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  • shadesofyu 2h

    Battles with Victory

    "Hold on", was the only thing that everyone told her,
    "What to hold on for?" She asked,
    A prayer?
    There was a constant battle, something which was to be fought.
    A battle where a new life was destined,
    A battle where a new her would be found,
    But who would say it was a battle?
    "Was it really a battle or was she faking it?" the world asked!
    For when the sun came up and it showed upon her,
    They saw a light, a gleam, where fear was kept aside and love was engraved,
    Where self doubt was laid to rest and a new me was risen,
    Where care came forward and took over the singleness,
    Where I became we and me became us,
    Where we all stood by you, and walked with you.
    So when the world asked again, did she win the battle,
    We came forward, like the risen sun, in unison to see not new her, but a her which was loved by herself.

  • crystal_snow 2w

    "Take a piece of mine"

    I look behind to see a tangled forest, rotten flowers and glass pieces. And I smile,for I was proud that I battled that.

    But fate forces me to look into it's ferocious eyes. Filled with unknown fear and shattered pieces of hope.

    Just then a bright light blinds me, so bright that I shut my eyes.
    The light felt comforting and it's warmth whispered in my ears " Take a piece of mine, it's called hope. When you battle this and look back again, your lips will curve into a smile."

    And with my head up high, I put a step forward.


  • d33_with_f33lings 14w


    I am too young and only beginning on this journey of self discovery called life to be feeling like ending my life.

  • a_confused_soul 17w


    It is nearing end,
    My affection for you.
    It has suffered long,
    Trampled under your whims,
    Like a night jasmine
    That has seldom seen the bright sunlight.

    The chills in the air,
    biting my skin.
    The vague memory of yours,
    pinching akin.
    I walk past that lightpole
    that has stood indifferent to the test of time
    Unlike my  tattered heart
    That has diffused into thin air forever.
    The air has some scents
    Of the blooming flowers
    Of the cigarette i smoked
    Creating a beautiful concoction of flavours,
    Making me hazy,
    Or is it my drunken stupour?
    The night is still young
    It's my heart that has gone feeble.

    It's the last night of december
    And i reminisce of the year that went by.
    It is the night i will remember
    As the one where i morphed into a butterfly.

    Ipsita Biswal

  • theturquoisemetaphor_ 17w

    Death and life ~

    Afterall life is a series
    of battles awaiting us
    to bleed in. We only once
    end up reaching our
    destination; Death.
    After creating a
    meaningful battle; Life.

  • angels_halo_shines 17w

    Wars Inside Me

    Protection for myself, battles no one could have a nightmare of.
    All the time trying to keep myself together. Pushing myself. Catching myself, I found out early on, there would be nobody around to help me rise up. I fought & I fought like Hell each time a war ignited. It was me against me, over & over, repeat. Each time I faced all of them head on. I knew I had to. Something inside of me gave me strength, cuz to be quite honest I have no other explanation. Wars are constantly trying to hold me down, I don't give up easily. So, each one I fight harder than I ever have. An obsessive behavior. I learned I can't let whatever it was win. It HAD to be ME. Always. Wars are meant to have an ending.
    I see the wars deep inside of me, are waiting their turn. And here I am, I can't help but wonder if I am the only one like this. I figure I'm not alone. Wars, are meant to be lost or won, no in between. Trying to find a way to win each one, is difficult. Like I said, I win most, not all. The wars lost, are the lessons for me to learn. Sometimes again. And again. And again. There is no happy ending. Not this time. I continue to fight even if it's me against myself. I never know what the next war will be, just know I am ready. As for peace, maybe one day, but not any time soon.

  • sugandhswani_ 18w

    One Day...

    He wore his scars, fresh and old,
    From battles he won and lost at times,
    Fighting those demons year after year,
    Little did he know, they were all in his mind...

    But one day he will know,
    And it won't be too late,
    To lick his wounds calm,
    And free from endless wait...

    For only when we fight,
    Our battles within our soul,
    We can conquer all that love,
    That can make us feel whole...

    So let him wear with glory,
    On his heart, those scars,
    For someday he will shine,
    And be done with his wars...

    15th May 2021

  • arsalatasqueen 18w

    No battle is tougher than a battle with ourself!

  • b_gotti 19w


    The fierceness of the night now over. All that is left standing is you. Morning arrives finding you somber. With it, creeps in skies of the truest blue. Lighting the scene as it bids darkness adieu.Chaos and destruction lay in the devastating battles wake. Nothing is left undamaged, no pieces even are left to take.Where once stood memories that carried you through, now lays a crypt. Telling a tale of lives lost, now all laid out in a gruesome queue. What wouldn't you give for one precious chance to start anew.. or else, a chance to finally be at peace and see heavens view.Such sights to be seen. You would no longer be unclean. You would walk amongst sights of such you have never before gleamed. Never have you seen such beauty or pastures quite as green. Listen to the wind. There are choices to be made in this moment. Your destiny remains until this second undetermined. No time to stand here lost being ambivalent. Either continue to only view all you have suffered through and let your mind take over and misconstrue.Or..
    Let your Fate be an arrow who's aim is true. Moving forward towards the rainbow shining through the aftermath, a promise left just for you. A reminder that there are joys and better nights to come that are long overdo. Will you stay on your path and triumphantly pursue a life one day up in those pastures you once couldn't wait to view?

    Its not predetermined, its up to you. Does morning bring a poor soul who's tale is a bit taboo.. or will you rise and

    Establish a champions debut?


  • flamesfrommind 23w

    The Pall Known To All

    Realised ever the nature of the abstract,
    Or the subconscious state,
    It won't let you forget or reach the exit gate,
    Following the one-way path you leave a trail,
    Through your wandering companion called your brain,
    To long lost lands of broken thoughts sewing into a tiny tale,
    Of your life till now you get a biography made,
    Of yourself with the boundaries restricted by a pall,
    And not of the being outside known to all,
    Which you wrapped around the abstractness that filled the sack,
    Which made the pall taut but didn't reveal the lost soul in pack,
    You didn't realise how you just discovered it's hiding place,
    During the continuity of the Gerald in your head,
    And dragged the lost pieces out again to be found,
    Believing that there wouldn't be more trials or thrusts to land them down onto the ground,
    Still fought the battle under the pall,
    And the undaunted fight remained unknown to all,
    A battle within self through dusk and dawn.

    -Debasmita Pal

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  • willemvanherk 26w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 5 Part 1

    Chapter 5
    Challenger vs Paula
    An announcement went on.
    " Paula and Challenger are fighting for the second match of the tournament "
    " The match starts in ten minutes "
    " Well, this will be a good one " said Oceanoke.
    " Yes " said Electro. " Challenger has been a dick, Crayon knows it as well "
    " No, he has not " said Crayon.
    " Well, Colour King thinks that he has been one " said Electro. " The partnership between King Bobby and him must happen "
    " Crayon, Colour King is taking this tournament and he will make sure that Challenger is out of the way "
    " Yes, he will remove that guy " said Oceanoke.
    " He must go " said Colourclever. " He has not punished people anywhere near enough "
    " Punished people for what ? " asked Crayon.
    " Disrespecting Colourland, he never did anything about the drug dealers " said Colourclever.
    " Colourland cannot be insulted like that "
    " That is true, Colour King is so Colourlandish " said Colour Dictator.
    " Crayon you are less Colourlandish than him "
    " Crayon is not " said Artby. " Bakers have told me that "
    " Bakers ? " asked Colour Queen. " Colour King is the most Colourlandish person ever, he makes us be more Colourlandish "
    " Challenger never ever did that "
    " Challenger eats bread, bread helps him " said Artby.
    The fight then started.
    Paula then started charging up the Ultimate Sky Blast while Challenger then used his Ultimate Heatwave Bomb to counter, the attacks hit.
    They both got up, Paula then punched Challenger directly.
    Challenger then started firing up the Ultimate Electrocution Bomb while Paula then used the Sky Implosion which hit. The attacks then knocked thrm to the ground.
    " Hahaha " said Paula.
    " Bird's Isle needs us advisors to help Warbler "
    " Warbler will live better with us, we cannot let him down in any way "
    " Warbler has been hanging out with Crayon and his friends in Colourland " said Challenger.
    " With King Bobby around he does not need them in his life " said Paula.
    " Now, we will continue "
    Paula then rushed Challenger with the Tenfold Sky Strike, Challenger then used his Tenfold Heatwave Strike. The attacks then hit each other, Challenger got up first and he kicked Paula.
    Challenger then started charging up his Heatwave Implosion, Paula then used her Ultimate Sky Blast. The attacks then hit each other and they fell to the ground.
    Challenger then got up and he then used the Ultimate Electrocution Bomb while Paula then used the Ultimate Sky Bomb, the attacks then hit their targets.
    Challenger then got up and he then used the Heatwave Implosion, Paula countered with her Sky Implosion. The attacks collided and they were both hit by the attacks.
    They both then got up and Challenger aimed a kick towards Paula and he got a hit.
    " King Bobby's plan for Bird's Isle transformation will be great " said Paula.
    " It will cost many lives " said Challenger. " Islands that are not a threat in any way "
    " Maybe they are not, maybe they are " said Paula.
    " We don't know, but we know that they have useful materials "
    " Materials ? " asked Challenger.
    " Food supplies for us to take, lots of metals to be taken " said Paula.
    " Lord Grackle always talked about the resources "
    " He said there would be no casualties against Numeria " said Challenger.
    " He has this confidence in Bird's Isle, King Bobby wants him to happen will be great " said Paula.
    " Confidence or just unable to understand the reality of a war ? " asked Challenger.
    " He understands wars " said Paula. " Now our battle will continue "
    Meanwhile Blackburnian and Diana were talking.
    " Our advisors are great " said Diana.
    " They are, King Bobby's plan is perfect for my brother " said Blackburnian. " These wars will do so much "
    " Yes, they sure are " said Diana. " They will improve the life of Warbler "
    " Yes, Warbler will have more money from this " said Blackburnian. " Crayon and his friends will be stopped and they will never speak with Warbler ever again hahaha "
    " Challenger's a dick " said Electro. " Paula must win "
    " Yes " said Colour Administrator. " The partnership between Colour King and King Bobby depends on more victories "
    " You keep going on about Challenger so much " said Crayon.
    " Yeah, he's a dick " said Electro. " Quit whining "
    " Hahaha " said Easeion.
    " I have to admit seeing Crayon this frustrated amuses me a little "
    " Yes, when he is pissed off I do enjoy that "
    " I beat you guys before, I'll do it again " said Crayon.
    " Challenger's a dick, Crayon " said Electro. " He has been a dick, he's a dick "
    " You keep calling him a dick all the time " said Crayon.
    " Yeah, I don't get it " said Colourea.
    " Colourea, you just keep making excuses for the man " said Electro. " I find him a dick, Colourlandish people know that he is one "
    " Challenger's a dick " Electro yelled very loud.
    " Dude, what the fuck " said Crayon.
    " I find him a dick, I'll always find him to be one " said Electro.
    " Can you shut up " said Crayon.
    " I'll make sure you won't defend him in your next match if we are to fight " said Electro. " I'll send you home, I'm going to help Colour King "
    " Colour King is not a dick, Challenger is one "
    " Well, yes " said Colour King. " I see what is going on here "
    " I am so Colourlandish, Challenger must lose this fight "
    " Yes, go Paula " said Curtis.
    " Challenger's a dick " said Electro.
    " Bread has stopped that " said Artby.
    " No, it hasn't " said Electro. " Challenger is a dick, I must say it "
    " People here need to hear me say it "
    " Not really " said Colouruke.
    " Let's watch Challenger lose the fight " said Electro.
    The fight resumed with Challenger using his Electrocution Implosion and he directly hit down Paula with it who was slightly struggling.
    " I will not give up this fight " said Paula. " There is so much for Bird's Isle here "
    Paula then used the Sky Implosion while Challenger used the Ultimate Electrocution Blast and the attacks then hit each other and they both fell down to the ground.
    They both got up, Paula then punched Challenger directly. Challenger then got up and he kicked Paula down to the ground.
    Challenger then used his Tenfold Electrocution Strike while Paula used her Tenfold Sky Strike, the attacks hit each other and they fell down to the ground. Paula was getting near the end.
    " Bird's Isle will become this powerful place " said Paula. " Our advisors will not fall down "
    " I will not quit "
    Paula then fired off the Sky Implosion while Challenger used his Heatwave Implosion, Paula was defeated.
    " Yes " said Artby. " That's what baking can do "
    " Baking breeds champions, bread is made for a tournament like this "
    " Glad to see Challenger win " said Dove.
    " It's great " said Grackle.
    " Two of my advisors are eliminated " said King Bobby. " We have terrible luck, honestly "

  • willemvanherk 29w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 25 Part 3

    " Easeion will love this " said Brett. " Hahahahaha "
    " I am the strongest person in the universe "
    " I don't think so " said Challenger.
    " We will have to see about that, Brett " said Colourea.
    " I will not quit " said Crayon.
    " Bakers would not want Crayon quitting, they have this great understanding of Crayon " said Artby.
    " Crayon has better taste buds now "
    " Baking has changed his eating and made his eating a kind of eating that makes fighting stronger "
    " What ? " asked Crayon confused.
    " Bread has changed eating, bakers are truly heroes of our time " said Artby.
    " Baking is heroic, I am supporting heroism when I purchase "
    " Well, we should keep fighting " said Crayon.

    Colourea then rushed Brett with the Tenfold Heatwave Strike while Brett used the Bear Barrage and they both took damage. Colourea was getting near the end, but she was able to get back up.

    " I will not quit " said Colourea.
    " We will still win this battle "
    " The Bear is going to have everything " said Brett.

    Brett then started charging his Bear Implosion, Challenger used his Electrocution Implosion while Crayon used his Ultimate Bird Blast. An electrifying aerial blast hit down Brett with intense power but Crayon was defeated.

    " Crayon " screamed Colourea.
    " Hahahahahaha " said Brett. " I have achieved Easeion's dream "
    " His dream ? " asked Challenger. " He is not dead "
    " He will die, when you two are defeated " said Brett. " We will take his body back to the hideout and we will celebrate "
    " There will be no celebration " said Colourea.
    " You are wrong " said Brett. " It will be a wonderful moment, a true celebration for my great son Easeion that he will remember forever "
    " Crayon is going to die, his death must happen "
    " Now, I will crush you two, let's continue this battle "

    Brett then started to use his Bear Barrage while Challenger used his Tenfold Electrocution Strike. They both took damage.

    Challenger then got up and then he kicked down Brett.

    Colourea then started charging for the Heatwave Implosion, the power was very strong. Challenger then started charging for his own as well, Brett then used his Tenfold Bear Strike.

    Colourea was defeated from the damage from the attack.

    " Challenger, prepare for the end " said Brett. " I know that this victory will be very soon "
    " The Bear is truly the best organization ever to exist, our takeover will happen "
    " Let's see about that " said Challenger.
    " I know a lot of people are counting on me "
    " They will be let down, Easeion will be avenged " said Brett. " I will enjoy them being let down, while we have everything "
    " Hahahahaha "
    " Time to continue this ultimate battle " said Challenger.

    Meanwhile, King Bobby had arrived with the advisors in Colourland.

    " I wonder where Warbler could be " said Blackburnian.
    " He probably has a house here " said Diana.
    " We will find it " said Blackburnian. " I am looking forward to seeing Warbler "
    " You have done too much for Warbler for him to not return " said Lord Grackle.
    " Warbler and Allie will enjoy our meals " said Curtis.
    " Yes, they have been great for them " said Paula.
    " Now it is time to find him and Allie " said King Bobby.

    They started to search for them, warriors were at Challenger's office.

    " Where is Warbler ? " asked a warrior.
    " I am not sure where he is " said a man working there.
    " King Bobby demands his whereabouts " said a warrior.
    " Well, he may be with Crayon, Colouruke, Colourea, Challenger, Artby or Allie " said a man working there.
    " So they kidnapped him or he betrayed us " said a warrior. " This is fucked "
    " If you see any of them, tell them to come to any warrior or advisor "

    Warriors then continued looking around, Brett and Challenger continued to fight.

    Brett then charged up his Bear Implosion while Challenger used his Electrocution Implosion, they both hit their targets.

    Challenger got up and he used the Tenfold Electrocution Strike while Brett used the Bear Barrage, they both fell to the ground.

    Challenger used the Ultimate Electrocution Blast while Brett used his Ultimate Bear Bomb, they both hit them down.

    Both of them were slightly struggling but Brett got up first.

    " Well, this has not gone how I was expecting " said Brett.
    " I will still gain victory, Easeion must have that happen "
    " Bill and Tara as well "

    Challenger then started to use his Ultimate Electrocution Blast while Brett used his Ultimate Bear Blast, they hit their targets.

    Brett then used his Bear Barrage while Challenger used his Tenfold Electrocution Strike, they both were damaged and fell down very hard to the ground.

    Brett and Challenger were both getting near the end and were both had a hard time to get up.

    " Easeion, Bill and Tara will come back " said Brett.
    " They will join me "
    " I will win this battle for the Bear "
    " I will win this battle for the people here " said Challenger. " The Colourlandish people cannot afford this "
    " They will deal with it, the Smithsons are the people that with have it all " said Brett. " Now, prepare to be gone forever "

    Brett and Challenger were charging their energy for two ultimate attacks. Brett had the Bear Implosion ready while Challenger used the Electrocution Implosion.

    " This is for the Smithsons and every Bear member ever " said Brett.
    " This is for Colourland and the citizens " said Challenger.

    The attacks collided and hit each other, but Challenger just barely was able to win.

    " Yes " said Colouruke.
    " It is great to see " said Warbler.
    " Bakers have helped, our purchases have been the type of purchase that has made our fighting better " said Artby.
    " We should get to the hospital " said Allie.
    " Sounds like an idea " said Challenger.

    They called the hospital and they arrived there later on.

    Meanwhile, Blackin and Blackina had woken up on the island.

    " What happened " said Blackin.
    " We must have been defeated " said Blackina.
    " We must think of something " said Blackin.
    " We have each other but we should head to the hideout " said Blackina.
    " My desire for you, is very strong " said Blackin.

    Blackin and Blackina then headed from the island directly to the hideout and they noticed all the defeated Bear members.

    " What happened ? " asked Blackin.
    " I have no idea " said Blackina. " I thought that Brett would have taken over for the organization "
    " Same here " said Blackin. " We will continue our training "
    " The two of us will have do it with no Bear members, that is very unfortunate " said Blackina.

    Blackin and Blackina then started training their moves.

    Meanwhile King Bobby then decided to call Warbler's number and he left a message. The advisors then saw the QuackQ building.

    " Hello " said King Bobby.
    " King Bobby ? " asked Jack.
    " You are actually back " said Bryant.
    " Yes, we are looking for Warbler " said King Bobby.
    " We must find him " said Queen Starling.
    " They have been fighting Bear members " said Amanda.
    " Well, the Bear are very dangerous " said Blackburnian.
    " Knowing Warbler, he will have learned the Bird Implosion "
    " Him and Allie will be reunited with us, it will be great " said Diana.
    " So you want Warbler back, he has helped defeat the Bear again " said Jack.
    " We believe that Crayon has not been a good friend " said Queen Starling. " Warbler was supposed to stay in Bird's Isle but if he is so strong then it was good for him to not be there "
    " Crayon has fought against many Bear members " said Bryant. " I don't care for what happened to Colour King, but the Bear are worse for Colourland than Crayon is "
    " I can understand that " said King Bobby. " Colour King must come back to Colourland "
    " Me and him were the ultimate alliance "
    " Our countries were so good that way "
    " It will happen again " said Blackburnian. " Warbler will love seeing it "
    " Well, if Brett is defeated we must celebrate " said Amanda.
    " Challenger is not the ideal leader but if he gets rid of Bear members then that will be good for Colour King " said King Bobby.
    " If you can let people know about Warbler that would be great " said Curtis.
    " Yes it would " said Lord Grackle.
    " We can have a broadcast about Warbler " said Jack.

    King Bobby and the advisors said their goodbyes and they then continued looking for him, they then decided to check into the most expensive hotel in Colourland.

    More time passed, night came. Blackin and Blackina then got into a van and they found Brett and they took his body.

    " We can't have him face jail " said Blackin.
    " We must head back to the hideout " said Blackina.
    " Brett will rise " said Blackin. " He was a great father to the Smithsons "
    " He sure was " said Blackina.
    " My love for you Blackina is so strong, I honestly don't think anyone can love more than I have " said Blackin.

    Blackin and Blackina arrived back at the hideout and they started making out with each other and they headed into a bed in the hideout together.

  • willemvanherk 29w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 25 Part 2

    Brett then charged up his Bear Implosion while Colourea used her Heatwave Implosion to counter the attack, they both took damage.

    Brett got up and he used his Bear Barrage while Crayon used the Tenfold Heatwave Strike. The attacks then hit each other.

    " Bear Barrage ? " asked Colourea.
    " Yes, it is a different strike " said Brett. " It has done severe damage "
    " The Bear will rise up and take everything "
    " Let's continue the fight " said Crayon.

    Brett then used his Bear Implosion while Crayon used his Bird Implosion and Challenger used the Ultimate Electrocution Bomb. An aerial electrifying bomb had been created and it had power and the attacks collided.

    " Wow " said Colourea.
    " You haven't stopped our great organization " said Brett.

    They all got up and the fight ended up continuing.

    Brett then rushed Colourea with his Bear Barrage while she used her Tenfold Heatwave Strike, the attacks then hit each other.

    Brett got up first and he then started charging up his Ultimate Bear Blast, Crayon used his Ultimate Bird Blast to counter the attack and they both took damage.

    Brett used the Bear Implosion while Crayon used the Heatwave Implosion, the attacks hit them both down to the ground. Crayon was slightly struggling but he was able to get up.

    " I can still fight " said Crayon.
    " I will defend Colourland "
    " You won't be defending anything very soon, Easeion must be avenged " said Brett.
    " That is the Smithson way, the Smithsons are an amazing family "
    " The Smithsons will rise "
    " Now, we will continue "

    Brett then started charging his Ultimate Bear Blast while Challenger used his Ultimate Electrocution Blast to counter, they both were hit.

    Challenger got up first and he punched Brett and then knocked him down.

    Colourea then used the Tenfold Heatwave Strike but Brett was able to get up and he then rushed towards Crayon with a punch which he landed.

    The strike was heading towards both of them but the attack damaged Brett more.

    Brett then used his Ultimate Bear Blast while Colourea used the Heatwave Implosion, they both took damage.

    Colourea was slightly struggling but she got back up.

    " I still have got a bunch of energy left " said Colourea.
    " I will keep fighting "
    " You will fall down to the ground " said Brett.
    " Now let's continue our fight for Colourland "

    Brett then charged up his Bear Implosion while Crayon used the Bird Implosion while Colourea used the Ultimate Heatwave Blast. The attacks collided and they all were hit.

    Brett then got up and he then started charging up his Bear Implosion while Colourea then used the Heatwave Implosion to counter and they both took damage.

    Brett then rushed for Crayon with the Tenfold Bear Strike, Crayon then used his Tenfold Bird Strike.

    Crayon was getting near the end but he was able to still fight.

  • rhymed_genre 30w

    Be the anchor of your own ship

    Yes! all the destructions are painful and dark may it be a slow poison or a rapid strike. It drags you into the darkness where all you have is your flesh and your broken heart. That time would seem the worst, the toughest and the ugliest, you may also feel this is the end, that there is no way going back and no reason to move ahead.
    But this will also be the time when you will have to ignite the hope buried down beneath your fears and be the anchor of your own ship. Always remember, you are never responsible for any person or their actions and so is nobody else responsible for you or any of your doings. This brings us to the place which says why it is so important to look out for ourselves and not wait for anybody to pull us out of our miseries. Everybody has their own battles to fight, fighting their own first is what a wise man will choose.

  • willemvanherk 30w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 22 Part 1

    Chapter 22
    Brett's Plans

    Meanwhile QuackQ was doing a broadcast.

    " It is great to see Whites and Xax were defeated " said Jack.
    " Crayon and his friends will save Numerians " said Bryant.
    " They will make Numerians less violent " said Amanda.
    " These drugs are so dangerous, Numerians cannot take them period " said Jack.
    " Yes, it is unacceptable " said Bryant.
    " It sure is " said Amanda. " Colourlandish people are better at not taking these drugs than Numerians "
    " Crayon can guide Numerians " said Jack.
    " He sure can " said Bryant.
    " Crayon knows that people see him as a hero " said Amanda.
    " When he gets rid of these drugs, he will be a hero again " said Jack.
    " He sure will " said Bryant. " Numerians need to be saved "
    " Numerians must be saved " they all said.
    " We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned, make sure to not take meth " said Amanda.
    " Meth is not Colourlandish, you are less Colourlandish when you take it "

    Meanwhile Brett was talking with Bear members.

    " You now know what to do " said Brett.
    " You will steal together but there will be no leader for the group "
    " All of you will go "
    " Understood " said the first Bear member.
    " We will steal some great stuff " said the second Bear member.
    " We will hurt people like usual " said the third Bear member.
    " The Bear is still great " said the fourth Bear member.
    " That's the spirit " said Brett.
    " Our organization is still taking over " said the fifth Bear member.
    " They will " said the sixth Bear member.
    " We will have so much stuff " said the seventh Bear member.
    " The Bear " they all said.

    Night came, Bear members then headed into the van and they made it to Colourland.

    " The Bear " screamed a man.
    " Shut your mouth " said a Bear member. A Bear member punched the man down to the ground.

    " Hahaha " said a Bear member. Bear members took his wallet and his phone and they continued roughing people up, they stole more wallets, phones and a necklace.

    Bear members saw a store which they used their Bear Bombs to blow open the door.

    They then stole gum, candy bars, money, protein bars, smokes, lighters and vodka.

    They left one store, they blew open another door and they stole the same things except they stole beer instead of vodka.

    Bear members then found more people to attack, they stole more phones and wallets. They took a ring as well.

    " This ring is great " said a Bear member.
    " Brett will be happy to see this " said a second Bear member.
    " It is " said a third Bear member.

    They then broke into a third store with their Darkness Blasts. They stole hair products, deodorant, lipstick, combs, money, gum, candy bars and gift cards.

    Bear members continued knocking people out with their Bear Strikes which were too strong.

    They took more phones, wallets and some headphones. After that, they then headed into the van and they headed back to the hideout where Brett saw them.

    " Let's see what was stolen " said Brett.
    " Money, necklace, ring, giftcards, phones, wallets, headphones, lipstick, combs, gum, candy bars, protein bars, smokes, lighters, vodka, beer, deodorant and hair products "
    " So much useful stuff here "
    " This is great to see, exactly what the organization needs "
    " Thanks, it is wonderful " said a Bear member.
    " You are all dismissed " said Brett.

    They went to their seperate areas in the hideout, more time continued to pass.

    Warbler and Artby woke up and they were talking to Challenger and Allie.

    " Warbler " said Allie. " I am so happy to see you "
    " Thanks " said Warbler.
    " Baking has awakened me " said Artby. " Bread has created an awakening "
    " Awakening ? " asked Challenger.
    " Yes, bread has done that " said Artby. " This awakening is awesome "
    " Bakers have awakened me, their caring has been stronger through baking "
    " I love baking, my love for bread is so good "
    " Artby ? " asked Allie. " I am a little confused "
    " Bakers can help with that " said Artby. " Bakers make us understand things more than they would be otherwise "
    " Bakers are very wise when they bake, I have noticed that "
    " Yes, but what does that wisdom have to do with understanding things ? " asked Warbler.
    " They have used flour that makes them more wise when they mix it in their hands " said Artby. " A baker's hands transmit wisdom inside the baker due to the flour "
    " Transmit wisdom ? " asked Challenger.
    " They have different types of flour, one creates heroism in the customer who eats it " said Artby. " They all do so much for us and bakers, flour is truly great "

    More time continued passing, a day passed. More Bear members stole from stores and they took some wallets from people. They stole whisky, wine, lots of money, gift cards, necklaces and a purse.

  • willemvanherk 32w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 17 Part 1

    Chapter 17
    Easeion vs Crayon

    " Now this is just us " said Easeion. " The Bear has wanted this death for so long "
    " I will avenge Bill and Tara, I will be the big brother that they need "
    " It is what it means to be a Smithson, I am a Smithson and a Smithson forever "
    " Bear members are on their way here "
    " They will be disappointed to see that I am alive, I will not die this fight " said Crayon.
    " Hahahaha " said Easeion. " Not a chance in the world, without Challenger you cannot win "
    " He trusts so much in us " said Crayon. " He knows that I can do it "
    " He will end up being wrong and he will be sobbing at these great deaths " said Easeion. " Hahahaha "
    " Now we are going to continue your last fight ever "

    Easeion then charged up the Ultimate Thunderstorm while Crayon used the Heatwave Implosion to counter. They both were hit but they both got up, Easeion then started charging for the Bear Implosion.

    Crayon then used the Bird Implosion to counter the attack, they were both hit and knocked to the ground.

    Easeion then got up first, he grabbed Crayon.

    " Crayon, take this " yelled Easeion. " This is for all the Bear members that are not currently fighting with us right now "

    Crayon was slightly struggling but he got up and the he punched Easeion directly which made him start to slightly struggle.

    " What the fuck " said Easeion. " I am too great for this "
    " It doesn't seem that way " said Crayon.
    " My brother and sister need me to win this fight, Brett my father will be pissed " said Easeion.
    " He expected so much as a father, he wanted to take over with all of us "
    " I will win for him, let's go "

    Easeion then charged for the Bear Implosion while Crayon used the Heatwave Implosion to counter, they both were hit and fell to the ground.

    They both got up, Easeion punched Crayon while Crayon kicked him which they both went to the ground but Easeion got up.

  • beensn 34w


    As long as you are Curvic,
    You soothe the hearts.
    The minute you become a straight line,
    You break the hearts.
    You are the sweet smile,
    For which people wish to fall in line.
    You are the most soft but a strong weapon,
    You can win battles without causing any pain.
    You are the best doctor who can cure without medication,
    You can enhance the beauty without a beautician.
    You can do magic to get out of any complications,
    The true innocence of yours is now hidden behind the sugar coatings.

  • iamsmvk 34w

    Memories of fallen

    Songs were not for the soldiers,
    for their stories had no glory.

    Kings' earned all the praise
    on the blood ridden battlefields
    trading lives of peasants
    for the thrones built on the dead.

    No choice left for the living
    but to bury the memories of fallen

  • willemvanherk 34w

    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 8 Part 2

    " You four " said the first Bear member.
    " You will all fall " said the second member.
    " I eat too much bread for that, baking will make us win " said Artby.
    " Hahahaha " said the third member.
    " We will take over this place, you four are going down " said the fourth member.
    " We are ready, bakers want us that way " said Artby.
    " Let's fight " said Crayon.

    Crayon charged up the Sky Implosion while the Bear members used their Ultimate Shadow Bombs, the attacks collided with each other and they all took damage.

    The Bear members got up and they grabbed Colouruke, while Artby kicked one of them and they all fell down to the ground.

    They all got up, Crayon then punched a Bear member while one grabbed Colouruke but Colouruke shoved him off.

    Colouruke charged up the Ultimate Sea Blast while Colourea used the Ultimate Heatwave Blast, the blasts combined to create this hot, wet, giant blast which knocked them all out except one.

    " Nooooo " said the Bear member.
    " We will take Colourland for ourselves "
    " No, you won't " said Colourea.
    " Bakers want to keep baking, I won't let you treat bakers like this " said Artby.
    " Bakers cannot ever be treated this way "
    " The Bear does not care about that shit " said the Bear member.
    " But why ? " asked Artby. " Doesn't Easeion eat bread with his siblings "
    " We have people who make meals at the organization " said the Bear member. " Bakers are not a concern for the Bear "
    " Bakers do so much " said Artby. " They have cared for my mouth with their baking "
    " They also care about the taste buds of the person as well, bakers are great people "
    " I try to be a good customer in return for what they have done for me "
    " Customer ? " asked the Bear member. " Hahaha "
    " The Bear are going to take over, you will truly face real terror from the organization "
    " Hahahaha "
    " I am ready to fight " said Colouruke.
    " Baking made Colouruke so ready, bakers care about him " said Artby.
    " Bakers have cared for everyone I know, I fight for the baker "
    " Well prepare to go down " said the Bear member.

    The Bear member charged up the Darkness Bomb while Colourea used the Tenfold Heatwave Strike which was way too strong and the Bear member was defeated.

    " Bakers love us fighting " said Artby. " We should go to the bakery, they will care for our mouths "
    " My purchases have helped bakers a lot "

    Meanwhile, Alice and Easeion were outside the hideout and they were training their moves together.

    Easeion then fired up his Bear Implosion, the power was insane.

    " I love it, I love seeing that from you " said Alice.
    " Thanks, I am showing myself to be the villain that you need " said Easeion.
    " Now you go use your strongest move "

    Alice then used the Darkness Implosion, it was stronger than the one that Flora and Jessica know how to use.

    " Glad to see, Alice " said Easeion. " You are the villainess that not only I need in my life but the one that the organization needs "
    " I am so happy "
    " Glad to see, Easeion " said Alice.
    " Yes, the organization wants me being this happy with you " said Easeion. " The Bear wants us together, the Bear needs this type of thing "
    " That is very good " said Alice.

    Easeion then kissed Alice, they headed inside and they saw Xax.

    " So training went well ? " asked Xax.
    " Yes " said Easeion.
    " Easeion used the Bear Implosion, it was so strong " said Alice.
    " Easeion's the man " said Xax. " He has turned into a serious contender here "
    " I have turned into the villain that Alice wants to be, that is the way things must be " said Easeion.
    " Good, we need you to be that way " said Xax. " The Bear must take over "
    " It will not be like last time, Crayon will be stopped " said Easeion. " My siblings will not allow him to survive "
    " The Smithsons are too good for that sort of thing "
    " We are a great family, so good "
    " Yes, I love the Smithson family " said Alice.
    " They are going to succeed in getting the revenge that is needed " said Xax.
    " Yes, I will head upstairs now "
    " See you there, Xax " said Easeion.

    Alice and Easeion were in the area that Flora, Jessica and her had originally.

    " It is just us " said Alice.
    " It sure is " said Easeion.
    " You know what that means ? " asked Alice.
    " Yes I do " said Easeion.

    Easeion and Alice then got into the bed together, while that was happening Brett and Whites were having this discussion.

    " We should send Alice and lots of Bear members to fight Crayon and his friends tomorrow " said Brett.
    " They must go down " said Whites.
    " Yes, it what is needed " said Brett. " Easeion is very happy with Alice, he knows that she will end Crayon for him "
    " Crayon will be finished " said Whites.
    " Hahahahaha " said Brett.
    " We will also continue stealing " said Whites. " Bill and Tara need to go steal some more "
    " Our organization will take over Colourland " said Brett.
    " I will let Alice know when she is done training " said Whites.
    " You are dismissed, Whites " said Brett.

    Bill and Tara were talking.

    " I am hearing that Alice may fight tomorrow " said Bill.
    " She will crush that Crayon guy " said Tara.
    " He must be gone, Easeion is so tired of him " said Bill.
    " He calls him a motherfucker for a reason " said Tara.
    " The Smithsons will reign supreme " said Bill.
    " The Smithsons will not be stopped " said Tara. " Hahahaha "
    " We will be stealing more "
    " For sure, the Smithsons are great at that " said Bill.

    Crayon and his friends continued walking around and they met up with Warbler and Allie.

    " Hey all " said Warbler and Allie.
    " Hey " said Colouruke.
    " How are things ? " asked Allie.
    " We fought these Bear members " said Crayon.
    " We gave them a good asskicking " said Artby. " Bakers have wanted that, my love for the baker is so strong "
    " Love for the baker ? " asked Warbler.
    " My mouth " said Artby. " My mouth is involved with the bread and I make sure that my mouth is treated the way that my mouth should be treated "
    " The way your mouth is treated ? " asked Allie.
    " Yes, bakers have respected my mouth " said Artby. " Bakers care so much for it when they bake "
    " They use bread to show how much they care for my mouth "
    " Well, that is something " said Colouruke.
    " Colouruke, they care for your mouth as well " said Artby.
    " Uh, I guess " said Colouruke.
    " We should head to the bakery now " said Crayon.
    " The bakers are waiting for us, they love my purchases " said Artby.

    They then headed to the bakery where Artby thanked all the bakers, while that was happening Whites had a discussion with Alice and Easeion.

    Easeion and Alice made sure to get out of the bed before that.

    " I have something to say " said Whites.
    " Whites, what do you have to say ? " asked Easeion.
    " Alice and Bear members will be sent in to fight Crayon and his friends tomorrow " said Whites.
    " They will crush them " said Easeion.
    " I will be glad to do so " said Alice.
    " You will leave early tomorrow morning " said Whites.
    " Understood " said Alice.
    " Easeion, we will let you ride there with her " said Whites. " We know of what you think of her "
    " Thanks " said Easeion. " I am glad to see this happen "
    " We expect success " said Whites. " There will be a lot of Bear members there to fight "
    " They will represent the organization with pride "
    " The Bear is the best " said Easeion.
    " Our takeover will be brilliant " said Whites.