    not brightly, but gloomily, as the oath rhymed

    "grudging the love, engulfing the dark hatred
    we are now comrade, stained with the red"
    "we take the oath, in the coterie of cold dark demons
    spell bounded, & dishevelled, we will haunt humans"
    "as of Lucifer, we both are, now your paragon
    banishing love, and accepting dark from bygone"
    "feeding on the dark souls, we will become darker
    becoming grey from blue, by the evil, foul marker"
    "together, possessing the black hatred deep inside us
    "we will wander, with tone filled with the ecstatic cuss"
    "shoulder to shoulder, we will get strong and strong
    racked with glum misery, we will famish all wrong"
    "wrong of love, beauty and all the feelings curse
    through the verity of pain, we will slay all adverse"
    "adverse of trust & all positives will be torn apart
    for, this will be our service, to procreate the swart"
    "thereby, accepting the dark, living in the black shadows
    we will spread true life, no matter who or what appose"
    "we finally rest the gorgeous gloomy words of ours
    just so you know, we are stout, even with deep scars"

    this new aura of theirs, was like nothing of this universe
    for feelings fancy, it became worse and worse and worse
    as the SOUL EATER came looking for fabulous feast
    found the pitch, demonic and cimmerian beast.


  • niall_18 226w

    Haunting past

    The beauty of past is leaving it simply.