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  • rhymesbynick 110w

    Established Order

    We're going up against the established order,
    The kind of organisations that cross borders.
    They've always been there and always will,
    That shouldn't stop you from fighting them still.

    Greedy fat men in expensive flash suits,
    Friends with our leaders and all their mates too.
    Captains of industry, yeah fucking right,
    Capitalist pigs, their wallets so tight.

    Looking down on the rest of us from your high towers,
    You really do think that you hold all the power.
    We know what you're up to, you have know where to hide,
    One day we will find you, hold to account, no compromise.

    Corporations, politicians and bankers too,
    Their only intention is to railroad you.
    They think we are all stupid and haven't got a clue,
    The damage they cause could destroy the whole world through.

    Never ever give in to the government spin,
    If you allow it, they will always win.
    Stand up and fight, fight them with words,
    And boycotts and protests until you are heard.

    They say each vote can count so go make your mark,
    Or ignore it all and play no part.
    Indifference is just not good enough,
    Some of their decisions can make your life tough.

    Low wages, no contract, abuse of your rights,
    Unions and their power being stripped overnight.
    Rise up now and fight your corner,
    Because we're going up against the established order.


  • secretdoorsunlocked 129w

    Pledge u make when u join a bank

    Meine apna jeevan is industry ke naam kar diya hai,

    Meri shaadi is se hui aur gulaami hi meri dulhan hai

    Meine apni bhens ki puch iske deewaron me fasai hai isliye mere aane wale jeevan me sirf li or gi hai,

    Meine mahino ki ginti casa ke calender se karunga, apni jeb to dhili ho chahe book value ko har dum bharunga,

    Meine apne kaano ko saalo ka dard sahne ke liye mana liya hai concall ka kehar jhelne ke liye,

    Meine dhul meeti dhoop baris se dosti karli hai roster ke plan ka palan jo karna hai,

    Meine commitment ki collection karli hai roz jo kaam aane wali hai,

    Mein apne mastak mein thandi baraf ki juthi parat bharli hai, taaki galiyon ki garmahat mujhe pighla na de.

  • ataisi 156w


    I got confused- this sure wasn’t the picture I envisioned for my first day in a new town. He told me that he will call later in the evening and warned that I make my self available. What was that feeling again- fear, disbelief, anger, it was all shades of confusion
    I got home and eased into the comfort of the shower. With each splash of water, the thoughts kept coming back. As I stepped out of the bathroom it was as though I had worn an adventurous robe. I was going to be a big girl now.

    At 6:35pm, he called, I remembered the words my sister spoke to me before leaving “if anything goes wrong call aunt”. I composed and sent a quick text message just before I bounced into the restaurant he had chosen for the date. We exchanged pleasantries, made our orders and began to get acquinted. Few minutes into dinner, his phone rang so he excused himself to take it. When he returned he was all shades of furious- my aunt had called him. “meet me at the office first thing tomorrow”, he muttered under his breath as he walked away. I was in disbelief. What had I gotten myself into?

    Despite the usual traffic, I got to the office some minute before resumption time. Obviously, he was still very furious. He called his secretary who came in with a letter which he handed to me. I had been posted to another branch. With an unmistakable frown, he sighed “do not think you are out of my grip”.

    I heaved a sigh of relief as I headed to my new branch “it cant be that bad”, I reassured myself. After I was assigned to a department at the new branch, I was overjoyed that I didn’t have to stay till close of business but my joy was short lived as just as I stepped out of the banking hall, one of my colleague’s ran after me saying a directive was given that I must remain till close of business. At first, I thought things were normal but with a deeper analysis, I figured all may not be well. Soon after I was summoned by the branch manager saying my department has been changed. I accepted the change- I mean did I have a choice?