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  • __arka__sanniel__ 35w


    The sounds from my childhood
    still echo in the hallway.
    My giggles, my laughter, my sobs,
    the sounds of me growing up.
    The walls look as fresh as they were
    when I had first entered the house.
    Smelling the same, having that same texture,
    when I run my fingers on them.
    That big window facing the lawn will
    now be empty, or maybe it'll have
    a new younger companion.
    A wind blows slowly, the curtains flutter,
    and they rub softly against me.
    As if trying to
    hold me, for one last time.
    As if trying to
    not let me go.

  • zeee_zephyrs 35w

    Will read you all soon♡

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    @poeticgirl cause you love skies.

    Here, sky signifies her home which is lost and she tries to find and reach there.

    maybe this makes sense :'(

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    In Search of her Lost Sky

    She holds a demure smile,
    a curve which often stays,
    and faints
    when the moon smiles.

    The aureate firmament,
    her most favoured abode
    which she desires to reach
    on the barque of zephyrs
    but bid adieu
    on the lap of hurricane.

    Betwixt the chaos of the city,
    she seeks tranquillity
    under the feeble rays of the Sun
    which is enshrouded
    by heavy, grey clouds.

    When the sky is painted
    in intricate strokes of pink,
    with amorphous clouds bestrewed,
    lasting ephermally,
    she stares at the horizon
    and the skylines,
    lamenting on her unaccomplished destination.

    The azure sky turns moonlit,
    the sleepless night feels eternal
    and the moon is concealed in clouds,
    she wishes
    from the fallen stars,
    to make all of them fall
    and collect them,
    to festoon her lost sky.

  • hoorbanu98 35w

    She is an epitome of her house
    But till when?
    Till then when Her parents bagpack
    her dreams, memories, emotions, moments,
    clothes, things, and herself included.....
    To get her married

    What they taught her?
    To be happy
    And she pass on happiness....

    Don't know why this is a rituals of her,
    But still she never failed to be an icon of epitome
    In her new home,
    There she is an epitome of happiness
    Where she not being happy herself,
    but keeps happy her surroundings

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    Her bagpack Reality♥

    The walls calls her to draw her creativity
    The floors wants her walk of crazy
    The watertap waiting to clean her touchy
    The kitchen insane for her aroma of hungry
    The bed of her wants her sleepy
    The doors always opened for her entry
    That's how she is never been lonely
    The house was too happy
    Being with her really
    All things she bagpack like her family
    The house at its death doors to vision her imagery
    Afterall, SHE will be always SHE.....

  • sweedle 36w

    Since when is the "right age" to be a kid? Maturity has its own time, let kids be kids.

    Dear adults, you need to #growup

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    My bagpack overflows with grief. I became an adult when all I wanted to do was play. Childhood was a timid stranger, she kept her distance from me, watching me grow up with morose. I wish she clung to me like these expectations did, it would be a golden moment to cherish. I fill the remaining pockets of my satchel with untamed rage from the corners of my bedroom, to say this is departure would be an understatement. The child in me escaped into the wilderness and I have been looking for her ever since. I am not ready to say goodbye to the missing piece of me yet.

    © Sweedle

  • positron 36w

    We've been here in past
    They say "nothing really lasts
    Bid farewell, before you lose,
    before goodbye has no use."

    I'm standing in daisy and cobalt
    Million thoughts in head rush to halt
    and I'm here on this pecan bridge
    leading me to snow mountain ridge.

    I know I'm starting new journey
    and peculiar perfume always get me
    back to place I call home,which is mine.
    Pondering if I will ever be fine.

    Change is scary but life is riddle,
    like the aqua raining in to puddle
    flowing into the streets, down the lanes
    while I leave paper boats from window panes.

    New days, new ways, new places
    New life, new strife, new races
    and you'll always be in my heart,
    in my memories, we'll never be apart.

    As I couldn't stay any longer
    Leaving my wishing well to strangers.
    This is right time to say adieu,
    But, know that I'll never forget you
    29 March 2021

    Pic credit © Lisa fotios

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #bridgec #bagpack in my #hope_us series

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    and you'll always be in my heart,
    in my memories, we'll never be apart.

  • kanikachugh 36w

    Packed my bags
    and then went back
    to myself.


  • absynth 36w

    कभी दिमाग़ कभी दिल कभी नज़र में रहो
    ये सब तुम्हारे ही घर हैं किसी भी घर में रहो
    -Rahat Indori

    Sometimes in the mind, sometimes in the heart, sometimes in the sight
    All these are your homes, stay in which ever home you like.)

    (Mentioned the sher only because the writeup was inspired by it.)

    #fighttofreedom #nooseofconvention #happinessisacrime #bagpack #wod

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    f(l)ight to freedom

    He still carries a home on his back
    even though he remembers leaving it behind
    But it's the heart that still feels the cracks
    for all the sordid memories of the mind.
    But his freedom was always under attack
    Inside the four walls that had him confined
    Nonsense! said his mom and dad.
    What do you know you little child?
    Get a regular 9 to 5 job dreamy lad
    And bring us home a dutiful wife!
    See how your head is jam packed
    With all the books you read day and night!
    Don't go about painting our faces black
    In front of all the jeering relatives!
    Enough of the wisecracks, don't answer back
    To the ones who gave you life!
    Even his siblings had their back
    Though they knew what it was like
    But after all who wants to be bad
    In their own parents' eyes?
    He wished he was as lily-livered as the rest of his pack
    To heed that piece of advice
    But the noose only tightened instead of going slack
    Till all his tears turned to ice.
    Then there was no looking back
    As he finally made his choice
    Inspite of all the backlash
    He took the flight to freedom that night.


  • sproutedseeds 36w


    Parents build a home
    in every brick engraved their love
    echoing in every corner.

    Children flutter their wings
    Fly high with their accolades
    to learn, to earn.

    Parents empty nest syndrome
    is balanced by the well wishers
    and the neighborhood
    who stand as back bone
    in times of need.

    But we are born we have to die.

    After living in a home for years together
    and now time to bagpack is a moment
    which has no words to explain.

    That expression is difficult to digest
    We are born into this world alone
    We leave the world alone.

    That's life.

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    Packing and unpacking
    lost in thoughts
    a flashback into the past.

    This home built by her hubby
    every corner echoes his cheer
    who believed in live life,
    life is short, enjoy it.

    Every room decorated and planned
    as per the person going to occupy
    Every plant and shrub planted
    as a love to mother earth.

    The backyard full of fragrant flowers
    chirping birds on the mango tree
    Lemons ready for pickles and juices.

    Every frame on the wall
    was purchased from differently abled
    to encourage them in their art.

    Such a kind soul
    Humble and helpful
    believed in giving more
    caring and sharing was his motto.

    Today, the flowers look wilted
    Trees look sad and silent.

    The home full of people
    Well wishers expressing their gratitude
    wanting to be with the kind soul
    console and condole each other
    but the departed soul
    is in its journey to heaven, now
    when they help her to bagpack
    to fly overseas with her son
    She realises that home is immovable
    only could carry the memories which
    will everlast.

    That's LIFE.


  • sanika_maisara_zaheen 36w

    A Nostalgic Beginning

    A beautiful ring on my finger
    And my hands in his
    It’s time to leave
    But can I stay a little longer please??

    The pink walls of my room
    And my pink plushies on the bed
    That never denied to soak the tears
    Whenever I had been upset
    The big portrait on the wall
    Of the living room, a family photo
    I look so tiny, I wish I still had been so
    Another frame clinging onto the wall
    My face red and puffy
    Me in my dad’s arm
    When I cried for the first time
    I stare at it
    Trying to find the resemblance
    My hands stroke the glass on the dining table
    Oh how many years it heard us
    Share anecdotes at the end of the day
    The piled up cards
    Arranged in the wardrobe
    From when I used to design them
    For my brother’s birthdays
    The bed in mom’s room
    Where I used to whine to be
    Where she used to hug me tight
    And cuddle me to sleep

    I want to embrace them all
    If that was possible
    But I simply stare at them
    Tears escaping my eyes
    I know I am going to have someone
    To walk with me forever
    But what about them who taught me
    To walk and never left my side?

    Do I have to leave it all?
    To start the new chapter
    Yes I will always be here if not physically
    But my tears deny to stop
    The delight of the beginning
    Mixed with the overwhelming
    Melancholy of ending

    A beautiful ring on my finger
    And my hands in his
    It’s time to leave
    But can I stay a little longer please??


  • deep17 36w

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    The pungent morning of the marigolds
    tickled my spirits
    The banana trunks settled at the doorstep
    were ready to welcome the guests
    Among the giggles and praises,
    cuddles and embraces
    A wrinkled hand ran
    through my hair with blessings

    As the intricate maroon fine lines
    adorning my limbs, deepened
    and the turmeric giving me
    a final touch of a bride, brightened,
    the gloom engulfed my enthusiasm

    I grabbed the sunset for the last time
    from my bedroom window
    My mirror promised to behold me
    in its heart forever
    I gave a tight hug to my pillow
    and it gifted me some of the dreams
    we watched together
    I caressed the walls
    and gathered some tears and fears
    From my study table
    I picked some stress, some left there
    My dish, my glass, my chair, my place
    I couldn't pack all that, I had to leave them behind

    I tried to cram whatever I found
    into my backpack
    Then I realized that my backpack
    doesn't have enough space
    for my unlimited stuff
    I had to leave a part of myself behind
    So I carried whatever I could
    The backpack was not heavier than my heart

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    From wherever you leave, whenever you leave, you've to leave your traces behind.


  • dishang8614 36w

    Image clicked by me
    @mirakee @writersnetwork Thank you for the like ❤
    The hardest part of being a single mom is leaving her child in his/her tender age

    Be brave my sweetest child, be brave

    My dearest home, my sweetest child
    I don't want to flee in melancholic goodbyes
    but the bridge of a green pasture is eager to await me
    though my shattered heart is in a million stardust of pain
    I need not to stay but I'm a vagabond in my succeeding journey
    I'm hoping to lingered in the warm summer night breeze
    but the cold drizzle rain too occupied in this sombre sky
    I'm trying to use my smile to hide my sorrow,
    begging my footsteps to stop for awhile
    but my cascading tears overflowed in my forlorn face
    Long before sunset my eyes stared at the curtain
    I know darkness will come and spilled some fear
    just remember my child to close your eyes and
    cover yourself a blanket of warm sunlight
    for you will not wake up in vain
    I've come so far to uttered you some words
    but the tick of the clock in the living room is quite dramatic and it pushes me away to bid adieu
    The slapped of a gusty wind makes me kneeled in guilt
    One moment from now, I'm closing this door with too much pain and longingness to hold you back again
    But be brave my sweetest child, be brave

    As I'm holding your candid photos in my hand, my heart melts a ton of aches
    Looking at your clothes in my nearby closet
    As if they were screaming not letting me go
    Your silly shoes lingered on my feet begging on me not to move out
    And those storybooks of yours whispered in their silent goodbyes instead of a cricket's lullaby song
    My child, I don't keep a lot of things in my backpack
    but your sweetest smile, giggles and laughter are good enough to put in the pocket of my sobber heart,
    Leaving you in your cosy bed while you fall asleep
    It feels like my heart pierced a dozen knives
    I wonder what you will think of me when you wake up tomorrow
    Though I am leaving you for now
    Just think of those painted silhouette butterflies in your four-cornered room, that will reminds you to be carefree and follow your wings to your chosen route
    My child, you don't have to be sad whenever I'm not with you,
    Look at those lilies and yellow gerberas it will teach you to bloom wisely and stillness in times of drought
    I will always be with you no matter how scared you're to turn off the lights in your room
    I will come back and be like a moonlight cuddling you as sweet as the juicy sunkist morning
    But now it comes to a long distance
    Miles away to touch your peachy skin
    Hardly to climb up your chocolate hills forehead
    As I tried to salvage the hurt and guilt upon leaving you
    My mind telling me to go on, for I'm starting to build up the bright horizon in my own way,
    Far stares and sighs
    This would be the saddest line
    I wish I could have brought you with me
    For wherever I am, my footsteps will always rhyme with yours
    And the rhythm of my love to you is surging
    For now goodbye my dearest home
    Be brave my sweetest child, be brave

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    Far stares and sighs
    This would be the saddest line
    I wish I could have brought you with me
    For wherever I am, my footsteps will always rhyme with yours
    And the rhythm of my love to you is surging
    For now goodbye my dearest home
    Be brave my sweetest child, be brave

  • passionbookworm 36w

    I have changed multiple houses from childhood so I don't have any specific memories from a particular home, as part of my childhood. But this poem is dedicated to a place where I lived with my partner and have recently moved out. It was a really special place to me and I know I'll never forget it.

    Yellow walls draped with frames
    Hung with desires and bizarre aims
    White ceiling covered with stars
    Illuminating the night with hopeful memoirs

    Kitchen filled with smell of good food
    Beautiful memories of love and life stewed
    Muffled voices and happy giggles
    Childlike excitement, happiness dwells

    Sorrows, struggles, misjudged achievements
    Free from responsibilities and overbearing commitments
    A place filled with myriad of emotions
    Close to heart, with gratifying notions

    Treasuring those moments of togetherness
    And looking back at the deserted emptiness
    All messy and seemingly out of place
    Now lies barren, lifeless, with no trace

    Saying goodbye to our very first abode
    Bittersweet feelings, heart ready to explode
    Now, we move ahead to find a new dome
    This time I know it would still be a home

    'Cause what I seek is nothing exemplar
    For home is right where you are

    #bagpack #wod #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #home #love #passionbookworm
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @amateurkikushi

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    'Cause home is right where you are.....

  • _celena_ 36w

    We were just a bridge apart
    I saw u on the other side
    Waiting for me and my ans
    Asked me to cross this bridge
    So that we can cross all the
    Future bridges hand in hand
    This was the moment, the imagination
    I was wishing to come true one day
    I stood there with a bagpack with me
    About to take a step forward
    I turned back n glanced
    At my house of memories

    Where I fell from the bicycle
    Where I laughed and cried
    Where I argued and sighed
    Where I lost n found me
    Where I fought with me
    Where I dreamt of u n me
    N so many more....

    I stopped,
    Now my hesitations were on its way
    My bagpack wasn't able to carry them all
    How could I leave any of them?
    I forgot bout the present
    Started to think bout the future
    That's where it started to mess up
    I took a step back
    The bridge b/w us
    Seemed so long n tough
    I guess it started to fall apart
    But I don't know
    What u r doing on the other side
    if u r still waiting for this lunatic?
    Or u have coped up with this fight?
    But after all these thoughts
    It leads me back to the bridge
    As sometimes I regret it
    N sometimes I don't!

    #writersbay #ceesreposts
    @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    But I don't know
    What u r doing on the other side


  • zoya_charmz 36w

    Take me back to the place
    where the oceans meet the stars

    Take me back to the past
    when the Colosseum breathed
    thousands of Romans

    Take me back to the seashore
    where corals weave dulcet spring lilies

    Take me back to the October fall
    where poetic eulogies croon crimson valleys

    Take me back home O' winter hymns
    where grey walls create concrete homes

    Take me back home O' summer sun
    where poetry breeds bridges of hopes

    Take me back home O' monsoon clouds
    where wallflower drizzles amour melodies

    Take me back home O' my blank verses
    until I fall asleep, until I fall asleep.


    #bagpack #bridgec

    Editor's choice...�� Ayy Thank you @mirakee

    Okay no failed attempt ��

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  • _gk_07 36w

    In delirium,
    She departed from her home without a goodbye,
    With a bag of emotions she felt throughout there,
    Sitting at the planets end,
    She gazed at the bridges of stars,
    Connecting through galaxies in the universe, for that unknown who never existed.


    #wod #bagpack #bridgec #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #ceesreposts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay


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  • shivangij 36w

    Some places becomes emotions

    How does departure feels like?

    A soul inside me rushing to say,
    I could do things as I feel like

    But the voices of joy
    Which my memories feel like

    These voices are of my first winning joy,
    Which I got and so I leave

    These voices are of celebration which were
    Never ending and so went on

    These were the jokes shared and smile,
    I had earlier inside these rooms for long on

    The windows carpeted the voices inside
    And so never let it away for on

    The floor said remember me,
    How could you leave me now on

    The footprints of yours from small one;
    To now and you are leaving us

    The walls said, remember me, for keeping you here
    As a sign of memory on me always

    The chairs said, I was there to sit on for here;
    Till the journey of your life happiness

    Now, the bagpack told me, bro come on
    You would have the same vibe when you leave a place

    You are too attached to and so when you return;
    From the place you are going to be

    Well, these memories creates instances further on,
    And so good ones become memories here

    But this place is of utmost importance
    In the journey of your memory lane.

  • shabz_felix 36w

    Destination Heaven Bound

    I am taking a flight
    Leaving this world, my house behind
    Need no bag pack
    Don't want no set back
    To much woe and death
    And an earth full of trouble and strife
    And endless of misery
    Though there is still hope
    I just don't think I am able to cope
    Roses may hide the thorns and thistle
    There are still tangling weeds , dangerous missiles
    That could cause severe injury
    Too much desolation
    Endless anguish ,set for destruction
    Because of seduction by the oppressor
    Who is delighted in immortality
    Stripping me of sanity
    Constantly attacking my infinite dignity
    Having no compassion
    This pain is too much for me to bear
    I am leaving this world behind
    I am gone with the wind
    Destination, heaven bound
    A place of no more tears, no pain,
    No sorrow, no covid 19, neither death
    Old things are passed away .
    Away beyond the shore
    There I am safe for sure
    Raindrops you see falling
    Are tears of joy
    Heaven is rejoicing
    Actually celebrating
    The booming sounds you hearing ,are angels drumming
    The dazzling lights you seeing
    It's just me taking selfies
    Wow ! Beauty so fine
    A place has been prepared for me
    Eye have not seen
    No ear has heard
    I can't even Begin to imagine
    What God has prepared for me,
    Just became of my love for him.

  • localpoetlayne 36w

    We promised each other.
    In the city where love reigns,
    We'll meet.

    Bags are going to be packed,
    I'll travel miles from my country to you,
    My new home.

    ©localpoetlayne ❤

    #mirakee #Laynewrites #love
    #Paris #confession #bagpack #adventure #cityoflove

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    We promised each other.
    In the city where love reigns,
    We'll meet.

    Bags are going to be packed,
    I'll travel miles from my country to you,
    My new home.


  • theinkdomain 36w

    The Packing Affair

    As I heaved the last bag up
    I got the walls calling me in
    The roof wet through the moist
    It seemed the floor bearing me back

    Looking exterior the window
    That little zinnia scented so high
    As the wind harping carried it by
    I steeled myself and a sigh!

    My eyes were welled up with tears
    And so were the clouds in my head
    It was just a departure and the
    rain was to the point

    I spinned towards the door and
    went down the stairs in hurry
    Holding my diary in my hand
    As I strolled towards the car
    A dried rose petal fell from it

    I revolved my eyes and glanced
    As a second thought I bobbled
    But infact i didn't!
    I just let that be
    To breathe the air of emotions
    I let that be to let my memories
    Live and let live me

    I closed the door of car
    And left with a beam!

    //It's not always about packing up and moving
    Just a hedgerow of memories and a bit of bagpacks//




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  • nitsparkle_ 39w


    Pack all the leftover elements from this house.
    We have to leave very soon. And move on for our " NEW HOME"
    I will call you after sometime. Till then prepare everything.

    Okay Dad !

    { S I L E N C E ........ }

    As soon as I picked up my bag. Something broke the void of my room.

    Surprisingly I turned around to chase the utterance. And then my eyes rested upon the wall.

    Once again it repeated,

    I was stunned with my eyes open wide.
    And then it goes on,
    " Do you know why I came into existence?"
    Because your parents were going to marry...it chuckled..��

    I was started with the first brick of hope and ended with the last brick of contentment.
    At last painted with the colours of home coming.

    And I was being tiled...�� " Floor said"
    And that's how we created a house for you all.
    But you all made this house a home...❤️

    I always pissed off, whenever you pasted your paintings on me..��
    But when..�� people adored them, " I felt proud"...

    { Hitted my head, and smiled with shame. }

    I remember all your cries during nights. After all I was the only one to listen you.
    How you felt bad for your insecurities..��

    { Nodded my head dolefully }

    And with the passing of time. Like every strong child,you overcome all those.

    When you were not able to sleep, you used to see those stars, " OF MY CEILING".
    Ah ! ☺️ Radium ones.

    { Bigger smile, with recalling }

    While playing hide and seek you always used to hide into my cupboards...����
    "Behind those curtains"...

    But where are those curtains?...��
    Oh! they are gone now..��

    { Regretted by bowing head down }

    Do you know what, when you all went before, for short period of time.
    Dust used to come, and tease me by saying,
    " Have they all left, leaving you behind "..
    And now you all got the reason to go forever...��

    { I went speechless and said, " Yes I am gonna miss you my Home sweet Home"...�� After all I have passed so many years here only. This place consists of my all memories". }

    HOME smiled with satisfaction.

    And suddenly a voice took me back to the consciousness.

    Come on, dear " We are going to be late".

    " Coming paaaa"

    With this...
    When I looked back, everything was back to its void....



    #new_home #nits_writeup #void_room #personify_your_home #bagpack #wod

    P.S. ����
    { This bracket consists of my feelings }

    As I have no membership in premium subscription so �� I will not be able to participate ��

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