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  • soulo_scribbles 21w

    Hamster wheel

    Slipping away from cyclic errs of your sweet resonance
    I am now free from the ring and bad romance


  • buzzerm 58w


    No sabes lo que me duele
    Lo que me mata
    Lo que me desespera

    No no sabes lo que me sofoca
    Me indigna
    Lo que me destroza

    No . No sabes lo que te amo

  • deadlittlesongbird 72w


    Damn my green injured eyes
    Searching yours, trying to find
    That unknown thing deep inside
    The reason why you hate me.

    That look in your eyes
    Is it the high?
    Or mainly resigned?

    We were sick, a little twisted
    Fractured by the pain.
    We know we are not the only ones
    Who cave, give in, before going insane.

    You only smile when you're high,
    I can only laugh when I'm drunk.
    These two pieces fall apart.

    Damn your blue, empty eyes
    Gazing into mine
    As the knife punctures my gut,
    Delving for an answer.

    That shadow in your eyes
    Is it just stoned,
    Or mixed with dead inside?

    Cut me deep to solve your riddle,
    The last piece in the vast puzzle
    Of why I loathe you,
    Yet somehow still love you.

    From this hurt I realize
    You try so hard to control me
    With the drugs that control you.

  • pal_lavi 83w


    Ofcourse he was infectious,
    Ain't all bad things are?

  • she_whowrites 109w

    Falling in love is never a mistake.
    Love can happen at any point of time unknowingly.
    But the main part is whether that's the person or not you were in search of.

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    Falling in love is not an issue or a mistake.
    But, falling in love with wrong person is.

  • fortae 110w

    # hurt # painfulbreakup #healing #badlove #love

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    I wake up every morning
    With a pain in my chest
    How I wish, I could tie it to a nest
    Let it fly, fly like a bird and lay some eggs
    I smile, I eat, I sleep like I'm fine
    But deep down no one knows I'm not.

    At times I feel you see through me
    Like girl what are you hiding
    I hide under my make up.
    I hide under food.
    I hide in my places
    Places I know you can't even see.
    I wanna blame you and say you used me
    Only if I could push that lie off as the truth.
    I still can't stand seeing you around
    But I'll always smile and say what's up
    Anytime you walk my side
    I walk, I move, I talk like I'm fine.

    Only of it wasn't a show
    My smile, my talk, my fluency.
    When will I get over you
    My heart still bleeds a pool.
    Its like I keep going back and forth
    I walk out, then walk right back in.
    I sing, I act, I laugh like I'm fine.

    Maybe I should find a job on LinkedIn
    Something to keep me busy
    To hold me from leaning in
    Leaning to the tears that still wells up in my eyes whenever I think of you.
    Can someone press delete please?
    Wipe my memory and take you out.
    I can't bear this pain no more
    Because no matter what I do,
    We were never meant to be.
    These tears of blood I shed with my pen
    Not just for the world to see
    But to rid my heart of every memory of you.
    Because I'm done acting like I'm fine.

  • orchid0205 111w

    Past Heartbreak

    Into the flames rising out of a setting sun,
    I draw in a deep breath before I run...
    Run from the pain, Pain of the past
    Past crushes that failed to last
    I've crushed hard, I've crushed faithfully
    Yet faith led to the ache from their words
    Words of disgust, words of humiliation
    The embarrassment turned to lessons
    Lessons to keep silent
    Silent of the feelings I've come to dishonor
    The shameful truth of courageless
    Noncourage led to forever pain
    Pain thats enternal
    Im confused
    Should i tell him
    Should i not
    Past crushes flood my mind
    The pain of rejection drives me insane
    I stay silent
    Watching from a distant
    The happiness of the one i like
    With the sadness that seems to bite
    Bite me, its always me
    Heartbreak hurts
    Past heartbreak hurts worst
    Constantly in your mind
    Constantly controlling you
    You don't know what to do
    It's a never-ending loop
    At least that's me
    Constant worrying
    Constant silence
    Constant pain
    Watching them walk away
    The belittlement of their words
    The criticizing expressing around me
    Rattles my fragile heart
    They don't care about me
    They don't give a damn about how i feel
    Yet i liked them
    Built the courage to say it aloud
    To some at least
    For others
    The betrayal of a friend
    A friend that enjoyed my degrading
    The heart that broke over and over again
    Maybe someday
    In a faraway place
    Away from the pain and suffering
    I'll finally getaway
    From the Past heartbreak


  • an_ananya 114w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Crave

    He asked her:
    Why not now?
    Why do you wait?
    Why do you always wonder about the right time?
    Why not now?

    Why can't we ever be opportunistic,
    Why can't we ever break the rules a little?
    Why can't we just let it go,
    Why can't we just be free?

    Why can't you at this very moment,
    Be mine!
    Why do I have to wait for afterlife,
    To be together with you.

    Saying this he stabbed the knife in her stomach and proceeded to hug her bloody, lifeless body.

    #suspense #thriller #badlove #revenge #death #love #inspiration #thoughts #poetry #life

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    Why not now?


  • passerby_ 130w

    To Every Toxic Parent Out There

    I know how many excuses I've made for you;
    from ignorance, to inability to express to
    fearlessness to uncontrollable childhood;

    "you didn't mean it"
    "it wasn't your fault"
    "I know you care,
    just don't know how to show it"

    The excuses were endless.
    But that's a sign of a toxic relationship -
    when I have to make up reasons
    to put up with all the negativity you bring.

    Somehow, this doesn't make things better;
    You grow bigger on the outside,
    your insecurities whisper louder,
    your darkness even dims my light,
    your love long gone
    with those harsh words you speak.

    "No, you really didn't mean it"
    I tried again.
    Maybe if I say it more;
    Maybe I will start to believe it.
    "You didn't mean those things"

    But I turn my head and
    stare at you in a whole new light.
    There you are, wrapped up in a universe,
    where you're the sun,
    and world revolves around you.

    who am I kidding. You didn't mean it?
    No, you did. You believe I owe you my life,
    just because you performed your duties.
    You whisper to me in cold echoes:
    "You don't deserve love"
    and I shudder at the chill.

    "I deserve love! and I'm going to get it
    even if it means walking away from you!"
    And that was the end of the chronicles
    of this toxicity you confuse for love.


  • dishaprasad 136w

    Waiting for his call.......... Knowing he won't
    Is also love ❤

  • shadowsandechoes 138w


    So I
    cease to be -
    The dissolved sugar
    To his tea,
    Because my miscible
    sweetness he borrows,
    For all upcoming morrows
    Only to,
    ensure contented sips,
    Of someone else's rosy lips.


  • tassypoetry 140w

    Bye my past

    Thats most of the things I can think of
    The pain, the hatred
    The hatred, the sadness
    You wouldn't realize how alive I try to be
    Mixing the unbelievable
    To the unseen
    I try for many years just to see
    Your untold truth with a little old me
    I've wreck your plans
    Cause I've change
    You can hide the fear. well, I can hide the pain
    Your a coward under your mane
    The living lie
    The shadow of a man
    I regret the days
    Bask in your lies
    Believing your testimony
    Now look at us
    Look at me to you
    I'm not your slave in love
    I'm the very being you fear the most
    I'm sorry you lost me
    But this is farewell to your end
    Bye my past


  • campbell_sonofaggrey 142w

    We love each other truly
    Your ignorance suffocates this love
    The periphery is a stone throw away

  • carlyoblack 146w

    J'aime pas l'amour
    Mon pire sentiment
    Ma pire émotion
    Aime avec le coeur et non avec la tête
    L'amour est un cadeau
    L'amour est un poison
    Aimer est une rose empoisonée
    Je suis pas sentimentale
    Être amoureuse mon pire fardeau

  • riannarampersad100thescorpio 148w


    Me, standing all alone in the dark
    Wondering why this would keep us apart
    I wasn't the cause but you were
    Not talking to me
    Not replying me
    Leaving me cold
    Making me think about ending it all
    By almost ending my life
    You were the cause of it all
    And I emphasize on this
    You're the root cause of my problems
    Causing me to drown in the sea of darkness


  • carlyoblack 152w

    À Mon Horrible Amour

    Je n'aime pas l'amour
    Une longue histoire
    Être aimé où détesté
    Balancer du côté obscur
    Le poison est de rigueur
    D'une horreur magnifiquement lente
    L'amour est un poison
    L'amour est un cadeau
    Le venin qui vous ronge le cœur
    Une émotion où un sentiment qui vous ecoeure
    Une rose vous empoisonne le corps
    Enfermée dans la glace éternelle
    Aiguille de jalousie
    Un océan possessif
    Des roses noires
    Au pays du souffle des tenèbres
    Je t'ai aimé
    Je t'ai haï
    Je t'ai donné mom coeur
    Je t'ai donné ma vie
    Tu m'as trahi
    Je me suis abandonnée à toi toute entière
    Mon corps t'a réclamé des millions de fois
    Mais il continue de te réclamer
    Car Je t'aime
    Vais-je te pardonner un jour???
    Suis-Je destinée à t'aimer pour toujours???
    Seul le temps et la vie le diront
    L'amour du chaos
    Tu comptes me récupérer et te faire pardonner
    Or tu en verras de toutes les couleurs
    La vie n'est pas une baguette magique
    Elle le sera dans un monde parallèle
    Où l'amour n'est que jeu ou illusion
    Dimension d'une vigueur hibernale
    Emprisonnée par quelqu'un maléfiquement amoureux
    Tu dis que tu es fou de moi
    Que je t'appartiens
    Puisque je suis tienne et seulement tienne
    Et que j'aille pas voir ailleurs
    Une belle déclaration d'amour digne d'un rouge à lèvres
    Tu oses me dire que tu veux pas être avec moi et qu'on reste Amis
    Une sublime trahison
    Une splendide manipulation
    Tu auras beau dire cela, or au fond de toi tu as peur
    Sais-tu ce que tu veux???
    Il aurait fallu écouter ton cœur
    La véritable réponse se trouve tout au fond de ton âme
    Tu trouveras quand vraiment tu. chercheras
    Tu es tout ce que j'aime
    Tu es tout ce que je déteste
    D'un coup je pourrais peut être te haïr
    Tu me donnes envie de pleurer
    Je ne te ferais pas ce plaisir
    Tu m'as laminé l'amour que j'avais en toi
    En moi tu as cassé une histoire
    J'y mettrais ma plus belle armoire
    Oh mon beau miroir
    Dis-moi qui est la plus belle
    Dis-moi qui est la plus parfaite
    Serais-je un jour belle ?
    Serais-je un jour laide ?
    Serais-je un jour parfaite
    Dis-moi quelle est ma destinée
    Serais-je un jour prête à aimer
    Comment vais-je oublier mes sentiments ?
    Sans que le temps soit lent
    Une année à me requérir
    Douze mois à te revendiquer
    Un siècle pour voir la vérité
    Un millénaire pour t'oublier
    Une éternité pour un amour foudroyé
    Une vie pour me réparer
    Un sommeil pour cicatriser les erreurs du passé
    Dans le fil de la destinée
    Dans un miroir enflammé
    À ne plus tomber amoureuse
    A ne plus en être heureuse
    Mais au plus profond de moi est-ce réellement ce que je désire???
    Sans que le mal de l'amour me le dise
    Des horloges qui me vise
    Elles me disent : ''Il n'en vaut pas la peine''
    Tu es un effroi
    Indigne d'un futur roi
    Ma foi s'affaiblit
    Tel un verre qui se lève avec l'aube du charbon
    Le bonbon du mensonge
    Du temps abîmé
    Dans les abysses de l'Arctique
    Mon sang sera les profondeurs de l'Antarctique
    Que j'en deviendrais la noirceur de la lune
    J'en inspirais la peur sans cœur
    Horloge des abîmes
    Aux limes des miroirs
    A Mon Horrible Amour
    I love you, I hate you
    Thank you very much

  • myemmagination 165w

    Love will never work for me.
    #love #friendzone #relationships #badlove

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    Even though you try
    You either get in a friend zone
    Or you lose them
    Or they move
    Or it's abusive
    Or you realize
    Love's not for you.

  • the_thought_of_a_no_one 166w

    Bad love

    And the night fell on his laps
    While he caressed through the locks of dejection
    She was a silent person
    And he was a book with no end

    He spoke miles of his miseries
    Of his sorrows, rejection and dismay
    To all this the silent humming of her
    A person even sane enough could fall into the abyss of her dark tresses

    With every word he spoke she leaned closer to him
    With every word he fell for her even more
    Even depression felt soothing for him
    As to hear the stories she was there

    He fell into the never ending pit of solitude
    No one close enough to hold his hands to pull him out
    For he was illusioned by the queen of night
    A bad love for a worse life

  • sidewalk_writer 170w


    One say love is pure and the other say it's not.
    But never they say what really love is.
    I say never the love neither pure nor bad.
    It's just an emotion to be felt. It's never a judgement to make.
    KEEP LOVING and never say never.

  • geometricsphere 176w

    All it takes is 5 seconds of you

    And I'm an emotional wreck

    With a blade at my bedside