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  • ahoneybun 169w

    Butterflies aren't real
    They're made of fears and glitter
    And live in your stomach

    They don't like flowers
    Rather have thoughts
    It tastes better I suppose

    Not really nice
    Those mean little things
    But listen for a bit
    They'll whisper what you need

    Once, twice
    Never too much
    They spread their wings
    And flutter away
    Never to be seen again

    Butterflies aren't real
    But what do I know
    It isn't Spring yet
    That's for sure

  • ahoneybun 170w

    I fell down
    The stairs,
    The same way
    I fell for you,

  • emma_kay_is_not_ok 188w

    A little something I made up in the spot. Everything I've posted that far has been stuff I wrote awhile back and have saved in my notes or google docs and I thought it would be nice to share something brand-new from the top of my squishy pink brain

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    Bad Poetry

    I once tried to rhyme all my words with each other.
    Writing love poems with the classic "roses are red and violets are blue"
    Grade A kinda bullshit.
    My originality was nonexistent

    But who needs originality when you can have rhyme?
    Because rhyming your words comes with the unofficial,
    "you're a REAL poet" badge.
    A badge that isn't given to you by fellow poets,
    But sidewalk New York Best Times Best Seller wanna-be critics.

    I once knew a guy who told that poetry was undefineable,
    Because poetry comes from the soul,
    And things that come from soul cannot have simple dictionary definitions.

    So scrap the "you're a REAL poet" badge,
    For one that says "undefineable" instead.


  • vikrampaul 203w

    Maybe the lines are not similar but I guranteed if someone really want to understand read again and again...it's all happened because she afraid to be with him...nd he afraid without him...but the moral is "they both knew it's not they really want.."#badpoems #retro #afraid #both_love #only_you

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    She told him,"you are not the one"
    He asked,"why..??..am I too much to digest..??.."
    She simply looked at him and said,"I don't eat Street food"
    And from the inside she murmured "I wish I could eat you"
    On the other hand he murmured to himself,"I wish I could be your favorite food"...