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  • megamarie 8w

    I wish I never looked, I wish I never touched
    I wish that I could stop loving you so much
    Cause I'm the only one that's trying to keep us together
    When all of the signs say that I should forget her
    I wish you weren't the best, the best I ever had
    I wish that the good outweighed the bad
    Cause it'll never be over, until you tell me it's over.

    These battle scars, don't look like they're fading
    Don't look like they're ever going away
    They ain't never gonna change.

  • thebrain 46w

    Be proud my dear,
    Be proud my friend,
    The scar you wore
    should be worn with pride,
    It's scar from battles to survive,
    Let them judge you with it,
    It's what they all do,
    Let them jest you through it,
    It doesn't cancel out how far
    and how hard you have fought,
    Be proud my dear,
    Be proud my love,
    The scar you wore,
    Only confirm you are stronger
    than the jesters.
    Wore it with pride.


  • starlet18 46w

    I'm preparing myself
    To bare the coldness
    To get to know you well
    To be the best for you
    To melt into your arms
    To make love
    With the whole oh my heart
    Mind and body



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    @mr_lucifer @violetblackfire

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  • sulu80 46w

    Life itself a battle field
    Everyone fights to yield
    Not only in legends we find
    We rage within our mind
    Painful moments we bear
    Turning into memorable scar

    A child struggles, comes out from the womb
    Tearful, joyful, expressive mother's bloom
    Undergoes transformation in stages
    For finding justice he/she enrages
    Always on wheels to find a place
    Fulfill the dreams with a race

    Like spider we weave the web
    Rising and falling on the ebb
    Our goal act as a Spur
    Driving out with Utmost care
    Celebrate the triumph of victory
    Finding a place in history

    Facing life like a brave soldier
    Battle field's sole controller
    Each day a war front
    For getting a treasure hunt
    A makeover from the wound
    A joyous leap into the abyss found

    Lot of hurdles we face with fear
    To overcome a thrill we bear
    Some were born rulers, warriors
    Tasting the hardships victorious
    An amalgamation of happy and sad
    The spark within us makes it glad.

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    Battle Scars

    Life itself a battle field
    Everyone fights to yield
    Not only in legends we find
    We rage within our mind
    Painful moments we bear
    Turning into memorable scar.

  • no_one07 46w

    Stitches in heart
    (Mother's point of view);

    He might not be a commander in chief,
    But is a soldier,
    Who guards the nation....
    A son,
    Who is almost everything to me...

    All of a sudden they declare war,
    He darted to save the country,
    With my heart still pounding...

    Each day passes by,
    With the fear of mislaying my heart....
    Months pass by,
    My heart full of worries and scars..

    Waiting till he returnes...
    Either way bringing honour to the nation

    (Son's point of view)
    She might not be a doctor,
    But is a mother of a soldier...

    Every time she stitches her heart,
    Faces me bravely and bids me goodbye....

    Suddenly they wage a war...
    Her heart shatters for the millionth time..
    But does not dares to reveal it,
    It remains bottled up.

    Oh ...they say,
    Battle scars...
    I just get them physically,
    But she.......
    Suffers from them everyday,
    Till I arrive......

    #cees_tp_chall #battlescars


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    Stitches in heart

    My heart still pounding,
    With each day passing by,
    And the fear of mislaying my heart....
    They say battle scars,
    I just get them materially....
    But she suffers from them every second......

  • words_flake 46w

    A fighter without
    battle scars is incomplete..

  • dil_k_ahsaas 46w

    Some scars, some pains we may forget.
    Those scars and those pains always remember us.
    When ever I try to smile, they pinch me and say we are still alive.
    Sometimes pain empowers our happiness and allow us to die with it's slow poison.
    Scars, my scars always remind me of my innerself, who is hurt, and writhing in pain.
    When you give new shape to broken things ..it appears new n looks fresh
    New vibes works like a wonder
    Broken things are full of cracks ....which can't be hidden. ..
    How much u try to give a new shape. .scars still tell a old story.


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    #reposting with new #caption

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    " Scars "

    I m proud of my scars
    Scars on my soul and on my heart
    My scars shows that I m a winner over my sorrows, agony, pain, crying heart, betrayed but still alive and many more hard to describe
    Each scar has one story to tell.

    My eyes full of tears
    Each drop falls deep inside the heart
    Each drop helps to grow a tree of sadness from bottom of heart
    And roots of this tree run through my body.

    My lips are very soft
    When I try to smile it shows cracks in it
    Cracks of painful smile when heart is crying but lips are trying to smile
    Many times I turn fake smile into the real one
    Your smile is beautiful most of the time I get this compliment for my fake but real looking smile.

    Scars which doesn't allow us to live peacefully
    One has to learn the art of hiding the scars
    The moment you show it to others
    It becomes talk of the Town.

    Poeple enjoy describing you in different ways with each scar
    Poeple feels good in making matching story with each scar .
    Inspite of not knowing anything they will make u feel that they knows more about you than you.

    Rekha Khanna

  • pallavi4 46w


    Some hurricanes were never meant to be borne
    For some come out brave, some come out torn
    Try braving a wave, a puff of the wind so prolonged
    Enough to make grown men forlorn

    When words fail comfort and the heart feels shorn
    And grief and pain feel like prickly thorns
    A broken spirit hurts more than broken bones
    Never to be whole again and forever remain torn

    Those who shatter, a soul’s death mourn
    For the eyes of the brave shine with the strength of many a storm
    Never a victim , always a fighter , silent but strong
    Courage is a badge that is quietly but very proudly worn


    10th of January, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Reposted from 3rd November, 2018

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  • guafevc 46w

    I Am Not

    You don't really want, you don't really want to know the things I know.
    You don't really want to see, to see the things that I have seen.
    Born into poverty is something not to be forgot, all the struggles is something to be unseen.
    Move up the latter but to see you're family and friends have not, is something you can't redeem.

    Born into a liberal family, but I am not.
    Born into a liberal family but now I am not.
    Turned conservative I have, and going back I will not.
    Turned conservative and going back is something I will not.
    Politics split my family into two, I lay on the road, only a few my kin have and are willing to do.
    I've seen leftists and liberals tear my town by the seams, something I never thought would be seen.

    You don't really want, you don't really want to know the things I know.
    You don't really want to see, to see the things that I have seen.
    Born into poverty is something not to be forgot, all the struggles is something to be unseen.
    Move up the latter but to see you're family and friends have not, is something you can't redeem.

  • piu_writes 46w

    The battle scars on my face you can Guage , life has not been a bed of roses you can guess, traumas and hardships I have faced, but I have learned to live gracefully as I age.

  • lanmakes 46w

    Instagram: @LanMakes

    Trigger warning: self harm, suicidal, mental illness

    Before fourteen
    I remember
    I used to look in the mirror and wonder
    Why is that person such an ugly girl

    I remember
    I used to be in my classes and
    Wondering how my life would end

    I remember
    How worthless I felt breathing
    And how hard it was to keep living

    Life was a warzone and I was surviving
    I am a survivor because I tried my best trying
    Trying, to live and I kept fighting
    Fighting against my own mind
    Had these marks
    that can be considered as battlescars
    Or tiger stripes from the dark

    They were definitely marks
    I drew on my wrist with a pencil
    In the shape of a triangle
    But then it revealed red ink

    I now think,
    I am not a piece of paper to draw on
    I am a piece of artwork
    Who belongs in the gallery
    For being such a beautiful girl

    No one deserves to go through the same pain
    Self love is a journey and I’m still on my way
    I’m brighter than any star in the sky or any flame
    I’m now falling in love with myself every single day

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    I'm a Survivor


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 47w

    Self-inflicted battle scars serve as reminders. They remind us that when we battle ruthlessly against our own selves, we inflict wounds that can be difficult to heal. The healing balm of self-love can save us though, as it salvages the wreckage of our ailing heart and mind. In time, if we apply it often, self-love reduces the gaping wounds to fading scars; and those are battle scars that we can be proud of, because they show that we learned to stop fighting with ourselves, and start surviving and thriving instead. If the battle of a lifetime leads to a lesson of self-love, then we truly have won the war and proven ourselves the victor. There is no greater glory than that; so wear your scars with pride and teach the importance of self-love to one and all.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 1/9/2021

    #writersbay #wreckagec #wreckage #cees_tp_chall #battlescars #wreckage #selflove

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    by Carolyn Glackin
    We are the sole survivors
    Of the wars we wage within
    But what good is a battle
    That destroys you if you win?
    Do not take up the gauntlet
    It's a far too heavy plight
    There's no glory for the victor
    When it's not a worthy fight
    Words wage wars
    Which lead to wounds
    The kind that seldom heal
    And so, in order to survive
    We forego the sword and shield
    Hold thy tongue to keep the peace
    Curtail thy self-infliction
    The love we offer to ourselves
    Shall be our benediction.
    ©Carolyn Glackin 1/9/2021

  • luvnotes_challenge_host 47w


    With special thanks and a shout-out to @mikeanthony, for inspiring the topic of this challenge. ��‍♀️����

    *Please be sure to support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions.

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    Hello out there to my fellow quarantined companions! ‍♀️
    Today, I'm offering a topic prompt challenge. If you'd like to participate, please write an original piece (of 30 lines or less), on the topic of "battle scars." Check out the challenge do's and don'ts below...

    -One submission per person
    -30 lines or less
    -English only please
    -Submit within 48 hours (challenge ends when it says "2d" in upper right corner of this post)

    -No harmful, foul, or vulgar language
    -No nude or inappropriate images
    -No plagiarized content

    MANDATORY HASHTAG: Please be sure to put #cees_tp_chall in your caption area so I can find your submission.

    Happy writing! ✍

  • yashvibansal 53w

    I am lying in front of the fireplace
    He lies curled around me
    Trying to convince me
    That my broken shards are poetry.

    Not once does he try to put them back
    Maybe he recognizes that they are puzzle pieces
    That complete a picture but don't fit into stacks.

    I don't speak a word
    But smile occasionally
    Allowing him to dwell
    On the illusion of healing poetry.

    There is jewellery
    But there are scars too
    I wonder which one adorns me
    Pure and true?

    I allow him to think, to discern
    But to understand what I feel
    He still has a long course to learn.

    Laughter is hollow sometimes
    But sorrow is always full
    And tonight, more than ever
    I feel its pull.

    There's shine and gold
    Similarly there's poetry and its hold
    And despite crying so long
    I still can't let go of its love song.

    I feel more than ever today
    After all, thorns too do chalk out a way.

    He's still around me
    Sometimes disappears
    It's usually when I die
    That he vanishes.

    You see,
    He is life
    Still trying to convince me
    That my broken shards
    Are poetry.


    #poetry #broken #brokenbutbeautiful #shards #thorns #love #soul #sprituality #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #life #death #die #gold #shine #hold #scar #scars #jewellery #laughter #hollow
    Image credit to the rightful owner. I picked it up from Google.

    I don't know if it qualifies for the topic prompt�� but I felt it does, in a metaphorical way, so tagging��


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    Broken Shards

    He tries to convince me
    That my broken shards are poetry...
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  • amie_abrahams 87w

    Battle and Scars

    Slowly you undress me, and see them.
    Those scars I've hidden from you for such a long time.

    You trace over them, and look at me.


    I can see it in your eyes. I can tell by the difference in the air.

    You may hate them. You may find me repulsive.

    But they are MY battle scars.

    They show the battles I had with myself.

    And they are beautiful.


  • poetic_licence_ 101w

    She had more scars than freckles cause she was a warrior. They were all battle scars.

  • ayushi_shrinate 108w

    Battle Scars

    Don't hide them, your battle scars
    They are proof you fought your wars.

    One across your face and one on your knee
    Those lie within no one will see

    You cover them up when they appear
    Until they are seen nowhere

    Hidden beneath a ton of layers
    Usually smiles but often tears

    You should let the world once see
    How those scars have changed thee

    What's left of you is a broken girl
    Once used to smile is now so dull

    Don't hide them, your battle scars
    They are proof you fought your wars

  • misfit_poet 131w

    A few deep lines to remember you by.

    A few deep lines to remember you by,
    A few dead nights with quivers in my soul.
    These lines are covert, faded and sunken in my skin,
    They emerge back on my body when I am sitting alone.
    They remind me of your hatred for me,
    The insult, the jealousy and the fury I condone.
    They're healed, they don't hurt and they barely squeak,
    They lie mute under my cuff If I take a peek.
    Well, the night comes back and I hear them groan.
    Then I pick up my quill and I word their howl.
    A few deep lines to remember you by,
    A few dead nights with quivers in my soul.

    - Misfit_poet ❤

  • ab0vethecl0udss 134w

    Battle Scars

    I can’t keep my heart closed
    just because it was once
    everlastingly open
    for you.

    And you,

    you tore me up
    A million and one times
    committing crimes,
    spitting lies

    But trying to find
    the reassurance,
    my confidence,

    I’m thankful for these scars now.
    Let the wound sting
    when it’s brand new
    Enjoy the realization
    the ride through
    f a d i n g pain
    The transition of
    the happiness in
    the Healing

  • mikeanthony 46w


    The war zone of low self esteem

    No one sees the raging war within my own soul
    The screams of agony are silent to human ears
    From childhood I heard the inner thunders roll
    Ravaging the land of my mind as I seek sanity

    Forever wounding myself from a low self esteem
    Believing I am worthless yet knowing this is a lie
    Every emotional wound created by mental grenades
    Covered the land of my mind with torturous wounds

    Now this internal land is covered with healed scars
    Through it's now a darkened rugged rough terrain
    Battle scars growl in silence like cold larva stones
    As they were once self affiliated wounds of self hate

    The war had been won though battle scars remain
    Reminding me of the dark battle to love myself again
    Like medals of honour these battle scars warm me
    For they were healed by a courage stronger than life

    "Now no longer wounded,the stench of war is gone
    Only leaving a legacy of healed past battle scars
    Which give honour to my inner strength to be free"

    ©mikeanthony 2021 ✍❤