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  • sarahrachelea 69w

    This is life, Buddy
    Sometimes you're a bad person in someone's story
    Next time, everything will be whole different

    Yesterday, you're the victim
    Tomorrow, you can be the villain without even realize it

    But it doesn't make you're totally bad person
    Nor a saint that fully innocent
    We're all just imperfect sinners and can make mistakes

    Welcome to the club
    Where sometimes victim ironically become a villain
    We're all a half saint and half sinner
    And vice versa

    Victim and villain, saint and sinner
    Judging each other's mistake hypocritically
    Without even realize that in the reality
    We're all just actually the same

    No body's perfect
    Everyone's just a work in progress

    ~ welcome to the real life

  • princebarve 89w


    इंसान बुरे नही होते
    बुरे तो दिन होते हैं
    इंसान बुरे नही होते
    बुरा तो वक्त होता हैं
    इंसान बुरे नही होते
    बुरी तो उसकी किसमत होती हैं

  • backstorypoetry 110w

    We people in our life use bad words almost everyday. Maybe out of habit.
    While talking to friends, sometimes while fighting with them
    Having a family fight, you use the words in anger.
    And most of all when in relationship, anyone of you breakup without giving, you humiliate them, say them words that might be unimaginable.
    You are just breaking them apart.
    Before you use those words, know something you might mean the world to them.
    It breaks them apart. So be careful when you are angry.
    Don't say something for which you might've to regret the whole life.
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  • mooniverse 113w

    This constant urge to distance myself,
    from people,
    from this world
    and from this life
    has consumed every inch of me that
    this is all I'm familiar with.

    But I swear I'm not a bad person,
    just a lost soul who doesn't know what she wants.

    This constant urge to push people away
    keeps gnawing at my heart
    until it no longer feels whole,
    leaving behind nothing but hollowness.

    But i swear I'm not a bad person,
    this is my nature which i can't change,
    no matter how hard i try.

    Don't have any expectations from me,
    I have absolutely no intention
    to hurt anybody.
    However in the end,
    I always end up disappointing everyone
    just like i disappoint myself.

    But i swear I'm not a bad person,
    just a coward who can't face anyone,
    just a coward who can't apologize,
    but that doesn't mean I'm not sorry.
    I am, in fact a lot more sorry
    than these mere words can ever

    I swear I'm not a bad person,
    just helplessly tethered by my own mind,
    which doesn't know what it wants.


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    I'm sorry...

    Also, if there are any mistakes, then i apologize. I wrote this in 2 minutes, i just poured my heart out. Hope you like it. If you can relate to it, even a little bit, then please feel free to repost it and let me know your views :)

    - × -

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    I swear

    "but i swear I'm not a bad person,
    just a lost soul who doesn't know what she wants"

    (entire piece in caption)


  • its_deep_inside 124w

    Don't let people to decide your character.
    #worst #badperson #iam #itsdeepinside

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  • sameeraholy 136w

    Even we can be the one someone hate the most
    #badstory #badperson

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    Sometimes the person you consider the worst
    would be someone's world.
    Everyone has a story. A bad one.


  • dreamsearcher 153w

    It's fine to have someone who annoys you on face,
    But it's not fine to have someone who annoys your peace of mind behind you!

  • broslav 155w


    I've been selfish
    I've been cruel
    I've been abusive
    I've been blind

    I catch my retribution
    For all of these crimes
    For inside
    I quietly die

    Blue eyes
    Are decieving
    Red lips

    Never trust
    A woman
    Who's heart
    Broke from


  • mmbftd 163w


    You know I stayed away
    Because I thought
    You would understand
    That I was far too broken
    To reach out my hand
    In your time of untiming
    Unwinding your clock
    Years faded away and then pulsed back
    You started to remember
    The earliest bits
    Of sun and sand and island family
    The Cuba of old times
    Your sisters you loved
    How you found my grandfather
    How you fell in love
    Promised together
    You kept your vows
    He left at 98 years old
    You've gone to be with him now at 104 years.
    He told me in a dream he was coming for you
    It was expected but
    There was nothing I could do.
    It's caught up to me now
    All this running away
    The hiding
    The distractions
    The tornado of other things
    That spin constantly in my head.
    You remembered it all at the end
    Your very beginning
    You family and friends
    The texture of huge tobacco leaves
    Drying in the sun
    Rolled by your soft able hands
    Smoked by the men
    With their domino stares
    Smelling the pork and garlic
    Waiting for you
    To finish the meal
    Made from love
    And you were the one who taught me love
    That I was ok
    That I was not bad
    Yet because of my fear
    Of saying goodbye
    I abandoned you
    When you longed for me most
    To love you purely
    Without pretense
    Like you had done for me my whole life
    I failed and disappointed you
    When I thought you would know
    That I was too weak to be there
    And let go
    And I had another dream after you passed
    And I saw you in a chair
    Sitting against a wall
    Your face
    Covered by your hair
    My aunt said to me
    " don't pay any attention to her, that isn't the real one", and she said something else that faded now from my mind.
    But in that dream...what I felt was anger coming from you
    You didnt understand or forgive my abandoning of you
    You were hurt and angry
    And rightly so
    And that
    Well that
    Was unexpected
    Like letting you go
    Or how I'm crying here
    Years later
    Because I cannot run anymore
    I've nothing left to preserve my soul
    I'm done with me
    And that
    is to be
    After what I have done
    To you
    I love you so much.

  • casualdepression 163w


    I appreciate my friends, i really do. Older people always carry themselves as though they are better for being simply older. I talk to them but all i get greeted with is the realization they are idiocy incarnate. They spew on about the mexicans 'taking their jobs' and the arabs who they want to 'bomb the shit out of'

    They support a figure whom had been so arrogant as to admit to raping someone 'grab her by the pussy,' their great leader says.

    Anyway back to my main point. I appreciate my friends as Churchill, his pigs, simply for the knowledge that there shant be an imbalance, even by the standards of the putrid smelling, brain dead 'people' we call elderly conservatives. We friends should be equal, we ARE equal. Funnily enough, i get sick of that idea and try manipulation, try to get them wrapped around my finger and i always regret it, not only did i lose the lights of my life but i do feel the guilt and the moral reprocussion. I force myself to believe im heartless and then proceed to rip my own heart out as i prove myself wrong.

    Tl;dr There are worse people than you, meaning you are by comparison good. If you even want to change, consider yourself atleast okay and know there is someone out there who atleast at one point believed you were a saint.

    P.S. Appreciate your friends.

  • karan_gupta 170w

    The good person

    Get called as a good person for doing good deeds and not just because of refraining from bad ones.